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400729400729B003XUL1V6A2AVYSXICESSTKE. Kerby0051346198400Awesome deal on a great product!I didn't really need 2160 mini baking cups; I was making some peanut butter cups and the recipe makes 24. So, now I have enough mini baking cups to make 90 batches of homemade peanut butter cups. What would I do with so many??

I've used my first 24 mini baking cups, though, and tonight I'm going to use 24 more.

These are fantastic! Some of the other reviewers mention the cups being a weird size...well, I don't know much about mini baking cups, but they fit my Wilton brand mini cup tin perfectly. Another reviewer mentioned that you have to add stuff to the cups for them to sink into place; mind don't even fit like that--they just drop right into place, as if I were using regular baking cups in a regular baking cup tin. No problem at all.

They worked perfectly for my peanut butter cups. They held their form, and they didn't stick to the peanut butter cups; after they were done, the peanut butter cups just popped right out.

We are going to have mini baking cups for a really long time here, but that's okay, because they're good ones.
400730400730B003XUL1V6ARG6GKNQNRO10ML9990041335139200Will order again; a few "quirks"My current box of these is a little loose in its folds so that I have to squeeze the sides of the cups to get them down into the mini muffin pan wells. I had had this issue before on the full size cups but my most recent shipment of those does not have the problem, so perhaps it only affects some boxes of the mini cups as well. In any case this is not a big deal to me but it does cause minor imperfections in the shape of the cupcakes - when the batter goes in sometimes a couple of folds squeeze together so they are not uniform all the way around the cupcake.

The other quirk I've noticed, probably related to the above, is that the bottoms of my cupcakes have come out less than flat. This means a few cupcakes have tilted over when I am frosting or serving them. This problem is a little more annoying to me than the lack of uniformity around the sides of the cupcake. It's possible I could avoid it by tamping down my batter a bit when filling the cups but I'm not sure as the cups seemed to be flat against the pan after filling them.

