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400376400376B0076YVPD4A3PD8JD9L4WEIIBron "Bron"0041349481600Tastes good and easy to fix, but you pay for that convenience.This is a nice, quality product. The pasta is good quality, very tasty, and the sauce tastes good and there is plenty of it. It cooks up in 60 seconds and is pretty easy to prepare. As the instructions note, you need to keep a thumb on the sauce "bowl" when you pull the plastic cover off to avoid spilling it, but it was easy to do and I had no problem at all.

It is fairly nutritious, tasted very good and is very convenient, but you pay a high price for the convenience. You could easily buy your own pasta and sauce and make a similar meal more cheaply. Still, if you think the convenience is worth it, then this delivers what it promises.
400377400377B0076YVPD4A2JE8OS1NN9YDBSpace Queen0051349481600Wow! Suprisingly good and nutritious!I'll be honest. I got this because it was free and I figured why not. My first surprise was when I compared the nutrition label to a frozen dinner that contained an enchilada, beans and rice. I figured the frozen dinner would have twice the protein that this Barilla dinner had. WRONG! This dinner has 11 grams of protein, 2 more grams than the frozen dinner. This really surprised me because this Barilla pasta dinner has no meat or cheese in it.

The second surprise was heating it up. 60 seconds in the microwave. That's it. It does have an additional step you can take to add 1 tsp of water to the pasta after the intial 60 seconds of heating, to make the pasta softer, but in my opinion, it did not require this step for the pasta to be perfect.

The third surprise was the taste. Very good, with the clear flavor of FRESH basil in a tomato sauce. The packaging says that it has no preservatives and is 100% natural. I found this to be a very satisfying dinner and just ordered a package of 6 more!

The package does not require refrigeration or added water. You just open the package slightly (there's even a dotted line for you), and pop it in the microwave. The sauce is in a separate little cup from the pasta, so the pasta doesn't get soggy. My only complaint (minor) is that I have reduced grip strength in my left hand and it was a little hard to open after it was cooked. But most healthy adults (and kids) will have no problem opening the package.

I highly recommend this for a super easy meal and it will be great to take for school lunches (no refrigerator). It's probably even better with a little parmesan added, but I wanted to try it as is for my review.

Here's the nutritional info in detail for those interested:

320 calories, 40 from fat
Total fat: 4.5 g
Saturated fat: 1 g
Trans fat: 0 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sodium: 690 mg
Total Carbohydrate: 59 g
Dietary Fiber: 6 g
Sugars: 8 g
Protein: 11 g

Vitamin A: 25% RDA
Vitamin C: 6% RDA
Calcium: 6% RDA
Iron: 8% RDA
400378400378B0076YVPD4ADEZOPMPKK146Will0011349395200Don't Like the FlavorBarilla Mezze Penne with Tomato and Basil Sauce, 9-Ounce (Pack of 6) did not taste very good to me. For $21.00 you get six servings, and I don't feel it's worth the money. For $3.50 a serving, I found this product overpriced due to the taste. Just because I didn't like the flavor, someone else may. I'd suggest tasting one 1st before committing to the six pack.
400379400379B0076YVPD4A2UR9I3QSTN4G3Teresa Pietersen0041349308800Quick Homemade TasteVery quick and easy to prepare.
Looks appetizing when served.
More than enough for one person if used as a side dish.
Tastes and looks homemade, can see tomato pieces in sauce.
Doesn't taste or look like the average microwaved dish.
Nutrition panel is not too horrendous, compared to other processed dishes.
On a personal note, I found it a bit salty.
Extremely convenient for keeping onhand.
400380400380B0076YVPD4A2TO2BN3P4C00LMusic Fan Jeff0031348704000decent consistency, easy to make, but mundane flavorThis product couldn't be much easier to make: Peel back the lid to the dotted line, microwave for a minute, peel the lid back the rest of the way to remove it, and then pour the sauce over the pasta. I did find removing the lid a bit tricky since it's stuck on much more intensely than similar films on frozen meals, so heed the instructions on the package to peel back the lid carefully. I can easily see someone not only burning themselves but spilling the product all over if care isn't exercised when removing the lid.

