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400412400412B0001CXRKMAF3X7J0XC391LStratiotes Doxha Theon "2 Thes 2:15"0041350172800Same yerba mate with just a hint of chocolateI am already a fan of Organic Yerba Mate Tea 25 Bags and a fan of chocolate. This mix is the best of yerba mate with just a hint of chocolate. If you are looking for a more milk-chocolate flavor, try it with a little sweetener and milk. The hint of chocolate gives this yerba mate a more bitter flavor closer to coffee than the plain yerba matte but without the coffee acid and reduced caffeine. Yerba mate is a good flavor in itself and not just as a coffee substitute. The chocolate gives us yerba mate fans some variety in flavors.
400413400413B0001CXRKMABS91D1DMAPX8SherryC0051343001600Surprisingly delicious.This drink had been recommended to me by a friend, who also warned me that it might taste a little earthy. To my very pleasant surprise, this particular product of yerba mate is spiced in such a way that it requires nothing added to it to make it drinkable. I down a couple mugs of it now every morning, and am slowly weaning myself off of coffee. For people who want caffeine, but want to avoid coffee or sugar, I would recommend this drink. Nothing is needed to add flavor--all the flavor is right there in the little tea bag. There is an earthy undertone, but it is set off perfectly by the light chocolate and spice flavors. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new drink, especially something a little different from the norm.
400414400414B0001CXRKMAMYSO2LAWHLU1Desiree Hayes "Boudoir Photographer"0041335312000Guayaki tea is greatI love the Guayaki brand and had seen the chocolatte flavor online but never in stores until my last trip to Mother's Market (where it was on sale for 4.19, regularly 6.49.) I'm glad I picked it up, it's a great tea, great flavor, no sweetener needed but it tastes closer to chai to me than it does chocolate. I add a tablespoon of organic cacao powder and some organic vanilla almond milk to make it a "dessert tea."
400415400415B0001CXRKMA2MP5ALLQKSQSArmily0031335225600Hardly ChocolateI hardly caught the chocolate hint in this tea. It is more of a spicy tea with a teeny tiny hint of chocolate. It's good if that's what you're looking for, but I was hoping for more chocolate. I tried it with an almond/coconut milk and without anything added and preferred the tea with the milk.
400416400416B0001CXRKMAHJ18H704GL4QS. Lemen0051334966400Great Taste & Nice Pick-Me-UpThis tea has a good mixture of chocolate, mate, and cinnamon with no unpleasant aftertaste. I was a die-hard green tea drinker and used to add 2 Tablespoons of Agave or Honey per 20 oz. cup. Now, I've completely converted to this tea and I only add 1 tsp. of Agave per 20 oz. cup and it is delicious and energizing. I'm glad I spend the money for one box to be sure that I really like it.

It's nice to know that I'm getting a steady energy buzz without any crashing that I used to get from coffee. Green tea never gave me a boost of energy though I did enjoy the taste as long as I added a lot of sweetener.

I highly recommend this brand, and I wish that Amazon sold it in bulk as they do other teas. I found a cheaper source online for six boxes under $39.00 and no shipping cost. That's about a $17.00 saving from buying 6 boxes through Amazon. I'd rather buy from Amazon as I'm a long-time customer and trust them. Hopefully, they are reading this and will sell this particular brand in bulk, in the future.
400417400417B0001CXRKMA30KCQIU856SEHCatherine M. George "caisays"0051264896000Very theraputic teaThis tea is delicious, gives you a nice energy boost, and is also a mild appetite suppressant, making a good choice for your afternoon break.
400418400418B0001CXRKMA24Q9C6OFT6UPBA. R. Price "A. Price"0051224374400Fantastic TeaThis is a very delicious tea with the wonderful benefit of yerba mate. Like other posters, I really don't enjoy the taste of the plain yerba mate and usually blend it with a spicy tea. This is the only tea that can compete with my love of a great rich cup of coffee.
400427400427B001IZM85QAFG4AVPLG8JZASam0011299888000H-O-R-R-I-B-L-EThat about says it's simply horrible. It's not sweeter than sugar. It's not even AS sweet as sugar, and if you use enough to get an equal in sweetness, you end up with a really bad tasting drink. I'm glad I got it on sale, because I tossed all 4 bottles after the first taste.
400419400419B0001CXRKMA1PWO96518AY7UMegan R. Elias "Scuttlefish"0051196553600mate chocolatteThis tea is awesome and a great alternative for coffee lovers trying to break away. I didnt even need to add sugar, its just naturally sweet enough.
400420400420B0001CXRKMA12IZQFLBCNWLGShawn Meyer "ShawShaw"0051182816000The best tea I've ever discoveredNot only is this tea delicious, it also makes you feel like a million bucks! The blend of mate, coco, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and stevia is just right. You can taste a little of each without any of them overwhelming the others. It also has the smoky notes and invigorating properties of mate that I personally love.