Despite these issues, I like that these cups are green and that they release the cupcakes well when you peel off the paper. I will order them again.
400731400731B003XUL1V6A3LNFN4CK4NT6HD. M. Elms0051334188800Really nice Perfect little cups and all naturalI bought a large quantity of these for my wife who is now baking it seems for everyone! We are more than satisfied with these and have ordered almost all of their products excellent quality at a reasonable price in all cases
400732400732B003XUL1V6A1Q0QYN3I18WBOBenjamin Franklin "Ben"0051324080000my little muffin cupThe muffin cups are exactly what they are supposed to be. They are boxed just the way they should be.
400733400733B003XUL1V6A11IS0BB07AGDYDan Lee1231309651200not small enough for true mini sizei love "if you care" product. i like their materials, quality, price..
but this size was not true mini size. it was big for mini muffin pan, so it doesn't hold batter evenly.
only reason i gave 3 stars were cuz i like "if you care" quality product.
400734400734B0007SNZE8A10O1CAINE0AMZAnita Berstler5551206921600Delicious Danish DessertI have used the Danish Dessert for years. I always got it at our IGA, and they went out of business. I finally searched the web and found it through Amazon. I used the strawberry for pies. I never knew they made the raspberry until I found it on the web. I just add the fruit and put it in a pie shell. It makes the best pie glaze that I have ever tasted. My husband loves it. I always keep a large supply on hand. I would recommend this product for everyone.
400735400735B0007SNZE8A1YXQJ69VKMXODSatisfied customer4451212796800Best strawberry pie ever!My whole family LOVES this dessert. We like it as a dessert a lot, but it is the only way to make strawberry pie. May is strawberry month and we can't get through it without Danish Dessert.
400736400736B0007SNZE8A1Q7N6OTOUPZ72Wayne W. Mouritzen "DrWayne007"5651159920000MemoriesMy mom and grandma used to make this Danish Dessert. Grandma used to make it from scratch but this little box is a good substitute. Sprinkle a little sugar on top and you will really love it.
400737400737B0007SNZE8A2108FCM8HA7I3Kim Bontrager "motherofadrummer"1151232236800The ONLY way to make a strawberry pie!!I remember my mother using this and had a hard time finding it. All other pie glazes tasted chemically or "fake". This dessert mix is the BEST!! The texture is great and beats the ready-made gels or gelatin dessert type. Easy and delicious. Enjoy.
400738400738B0007SNZE8A2S45E8QWJI0HIAceskeno0051349481600Great for piesI order several packages at a time to keep on hand for pie mix in both raspberry and strawberry. So quick and easy to use for pie filling with a graham cracker crust by adding strawberries or other fruit & top with whipped cream. It's a big family favorite.
400739400739B0007SNZE8AR8TBCJJERG9TBob Dotlich0051332547200danish reviewWife makes a strawberry dessert that so far every one loves it. All want the recipe for the dessert. You would have to hate starwberries not to like it.
400740400740B0007SNZE8A2O0MSLWBW0FGWcrazy4shabbychic0051242259200Scrumptious!We have used Danish Dessert in our family for over 30 years... We make a strawberry cake and put the Danish Dessert in as one of the layers. It is TDF!!! Sometimes hard to find in supermarkets but good to know you can buy it on Amazon.
400711400711B003BKOHBEAATQJWMI88ZP6Butch "pops"1241292889600Just OKOld dog likes these as much as any other I have bought..they seem to go pretty quick and unfortunately things of this nature are hard to review. I bought them for her because of previous reviews and there is nothing I can really add or dispute..just check the ingredients in any of these treats and make your own informed decision..good luck
400712400712B0042AP7PMA37TN4KH8BBKV8FooFightinRunner "LivinVidaHealthy"0151296172800Customer Service GuaranteedThey have a saying 'The only thing that should come back, is the customer'..that is true for this company. One on one service; quick turn around and very helpful. A friend of mine is from the UK and loves Black Currants; I am able to order Black Currant Scone mix from Gourmet Goods To You; knowing that I will receive my product within a timely manner and at "low cost". Choose 'Gourmet Goods To You'..because they are just that 'Good to Their Customers'!
400713400713B005Z6OT3IA1OZO5DY9TKUJXJayme Gallenson "Home Chef"0051350604800Gin that RocksHad a chance to sample St george Terrior gin several ways. Flavored by botanicals from Mt Tamalpais in Marin County California this gin exudes the essence of the San Francisco Bay area. Whether stand alone in a martini or enhancing a cucumber gimlet this libation ranks among the top contenders for most flavorful gin.
400714400714B008K29CS6A2WAHXPLMQORP0Audioeye2241345248000not as nice as cool lime refresherReally nice light drink but not quite as thirst quenching as the cool lime counterpart drink. I tend to drink this faster since its a little more sweet.
400715400715B008K29CS6A2TJTSUJ4B5ZUPMaryann Sain1151349049600Honey it's worth the money...Yes it's not exactly like the in-store brew but they are soooo refreshing!!!! Esp for summer!!! My fav cold tea kinda like drink from starbies!! The Carmel Brûlé