On to the product itself: The pasta had a good consistency. Not quite as al dente as I'd like, but not overcooked mush. The sauce was disappointing, though, with a smooth consistency like Ragu, not chunky/thick like a better sauce. And considering that this flavor has basil in its name, one would expect to see and taste more basil. It really just tasted like tomato paste -- not bad tomato paste, mind you, but merely tomato paste in the end. If you took this to your office for lunch and you didn't have the ability to add anything to it, you might be dissatisfied unless you like extremely simple cooking. After tasting just the pasta and sauce as packaged, I decided to add some more basil, some grated parmesan, and some ground beef so I could actually enjoy the rest of the meal.

I got a sample of this from the Vine program and, while I certainly found it edible, I doubt I would order it -- particularly given that it's more expensive than many other prepared lunch options available at my local supermarket. I think that this product would probably be best suited for those who do not have ready access to a refrigerator or freezer but do have the ability to microwave something. So, if you work in an office with a microwave but no fridge, then this product might be for you. Just be aware that you might want to keep some dried herbs/spices at your desk to spruce this up a bit.
400351400351B002AR5VX2A2ANHA761SLJLOIsaac D. Parker "Victims; aren't we all?"0041264032000Nice snack while getting your game on.Well if you're like me and like to eat or just get hungry while playing your favorite video game, then this snack is for you! This flavor is pizza, and it is very tasty. I liked it because it wasn't greasy at all. I didn't however like the price; $[...] for 4.0 oz snack is very appealing. But I ate the heck out of it! Two thumbs up!
400352400352B002AR5VX2A3KGGXE57I75KHgabriel1251281571200AWESOMEI bought Gamer Grub thinking i wont like them but when they came in the mail i was excited and a ripped it up and ate some and i was WRONG!i dont even like pringles pizza!you need this if your a online gamer or put it on your backpack at school youll love it!!
400353400353B002AR5VX2A3RZB6823YGBQ6Paul1251262736000Best foood ever!!!Gamergrub is one of the best things that I have ever eaten in my life. It is packed with nutrients which makes it such a great item to buy for plus it really boosts the performance of any gamer. This may seem weird but I was playing Call of Duty and I am really bad at CoD but once I ate this, I started to get really good. I got really focused.

Another good thing about Gamergrub is that it really tastes the flavor on the box.
Pizza tastes just like a combination of cheese and pepporoni pizza. I rather go with the PB&J one which tastes even better.

If you are considering buying gamergrub, don't heistate because it is worth every cent you spend.
400354400354B002AR5VX2A15IP17MNQ2G9PC. Battersby2651257292800Because it's so hard to get fresh pizza these daysSure, we ALL like to enjoy a slice of fresh "ZA" while playing "Wii Sports", but we also know just how hard it is to find a pizza shop which will deliver. I tried buying several pizzas at a time, then freezing them for later use, but they just wouldn't fit in my toaster when I tries to heat them up later. Then I heard about a MIRACLE product that gives me that pizza experience, BUT IN A CAN!

A can that can be held in only one hand, unlike those huge circular pizza pies, which need TWO hands to eat!

So, until someone creates a timely pizza deliverator service that can bring fresh pizza to your door- Or some whay to freeze then subsequently reheat pizzas- Gaem Grub is the only sensible option for the discriminating Italian Food lover who also enjoys video games.
400355400355B0002PHDJYA1LFN5TXQ0B1HBConstantin111141257033600Great Stuff - but formula has since changedI first bought this lime extract to flavor "home-made" seltzer water without the use of sugar or real lime juice in July of 2009. This extract has been very easy to use - about 6cc per liter of seltzer. I've gotten lots of compliments on the taste of the lime-infused seltzer and I'm no longer throwing out perfectly good bottles after just one use.

