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400817400817B0016PC4TSAVPNQUVZWMDSXesanta "esanta"0041343088000Great cat repellentI recently noticed that a neighborhood tom had started marking my front porch -- not exactly the kind of fragrance you want to welcome your guests.
One application of the Havahart granules in the planters he was spraying and he hasn't been back, woohoo! On the negative side, it will get washed away so you need to reapply more often than every 30 days if the area gets irrigated or if it rains, so it can get quite expensive. But hey, it works!
400801400801B0016PC4TSA19FRW264WZTGPBunson Honeydew0041343692800Very goodI got this for the crawl space under my parents cabin. I wanted something safe for when the kids are playing, but strong enough to chase away critters. My parents are mostly concerned about skunks and the occasional groundhog or woodchuck.

The odor is strong and peppery, but much better than skunk spray. I think you have to stay on top of applciations because the damp soil/earth will probbaly reduce the potency.

So far so good and it seems to be doing its job. I wish it were a little less expensive, but then again professionals are much more expensive.
400818400818B0016PC4TSA1YVO5V1SO18DZfair_deal_guy "BB"0051343088000Works fast, amazingly effectiveWhen you get a product to drive critters away from your property (or garden, in our case), the stuff needs to do two things well:

1) Repel critters
2) Last

Havahart Critter Ridder Animal Repellent does both very well, and while it does cost a bit, it's worth it if you're concerned about the havoc wild animals can do to your yard and garden.

Highly recommended!
400819400819B0016PC4TSATLO3YXU2BC16Jim Z "music aficionado"0051343088000Maybe I shouldn't be surprisedMy wife leaves cat food on the porch.
She says it helps the neighborhood felines find food "in their troubled times".
I find that it attracts groundhogs , racoons and probably lions and tigers and bears (oh my)
So I applied the Critter Ridder unbeknownst to her and walla ! No more neighborhood cats.
Of course when questioned , I claimed they must not have liked the brand.
Of course she bought a different brand.
400820400820B0016PC4TSA3H7AOFQDPU0JVTimothy Capehart "Review-a-holic"0021343001600Perhaps we just have Asbestos SquirrelsLast year I got a total of about 6 tomatoes out of our three large plants because the squirrels kept eating the green fruit. None of them ripened on the vine. I tried coffee grounds. I tried vinegar soaked rags. I tried moth balls. (The moth balls DID keep them out of the geranium pots out from).

SO this year I thought I'd try something else. I started with concentrated fox urine. The squirrels could not have cared less...but it sure stank up the back yard especially as the humid summer approached the half way mark. I moved on to this industrial strength pepper. I had hope in the first days of use, but the fruit is being harvested by small furry hands before it gets anywhere near big enough for us to pick. This does make our garden smell like pepperoni...but it doesn't keep the squirrels at bay. All this despite a daily refreshed birdbath full of cool water AND a birdfeeder (far from the garden) full of seeds...sigh.

The lady at the garden shop said chicken wire is the only fool-proof way to keep them out. So I guess that is what we'll do next year.
400802400802B0016PC4TSA31RULW0KNYJ5HLA0041343606400Hit or MissAlthough the product says its formula is proprietary, it leans heavily on red and black pepper. I have used these same ingredients to keep cats (off the porch) and squirrels (off the birdhouses) away. I have discovered that, like this, it is sometimes effective. Most animals do not like pepper and will learn to stay away. However, there are some--not many--who do not have the aversion.

