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400741400741B000ES1R2IA27J56UF3JNW9GTea lover4451252281600Unique and aromaticI first bought the tea from an English shop (British Isles) located in Rice Village in Houston, TX. I immediately fell in love with it due to its unique fruity flavor that goes very well with the black tea. It is strong enough to wake me up in the morning but mild enough to not leave a bitter after-taste in my mouth. I also tried the passion fruit and strawberry flavors from Ahmad but love the black currant one the most and the strawberry one the least (too sweet). I also gave it as a gift to friends and it was also well-received. I am glad that Amazon carries it. Buying the tea in bulk here is relatively cheaper than from the British shop. I am not sure if this tea tastes like fresh black currants but am sure it deserves a better rating than what's seen on this post.
400742400742B000ES1R2IA3LAYCTGSO1IQRPurrrfectcat "purrfectcat"2231321142400don't look for blackcurrant flavor in this teaI have never tried Ahmad tea although I had heard Ahmad's brand quality was high and I was looking for a better blackcurrant tea ever since Twining's changed their blackcurrant tea formula into something with yucky flowery herbs. Well, I couldn't taste any herbs in Ahmad's blackcurrant tea. In fact, I couldn't taste/smell any blackcurrant at all. The tea leaves OVERPOWER whatever blackcurrant flavor is there. If you're looking for a blackcurrant tea, Ahmad's would not be a good choice.
400743400743B000ES1R2IA3PY51HOZOTR9WMarc Mywords1151312934400A tasty change from the usualI don't have fresh blackcurrant fruit every day so I'm not sure if this tea gets the flavor exactly right but it sure is close to what I expected. It's a refreshing change from the norm in black teas (plain, lemon, berry etc...). A few reviewers found it plain tasting which might be due to the fact that the flavor becomes more familiar after a few sips (the flavor doesn't last long in your mouth as if you're chewing flavored gum), but most tea lovers should still find it a refreshing change.
400744400744B000ES1R2IA1AQ1S9W30W5RLSarah1151295222400Absolutely delicious!This tea is wonderful! It's smooth and rich with a light fruit flavor that fills the space around the mug. With or without sugar it keeps its flavor perfectly. Everyone that I've given a test-bag to has fallen in love with it.
The 6-boxes size is perfect. Everyone wants one as a gift and it's cheap and delicious enough to offer all the time!
400745400745B000ES1R2IAZDYF8AXM2GYGlawrencenj1151288656000I have finally found THE blackcurrant tea!A while back, I had bought Twinings Black Currant Tea - it was in simple yellow packaging, and the tea delivered on taste & aroma. Recently, I tried to buy it, but noticed that the packaging was not only different, but the name of the tea was different as well. I tried their herbal version, and was greatly disappointed that my water turned red and the taste was overwhelmingly fruity. I was already buying Ahmad Decaf Tea, and came across this. We LOVE the decaf tea, so I thought that I should give this black currant version a chance. I am SO grateful I did, as I have finally found the perfect replacement. My water looks like tea (I hate when my water turns a different color), and I taste & smell the black currant in just the right amount. This is a GREAT product!
400746400746B000ES1R2IA2FLY7H8F6K1XQteafiend0031347235200Ahmad Tea Blackcurrant BurstPrefer Ahmad's plain Blackcurrant tea. The "Burst" does not have much of a blackcurrant flavor. Please consider selling Blackcurrant tea in bulk form, i.e. NOT in tea bags.
400747400747B000ES1R2IA1EZ0YYPVLJ9DFLori A. Draughon "irish mom"0021315699200no flavor, disappointednot near the black current flavor i was hoping for, a cafe i go to has wonderful black current tea, was hoping to be able to make it at home, tried the Ahmed brand, no flavor, tastes just like black tea. i will try another brand
400748400748B000ES1R2IAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051267747200Excellent!My wife is Russian and she grew up having tea as a main beverage. Later, she lived in London for several years. As such, she appreciates the finer varieties of teas and our kitchen pantry always has at least a half dozen different kinds of tea on the beverage shelf. Just the other day she picked up a 20-bag box of Ahmad Blackcurrent Tea at a little European delicatessen she favors. She's been raving about how excellent it is ever since and pressured me to try it. Well, it was good, but I'm really more of a coffee lover and it's as difficult for me to judge a fine tea as it is for her to recognize an outstanding coffee. Believe me, however, her taste in teas is refined and if she says it's excellent I would fully trust her judgment. The price, by the way, as listed here is a bargain.

Gary Peterson
400749400749B000ES1R2IA167JQQ3C9MUUFMaxlovefest0041255651200Value for moneyHi I purchased this tea as my traditional go to Twinings, has gone up in price. I use it for ice tea connection I came up with Blackcurrant combined with Mango tea from Trader Joe'. I have broken a 25 year diet soda habit, so the quality of the tea was important to me. I brewed my first batch and I am pleased and relieved that it tastes just like the last batch made with the Twinings Blackcurrant. It is packaged individually in foil packets that I believe will give it a long shelf life. Cheers.
400750400750B000ES1R2IA22I55P15NSAOXTwo kids mom "scienceteachermom"1211242432000Where is the currant flavor? Tastes like LiptonThis tastes pretty much like your plain old Liptons tea. I LOVE cassis (black currant) flavor and was so looking forward to the tea. I buy a blackcurrant tea in Europe that actually tastes like cassis, so I know it is possible.