The shipment from JR Mushrooms was prompt... two bottles arrived in a well-padded box with lots of bubble-wrap and foam peanuts to keep them safe and sound. The bottles themselves are dark brown glass (presumably to shield the juice from the sun) and have well-fitting plastics caps. All in all, I was very happy with this purchase and the quality of the product, as of July 2009.

Recently (August 2010 - that is how long the initial 32 oz order of the old extract lasted), I ordered another set of extract. Sadly, the supplier of extract to JRMushroom has changed and so has the formulation - the extract now arrives in a clear plastic bottle, not the dark brown glass bottle of 2009. I am not convinced that the present version if terpeneless, as there is a fairly bitter aftertaste. Amit at OliveNation/JRMushrooms was very nice to refund the unopened bottle (I had bought 2) and also informed me that he is negotiating a new supplier for the stuff.

So here is what I suggest for any extract order over the internet: Order a small sample bottle ($6.5) and make sure it fits your flavor expectations before ordering a larger bottle. Plus, before you re-order, contact the seller and make sure that the flavor/supplier hasn't changed. I am a bit disappointed that Amit has not updated the Amazon web pages to reflect the new packaging, which would have been a good clue not to go ahead with a large-bottle purchase but to sample the present product first. Live and learn, I guess.
400356400356B0002PHDJYA353MCZT8OJ9OQBarbara A. Payne2451294444800the long elusive lime extractI was delighted to just find lime extract. It was not available in any of the supermarkets or specialty shops I checked in my area of TX. I haven't used it yet, but feel I probably have a lifetime supply.
400357400357B0076YVPD4A1509YCCYCYQQ3cait2231349049600Nice, but is it worth the cost?I received one package as a Vine member and I just prepared and ate it.
The prep is very easy. I read the review that mentioned an 'almost' disaster peeling the cover back. I must say, I did not have that problem but I can understand what happened. Still I agree there is enough sauce. More than enough in my book, which is a little wasteful but better than too little.
And I love the pasta. It was al dente, not overcooked and the sauce was very nice.
So, it is easy, so convenient and tastes very good.
Why only three stars then?

It is expensive.
A handful of pasta. A little container of sauce...and it costs $3.43 each!
I am sorry, but I thing that is just too much. I can buy a pound of pasta for $1 on sale and I love Hunt's sauces in the can, often on sale for about $1. Ever try it? If not, I think it is as good as the jarred sauces and a fraction of the price. So for $2 an a little effort I would have at least 6 of these servings.
$20...$2....I just can not justify it for the convenience.
400358400358B0076YVPD4A1EARN5PUVIF1SJerry P. Danzig1151349136000Presto PastaI must say, this ready-to-microwave pasta dish is one of the best products of its type I've ever tasted.

It has natural ingredients, with no preservatives. It tastes yummy -- the sauce is sweet and tangy, just right.

And the dish cooks in the microwave in just one minute with no muss or fuss. You simply pull back a corner of the cover to vent the sauce that's separated from the pasta in its own little sauce tray. Then one minute later, you remove the cover, pour the sauce over the nice al dente pasta, and enjoy.

To my amazement, one of these servings costs only about three bucks at Amazon's current price, which is quite reasonable for the taste and convenience.

About the only thing I can carp about here is the description on the side of the package that this is a "microwaveable meal." Maybe it's a meal for a small fashion model on a diet; for the rest of us, it's a nice snack or side dish.

Still, this pasta dish, which stores in a room-temperature cupboard rather than your freezer, easily beats the stuffing out of Chef Boyardee in a can.

Highly recommended, and I'm not easily impressed by packaged foods...


* Very tasty sauce and excellent al dente pasta.
* Fast and easy to heat up.
* Reasonably priced.
* Stores at room temperature.


* Not really a full meal -- more of a hearty snack or side dish.
400359400359B0076YVPD4A32T2H8150OJLUAlan Holyoak3441348790400Good product, but with one notable design flawI just wrapped up my in-office lunch, featuring the Barilla Mezze Penne with Tomato and Basil Sauce (I also brought a left-over mandarin orange spinach salad and french bread from home) . It was good, really good, but the pasta sauce was almost a disaster.