The one thing I particularly like about this product is that the granular shaker bottle makes it easy to spread the product as well as store it. It's much cheaper to buy red and black pepper, but this is definitely a more convenient solution.
400821400821B0016PC4TSA27O5ZUFAEWT9LAmazon Fan0051342915200Works for SquirrelsI used this in a flower bed that I wanted to keep squirrels out of. It works well for that. I sprinkled it on the dirt among the flowers. It has an unpleasant odor but that wears off after a day or two. You do need to reapply it while the plants are still young after a rain or every week to 10 days. When the plants grow and fill in, you don't need to use it anymore because squirrels seem to leave the plants alone then. (They like to see bare dirt.) If you're using this for some other critter, I can't really speak to that, but it's great for keeping squirrels away.
400822400822B0016PC4TSABL3PCYAQ1Y4CC. Lindsey0021342656000Sorry. Can't tell it did a thingI really thought about buying another brand of this, just because my neighbors little dogs always runs into my front yard and I don't mind but it sets my dogs up to barking and that is annoying! Well, I used the whole canister of this across the whole front of my yard and my neighbors little Papillon and Chihuahua just came right on in, right across the "barrier". So, I don't know how it works to repel varmints but I certainly didn't see any result with small dogs.
400823400823B0016PC4TSAOVROBZ8BNTP7S. Potter0031342656000Not a Single SolutionAs the container says, Critter Ridder works best in conjunction with a fence or some other barrier. With that in mind, I applied it around the perimeter of my fenced garden. Several rabbits had managed to beat the fence. With the critter ridder, only 1 rabbit was able to make it in. So, it was not as effective as I have hoped but I was pleased to reduce the rabbit pillaging.
400824400824B0016PC4TSA3D5B2CBFNJB0Kut1580041342656000I think it worked...For whatever reason, dogs seem to love using my front yard as their personal doggie-bathroom. I thought I'd give this product a try to see if it helped. The conclusion: I'm not exactly sure, but I think it helped. Here are the details:

Only once a month or so do I find "solid evidence" that a dog decided to relieve him/herself on my lawn. I suspect the brown spots in my grass are from dogs doing #1 on my grass, but I'm talking about the other kind here. Since I put this stuff on my lawn, I have found nothing stinky on my grass, so that's a plus, but since it only happens once a month or so, it's hard to say for sure if this had anything to do with it or not. I will say that the brown spots are starting to fade, and that's a good sign!


I had thought I would get 2, 3, maybe even 4 uses out of this container, but as it turns out, even walking at a brisk pace, just to get all along the grass on both sides of the sidewalk and walk-way up to our door, that was pretty much the whole thing, so I only got one application. Note that I live on a corner lot, so I have twice as much area to cover as I would otherwise have.

I have no idea how long the stuff lasted, or if it still is having any effect now (I doubt it--it has been a few weeks), but I suspect that once you train a dog not to use your lawn anymore by attaching a negative experience with your yard, then the product can continue to be effective, even when it is no longer on the grass.

Note that another reviewer mentioned that this product has a slight odor to humans when first used. Sure, I could smell a slight black-pepper-like odor when I was dispensing it, but that quickly faded and wasn't bad in the first place. Note also that I observed 0 negative effects to the grass it was applied to.

I would have to try this a bit longer to say for certain whether or not it did anything, but I think the amount required to get a definitive test would get rather expensive. At the same time, if you are having similar problems, give this a whirl. You may have more conclusive results than me :)
400825400825B0016PC4TSA17UNMURMLX0ZEC. Weaver0041342656000Works, in direct areas, not as perimeter.This product works to keep critters out of specific areas, but seems to only work directly where it is applied.
I was hoping to also use it as perimeter control, sprinkling around my barn to keep out cats, skunks, etc. However as a perimeter control it didn't seem to work.
When I applied directly to the corners in the barn that were being used for nesting it cleared out those areas, but the critters found somewhere else to make a home. I kept tracking these areas down and applying more repellent and eventually it seems the critters are gone.
400826400826B0016PC4TSAO13TNMQBPLZEGene Twilley "GTwilley"0011342656000Didn't work as I expected...I live in an area where feral cats seem to run rampant. We have a small back area to our house (living in a row home in Philadelphia) and needed to keep them out so that our 1 yr old son wouldn't try to play with their feces. A block wall surrounds our back area and I poured this stuff liberally around the wall (where the cats walk). This stuff didn't even stop them. I watched as they continued to walk, day by day, across the wall. I thought to myself, "maybe the Critter Ridder blew away? Maybe there's nothing there." To my dismay, the critter ridder was still thick and visible on the wall - it just didn't affect the cats.

