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400231400231B002IEVJRYA1JOANG98KBFKURachel Himes0051340841600Favorite iced coffee so farHow much can you say about an iced coffee? Naturally, everyone has their own preference for strength and sweetness. This one is perfect for MY taste. The coffee flavor is pronounced, and the cream is "there" but not drowning out the coffee flavor. Compared to a bottled frappaccino (you know which one I mean) this is far less sweet and tastes much more like a true iced coffee rather than a coffee flavored milk-shake. Also unlike some flavors/brands I've tried, this one doesn't have a tinny flavor that many canned drinks acquire. Overall, I'm very pleased with it.
400232400232B002IEVJRYA33LH3ROCD8AY4Eustacia Vye "a lover of books and everything...0041340841600More like mocha than cappuccino.I am a big fan of coffee and coffee flavored drinks. I was expecting this drink to taste like a cappuccino, however I found it to be closer to a mocha. Unlike a cappuccino, this drink tasted very sweet. The "hints" of chocolate are ore of a pronounced flavoring. I did enjoy this drink, it know that it is very sweet.
400233400233B002IEVJRYA1T2ZO4ARVSUGED. Greenbaum "DoctorDave™"0041340668800A mellow mocha that's a cool treat: but clearly not a cappuccinoAs most coffee nerds know, a cappuccino is coffee with milk and foam while a mocha is a coffee with chocolate. This is a mocha with a lightly sweet and mild chocolate flavor.

I've had quite a few brands of canned mochas before and this so far is my favorite. Typically the ones I have taste like chocolate milk with a bit of coffee flavor. Coffee was definite the dominant flavor here with the sugar, chocolate, and milk an accent to the drink rather than the main focus.

I tried this cold, but think it would be great affigato (poured over ice cream) as a nice dessert. I'm sure it would be delicious hot as well. At 100 calories for this small can it's a nice treat without blowing your calorie budget.

When you need a pick me up and want something sweet and chocolaty, this is a great compromise.
400234400234B002IEVJRYAQM0K7MBBT4AYBailey Z. Rose0041340582400Flavorful little pick-me-up.So, I consider this a competitor to the little canned Starbucks coffee drinks you see in the gas station. How does it stack up?


- Flavor is nice... mild but 'refreshing' when chilled
- 81mg of caffeine provide a nice boost
- 100 calories mean you can drink this without feeling guilty
- no preservatives, natural coffee flavor, etc. add another layer of 'guilt-free' to this product


- price point really isn't a savings over just snagging other coffee drinks at the gas station or grocery store

SUMMARY: if you drink coffee regularly but would like the option for 'quick' canned coffee drinks like this if you are in a rush sometimes, this is a good product for you. 'Better' ingredients and the convenience of Amazon shipping may make this the superior option over grocery/gas station options like the Starbucks cans.
400235400235B002IEVJRYA23ZNGL704AW7OJennifer Ray0041340496000Rich coffee beverage reminds me of coffee ice creamWhile I like coffee, I don't drink it every day. I mostly drink it when I'm cold, sometimes with dessert, or with company. When I drink it, I do enjoy it - it's just not a habit for me.

Still, occasionally I crave something coffee flavored, whether it be coffee itself, coffee ice cream (yum!) or a coffee drink. I do very much enjoy cappuccino and espresso and am likely to order after dinner at an Italian restaurant.

The illy issimo Coffee Drink, Cappuccino sounded like a nice refreshing beverage for warmer weather, so I wanted to give it a try. What I found was a rich, tasty beverage that reminds me of coffee ice cream. While I would say the flavor is delicious, it is way too rich for me to drink more than a quarter of the can in one sitting. I wrapped the top with foil and enjoyed the rest later.