The product contains a larger plastic, microwavable bowl containing pre-cooked pasta, and a smaller bowl that contains the pasta sauce that rests in one end of the larger plastic bowl. The smaller bowl is not attached to the larger bowl, it just sits in it. Both the larger and smaller bowls are sealed shut with a thick plastic film cover.

To prepare the pasta you pull back the plastic cover slightly to allow venting from the sauce. It's true that it takes only one minute to heat this meal - handy!

After only one minute in the microwave you pull it out, and then remove the top film entirely. THIS IS WHERE I NEARLY HAD A MEGA-DISASTER! I pulled the plastic cover back, starting at the end where I had already pulled the plastic back to allow venting, and I had to apply a fair amount of pressure because the plastic was attached quite firmly. At this point I did not know that the sauce bowl and the pasta bowl were not connected, and as I pulled back the plastic it came free of one end of the sauce bowl before the opposite edge. The pasta bowl pulled up and nearly spilled all over the counter, but luckily it didn't. That was CLOSE!

OK, with the plastic cover removed and disaster averted, I poured the sauce over the noodles and stirred it up. The portion size of noodles was appropriate for lunch. The amount of sauce was good for the amount of noodles included. Don't you hate it when you have pasta, but you don't get enough sauce? That was NOT the case here. There was plenty of sauce for the noodles.

The consistency of the noodles was great. They were neither too hard nor too soft for my tastes.

All in all I would award this product the following rating:

5 stars - Ease of preparation
5 stars - Portion size
5 stars - Food taste
5 stars - Food consistency
5 stars - Completely recyclable
1 star - Chance of spilling the sauce all over the place

All in all 4 stars - and it would have been 5 stars if the instructions had warned me that the larger and smaller bowls were attached and to be extra careful while removing the thick plastic film cover. Once you know about this issue you shouldn't have any problems.

Good stuff, just a minor engineering glitch.

I hope this is helpful.
400360400360B0076YVPD4A2MC8ATJJBIP7TShay C0041350518400Better than I expectedBarilla Mezze Penne with Tomato and Basil Sauce is new product that is convenient and easy to cook. This traditional sauce is created with the flavor of sweet basil, simmered with chunks of real tomatoes, olive oil, carrot and onion.

This convenient meal is simple to prepare:

1. Pull back film to dotted line to vent, exposing sauce tray.
2. Microwave for 60 seconds, carefully remove from microwave.
3. Holding sauce tray down with thumb, slowly remove film.
4. Pour sauce on pasta, stir and enjoy.

The sauce was hearty, full of tomatoes and very good for a microwave meal. The pasta was okay but not to my taste. This would do for a quick lunch or snack. Overall, it's better than most microwave meals.
400361400361B0076YVPD4A30OX7LGMR0PTILupa0051350518400Tasty, a nice quick meal optionMy partner and I both work from home, and so we often need quick-fix meals for lunch in the middle of the day. So we gave these a try, and were quite pleased! The pasta softened up very well, and the sauce heated up with no problems at all. Very tasty as well, and while the portions could have been a little bigger, overall we were pretty happy with them.
400362400362B0076YVPD4A3EZFFPVS34AMOPD0041350518400One of the Better Microwave Pasta Meals, but Has One Big Potential IssueBefore writing this review I came across Alan Holyoak's excellent in-depth write-up, worth checking out. Bottom line: this thing does heat up in a minute and the pasta comes out SURPRISINGLY well-heated and moist, definitely more al dente and not mushy. The sauce is the same Barilla Tomato Basil I've eaten for years, and the fact that it heats up in separate chambers and then tossed together when you sit down to eat it makes for a really good meal. BUT, the peel-away plastic is a disaster waiting to happen. It's really stuck on there, so PLEASE, pull slowly, and as you get near the last inch before it separates from the tray, wiggle it back and forth sideways and coax it gently off the tray, or just use scissors. I've been know to try and jerk the plastic off of these things (Healthy Choice meals peel incredible easy and I'm used to that), and if I did that I'd definitely be wearing half the meal.

