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400291400291B000ES1R28A2INZ9YP67N9G7Mary A. Hines "Tea freak"101051168473600YumAhmad fruit flavored teas are my favorite. So glad that Amazon is carrying them now. I had to rely on one box here and there in Marshalls but now I can stock up.

All the flavors are very natural tasting and the tea is full bodied and satifying.
400292400292B000ES1R28AIIR8E34EDKCQ- Kasia S.8851149897600Exquisite, nectarous brew.If you're going to sip this lusciously delicious tea you might as well grab your kitty or puppy, a good book, blanket and snuggle up in the favorite armchair because good times are ahead!

Having the pleasure of all ready trying out some of the Ahmad teas I was pretty sure this was a good purchase but it ended up being tasty beyond my predictions. This tea tastes like a wonderful black smooth tea with the succulent mouth watering flavors of juicy apricots. I prefer a black tea with fruit blend to herbal fruit teas when I want something soothing because the black tea give the fruit unparallel depth and character.

This really bursts with flavor when sugar is added and it can be drank day and night. I'm really looking forward to tasting other Ahmad flavors like Strawberry and passion fruit and maybe their Earl Gray. This is easily one of my favorite teas and I can't see anyone not loving it from the first sip!
400293400293B000ES1R28A35YOX9CQ27THKCindy Bowles "Miss C"7751148601600AFTERNOON DELIGHT!!!!This is a tea you will definitely want to brew up again and again. What a treat to the senses! As you pour the boiling water into your cup of Apricot Tea - you will experience an uplifting feeling as you smell the Apricot Aroma drifting from your cup and when you sip your first sip of this delicious tea you can't help but smile - it is sooooooooooo! good! So, put your feet up put on your favorite movie, or grab your favorite book or better yet just be still and close your eyes and relax as you enjoy this wonderful experience to the senses!
400294400294B000ES1R28A1969J47PG4FLVMODUB5541258502400Ahmad Apricot TeaI LOVE this tea. It is the best apricot flavored tea out there and I have drunk many of them. The price is also great on Amazon.
400295400295B000ES1R28A3PFQ07IBGPMMDAnn Turner5551172188800It tastes as good as it smells.This tea has a more distinct apricot flavor than other brands I've tried. I'll be a repeat customer.
400296400296B000ES1R28A1NDISQB4XM9PRKulvinder Vohra "xchange"4451178928000Great Apricot TeaWe were using Harney & Sons apricot tea but we decided to try this brand. We weren't disappointed. It is really good apricot tea. We actually use it to brew iced tea and it is great.

Good product. Highly recommended.
400297400297B000ES1R28A2Y777VLMTE8ZSLinda Teichman "artistlin"4451168300800Great Tea, Great PriceThe tea has a wonderful flavor
400298400298B000ES1R28A3OSK14YOI4SP4julia child "iris"3351270944000awesome teaexcellet and clean tasting tea. very natural and not artificial tasting. will continue to buy.
400299400299B000ES1R28AASV5TVYV24UFMarina "house of taste"0041342310400Lovely Black Tea Infused with Apricot FlavorI have gone "tea crazy" over the past six months by buying many flavored teas from Amazon including Ahmad Tea Apricot Black Tea. I enjoy flavored teas and my husband likes African or English Breakfast-type tea as well as rooibos which I do not care for. We figured out that he used coconut milk and honey in his tea and he likes savory food for breakfast/lunch. I drink my tea without any sweetener or coconut milk and I like sweet food for breakfast. This tea satisfies both of us because the apricot flavoring is not strong which is good for my husband. And I enjoy the taste of apricot although I wish it lent a stronger flavoring. I also bought an apricot ginger black tea by Good Earth and found that was not strong enough either. Perhaps apricot is too delicate for my taste buds. I do like both of these teas but if there was a natural way to boost the flavoring I would be happier.
400300400300B000ES1R28AZJSS1DPDTZ2PDantes "Dantes"0051338249600Excellent Black teaIn a world of tea dominated by Starbucks-driven TAZO tea, it is refreshing to find a excellent tasting tea for a fraction of the cost . I have been recently introduced into the world of black tea and have found that this tea satisfies both my black tea craving and my "fruity" tea desires. 120 bags for the cost, is an excellent price and the tea is an excellent product.
400301400301B000ES1R28A2SQ9WMAN7CAOOSewingSam0051336953600The Perfect Iced TeaThe Ahmad Apricot Tea makes the best iced tea I've ever had. After my first glass, I instantly returned to the little market I had purchased it from and bought their remaining four boxes.

I'm thrilled to see it on Amazon - I'll go through these 6 boxes without a problem!