Maybe the animals in your area have tougher senses. It would seem that the hard life of the city has affected the cats in our area in such a way as to cause them to be like the honey badger: They just don't care and they do whatever they want.

All to say... I WANTED this to work. I WANTED this to be effective. Unfortunately, it didn't work, and the cats continue to mock me and my property as they lay their disease infested bombs around my property.
400803400803B0016PC4TSA17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley0051343433600Works on both friends and foesI have been dealing with pests in my summer garden. Mostly squirrels but also rabbits and possums. I am using Havahart's Motion Detector Sprinkler to help keep them out and it really seems to work. However, I believe in a multi-prong defense strategy. Havaharts Critter Ridder adds an additional layer of protection for my precious veggies. When a wild creature gets used to the spray this repellent seems to keep them from hanging out in my little garden.

However, not every plant-raider is a wild foe. My 5 month old Miniature Blue Heeler likes to dig up some of the bushes that I planted this season. She saw me plant them and I think that she believes that she is helping me (a Heeler trait.) I used this product to keep her away from the bushes that she loves to excavate.

At first the odor kept her away but the urge to dig won out. However, when she starting claw at the ground the hot pepper irritated her just enough to make her stop and she hasn't gone back since. I like this stuff and it seems to work for several weeks for the squirrels and longer for my puppy. I also like that it does not contain some of the nasty stuff that other products have.
400827400827B0016PC4TSA1AKU188I6NRF0StevenJM "stevenjm"0021342656000Ineffective at bestWe have a raccoon problem in our area and looked at this product as a good option to keep them out of our garbage. The fact that it is natural/organic was a plus in deciding to try it. But the pluses ended with the product description for this very ineffective answer. Despite using it heavily especially in the vicinity of our trash the repellent did anything but. We even tried spreading it heavily on the cans. It did not stop the animals from continuing to attack our trash.

Sounds like a good idea but just doesn't work.
400804400804B0016PC4TSA1II2ZRPKZAQQDAmy Mcfarland "Mom of 2"0031343433600Mixed reviewI've tried everything I can think of for our raccoon problem - powdered mountain lion urine and various sprays, and nothing has worked for more than a day. Unfortunately, the Havahart Critter Ridder joins the long list of things that have tried and failed to keep them from trying to get into the kitchen or tear apart the deck.
The Critter Ridder is made from various peppers and capsaicin oil. It does not smell very good, and you have to use gloves to apply it to make sure it does not get on your skin or in your eyes. The raccoons seemed stymied by this for two days... and then they were back. I reapplied the powder, and it still didn't seem to matter - they were rattling the cupboards at 3 am like always. So, in my experience, failure for raccoons.
I gave this product three stars because it did seem to work in the garden to keep the deer from eating the flowers. I apply this once per week and so far so good with the deer.
Other reviewers have also mentioned the cost factor, and I agree - if you have to apply this weekly or even more frequently as a deterrent, it is going to get pricey quickly. I do not think it worked any better or worse than the lion urine or Keep-Away, which due to the quantity you need to apply was actually more cost effective.
If you want to keep deer away, I think this would be a good choice. For raccoons, I just can't recommend it.
400828400828B0016PC4TSA2DA2NJZ2RIYABM. Brown0051342656000Works great!I am always trying to keep the dogs away from the garden and short of putting up an entire fence they just wont leave it alone. I will be honest I was quite skeptical about how good this product would work but I ordered it anyways. Boy am I glad I did. They have stayed away from the garden ever since I laid it down. The only time they went close to it was after a hard rain but once I laid down another layer they stayed away. Great product that I would highly recommend!
400829400829B0016PC4TSA1PB9XZDJNY3YRfredyt1230051342569600Havahart Critter RidderThis is a great product and those who use traps, baits and other strategies to catch critters will find this a better investment.

The one drawback is the pellets tend to provide results up to 30 days.

The technology of the product relies on the smell of urine of the predator, of the animal you are trying to remove. Thus, once you build a shield by placing the product on the perimeter of your property, you should see instant results. The product does not kill the animal but simply diverts them to other unprotected areas.