I'll buy these again for work, they really a good quick way to have pasta for lunch (with a little grated parmesan of course), but it will teach me patience each time I peel it open, lol.
400363400363B0076YVPD4A1JUBRIZMO0RJVSteve H "books911"0031350432000Great Idea, Convenient, Worthwhile, Not the Best TasteBarilla's new pantry Mezze Penne products are an exciting lineup. You can enjoy a hot pasta meal in 60 seconds. Furthermore, the product stores at room temperature, which allows you to take it to work to use in a work microwave, or to have it shipped from a store like without worry in most climates.

The pasta sauce is stored in a bin above the pasta. To prepare the meal, you peal back the top seal to expose the sauce and allow ventilation. You heat it for 60 seconds. Let it cool, remove the rest of the seal carefully, pour the sauce on the pasta, transfer it to a plate should you wish, and eat! It's fast, and it is simple. No refrigeration required. It truly is a nifty idea.

The only downside is that they are not the tastiest products. I have tried the Tomato & Basic, Marina, and Spicy Marina. It's extremely difficult for me to tell a difference between any of the sauces. The sauces are not great. Just ok.

In terms of the pasta, it comes out slightly gooey and not as soft as it could be. Just ok.

Overall, a brilliant idea. With the great storage ability, it's not bad to have one or two of these on hand for a long work day, when you want a simple lunch or dinner fast. However, in general, I would not want to consume these on a daily basis. Perhaps, over time, they will keep getting better, improve this product. If they could include just a slightly higher quality sauce and pasta, it could be a real winner. Right now, just ok.
400364400364B0076YVPD4A17CP110C6E9KFJBizzle "Da Fizzle Shizzle, Dizzle"0041350345600Quick dinnerI love pasta so I thought I would check out the Barilla Mezze Penne with Tomato & Basil Sauce. I have to say it wasn't bad. I was worried the the noodles wouldn't be done or there wouldn't be much flavor. I was running late for an appointment and knew I would be late coming home so I thought it would be a perfect time to try this. Sixty seconds in the microwave and presto dinner is served. I will definately keep a few of these around for such cases.
400365400365B0076YVPD4A1GARI2JT6EAWADWD "DWD's Reviews"0041350345600Very quick - great for officesAt my work we have a half hour lunch time and just two microwaves with as many as eight people wanting to use them. I always try to find items that cook quickly but still tastes good.

The Barilla Mezze Penne fits the bill. It cooks up in just one minute (yes, everything was cooked in just a minute!) and it tastes pretty good, too. Don't get me wrong, this is still a microwave meal, so this is not restaurant quality - but it is very quick and very easy and it's not bad, either.
400366400366B0076YVPD4A2X2399HZGKQBJHowie0041350345600Not bad for pre-packaged pastaI've eaten lots of pre-packaged pasta products over the years due to work schedules, etc. as it's often less expensive than eating out. Generally I find most to have overcooked pasta and generally bland sauces. Until now, I've not tried a Barilla product.

This one was a bit different than others I've eaten in that the pasta is actually cooked al dente which was a pleasant surprise! The sauce is bright and flavorful for a basic marinara type sauce and has a hint of basil. In another surprise there were also a few chunks of tomato in the sauce. The amount of sauce works perfectly for the amount of pasta with a portion size that is good for lunch. Add a small side salad and and a piece or two of garlic bread and this could easily work as an evening meal.

Preparation is quick and easy. 1 minute or so (may need longer in smaller microwave ovens) to a hot meal. I appreciated the sauce being in a separate, removable, container in the package both for mixing with the pasta and the ability to heat it separately an additional few seconds if desired. Frankly, this design is what keeps the pasta cooked properly as it's not sitting in the sauce on the shelf becoming softer with time. Just be careful pulling that cover off as it's very well attached and if not removed with caution can easily create a lunch disaster with hot sauce covering everything.

