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400661400661B0052XN0EIADO7PC8J5F3ZOGreat Deal1151318118400Delicious PopcornTastes great - easier to manage size bags for older ones. Love the ease of ordering and receiving at my door. Highly recommend!
400662400662B0052XN0EIA3KTLICKZKDW5UStephanie Smith "love to shop!"3451315094400great popcornThis popcorn is cheaper than generic at the store, but pops as good or better than Reddenbacher. After doing 5 pans, I am still having to take it off the burner early because the lid is an inch over the pan! I'm adding too many kernels out of habit. The oil I have been using is Wabash Valley Farms Real Theater Popcorn Popping Oil, 16-Ounce Jars (Pack of 3) It's super yummy!
400663400663B0052XN0EIA1PANAHPGGV91FG. Harcourt "Ghsat"6941313625600popcorn is popcorn to a great extentPretty good popcorn - but not "knock your socks" off popcorn. This is a fully acceptable product the pops well in a hot air unit. 12.5 pounds is a great deal of popcorn - be prepared to share with friends and neighbors - to be used before the moisture dries up to a point that it no longer pops well.
400664400664B0052XN0EIA1I34JNS0YKOXKR. Smith "Sand Man"4651314835200Great popcorn great price.I wan't sure about the quality so I was taking a chance. This time it was a great investment. Really good quality popcorn. Highly recommend.
400665400665B0052XN0EIA14HPBKFIR7HXM. Lamb "Poverty Wages"4651312588800Best Popcorn soldIf you are looking for some great popcorn, then this is the popcorn for you.
It don't get any better than this.
The 12.5lb bag is great to share with family, get it while you can.
400666400666B0052XN0EIA3IKK57TI9BP85M. S. Kunnath0051351036800OkayyyyDidnt expect this to last so long, but damn, this will last you forever. Good popcorn, havent had a chance to try a diff brand yet lol.
400667400667B0052XN0EIA18XPVNK96CJBYJonathan Perry0051348790400Good popcorn at a good priceI bought a Great Northern kettle popcorn machine and have been trying different brands/types of popcorn in it: standard store popcorn, Orville R., Fireworks, Trader Joe's Organic, white, yellow, etc. Decided to try the Great Northern 12.5 lb. bag of yellow corn. It arrived quickly from Wayfair with no issues other than a small tear in the bag that dropped a handful of kernels into the shipping box. Dumped the bag into three large freezer bags (which I had planned to do anyway) and put a cup of corn into the kettle. Popped quickly, with very large kernels, very few old maids, quite tasty. So far, I think this is the best I've tried. And the price is very reasonable.
400668400668B0052XN0EIA3420Q9DDXMQP3L. Johnson "business and technical writer"0051347235200Pops alot!We've tried different brands with our stovetop popper and often ended up with only half of the kernels popping. Great Northern tastes great and almost all of the kernels pop.
400669400669B0052XN0EIA3AGDWDXYDAE39Mister Roboto "MrROBOTO"0051341705600Bought this to accompany popcorn makerI usually buy popcorn in bulk from our grocery store. It pops better than the grocery stores variety.