Try it double strength with cream!
400428400428B000PNKJXAA3AVTSTB86E74Kbethlael "reading junkie"6631191542400Why did they change it?I had heard rumors that Hot n'Spicy had been changed, but ordered anyway, based on the photo of the product that looked the same as I remembered. Boy, was I dissappointed! What I received is vastly different from the Original Hot n' Spicy. First of all, it was obvious when I opened the box and saw a bunch of orange and black bags, instead of the green and white bags I had expected. Second, the flavor and texture is different, too. It is significantly spicier, which means my kids can't eat it (they LOVED the old version, so I ordered a LOT). The new version also has a different texture-more of a glaze than a seasoning-that I really do not care for. Anyway, I am giving it three stars because as snack mixes go, I still prefer this one...but I sure wish they would bring back the old formula.
400421400421B0001CXRKMA1WE8KTC20NY65Denise4721324339200Tastes like pumpkin pie...This takes nothing like chocolate at all. It has a strong cinnamin/nutmeg flavor that reminds me of pumpkin pie. I tried one and don't think I'll be drinking any more. As far as energy goes, I do think it works - but I can't enjoy the drink enough to continue.
400429400429B000PNKJXAA2B7BUH8834Y6MShelley Gammon "Geek"3341265155200Will clear out your sinuses - and air out the rest of you while it's at itI have not had the previous version of these in the green package as cited by some reviewers, so I cannot comment regarding a change in formula. I happened upon these puppies by chance at the grocery store - had never seen them before. I'm a fan of the "Flamin' Hot" variety of Cheetos and other snacks, but I also love Chex, so I thought this would be the perfect combo.

Note to self: this is not from the same company that brings you Flamin' Hot flavored snacks.

This is hotter. SO hot, I'm coining a new name - hottier. It seared the top layer of my taste buds off and is cauterizing the lining of my pipes as I type this. This stuff is HHHHHHHOTTTTTTTT!

I'm the type of person who usually buys 'medium' hot salsa, but can handle some hot varieties. Flamin' Hot flavored snacks pale in comparison in regards to Scoville units. I do not know what the Scoville units are for either variety - but I can tell you, the soft inner lining of my digestive tract was not prepared for the assault I unleashed upon it by masticating this snack mix.

I can echo the sentiments of another reviewer - this is somewhat mislabeled. This is more of a Cajun blend than merely a hot blend. A review of the ingredients do not reveal any cayenne pepper, Tabasco or other famous Cajun flavorings, but that is the impression I get. I can almost taste crab oil on the back of my throat, but it is not listed in the ingredients. I guess it could be a psychosomatic reaction.

I was hoping/expecting flavoring akin to Flamin' Hot - but I cannot tell you if I was exactly disappointed as I was surprised by the Scoville meter in my mouth that was screaming for the fire extinguisher. I can feel a rumbling in my bowels that will no doubt become a topic of discussion with my husband when I get home this evening.
400422400422B0041CPOO0A11WYHDB1YEZOXJackie-the-Greyhound "Trusty Shellback"2251299369600My dog LOVES LOVES LOVES theseI could have sworn I'd written a review on these before...but I guess not! Now, my dog is far too refined to do anything so gauche as 'training'. I mean really, a 'sit'??? What unrealistic expectations the primates in the household have!