I've tried several of Havahart products and prefer them over the conventional way of terminating nuisance type intruders.
400830400830B0016PC4TSA2ZVYE2WCSBUNPA. B. King0051342569600EDIT: It works!UPDATE
Our old dog had developed the habit over winter of only going outside far enough to pee on our pavement to the deck. We put down the pepper around the door and she has stopped peeing there. Now I love this product.

So it seems to be quite efficient on pavement. I am not so sure about soil. I don't think that what I scattered at the bottom of the garden deterred our cats from using it.

First Review
I scattered the repellent using the shaker. Very quickly I had gone through half the container to cover a patch of garden about 3' x 10'. I was trying to scatter it.
The smell is that of black pepper, which is the main ingredient. The next day the pepper smell was gone.
I am not sure how effective it is because our pole-cat visitors do not keep to any schedule.
400805400805B0016PC4TSAQIJ3ZEEVCIKUKaio0031343433600So Far So GoodWe've been having a couple raccoons stopping by each night and foraging around the plants and trash, so we've been looking for a deterrent to keep them from getting too comfortable and deciding to hang out. We didn't want to trap or hurt them, or use anything with chemicals that would be bad for the plants and animals, so this Critter Ridder seemed like a good choice since it's apparently all natural and unharmful. Apparently, it just stinks really bad to animals yet isn't bothersome to us humans. But I think we went a bit haywire with it because it's a 5lb canister and we used a bit over half of it for a relatively small area. Supposedly, the canister is good for multiple applications to a mid sized area, but I doubt that, given how much we used for just 1 application. But it seems to be doing the trick, because our security cams caught the raccoons steering clear from where we sprinkled the Critter Ridder. The only downside I see, is this stuff is it's quite expensive for something that needs to be reapplied every 30 days, or sooner, if you water the area often or it rains. If you had to keep this up regularly, it would cost quite a bit over the course of a summer, especially if you're trying to cover a larger area. I'm just hoping the raccoons learn to stay away and forage elsewhere before we run out and need to buy more of this expensive stuff. Fingers crossed.

Bottom Line - works well enough but costs too much to be practical.
400806400806B0016PC4TSA35NOFKHK8P2LUMaura Ann Rubies0021343347200Worked Wonderfully for less than 1 hourWe have a schnauzer/poodle mix (schnoodle) who loves to dig in the bed of mulch in front of our house where I planted rose bushes this year. I only had to do a light sprinkle of Havahart Critter Ridder along the perimeter (in the mulch, but far enough away from the actual bushes)...

We were thrilled that it actually worked! He took a couple of sniffs and then turned away. For almost an hour he sat outside with his back to it.

Unfortunately, my daughter was so impressed that she began "testing him" by calling him over to her as she stood behind the flower bed. Yes, he ran across it in order to go to her, but he did not linger.

I did have doubts that this would work well out here if it weren't for it being the dry summertime...Usually, it rains at some point almost every day. One would constantly be reapplying the granules-that would get old and expensive.

We only needed this for a short-term solution, and were very satisfied with the results FOR ONE HOUR.

I just walked outside to find that the culprit had red mulch in his mouth and stuck in his fur from digging in the bed of roses-UGH!
400807400807B0016PC4TSA5GPH59NDWJRBJenna Glatzer0021343260800A Colossal Failure for Me: Raccoons in My TrashI was excited to try this, as I've had raccoons knocking over my garbage and recycling cans for weeks this summer. I followed the directions and applied lots of this all around the area where my garbage is, even sprinkling a little in the garbage for good measure. I closed the lids tight. That same night, it was worse than ever-- garbage knocked over, trash all over the side of my house. By the time I saw it, there were flies swarming and birds picking through it... meaning that I guess flies and birds don't mind this repellent either!

It would be one star except that I do like the idea that it's safe and approved for organic gardens-- but it's clearly not effective in all cases.

