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400851400851B0016PC4TSA1G6MKZORYFPCJS. Cain0051340841600Surprisingly EffectiveOur garden in the backyard had been getting ravaged by some small little rodents. We have gophers, rabbits and chipmunks that are seen almost daily around or IN our garden. Our first response was to put up a garden net to keep the little critters away, and that worked. Sadly the net wouldn't allow the plants to grow much higher and then I was offered a sample of Critter Ridder!

Critter Ridder smells like the worlds largest container of pepper. After we went around our garden like Sam and Dean and made our Supernatural barrier against rodents we waited. It has been two weeks and those rodents haven't even been back to our part of the street! This stuff did a wonderful job and now our plants are growing carefree!

I would highly recommend this to ANYONE who is having issues. It says that you only need to use it every 2 weeks but I used it after any rain at first. Now I haven't replaced it in over a week and still no critters!
400852400852B0016PC4TSA216NSW58Q3SCJccincalif "ccincalif"0051340841600Love that its a natural product...dogs pass by my flowers without stopping now!I have flowers planted on the opposite side of our sidewalk next to two trees which are a magnet for male dogs. It makes me disgusted that people let their dogs urinate on my lovely flowers, but I can't stand guard 24/7, so I decided to try this product.
I must say again, I cannot watch 100% of the time, but each time I've seen someone walk their dog past, they have not stopped to do their business on my flowers anymore since using Critter Ridder. The best part is that this product is mostly made from hot pepper, so there's no harmful chemicals or nasty ingredients going into the soil. I would definitely recommend this product.
400853400853B0016PC4TSA318IDAWJ9ZYAYAriaceliz "changosdaughter"0041340755200Does its job but you can find a cheaper alternativeI had a cat that kept pulling up my radishes and basil. I put this down and it hasn't been back. However, the main ingredient is black pepper. I'm convinced that this is 90% black pepper which you can find at any grocery store for way cheaper than the list price. I personally wouldn't buy this item for the list price.
400854400854B0016PC4TSA24FY1EBJ7EWLHCabushka0051340755200It works!Someone told me that chipmunks are becoming an endangered species, but not in my neighborhood. They were having a free for all in my flower garden. Since using Critter Ridder, I haven't seen them and there's no evidence of digging. Though it doesn't make any claims about deer, they haven't eaten my impatiens so far. Havahart has a pleasant odor to humans, kind of like cedar, but apparently is umpleasant to animals. A humane solution of pesky animals!
400855400855B0016PC4TSA6HOWM08PLFZ5Michelle Rayburn0041340582400I think it works, but that's hard to measureIt's very difficult to tell if this product is working. I applied it around my deck to repel rabbits. We have them in the yard, and sometimes they hover around the hostas around the deck. I haven't noticed any rabbits near the house since application, but we had rain nearly every day for a week, so I'm not sure if the product is effective anymore or not. I also sprinkled it around one of my gardens that doesn't have a fence to deter rabbits, groundhogs and moles. Since I don't have a camera set up, and I'm not monitoring it round the clock, I just can't tell if it's keeping all or some of them away.

When I sprinkle it on, the product has a very strong smell of black pepper. It's easy to apply, but doesn't go very far. It's a little expensive for me to purchase for additional applications.

For those wondering what the other 99% of inactive ingredients might be, I'm 99% sure it's sand. So, this is black pepper, Piperine, and Capsaicin, and a ton of sand. If they made it in a liquid that customers could mix with sand for spreadability, I wonder if they could make it at a better price.
400856400856B0016PC4TSA1OA65HXZIINHRJoan W. Johnson "average reader"0031340409600Worked well until it rainedWe have problems with deer, raccoons, possums, groundhogs and more, eating grapes off our vines and flowers out of the garden. I sprinkled CRITTER RIDDER liberally around both areas, and was really pleased for several days. I could literally watch the deer completely avoid both areas. Unfortunately about five days later we had several days straight of on and off heavy rains, and before I could re-apply the product, the grapes disappeared. Perhaps the product would work better in a drier climate than what we have, as I can see the cost being prohibitive if I have to re-apply it every week or so.