Try this tea, you won't be disappointed. Quality tea with real apricot taste and good flavor. I love it.
400302400302B000ES1R28A3OJQ7P988OSDBPickyandpetty0051319673600Great fruity flavourThis is one of my favourite Ahmad black tea flavours. The apricot flavour is not overpowering, and the tea bags are individually foil-wrapped for easy storage.
400303400303B000ES1R28A2HAARC9LBG6P5seniorcitizen0051319241600Refreshing.Ahmad Apricot Tea is the best I've tasted. I used to drink a competitor's tea which was good but this is far superior. It's got a real apricot taste, a little tart and a little sweet. It's the tea for me from now on.
400304400304B000ES1R28AG3HEAGBS42ZDFydly "bookworm"0051308787200Great teaAnother good variety from this brand. My favorites are Vanilla for the morning, Apricot and Passion Fruit later in the day.
400305400305B000ES1R28A1TNAZO21RXAVULinda S. Johnson0051300924800The scent of apricotsThis tea offers a strong scent of apricots while steeping, and you can savor the delicate apricot taste with each sip. It is a black tea so it is an alternative to other caffeinated beverages.
400306400306B004BQ9SPWA1RAFONKUH6LELCEAsar0011337558400DO NOT BUYI had my hopes when I ordered this. However, it was in a half-crumbled state when i received it! I tried it! it's salty and leaves an awful after-taste! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
400307400307B004BQ9SPWAI6VEEBTJFILGRev. Kitten0051297555200Goodness, pure & simpleI love garlic. And I love that these snacks are all gluten-free. I love that flax seeds are considered a super-food, which is the main ingredient. What a great-tasting, phenomenal product!!! These are probably my favorite flavor of "Flaxies," if I absolutely had to pick one....which I won't...because they're all fantastic! Kudos to 'Food on Purpose', for inventing these healthy, raw food products to feed the masses great-tasting and kind-to-your-body snacks! This company has definitely made a believer out of me, in the power of whole, raw foods to enrich the body and the brain ~ !
400308400308B0017O9GCGA1FGMZMNGOYYLFNader Khouzam0031272672000long cooking timeThe red split peas were larger than expected. They took me longer than average time to cook, otherwise they taste great. I purchased smaller size peas elsewhere in the past and they cook twice as fast as this product!!!

I recommend the product if you don't mind how long they take to cook.
400309400309B002HQB13UA2S1M55AUQYMN8Rebecca0051328745600Yummy pasta!I love this pasta! It is so tasty, I just add a little cheddar cheese and broccoli, and I have a meal.
400310400310B001BCUB5UA10EKJHLWBNHKPdogo2251289174400Excellent and good for your dogThe food is top shelf. Highly rated and contains only human quality ingredients. My Lab devours it. There are plenty of poor quality dog foods out there but not enough of the top tier ones. Since they cost about the same, why not get the best?
400311400311B001BCUB5UA27RUPX0O6OH3BDawn0051341446400Ultramix Canine Canned Dog FoodA canned dog food that all four of my dogs like. Not too dry or wet. Makes a nice topper for their dry food. They like both the chicken and the beef. Also a very consistent recipe.
400312400312B001BCUB5UA1QA4O8XCBPOYHSusan Waldman "shwteacher"0051322179200My lab pup is happyI bought this dog food because it receives Dog Food Advisor's highest rating. My dog enjoys it--she can be finicky. I is picky so subscribe &save is the way to go.
400313400313B003XUL1VQA3NIK5OCVH0XYQDaniel Miller1141347840000Genmai ChaWe've been buying the Yamamotoyama genmaicha for a couple of years now . . . we love the tea, and it's a good value in the 90-bag packs.
400314400314B003XUL1VQARVTMNCM4UVBGWendell Harness1151336694400Great TeaWent to a local sushi joint where they serve this kind of tea and fell in love with it. Bought some here on Amazon and now I can have it whenever I want it! The roasted brown rice gives the green tea a richer flavor that I can enjoy before bedtime.
400315400315B003XUL1VQA1Y8QLJYB7GOPNSuzy "love to travel"0051350604800Love this TeaLove this tea. This is the only place I can find this product. Not available at any store. I am a tea lover specially Japanese tea. Hope you will always have it available.
400316400316B003XUL1VQABK2TZZNJKUKJclaudia - nyc0031339200000Not too flavorfulI love the GenMai tea variety; After having the Yamamotoyama loose leaf Genmai I bought this bagged version, hoping it would be as aromatic as the loos leaf version, but it isn't.
400317400317B0007SNZESA10O1CAINE0AMZAnita Berstler0051227830400Best Strawberry Ice Cream Ever!I highly recommend this product. It is really easy to make, and it is very good.
400318400318B002WDCDXAA1N3GNCJWXQ1ZPRobert Carnevali "Typical, middle-aged guy"111151279324800A good crema coffeeDoing research, I found that "crema" is the froth or foam that comes out of some espresso machines. Being thicker, espresso can create more foam or froth when it brews in commercial coffee shop machines, and this foam or froth (called "crema") is enjoyed for it's own qualities in Europe as it floats atop the espresso.

The Signature Crema Coffee t-discs from Gevalia creates a slightly smaller sized cup of coffee with a "head" on it. The Tassimo machines are capable of pumping air through the water, creating froth or foam. Creamer discs usually take advantage of this to make cappucino with frothed cream. The crema coffees, like this one, froth the brew, giving a good amount of foam. The roast is relatively smooth and a little stronger than the Signature Blend, and the serving size a little smaller. Most likely, it brews a little less coffee so as not to dilute the froth, and that gives it a slightly stronger flavor.

If you like coffee with a head or froth on it, these will yield good results. I keep a few on hand for novelty or a change of pace (or when I forget and run out of the regular coffee). Crema is a different type of coffee though as the air being pumped through the brew does alter it slightly. If you enjoy coffee with cream and sugar, you most likely will not enjoy this. If you enjoy black coffee, then chances are much better you'll appreciate this one.
400319400319B002WDCDXAARJE81Z21FL06W. Bechem2251285459200My Favorite T-Disc CoffeeThe pod produces a mild foamy brew, about half a mug in size. It has a smooth taste and it has become one of my Tassimo favorites.
400320400320B002WDCDXAA3G3E78SFAVUDGhorsedesigner0051326499200Perfect AM cup!I 'need' a stronger cup of the coffee in the morning - one with flavor, can hold up to milk, and isn't bitter. The Signature Crema is my new favorite! Now rather than drinking 2-3 cups of regular Joe to feel energized - on Signature Crema does the trick! Love them!

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