Yes, you could make your own for less money but it's comparable in price to competing, less flavorful, products and less expensive than similar dishes at corporate fast-food establishments.

Overall a very tasty and convenient product for portable meal needs.
400367400367B0076YVPD4A1UCPXUBSESD65mzglorybe0041350000000Almost 5 starsFor flavor and ease it does get 5 stars from me. I served it tonight as a side dish for two and it was plenty for both of us. Ready in 60 seconds as it proclaims to be. I can see this being very handy for vegans, and for fast lunch-packing where a microwave is available.

I am glad I pre-read the other reviews so I took extra care with opening the package, and even so, did spill a little bit. Thank heavens it wasn't hot yet, because most of it went on my hand, as the container the sauce is in is not secured down, once you pull back the outer cover it is open, the sauce has no film over it, just the outer cover holding it in place. For this reason I hold back a star. I should think there might be a better way to package this. Knowing up front about the possibility of spilling, though, it was not a big problem for me.

Both of us really liked the flavor. The tomato/basil sauce provided for the penne was a bit tangy, just like we like it. We do not like the sweeter-based pasta sauces. The penne was al dente, just right, not mushy. Another plus is that they give you enough sauce to cover all the pasta so it isn't dry. We grated fresh Parmesan on it and loved it.

This is a good cupboard dish for a fast meal with a salad (you could add cooked meat if you are not a vegan), or seniors that eat smaller portions. You can't beat that it's ready in 60 seconds. Thumbs up on this one.
400368400368B0076YVPD4A25NCR4LJ62EZNDichterliebe0041349913600Well-packaged, satisfying meal.Barilla's 9-ounce Mezze Penne with Tomato and Basil Sauce is a surprisingly satisfying meal in a clever package. The sauce is included in its own tray, inserted in the larger pasta tray and the heating instructions (in both written and graphic form) are very easy to understand.

The portion is large enough to be a main course and I found it satisfying if not exactly delicious. Once heated (it only took one minute in my microwave), the pasta was slightly oily and the texture of the sauce was thick but certainly pourable. The sauce is really the feature here and I found the taste slightly acidic, likely due to preservatives. An herb such as basil doesn't really hold up well in a packaged product and so some consumers such as myself may want to add a sprinkling of fresh or dried basil to add to Barilla's rather weak basil flavor.

Overall, this is a good if not great product. Perhaps the recipe could be fine-tuned but I recommend this product, particularly in that it's filling and relatively tasty, is well-packaged, and would be perfect for a workplace lunch. Well done, Barilla.
400369400369B0076YVPD4A1DC1O4VX6AHPPE. A. Jones "movie buff"0041349913600good taste for non refrigerated, slighty iffy packagingThe sauce in this meal is in a cup that sits inside the bowl with the pasta, with a flat tab that fits into the edge of the bowl. BE CAREFUL WHEN OPENING THIS! As you peel back the lid after cooking, you will want to keep your thumb on that flat tab of the sauce cup. There is a circle there so it's easy enough to see. It is very, very easy for that cup of hot spaghetti sauce to pull up with the lid and spill all over you, and it is hot when it comes out of the microwave!