I can't tell if tastes better than the grocery store variety, but it pops larger than that variety.
400670400670B0052XN0EIA19XJT3VUT1AN2sonicthoughts "SH"0041340668800popcorn very good, bag is definitely bulkPopcorn came out great but be prepared to store in another container. used with Air-popper. Some say White popcorn is better but this was fine. Good bargain!
400671400671B0052XN0EIA3DNG54DMW2G88M. Klinker0051335830400Very Good PopcornArrived in very good time. Very Good Popcorn. excellent value. Pops aggressively however in does not pop all the kernels. Having said that in a half cup of corn about 12 - 15 kernels remained unpopped. It is still a significant savings over store bought, even store brand, and equal to Orville's brand in quality and taste. First Rate!
400673400673B0052XN0EIAPNA0XUCRAID4MOM0031335571200disappointedWe ordered this popcorn thinking it was really movie theater popcorn. We were expecting large kernels, not too much hulls and a lot of flavor. This corn is small and pops up small, has more hulls than usual, and is just ok on taste. A local farm in our area grows much better popcorn.
400674400674B0052XN0EIA3OYJ0501VFMERRae W.0051330905600The BEST popcorn everThis is the best popcorn; everyone in our family loves it. I just ordered the 50 pound bag because my kids do not want to be without it. The kernels are big, fluffy and delicious!
400675400675B0052XN0EIA1R62AVPOSU5C9J. Michales0051330300800Great Northern Premium Yellow Gourmet Popcorn 12.5 PoundsI bought an air popper at walmart for cheap and needed some popcorn kernels. I originally brought walmarts 2 or 3 pound bag of popcorn kernels, but I go thought popcorn like water, so I decided to buy a larger bag. I get about 95% popcorn popage with this brand. T
400676400676B0052XN0EIA2SB6OFKZ8KAUUTX Barb0051329782400Lots of popsThis is a huge bag of kernels for at home use. I didn't realize how much corn that would be but it has a long shelf life and there was plenty to share with family members. We have enjoyed it very much, fresh and pops well.
400677400677B0052XN0EIAI54XO5Z755FHDrake-by-the-Lake "movie critic"0051329523200Good Popcorn and CheapThere was a tiny tear in the bag upon arrival, but I sealed it with some tape. No big deal. The bag is just as good as any other bag you might find at the grocery store. These kernels do seem a little bit better than Jiffy Lube or Jolly Time or whatever popcorn sold in the grocery store. The kernels pop big and the popcorn tastes fresh. No complaints. I'm not really worried about it drying out. I kept Jiffy Lube popcorn over two years sitting on the shelf, and the kernels did not dry out. I am not sure what desert people are living in that they have popcorn kernels drying out. Just keep it in the bag or a sealed container and it should be fine. I did the math and this bag is cheaper than anything sold in the grocery store. Of course, Rumpenbacker popcorn is ten times as expensive. I never buy Rumpenbacker.
400678400678B0052XN0EIA24KUTKDRQK5AAE. Persons0051329177600Great with my Presto air popperThis popcorn tastes very good coming out of my Presto air popper. I would see at least 99% of kernels pop every time. This is the only brand I've tried but I have no reason to switch. 12.5 pounds is a lot of popcorn, dozens of bowls full, so this is a great value.
400679400679B0052XN0EIAYNH2BHO8SO52Nicole0041328918400It's popcornThis is popcorn, plain and simple. Not the best tasting or freshest in the world, but it tastes better than the bulk kernels I get at whole foods and the price isn't bad. In any case, it's WAY better than buying microwave popcorn, which - unless you're into artificial favors - is a total scam! You can pop popcorn kernels in the microwave for free in a plain paper bag, or get an all-you-can-eat air popper for like $15-20.
400680400680B0052XN0EIA3R6IGKV182J6QBrandon Curtis "Engineering PhD Student"0051327104000Near 100% Popping EfficiencyPretty much every kernel pops when I use it in my Presto 114316 04820 PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper.

Tastes great, and I expect it will last me absolutely forever. Do be careful with the bag, though - spill a few pounds of corn kernels, and you will definitely regret it!
400651400651B0052XN0EIA1BC22ZW6RWSE2The Mikester "sojourner"4441320624000Hellza' poppin'This is a really good popcorn. All but a very few kernels pop per batch in my handy dandy Presto air popper. I recommend this brand to anyone except my grandmother who has false teeth. It is a lot to mull over.
400652400652B0052XN0EIA2SN61QOY0FL68susan5621322956800came open second time - stale - will not buy againfirst time: I ordered this on a whim and so far it has worked out. I have made it in both the air popper and the presto microwave popper and both come out fine. I won't say it is the BEST I have even had but I bought some GV at WM that was pretty bad and had to use it up. Other GV I had bought before wasn't as bad as this last batch. This is SO much better than that or at least the first bag was.

I keep my popcorn in the freezer in a sealed container. It lasts longer that way - we did it as kids growing up and I have continued to do it. So when I got the big bag, I put some in a couple of ziploc bags and put the rest in the Rubbermaid container I keep in the freezer door. I keep a 3 T measuring cup by it and that amount works well fin the microwave popper.

Getting 50 lbs at once would be too much for my limited freezer space. I will stick to this size bag or smaller.

I ordered this a second time - it came open - slit on the seal of the bag. The second bag was STALE so who knows how long it had been open. Amazon did refund my money for the slit open bag. The popcorn was BAD and ended up being tossed.

I won't be buying this again.
400653400653B0052XN0EIA1DWJW0VXN8PE7Gumper2251319068800Just like the moviesThis popcorn is awesome. It pops perfectly with very few kernels left unpoped. Add butter flavored salt, and it taste just like movie theater popcorn and is so addicting that I eat it almost every night. There is so much in the bag that it will take me a while to get through it, but that means I wont have to worry about running out anytime soon.