I daresay someone who drinks cold coffee beverages more often than I do will be able to down this can pretty quickly. For me, it isn't something I would buy frequently, but it is a consideration for when I want something a little different.
400236400236B002IEVJRYA231LBC8EGPO5LOutlawPoet "OutlawPoet"0051340323200Delicious!I enjoyed the Illy Caffe drink, but was a bit hesitant about the Cappuccino. I've never had a chilled Cappuccino drink before. Well, I'm now a fan. This was a really delicious treat - a perfect summer drink. I found it had just the right touch of sweetness and gave me a great kick of energy in the morning. No after taste and very smooth. This was a winner!
400237400237B002IEVJRYAQIJ3ZEEVCIKUKaio0031340323200Tastes Good but at Starbucks PricesRemember when a great cup of coffee costed less than a buck? Now we're looking at up to 5x that for arguably no better a product. All I can say is, I'm glad I don't drink coffee much anymore. It's gotten to be as expensive a habit as smoking, and neither one is good for you. This illy cappuccino drink tastes really good, but apparently they're trying to compete with the Red Bull market -- both cans are strikingly similar in size, shape and cost. It tastes good, but I seriously question the price. Would I drink one if someone offered it to me? Maybe, depending on if I'm in the mood for coffee. Would I spend upwards of $3 a can for it and buy it for myself? Never. But if you're into coffee and looking for something that tastes good and can be taken on the go, this is a pretty good one. I just can't get over the cost and don't think it's really worth it. It tastes good, but not that good.
400238400238B002IEVJRYA2POYXTGSPSW7OWilliam A. Hensler0021340323200Average for a coffee drinkGenerally this reviewer always drinks double shot Starbucks expresso mocha in a can (great for getting wired in the mid-morning) or does plain coffee that has zero calories. However, this was offerred on the Vine program. Why not?

It's o.k. This tastes more like mocha than cappuccino. Honestly, it is fair. The cappuccino gave me a small caffeen jump, no better than the ubiquitous canned mocha products one can find in any 7-11 store. But the honest fact is if it can't beat Starbucks on price then why bother with this product. Also, having this item mailed to you does no make a heck of a lot of sense. Shipping would near double the price of this item.
400239400239B002IEVJRYATR2C537XOMQ0Midnight_Rain0041340323200cappuccinoIts a perfect size for in the morning or on the go. I like it better cold than at room temp.
The only thing I did not like was that it says not to shake it up.
400240400240B002IEVJRYA3RG8DYG8AJ6Z9A. Pinaud0051340236800Nice Caffeine ShotI have been drinking the Starbucks coffee's for years (the little double shot espresso can, similar to this one)

I like this one much more, there is no aftertaste, I really like it, I will get this product instead of the Starbucks if I need to choose between those 2
400241400241B002IEVJRYA2SNSC2U05O4TQAlison Ginter "Goddess Alison"0051340236800A delicious blend for on-the-goAs many reviewers have stated, it tastes like coffee in a can. But, let's be honest, that's exactly what it is. And, for what it is, I found it to be pretty delicious. I typically like my coffee with a little sugar and whole milk or cream, depending on the type of coffee. I was worried that this cappuccino would be too bitter, but was pleasantly surprised. It had just the right amount of sweetness and milk. The can makes it very portable with no worry of breakage, as with the Starbucks Frappiccino's, so if you need to toss it in your bag for a little caffeine boost later, you're good to go.
400242400242B002IEVJRYA1MDDJ2XUPZZOEK. Cade0051340236800very strong coffeeI love strong coffee and I love iced coffee so this little can is a whopping good time. I grabbed this on my way out to work one morning and the only complaint I have is that it doesn't come in a bigger can. However, the strong taste is probably best in moderation. It tasted freshly brewed and hit the spot. It also gave me that much needed caffeine boost on my way. Hope they develop some more flavors in the future.
400243400243B002IEVJRYA3NKSVKXMM5I4TRoyalfamilyfive "The Professor"0021340236800Okay, but not greatIn my humble opinion, Illy is late to the party on this an the result is not very good.

My low rating could also have been the result of high expectations for Illy products. This was not up to par. It was very uneven (did not taste the same in the beginning, middle and end). It also had an odd aftertaste.