As for the taste, I thought these were good. The sauce was delicious, the pasta so-so. It's somewhat grainy pasta -- it's durum whole wheat -- and there is a hint of preservative flavor in it that the sauce can't mask. For non-refrigerated, this was very good, better than expected. You can't beat that it only takes 60 seconds to cook, and you don't have to leave it in the microwave after it's done cooking like you do with frozen. The flavor in frozen dinners is better overall, though.
400370400370B0076YVPD4A37LNXZ3U8Z0PWparanormal junkie0041349827200~~quite tasty and only a minute to cook~~I'm a pretty harsh critic when it comes to the "heat in the microwave" pastas but I love Barilla pasta sause so I thought I'd give this a shot. I have to say it was pretty tasty! The sauce has the same great Barilla taste. And even after just 60 seconds in the microwave the noodles were nice and soft. The serving size was great for lunch. After 3 hours I still felt satisfied and wasn't looking for something to munch on. **WARNING** You definitly need to read the directions carefully otherwise when you're done cooking it and you tear off the plastic top you could have a huge mess. The pan the sauce is in is a separate container that is not attatched to the rest of the package and the plastic cover is attatched very well. I can say with a good amount of certainty that I'll be buying these for lunches!!!
400371400371B0076YVPD4A2FQHAYSPJO1WPSue-Ann "Always Seeking"0041349740800Very Tasty!I tried this product on a whim, hoping that it would be good.
To my surprise, it was very good. I was pleased that the
ingredients did not include trans fat or high fructose corn
syrup. For a convenience item, I give it high marks. It tastes
great and is extremely easy to prepare.
400372400372B0076YVPD4A1EKF9JFF1XWSVTina Hayes0051349654400quick, healthy, and deliciousI'm really liking the new microwaveable Barilla meals, especially this one. It's stored in the cabinet, which makes cooking time much faster than similiar meals that are frozen, and it tastes so fresh. After just one minute in the microwave, the pasta is al dente and the sauce steaming warm. The flavor is very nice, though there could be a little more basil flavor.

These Barilla meals are such a great choice to have on hand for quick, healthy, and delicious lunches or dinners.
400373400373B0076YVPD4A29BA6LLBLJILFEric DiPier "Life is a gift horse."0041349654400Great flavor, but pasta's a little chewyI am always interested in new options for my weekday lunches so I was happy to try out this penne pasta and sauce pack from the Vine program.

I followed the main instructions, and then followed the "extra" instructions for getting the pasta to be less chewy. (Add a touch of water and heat for 30 additional seconds).


*The flavor of the sauce is really, really good, especially for a single-serving package. It's better than any sauce I've ever had in a product like this.
*It really does heat in 90 seconds (or even 60, but I would think the pasta would be super-chewy).
*The sauce-to-pasta ratio is perfect.
*The sauce compartment is removable, making it easy to combine the pasta and the sauce.


*The pasta is chewy, even with the extra 30 seconds. It's not terrible but it was enough to knock off a star for me.
*As another reviewer mentioned, the plastic covering is attached pretty tightly, so when you pull to get it off the removable sauce compartment, it is not easy to stop the sauce from flying everywhere.

All in all, a good little product, especially for less than four bucks per package. Grab one of these and a little side salad and you're all set.
400374400374B0076YVPD4ARYSDAZNRXN6GA. Crafton0011349568000Love Barilla pasta....but not thisBarilla pasta is one of my favorite non-specialty (low glycemic or other) pastas. It never disappoints.

I was excited to try this Barilla shelf-stable meal! But it left me wanting.

When it says to hold down the tab when you pull off the cover, DO IT. I almost had a sauce explosion at work all over my lap because I didn't hold it down well enough.

But with all that aside: I just found this to be blah, bland, mostly tasteless, and certainly nothing to be excited about. Just some blah pasta and some blah sauce. Not impressive, not tasty, and not anything I would buy on purpose. The texture of the pasta was good, it's not that it was mushy or chewy. But it just seemed like a watery, low-taste kind of experience.
I hate to say such negative things about a brand whose pasta product I normally admire! But this dinner, meh. Just mehhhhhhhhhh.
400375400375B0076YVPD4A31XW1RTQ4ZG9WC. Yates0031349568000Quick lunchUpon ordering the Barilla Mezze Penne with Tomato and Basil Sauce I thought this would be a quick lunch to take to work. Upon receiving this lunch in a box I took it to work and at lunch time popped it into the microwave and folks wanted to know what that delicious aroma was....The box lunch came from Amazon and is definately a great lunch...It is light and delicious and cooks in a minute in microwave. (Barilla Mezze Penne with Tomato and BAsil Sauce)

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