It leaves a peppery smell in the area, and you're advised to wear gloves while applying it.
400808400808B0016PC4TSA13Z96HR8EEF24Terry LC0041343260800PossumsI have possums and raccoons getting in my trash all the time. Raccoons make a big mess, possums make a littler mess. Anyway, I put this stuff in an area around the trash cans and since then no critters have been in the trash. That could be a fluke--I don't know. But since critters are always in my trash and now they are not, I figure this stuff just might be working. I'll know more as I use it more.
400809400809B0016PC4TSA3LGT6UZL99IW1Richard C. Drew "Anaal Nathra/Uthe vas Bethod...0051343260800Keeps the Possums and Raccoons away from my houseI'm in the Suburbs of Chicago, and our area has a lot of Possums and Raccoons - some of those Raccoons look like giant mutant Ferrets. I'm remodeling the house, and am away a week at a time. I've occasionally found animal droppings around the foundation and under the deck. In the past I've tried the commercial bottles of animal urine (really stinks, easy to spill, requires a lot!) So I liked the idea of 1) pellets, 2) ease of application, 3) Does not stink.

After spreading these around the perimeter with the handy-dandy container design, and adding some to the fence where I thought the critters were entering (climbing over and digging under) I left for a week. No new signs of these foul critters. In other words, the little used side of my house (you know, where the A/C sits along with little used hoses and the like) was poop free.

The stuff looks slightly oily (I assume from the black pepper oil) and smells like a day-old Cajun dinner. Lots of spice, a little stale. The active ingredients are Capsaicin (as in pepper spray and really hot spices), black pepper oil and piperine (piperine is responsible for pungency of black pepper.)

So when animals, with their super-sensitive noses, smell this stuff, it chases them away. Like pepper-spray does, only this is passive.

There's also a decent amount, so I can apply several times (after heavy rain, a few weeks, etc.)
400810400810B0016PC4TSA2OJCTT5WLB2HRD. Hardaway "dhardawa"0051343260800Seems to even work on ants!I have had a horrible time with rabbits eating my plants so, even though rabbits weren't listed as an animal this repels, I figured I'd give it a try. First, I watered everything and noticed as I watered that the ants had nested in my garden again. I have a horrible time with ants and, believe me, in the past, watering hasn't gotten rid of them at all. I put down the Havahart Critter Ridder pretty thick and left everything. I came back two days later to water again and noticed the ants were GONE. I'm talking, not a single one. The only thing I did different was the Critter Ridder so, for now, I'm going to give the credit there! It also appears to have stopped the rabbits because nothing was eaten down more than two days prior.

On a side note, I didn't read the container until after I sprinkled it all around my raspberry bushes. It is not to be used with food crops. Oops! Good thing we're in our first year of raspberry bushes and they aren't producing yet.
400811400811B0016PC4TSA5KMMY627T3WKate Stokes0051343260800So far so good...It's generally hard to prove a negative so I am going to have to pledge to come back and revise my review if things change in the future, but so far so good. We have a very bad problem of chipmunks (and possibly other types of animals) digging tunnels in our yard and under our house so we were very hopeful that this would work. After sprinkling it everywhere we saw a hole and near all the access points to the under the house areas we are not seeing any more animals, but then again we only saw them every few weeks or so before. This weekend we are going to fill the holes with fill dirt and then after that we will see if this product is really working based on whether or not we see new holes, especially near the house. anyway, like I said so far so good but this will need more time for monitoring. If I find later on that this product is not helping I will revise this review so if you are reading this now everything is still OK.
400812400812B0016PC4TSA1ZU55TM45Y2R8J. Haggard0041343174400Seems to work, but it is expensive and requires upkeepI've never used pest repellent before however live at the edge of a forest treeline so we constantly have skunks, deer, racoons and other critters coming out of the woods. I like the deer but don't like the skunks, for some reason something startles them around my AC unit and when that happens the house just starts to stink. We also have some bushes in our front yard that neighborhood cats seems to like to use as a bathroom. Typically daily I'd go out and see an animal, yesterday I put this out around the house and I hadn't seen the guys roaming around which is unusual.

Also, I appreciate the design of this container. It has an adjustable cap on it that doubles as a dispenser so you can sprinkle a little bit or a lot depending on your application.