Seriously though, my dog is (perhaps obviously)a greyhound. True to her breed, she is quiet, sweet, low energy and generally sleeps about 21 hours out of the day.

HOWEVER, when THIS treat bag gets shuffled she is all about getting to the kitchen QUICKLY (did I mention she is a greyhound, quickly is pretty darn fast!).

On a scale of 1 to 10, these are a good 11.

In the realm of 'would my normally respectful dog climb on the dining room table to get these' the answer is 'only if I'm dumb enough to leave them there'. Trust me, finding a full grown greyhound on a table is disturbing. I was only that stupid once--come to think of it I suppose these are great for training--I got trained not to leave these anywhere the dog shouldn't go.

In other words these are a nummy delicous treat and you just have to get over the squick-factor that these are actually dried bits of lamb lung.

400423400423B0041CPOO0A6AJU4FHY1H81Jackie1151337126400Great value treats for dogsThe 10 oz bag of this is HUGE. It is about a foot tall or taller and stuffed full of treats. They aren't really chewy, and they smell a little, but my dog loves them. Perfect size for stuffing his JW ball, I bought the medium size, I think this is it: JW Pet Company Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy, 5-Inches (Colors Vary). A bag will last you a long time.
400430400430B000PNKJXAAVQQ26FTZ8U3OMary Ann Miller "Chex lover"0051243641600Glad that this item is available onlineWe love Hot n Spicy Chex Mix, but have been unable to find it in stores. I'm glad we can place our orders thru Amazon.
400424400424B0041CPOO0A9AT2HOG23P81J. Miller1151289952000EVERY dog will LOVE these...I have yorkshire Terriers. They LOVE these and they are good for a snack....but I use them for training...
The BEST product ever.
400425400425B001IZM85QA2R1P40IBYYANTWindyW3331249344000Not very sweet, similar taste to stevia.I am finding that the amount of this product needed to sweeten tea, for instance, is about the same as sugar. Therefore this is not a very economical sweetener, compared to stevia products.

There is a slight fruity fragrance to it, which is ok, but didn't seem to affect the taste of tea despite changing the fragrance of the tea a little.

When we (my husband and I) did the taste test, after sweetening two glasses of the same tea to what I perceived as the same level of sweetness, we couldn't tell the difference between NuStevia and Slimsweet.

We also tried mixing the two samples of tea together, as I had read that combining the two improves the flavor, but we couldn't tell any difference.

-- Added the day after. After doing the above taste tests, I took a gallon of freshly-made sun tea, sweetened it with this product, and put it in the refrigerator as we often do. When I got up this morning I drank some, and I thought it tasted awful, but I didn't say anything to my husband. Later this afternoon he told me he really didn't like the new sweetener and please don't use it again. I don't know what changed from the tea samples we had yesterday.

If I could change this to 2 stars, I would.
400426400426B001IZM85QA1Y3QKMCHRT73YShawna0051304035200Sugar Be Gone!Because it is low on the glycemic index, for year we have used Slim Sweet for everything from cooking in recipes to sprinkling on cereal.
400431400431B000PNKJXAA15AYIXHX24W2LRaeann Flewelling0131252886400NOT THE PICTURED ITEMIf you are looking for the HOT N Spicy that came in the green bag as pictures...this isn't it. They changed the formula but kept the same name. My husband likes the new stuff but it is more cajuny spices than before. Good luck!!
400432400432B000PNKJXAA3UWNX1348SRNIKevin D. Belz0231335571200Not Happy!!!As I reported when I received my order, it was supposed to be in a pack of 12, well someone needs to send me the other two packs as I only received 10, so I will not be ordering this item from here anymore, I will be taking my business elsewhere.
400433400433B0096E4V4MA2REBFO0U8B6Q1Topkat2 "topkat2"0051348704000Love this stuffI am a huge fan of this hot cereal, and I buy it by the bucketload. A serving of the cereal, with a pat of butter, some sweetener, a pinch of salt (my secret ingredient), a few berries, and some nuts, makes for a delicious breakfast that doesn't spike my blood sugar, and is terrifically filling. It's not beautiful -- the chia seeds in the mix make for a....uh, call it an unlovely consistency -- so I wouldn't be feeding it to guests, but the taste is great, and I am big-time picky.
400434400434B001EQ5FO0A33QW6Y5103MWGNiko B "Niko B"282831277424000Not terrible but not worth a reorder eitherThe flavor is ok but not mind-blowingly great and how can you claim the product has no sugar when its primary ingredient is Invert Sugar Syrup (a mixture of glucose and fructose). Lord help you if you are diabetic. Read the ingredients .. this is basically sweetened vanilla extract with added vanilla seeds added and thickened with the Gums. It appears that some people really like this stuff but its not for me. I'll stick with the real beans.
400435400435B001EQ5FO0ACYMT1PL5FO9CReverie171751261440000Vanilla paste is so lovelyIn all honesty, this is similar in potency to vanilla extracts I have tried. There are benefits to using the paste, however.