I would not purchase this product.
400244400244B002IEVJRYAY3D7DG5L5WCKEdward Walker "ednpatty"0031340236800Taste like canned coffeeThis is ok, the coffee flavor is pretty good but it still taste like canned coffee. I tried it cold but it might be better over ice or maybe even heated. I did like the can design.
400245400245B002IEVJRYA1WXJ1I42UOQ2VAuburnTygr0031340150400Needs More CocoaI do not like nor do I drink coffee. I do love cappuccino, my favorite being Community Coffee Instant Cappuccino Mocha, 15-Ounce (Pack of 3). This drink, illy issimo, doesn't taste at all like cappuccino, just plain, cold, sweet, strong coffee.

Shaking the can is not recommended so maybe if you could stir it before drinking. I tried with the straw I was using, stirring was not an option at the time, but it didn't seem to help.

If you like sweet coffee, you will likely enjoy this. But if you are expecting Cocoa flavored Cappuccino, you just might be disappointed.
400246400246B002IEVJRYA1X3ESYZ79H59Echaos0041340064000good cappuccinoI like this coffee. It is a cappuccino with cocoa. The can is 8.45 ounce and has 100 calories. It contains 81 mg of caffeine per can. I like that this company actually lists the amount of caffeine. Not all companies do that. I like the portability of this coffee. I was worried canned coffee wouldn't taste good, but it was better than I expected. This product is made in Denmark.
400247400247B002IEVJRYA1OWRLSD7LTSQ9Creative License "Creative"0041340064000Hearty Cappuccino!This was the second coffee drink I was given for a review, I liked this one too,
even after I added 1/2-n-1/2....seems I'm a wimp when it comes to serious coffees!
Beware though, this is not a calorie free or low calorie item, this little can
has 100 calories in it, I know my daughter would no more drink this than jump off
a bridge. But being a woman of a certain age, I'm not so calorie watchful, but I
would not have this everyday and certainly not several times a day just because of
that factor. It was tasty though.
400248400248B002IEVJRYA96JD9312DHWCTastyBabySyndrome "T(to the)B(to the)S"0051339977600NiceSomething good, in a big package. What is not to like about that? The taste of these is actually nice, which is frankly surprising since the idea of a bullet with the flavor of coffee sounded a lot like more than a flesh wound. Still, it turned out great. I do wonder about the fact that it is not piping hot, but that, I suppose, is a choice we make when buying in a can.
400249400249B002IEVJRYAOMEH9W6LHC4SPersonne0031339891200Another caffeine zapYou might be asking who would buy coffee in a can instead of brewing their own. Not me. If judged purely by flavor and resemblance to home or coffee-shop blends, this comes up short. To be fair, it's not bad-tasting. But there's no appeal to the nose and the overall experience doesn't match up. But that's not what this is. This belongs on the shelf with so-called energy drinks. A close reading shows that it is brought to us by a popular purveyor of caffeinated sugar-water. It's about the buzz. For that, it works. I downed a can before a late-night trip down a hazardous mountain pass. I could have done that drive half a dozen times before the buzz wore off. I was glad I had it, and it's the sort of thing I might pick up at the mart before a long drive. But as coffee? No.
400250400250B002IEVJRYA1MZL91Z44RN06MussSyke0041339891200Slightly Too SweetThis is the sweet, creamy, slightly thick drink you'd expect out of a canned cold coffee product. I get the idea they're trying to emulate a Vietnamese iced coffee, as the flavor profile is similar, especially with the addition of cocoa. It's obviously not nearly as good as a fresh one made with Trung Nguyen, but not bad at all, especially when you consider how quickly this one is ready to drink and how quick the cleanup is.

It's a little too sweet for my taste, but I expect the average consumer won't mind. Definitely above average compared to similar products.
400251400251B002IEVJRYA1F1A0QQP2XVH5TomWilly0051339804800Nice optionThis coffee drink is excellent. The coffee and mocha balance is just right. It is a very good alternative to coffee drinks offered by national name brand coffee shops!
400252400252B002IEVJRYA3D9NUCR4RXDPYKathleen San Martino0031339804800Tastes like coffee not Cappuccino but tastes smooth
400253400253B002IEVJRYAW7BIYHXUIZ62T.M. Reader0041339718400Pretty good canned coffee drink.Drink this very cold. Pretty good coffee flavor with about the right amount of sweetness and creaminess for my tastes. The only drawback was a slightly disagreeable aftertaste which seemed to linger. Note the instruction on the can, "Do Not Shake". (I saw that caution right after I removed it from the fridge and shook it up . . . decided to return it for a few hours to allow it to settle).