When it worked, it worked great. But rain is NOT your friend when it comes to Critter Ridder.
400857400857B0016PC4TSA2FQHAYSPJO1WPSue-Ann "Always Seeking"0051340323200Works Very WellOver the past year, our neighbor's cat was digging in our yard
and making a huge mess. Of course, asking our neighbor to keep
their cat out of our yard was not an option :-(

I decided to give this product a try. Thankfully, it worked
well! The cat definitely didn't like being around the treated
areas, and its visits to our yard have drastically declined.
400858400858B0016PC4TSA3SKMWPVR5CO1HComputerdude10320041340236800Works well, but takes a lot!Let me set the stage... I have a fairly big yard with some fairly big trees, and a dog that likes to hunt rabbits and leave a big mess for us to clean up in the yard. We've tried numerous options for keeping the rabbits out of the yard, but nothing seems to work. The critter ridder is the first "chemical" option we've tried because we're usually worried about the safety of the dog, but this product is made in the USA, and contains nothing more than natural spices, so we figured it was safe for our dog. We spread the whole jar around the perimeter of the yard. We noticed that rabbits would no longer enter the yard, but the ones that were already in the yard would also not leave. So, yes, it does what it claims. Unfortunately, it rained two days later, and the effect was then gone. Of cours this isn't the fault of the product, but it's simply too expensive for us to sprinkle a whole container around the perimeter of the yard every couple days. We will continue to look for solutions to keep the rabbits out of our yard. This product is probably better suited for sprinkling over small gardens to keep the rabbits out, as you can make a whole container last for months when you only have to sprinkle such a small area. For large yards, this is too expensive of an option. I'll update the review if I ever find a perfect solution for my yard. (I rated this product 4 stars because it does work as advertised, but had to dock it a star because of the fact that it's not the "perfect" solution for my yard.
400859400859B0016PC4TSA1MDDJ2XUPZZOEK. Cade0031340236800can't quite tell if it's workingI sprinkeled this around the permieter of my parked car because I had squirrels running up into my engine and snacking on nuts on top of my battery. This could lead to chewed up wiring. I can't quite tell if it's workin but I don't see squirrels running about. However, it's warm in Florida this time of year and the squirrels only seem to run up into my car during the winter months. I have noticed that the neighborhood stray cats are no longer leaving footprints on my car every night. So win! It's solved that problem. Will follow up when the colder months hit. There is no smell to the product but I did not take a big whiff. Just did not notice any scent when handling the product.
400860400860B0016PC4TSA3JQ58CZBV3FOZM. Wang0031340236800Not very effective.I got this product to protect the strawberries and other fruiting plants in the garden, mostly against the chipmunks. It does not work well. I have since ordered Contrac Blox 4x 4lbs, but I have to make sure the dog does not eat the rat baits first.
400831400831B0016PC4TSAOE0XMITAJWDTTerry Sunday0031342569600Does It Work or Doesn't It? I Don't Know. Here's Why...Living as I do in the high desert, with the rear of my property abutting a natural arroyo, I tend to get many animals in my back yard. I welcome most of them. I see two or three families of quail almost every day. I've seen a red fox several times, and once watched a group of five big deer wander around behind my house (I have pictures of them to prove it). Although I've never seen one in my yard, there are often reports of mountain lion sightings in my neighborhood, more so as the ongoing drought drives them down from the higher slopes of the Franklin Mountains. With that said, the only creatures I do NOT welcome in my back yard (other than domestic dogs and cats) are squirrels. In years past, the nasty, destructive little rodents have utterly foiled my wife's attempts to have a vegetable garden. Now she doesn't even try.

Squirrels have been a real infestation this spring. I've seen as many as eight at a time running around the burrow they dug just behind my rear rock wall. I almost bought some animal repellant at Lowes, but I ultimately decided not to get it because the label indicated it might also repel the quail, which I do not want to do. But as soon as I saw Havahart Critter Ridder as a Vine program selection, I ordered it immediately.