There is not much alcohol in the paste, so it's great to use for a true vanilla flavor without the bitter aftertaste (keep in mind it does contain some extract so I'm guessing there is a minimal amount of alcohol in this). This is certified kosher and is gluten free for anyone who might be interested in this info. Also, the vanilla specks create visual flavor...after all, people taste first with their eyes. I'll admit that I tend to overdo vanilla in my recipes, which is why the paste is so much better for recipes where the amount of liquid does matter (whipping creams, ice creams, creme brulee, etc.).

Be aware that the paste isn't really a paste. It's more like a syrup. I've tried other Lorann products before (mostly their emulsions), so I'm glad that this product meets expectations. It's comparable in price and potency to vanilla extracts, but I'll be using this paste almost exclusively for the reasons mentioned above.
400436400436B001EQ5FO0A11O6O8Q486E0BSamantha Chaintreuil131341233532800Perfect for making ice cream.I bought this purely to make homemade ice cream but have found that I also really like it in my more delicate baked goods. It leaves nice flecks of vanilla bean and none of that alcohol aftertaste that you get with extracts.
400437400437B001EQ5FO0A13QM0HT6VXHL5mean incognito monkey111151218585600love it!Wonderful product. I am an avid baker but lately the cost of bean is so high, it is prohibitive to me to use. So I stumbled across this product and decided to give it a try after reading other reviews. Delicious! Fragrant! I am so glad I found it.
400438400438B001EQ5FO0A146H4KN4LFR60angelfood "neat, sweet and erudite"8851224806400Vanilla Paste For the Best Home-Made Ice CreamWell, yes of course vanilla beans would be even better. But I can't afford them. And this is the next best thing. I went through the 3 jars in no time this summer, making the best vanilla ice cream we ever had. And Oh, the strawberry made with seascape berries. MMmm, good! I bought vanilla paste at Trader Joe's but this is a much superior product in flavor. So I just reordered in time for holiday baking. I have not tried other LorAnn extracts as I usually buy organic. For this great product I make an exception. It delivers the goods to your baked goods and custards.
400439400439B001EQ5FO0A3VTK0VT9BSRY5Sean Patrick Magill6651298851200Poor man's substitute for vanilla beansMy wife was tired of just using vanilla extract in her recipes, and she was wanting to make some creme brulee, which requires vanilla beans. I don't know about you, but once I priced the cost of vanilla beans I told her that she would never be making creme brulee. I saw this vanilla bean paste on Amazon and decided to give it a shot. The creme brulee came out tasting just as good as at any restaurant. That was two years ago, and I've purchased many bottles of this stuff for my wife. I highly recommend it!
400440400440B001EQ5FO0A65A1YHYPXQ8LSusan A. Callanan "romanticsue"6611273968000vanilla bean pasteI didn't care for the product.It wasn't vanilla enough,it was more like a sugar syrup.I made homemade vanilla ice cream and I even put a bit extra in the custard and it did not have a vanilla bean flavor.I would not recommend!!!

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