The repellent itself has a peppery smell, it's a bit overwhelming at first but after it's been on the ground for 15-30 minutes the scent dies down.

So far so good. I would recommend this if you have a critter problem.
400813400813B0016PC4TSA397CWU6DM3O5Gganka0051343174400seems to be working for grounhogsThere was a groundhog digging all around our shed, he had entrances at all four sides of the shed, and we couldn't get rid of it for ages. This year I applied the Critter Ridder at each of his holes and I see vegetation growing around undisturbed, and I didn't see the animal since then.
Most important, it didn't smell of urine as other repellents, so I could actually enjoy my yard after application
My only complaint was with the jar shaker cover, it lets too much product out so you should be careful and not dump the mix all in one big pile.

Edit on September 28, 2012: the company representative commented on my post that the lid has adjustable opening, I checked the package, and it is true - you can open it halfway, and it "clicks" in this position, so it won't slide as you shake. I wish I realized it earlier.
And I still do not see the groundhog, so the repellent still works, maybe it is because I applied too much of it earlier.
400814400814B0016PC4TSA11OTLEDSW8ZXDCGScammell0041343174400Works for dogs and catsI live in southern Arizona. We have a problem with coyotes and feral cats and even our neighbors' free-roaming dogs and cats. This product does work against repelling both cats and dogs, but I've noticed you must use more than directed. Heavy rains (like our current monsoons) also affect the efficiency of this product.

My dogs clearly hate this stuff. When I opened this container I definitely noted the black pepper aroma. The granules, which feel like sand, are also oily. That's surely from the active ingredients of black pepper oil, piperine and capsaicin (the latter being the "hot" in red chili and powder). All three combined make up only .6% of the active ingredients. So why is this so expensive? It looks good in the garden because it's not noticable.

Capsaicin is one of the most effective organic materials to use against dogs and cats. It doesn't harm the plants nor the soil. But its effectiveness is reduced by direct sun and heavy rains. Capcaicin is one of the most recommended product to use against dogs and cats and is more easily available in raw form in spice shops, and also much more affordable.

I find the most effective use is for our large indoor plants. Our cats now stay away from our potted indoor trees with this stuff applied around the top of pots.

I can not vouch for chipmunks, squirrels and raccoons since we don't have those animals here in the high desert where we are. I rate this a 4-star product because 1) it's very pricy and 2) it needs to be applied more and heavier than 30 days even under ideal, dry conditions.
400815400815B0016PC4TSAGEKVD8JPZQMTM. Rodriguez "Cnyper"0041343174400Easy to use and effectiveI got this b/c we have Beagles who keep digging out, so I spread it along the base of the fence. It has a nice pour spout that pops out of the top and handle, so that makes it very easy to spread, although it does come out quickly b/c the pour spout opening is quite large. It is the consistency of sand, so it's not visible once it's spread on the ground. It's been about 1 week and so far it seems to be working, our dogs and the neighbor dogs on the other side of the fence have been avoiding that area and our dogs have not attempted to dig anywhere near the fence where the granuals are spread.
400816400816B0016PC4TSA1XFI340SHOS5KZenpony0031343174400doesn't save my peachesThis product was ordered to help save my peach and pear trees from squirrels. I wasn't thinking and did not realize that it cannot be used on food plants, or sprayed on the foliage. That being said, I spread it liberally on the ground around the base of the fruit trees. The little creeps took a flying leap from my arbor and stole the peaches from the tree tops before I finished applying the product. I will use it in the flower bed to try and deter the feral cat from digging up the ground. It has also been used in the large planter pot that holds my almost ripe figs. I now have to move the pot to an open area so the squirrels can't make the jump.

The product has a heavy black pepper smell with is not offensive when sitting on the deck. It says that it can be used in none living areas of the home, such as basement and attic.

One note about the cap: the sprinkling lid can be adjusted to open at various widths. This is something I realized later after the product poured out too quickly. Price is steep for pepper oil, if it saved my peaches it would have been worth it. If it saves the figs, I'll up it one star.

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