This is the part of the review where I would normally say what I think about the product. I'd like to be able to report that I subjected it to rigorous testing, and that it either worked great or didn't work at all. However, there's a problem. You see, while the Vine shipment was en route, I took matters into my own hands, so to speak, and shoveled dirt and rocks into the burrow. Next day, the squirrels had dug it out again. I filled it in again. They dug it out again. I filled it in for the third time--and they did NOT dig it out. In fact, there's been no sign of them since. I guess they got tired of the game and went somewhere else.

So I can't say whether Havahart Critter Ridder works in repelling squirrels, because I got rid of my rodent infestation before I got my hands on it. I'm rating it with three stars simply because I consider that a "neutral" rating. If the squirrels return, I'll put Critter Ridder to the test and update this review. In the meantime, if you have a squirrel problem, some judicious pick-and-shovel work may also be a way to repel the little #$%@!!s.
400832400832B0016PC4TSA2WSAGFJSQC1YFCrease in the Page0031342569600I'd like to think this works.If I were a cat, I would not poop where this stuff was sprinkled around. If I were a dog, I would choose a different place to snuff around. So in my mind, this stuff should work really well.

But my cats are pooping in some loose soil where I sprinkled this stuff. And the dog is snuffing around there because she has a sick fixation with digging up cat poo. In this product's defense, I will say that I did not sprinkle a whole lot of it, just some on the surface. Maybe I need to use more.

This stuff is a whole lot of black pepper, with some extra capsaicin added... that's the stuff that makes jalapenos hot. So like I said, it seems to me that this would work--I would stay away from sniffing around in it. But so far my animals don't seem phased by it.
400833400833B0016PC4TSABOTQXNUBA1MMMark F. Braun0031342569600Still aroundCritter Ridder is a safr-than-most way to repell small critters, from dogs to skunks, around your property. This did not work in keeping two dogs from pooping around two areas, so sorry, the main goal was not hit. BUT, the almost daily scent of skunk is GONE. We had some fears of a sneak attack if we let out our dog; one day we realised it: No skunk smell? Hey! Sold!
400834400834B0016PC4TSA30SPABIPVN5MVWilliam T. Barto0021342483200Not quite what I was expecting!I was impressed by the claims that this is an organic product and looked forward to using it in our organic vegetable and flower garden. We were disappointed when we read the fine print on the container that it could not be used on "food or feed crops" or "ornamental, soft bodied plants." I think that point could have been made more clear in the advertisements. Let the buyer beware!
400835400835B0016PC4TSA231WPU3CPWC94P. Thompson0021342396800Did not work for me- catI wanted to try this product as some unknown critter keeps going into the mulch around my fruit trees and strews the mulch into the lawn. Every few days I have to take a rake to repair. I think it is a cat as there is a feral cat in the neighborhood that likes to have romantic trysts on the fence waking me at night.

I applied on a sunny day as directed and within two days my mulch was disturbed. We had not had any rain although the yard does have a sprinkler system. I personally believe this product would do best in warm areas as the heat makes the included peppers more pungent.
400836400836B0016PC4TSA23QII83UGZP5UWayne "Omegafiler"004134239680030 Days, No DogsI gave this a full 30-days to see if would live up to it's claim. And so far, it has. My main issues are with neighborhood dogs and rabbits. It didn't do a thing for the bunnies, nor does it claim to. But dogs are quite annoying. There is absolutely nothing more annoying than stepping in crap when doing yard work. Or discovering a dog decided to dig through the garden.

This stuff is basically a combination of various peppers that would repel most humans, let alone common critters. You might want to wear gloves and mask if you're sensitive to stuff like that. As directed, I applied this around the perimeter of the back and front yard, and waited. I was skeptical it would last with the sprinkler system and occasional rain.

Of course dogs are smart. Once they get a smell of that repellent, they often avoid it in the future. In either case, I'll be applying another "border" fairly soon just in case they forget or we get some new dogs in the area.