I don't see myself getting hooked on this product, but it's a good acceptable alternative when time/convenience factors call for it.
400254400254B002IEVJRYA267FU71Z01CIHKipp Poe Speicher "Kipp Poe Speicher"0051339718400Addicting powerI have never been much of a coffee drinker but I thought i'd give this a try. Wow it is amazing gives you a nice long lasting energy and the taste is delicious I have went to all the local stores in search of it but have not found it. So considering ordering from Amazon and doing the Subscribe and Save option because this stuff is worth it.

A nice taste of chocolate in such a addictive form.
400255400255B002IEVJRYA73DFWJE0CGY6Flight Risk (The Gypsy Moth) "Exiled Yankee"0041339718400balanced flavor, good coffee buzzThia was an enjoyable alternative to many such coffee drinks on the market. Just strong enough, and just sweet enough, to satisfy a coffee Jones; and just the right amount for its strength. This is the taste I look for when I buy coffee-in-a-can. The taste is a little more sophisticated than Starbuck's - a little more like an Italian coffee would be. I would buy it again.
400256400256B002IEVJRYA47D5C32VLQM2SirenPrincess0031339718400Too bland and mildThis product is okay, but I did not really care for it. It is extremely mild and tastes like milk with just a teaspoon of cappuccino in it. It is smooth and doesn't taste bad; it just doesn't taste like a cappuccino. It certainly doesn't have the rich espresso taste advertised. You can barely taste any coffee flavor to it at all! If you like real cappuccinos and are looking for a faster, easier alternative, this isn't it. You'll be very disappointed. If you don't like coffee or espresso drinks but are looking for something much milder to drink, you might like it.
400257400257B002IEVJRYA2YKWYC3WQJX5JShannie "Shan"0031339632000Mild and smoothReviewing something like this is more than a matter of 'I like this' or 'I hate this'. Taste is subjective. On opening, a faint but pleasant coffee aroma. Pour in one long stream and you'll get a crema-ish froth which is quite nice...but bad things happen if you shake the can. Exactly what those things are, I can't say, but the stern 'DO NOT SHAKE' across the top was enough to convince me, lol!
Anyway, this is mild, and seems to be less caffeine than it's competitor. Bit of a cooked milk taste, and not overly sugary, in my opinion. Nice for the afternoon.
400258400258B002IEVJRYA2XRZV63X79YSJMovie Mania "DVD Collector"0031339632000Not a lot of flavourAlways ready to try something new. The problem with this product is that it did not have a lot of flavour to it. You would expect a strong expresso taste but what I tasted was water?

The only plus with this is that it only has 100 calories. But when I want a cold coffee shot I will stick to my Frappacino (bottled from the grocery store not from the Starbucks)
400259400259B002IEVJRYA28FJ93TJSSQS4LMS0041339632000Another option for canned coffee.I recently tried the Illy Issimo Caffe drink and was not impressed. This flavor, however, was much better. This version has cocoa, milk, and some sugar. I drank this cold and it had a pleasant enough taste, similar to other canned coffee drinks (like some of the Starbucks offerings). This contains 100 calories per can and about 81 mgs of caffeine.
400260400260B002IEVJRYA2JAEZ0FMAMJVWA. Helfer0031339545600Coffee flavor, but terrible mouthfeelThe illy products have reasonable coffee flavor. However, they use some odd thickeners, like carrageenan. This apparently is an attempt to give the coffee a creamy consistency, as though it has milk in it. To me, it results in the coffee having a really strange feel in the mouth. I'm a big fan of coffee. Consequently, I'm not a big fan of this drink. Too sweet and too odd in its mouthfeel.

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