When doing this on the stove in a covered pot (cover slightly tilted to let steam out), the secret is to heat the oil (3 Tbls) with just a few kernels, and I also sprinkle the butter flavored salt on the oil (about a cap full) before the oil gets hot. When those kernels start to pop telling you the oil is hot enough, turn off the heat and add the rest of the kernels (1/4 cup), cover and count to 30. Letting them sit for 30 seconds in the hot oil with the heat off will pre-heat them to pop more consistently. After the 30, turn the heat back on and once they start to pop, shake the pop occationally to keep the unpoped kernels on the bottom until you hear very few pops, and its done. You'll love it. Only add salt to the hot oil and not other flavored seasoning. Most will burn in the oil so it best to add those to the popcorn after.
400654400654B0052XN0EIA1PHFC6WCWNKN0Dxthomas1151346198400A big bag of clean, high quality popcorn.What a great experience! Never purchased so much popcorn before. I was amazed to receive a 17" x 8" x 3" thick bag of popcorn for the low price I paid. Soooo much better than grocery store popcorn - I never thought about bulk popcorn before. It is washed and clean. I use a high power air popper which delivers big pops of corn. Olive oil and sea salt completes the taste I like. Two thumbs & two big toes up on the Great Northern 12.5 pounder!
400655400655B0052XN0EIAI690FVNL693ZJ. Foster1151345075200Great taste and non GMOI love this popcorn! It was important to my family that we went to air popped popcorn to be more healthy and we wanted a non GMO corn to use. This was a great price, tastes great, and is everything we were looking for! Thanks!
400656400656B0052XN0EIA1UY4DCQKNKR1HScott1151327449600Best Deal On PopcornI bought this as a gift for my father. We're both crazy for popcorn and we agree that it is better than any other popcorn we've bought yet. If you eat a lot of popcorn, you'd be crazy not to buy this at a price this cheap. However, do be prepared to have a few large containers on hand to store the popcorn after you open the bag.
400657400657B0052XN0EIA3E0WYIRYDOVNSMichael B. "MWB 4 Christ"1151325635200Best Popcorn to-date!I too experienced a little hiccup with my first batch of Great Northern Premium popped corn, however, it turned out to be me "undercooking" it that made it taste chewy an unappetizing. I started my first 1/3 cup batch at 2.30 minutes, trying not to burn it, however, with my second and all subsequent batches, I am using a Nordic Ware popping bowl (Nordic Ware 60120 Microwaver Popcorn Popper 12 Cup also bought here on in our 1000W microwave at 3.05 minutes and it has come out consistently crisp, light and full of flavor each and every time with no burning. Furthermore, I have almost NO kernels left in the bottom of the bowl. The Nordic Ware bowl allows you to cook without the need for oils of any kind, a plus for the health-conscience. To top it off, a little I Can't Believe it's Not Butter 0 calorie spray a few times on top with a light sprinkle of sea salt, a brisk shake to stir it in and you will have the most flavorful, guilt-free movie-time treat, period! I love this stuff - we are eating two bowls a night, so the size of the bag does not scare us. I would recommend moving the kernels to an airtight container however, to keep them fresh. Great Northern, if you are reading this, a resealable bag would be a nice touch to keep the large bag sealed... Other than that, keep making flawless popcorn kernels, thanks!
400658400658B0052XN0EIAPPWH0UTMUKEZJamie Beu "jamiebeu"1141321401600make great popcorn - just seal it to keep freshMy wife and I always loved popcorn, but we are officially popcorn junkies now, thanks to the Whirley-Pop and good, cheap kernels bought in bulk (like Great Northern Premium Yellow Gourmet Popcorn 12.5 Pounds). We make popcorn about 2-3 times per week (when watching Castle: The Complete First Season or Psych: The Complete First Season), and we've found the best way to make it like movie theater popcorn without spending a fortune on coconut oil (like Paragon Coconut Popcorn Popping Oil (Gallon)).

For 1/2 cup of unpopped kernels, use 1 tsp of salt, 1/2 Tblsp of corn oil and 2 or 3 Tblsp of margarine, cut into ~1/2 Tblsp chunks for quicker melting (we prefer Imperial margarine - to us, it tastes the most like real butter). Put the oil and margarine in at the same time, but leave the top open while you crank the handle (this is to let most of the water from the margarine evaporate and escape, and avoids condensation dripping back down and cooling off the oil/margarine mix once the popcorn is added). Once the margarine is melted and a fair amount of water vapor has escaped (about 30 seconds after the margarine has completely melted), dump the popcorn and salt into the Whirley-Pop and close the top. Pop as usual. (Note: 1 whole tsp of salt may seem excessive, but about half will remain on the bottom and sides of the popper when finished.)

Just make sure you keep these kernals sealed up tight (with maybe a drop of water, to keep it from drying out) to keep them fresh.

I hope you find this method helpful.
400659400659B0052XN0EIA3RKOL1C4LHSNQLinda "fairhero"1151318896000Great stuff!This is excellent popcorn! The kernels pop up huge and fluffy. All the kernels pop. Excellent value. We'll reorder. Thank you so much!
400660400660B0052XN0EIA34KRT1T2G6305taekvideo1151318550400DeliciousI've been looking for good popcorn that doesn't cost 4 arms and a leg like that Orville brand... this really did the trick. Much better than any similarly priced popcorn I've tried from grocery stores.

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