400716400716B008K29CS6A1ZBJVNUT5JM5WMegan Kelley0051349049600do people pay this much?this is tasty, very yummy and obviously i love this drink... but at starbucks the 5pack is $4.95.. that is all.
400717400717B008K29CS6A197PBUKK9GIDHjanmarie0051345507200Light refreshing burst of energyI love this new drink from Starbucks. Very unique taste and fruity. It also gives me a little burst of energy but nothing jittery. Great kick to water.
400718400718B0057ACSL2A1OI1SYR7997S5D. Kearns1151335916800Happy puppy!My dogs just loved these chews! They were indeed very hard and lasted a bit less than half an hour as they were playing with toys on and off. It was nice to have something that would keep them entertained for a bit (and not hunting for my slippers!!)
400719400719B001EQ4NSOA1VXZJVVLQNX9Goriginalwit1141319587200Fresh and flavorfulI am very pleased with the Bergin (Roasted, No Salt) Sunflower seeds. They've got a nice flavor and really, you don't miss the salt. At this price they worked out to $2.37/lb which isn't bad. The only minor complaint I've got is that the seeds I received near the end of October are marked as best used by May 2012. That gives me roughly 7 months to eat 6 pounds of seeds. I'd have given the product 5 stars if the expiration was closer to a year away.
400720400720B001EQ4NSOA2QLI6VT7WHWVGJanice R. Truman "jrt"3451246492800sunflower nutsWe generally use sunflower nuts in recipes, so unsalted nuts are better for our use. We are quite pleased with these.
400721400721B001EQ4NSOA5X71JROH34Q6A. Angela "bookishlady1954"0051339372800Just plain good!These are very high quality, perfectly and evenly roasted, and large, with just the right amount of crunch. I love 'em - can you tell?
400722400722B002UQ78FCAFORMAFWM42HJ. Hentz1151322697600My favorite tea.I'm NOT a tea lover - in fact I've been a tea-hater for most of my life, until last year when I realized that it's black tea that I dislike, not green tea. Anyway, this is fabulous tea...the best I have found...I don't even have to sweeten it.
400723400723B002UQ78FCA1T3LA8JBH1EAVMichelle N Wickline1151289174400LOVE it iced or hot!This tea is very refreshing iced and makes a great anytime treat hot! Love it and can't wait to try the others in Zhena's tropical collection!
400724400724B002UQ78FCA2CO48OMIWKNROakkls0041344297600Love this tea!!This is a wonderful tasty tea, hot or iced. It has a pleasant, smooth taste without bitterness. Zhena's Gypsy Tea, Mojito Mint Tropical Green Tea, 22-Count Tea Sachets (Pack of 3)
400725400725B004UA52FOA16H3JNMR9EWLAGaius Julius Ceasar0051320537600Excellent - better than tomato soupNot only this is good for pasta's but also chicken parm or what I did, frozen meatballs in cast iron skillet, pour sauce over them and cook 10-15 min until warmed through. It tastes like good quality tomato soup, just thicker and properly seasoned. Just great.
400726400726B003XUL1V6A2ZUIR6E710XDiane Allen4451320624000Good baking cups.I had never used these baking cups before, but due to the price I figured I would give them a try. I was a little worried that they wouldn't fit my mini cupcake pan because of one of the other reviews, but they fit the pan fine. I have to admit that I didn't think they would fit at first. They do look a little on the big side. When you put the liner in the pan, they do not sink to the bottom until you put your batter in.
I like that when you take the liners apart, they don't stick together. I've had other liners stick together where you don't realize and you end up baking with two liners instead of one. I would buy these again. I just bought the large If You Care Baking Cups due to my experience with these.
400727400727B003XUL1V6A2A9X58G2GTBLPWolfee14451312070400GREAT MINI BAKING CUPS!If You Care Mini Baking Cups, I have been using the Large Baking Cups and the Mini Baking Cups and I like them both, is just like Baking with Parchment Paper which I also use all the time. I make many Muffins and Mini Muffins and they dont't stick to the Cups and the Cups are easy to peel off the Muffins big or small. The Baking Cups look pretty much the same before and after they are Baked, which is always good. If You Care Mini Baking Cups are one of the better ones to Bake with.

The Baking Cups are unbleached and Grease Proof, I have been using them for a while and never had any problems with the Cups fitting in my Mini Muffin Baking Trays. The Cups are gluten free and allergen free and as I understand there's no Chlorine used in the production. I prefer to Bake with If You Care Mini Muffin Cups or White Cups than all those Colored Baking Cups with their strong dyes and inks that bleed into the Muffins. Thank You
400728400728B003XUL1V6A33PJLK0CG2UUSmd nyc2231340582400Not standard sizeI like to support the "If You Care" product line but the mini muffin liners don't fit a standard size mini muffin pan. The liners are wider and shallower than MOST mini muffin pan cups. They will fit Chicago Metallic's mini muffin pan though. I ordered this pan and returned it since most standard liners wouldn't fit in it. The liners that they make for a 12 cup muffin pan are fine though. I hope they improve the mini's.

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