It is drinkable, but nothing special. Look elsewhere if you want blackcurrant flavor.
400751400751B000ES1R2IALZ65IQ9BZZWTM. Glaser1211241395200Just TeaThe description said the tea was "Stimulating tea with a resonant, fruity aroma". This tea could have passed for plain tea; there is little or no hint of black currant. We were disappointed.
400752400752B000ES1R2IA2FDEV3OLZNJ19Susan Brown1251233792000Ahmad is an excellent teaI don't drink American teas so I special order them about once a year. I never tasted this brand before unlike teas made in the US you can actually smell the black current or black cherry aroma, as it's called in the United States. it's a rich great tasting tea and an excellent brand. Ahmad Tea Blackcurrant Tea, Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)I intend to buy it again.The price was very reasonable and it helps that it qualified for no shipping
400753400753B000ES1R2IA3GF0GES2U2V19Betty Thoma0121241568000Really disappointingThis tea was a real disappointment. I really disliked the taste. I tried it hot and iced....yuck! I got little or no black currant flavor and in general am not happy with the Ahmad tea line.
400754400754B004VWOGS0A2GPPB417FZKEGgo4it0041311379200Not what I was expectingThis is a dried powdery, sawdust like product. Tastes like the real thing but I was expecting a liquid extract. I put it in my coffee and tea. Tastes fine and seems to do the job. I would not purchase in this from again, but can deal with it for now.
400755400755B004N6YG5MA2FX89THE3GL0QAngel Alamos Ruiz2251303430400Cafe Sello RojoSello Rojo its a popular coffee in Colombia; it has a perfect balance for all palates. With its medium roast, its not too strong or too weak. Has a grat taste, bold body and a wonderfull after taste.
400757400757B004N6YG5MA6DT4386Z7NH7Kim Cory0051341446400I am not a coffee drinker but this will make you oneA friend of mine from Columbia brought me back some last time she visited her mother and I got hooked. This is the only coffee I have found I don't have to dump a bunch of cream and sugar in to like. I have been conservative with it afraid I couldn't get any more. I am so glad to have found it here
400758400758B004N6YG5MA3P5EWYG0187IFDStone0051339200000Great CoffeeFirst tried it on my deployment. Some locals recommended it to me, and I've been hooked ever since. A must try for coffee lovers.
400759400759B001EO68DYA2HANDIKYPCE31D23513223520001 TBsp for sleeping through the nightMy holistic dentist told me, to sleep through the night, take one tablespoon of grade B organic maple syrup before bed. It works for my husband and me.
400760400760B001EO68DYAGTO21BHY08LFscottls1 "scottls1"0051347667200NOW Foods Grade B Certified Organic Maple Syrup has best flavor!I've side-by-side taste-tested the Top 3 Rated Grade B syrups(Coombs included)?-

The Certified Organic NOW Foods brand Easily has the most Maple flavor, and it comes in a BPA free Grade 2 plastic bottle!
400761400761B001EO68DYA37MH7ICH80QOXKate McMurry "Young Adult Author"1251301529600High-quality, organic maple syrupThis is a high-quality, organic, Grade B, Kosher maple syrup. It is 100% maple syrup, with no other additives. It is certified Kosher by KOF-K and is organically grown in New England. Grade B maple syrup is excellent for pouring on waffles or pancakes and is also tasty added to baked goods. It has a deeper, richer flavor than dark, medium or light grade A syrup.

I highly recommend the seller NOW Foods, which is also the manufacturer of this product. I've had frequent dealings with them over the years. They have a large website and sell a wide variety of health products, both supplements and health foods like this syrup. They have always processed my orders on their website quickly, and the orders have arrived promptly, with no delivery problems. Their products are also widely available in healthfood stores and on many natural-foods sites on the Internet.
400762400762B001EO68DYAK20S6KYV6RR. Meyer "goinmobile"0151348617600Great ProductWe use this syrup all the time in place of sugar. This is a good deal compared to what we've paid for it elsewhere.
400763400763B001EO68DYA131KLUAUZHHWAAna0151336003200excellent productI really like this product, great timming in delivery, im a first time consumer of this brand and it tastes very good.
400764400764B001EO68DYA1GNBYG79PDP57Denvas0151295568000Great Tasting And Great Price!I love how I can order this online, and still get great quality syrup without the high cost of health food stores.
400765400765B001EO68DYA1630A8WX5EI68Sarah Richardson0151281830400very high qualityI purchased this for a lemonade cleanse and was very pleased with the quality of the syrup. Would highly recommend as a pancake syrup and for other uses.
400766400766B000N99C1QA10Z51XLV63OA6Brian Rose1151337644800Good germination rateI've planted about 30 seeds so far, and I'd estimate a near 100% germination rate. What else could you ask for?
400767400767B000N99C1QAYDU8K4MRPBMRTerry the Cook "Cookbook Collector"1131301788800Product good, delivery slowMy subject line says it all. The product is fine, dried beans after all. What could be wrong but I must have waited two weeks for it to come. That is not the service I am used to when dealing with Amazon.
400768400768B000N99C1QA1KFGMDP85XFQKRob1151290816000Great chickpeas for hummosI searched all over the Web for small chickpeas (at least something like the Bulgarian style) like these, which I believe make the best hummos. These are the real deal!
400769400769B000NSFGVMA1T3ZQEHLA6NH0Jeremy A. Jackson "American Soldier"0051319760000good valueIt was a much better value to buy this than going down to the store every time my wife wanted some!
400770400770B000NSFGVMA3AQAKJFDJ9MGMJ. Ortiz "Tristan's Mom"0051319587200Love these!These candies remind me of being a kid in brooklyn. These used to be.25 at the corner store. If I didn't have a weight problem now (medical not from eating these) I would always have them in stock in my house. I get them once in a while and it lasts me forever. I found them else where but shipping is higher.

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