Overall, this is somewhat pricey for what it is. But it does have a handy shaker for easy distribution, and so far, its working against the neighborhood dogs. The only other negative is that I wish there was something in there to repel bunnies. I think those guys actually like this stuff. :)
400837400837B0016PC4TSA2G7B7FKP2O2PUD. Leschke0021342396800Didn't stop the SquirrelsI was hoping that this product would keep the squirrels out of the fruit trees, but it didn't phase them.
One of our pear trees is far enough from other trees that they can't just jump from tree to tree, so I decided to try this product around it. Less than an hour after applying the product all around the tree, the squirrels were crossing the band to climb and retrieve fruit.

Other reviews seem to indicate that it work from some people in some situations, but our squirrels are determined to strip the fruit from every tree and this product didn't stop or slow that process.
400838400838B0016PC4TSA1T61QP7QHYBRQan honest reviewer0051342396800Effective DeterrentThis environmentally friendly repellant is very effective in ridding your garden, trash and bird feeder from offending animals.

All but the most determined animals will stop chewing your plants.

This works much better, safer and more gentle than other methods of keeping away wild animals. It doesn't harm them at all, that's wonderful.

It works by using the bitterness and heat from hot peppers which turns off uninvited dinner guests dining in the garden.

I am very happy with this product and recommend it highly.
400839400839B0016PC4TSAE88D7OM7YU99T. Anderson0031342310400Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.I have a lot of critters to deal with for living in town. I have used this stuff a lot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


Didn't work-
Ground hog

I was however victorious over all these critters. When this stuff didn't work, my box traps did. They are all now residents of the forest 10 miles to the east!!!
400840400840B0016PC4TSA1JEFESGLIS076rsoonsa0051342224000Definitely Works.We have acreage that is most attractive to a wide range of "critters", who find it a convenient place for eliminating their waste. Not merely cats and dogs, but also skunks, raccoons, bears, and other animals have been using the property for years. We have tried many products, but none had much effect until we applied Critter Ridder. Wherever it is sprinkled, it discourages the animals. This is the best of its type! Its container is easy to use and very durable.
400841400841B0016PC4TSA2POYXTGSPSW7OWilliam A. Hensler0041342224000Seems to work O.K.I received this product through Amazon Vine. The product was placed in two areas. The first was around a small garden to keep out some rabbits & small rodents. It seems to have accomplished this mission but it was put down so thickly that mere pepper would have done as well. The second use was put around a mail box. While this product isn't a mole repellant it seems to work. So, this product does work as advertised. Generally, I use another product. This product is a natural repellant & has a rather nasty order so it should not be used next to a house. That is why it cost a star.
400842400842B0016PC4TSA1QIPFOQMNA0S1Cheryl A. Chatfield0011341964800DisappointedI was very disappointed in this product. I hoped to dissuade the chipmunks from eating the plants on my deck and to stop whatever kind of creatures were munching on and destroying some of my sunflowers in a small side garden in the yard. There did not seem to be any success in either place and I have to say, on my small sampling, that this product did not work as advertised.
400843400843B0016PC4TSAG8DPYVTLT2C2Jean Turicik0051341878400Got rid of the chipmunksWe really only wanted to rid ourselves of the pesky chipmunks stealing our bird seed and planting in all the flower beds. We put the Critter Ridder down and I haven't seen one in the area we protected since doing so. So, so far, so good. I am going to purchase another so I can sprinkle all around the house.
400844400844B0016PC4TSA1BAJ6JXU8PSZHLRK0021341792000Save the Money and Get a Dog...or Some Big Cats...or a SnakeI really wanted this to work...we have had major problems with various critters eating our garden this year...most of our plants have been stripped, nibbled to nubs, dug up, or eaten as seeds. For certain there are some rabbits, some mice, some birds, chipmunks and lizards involved here to varying degrees. This just flat didn't help. This was no more effective than sprinkling cayenne, spraying garlic or anything else we've tried. It's a nice big bottled filled with stinky powder that doesn't do anything more than use up some money that could feed a nice snake for the garden, dog for the yard, or cat to attack visiting rodents. I've tried way too many sprays and powders by now and am moving on to fences and hanging baskets. For a minor problem this may be worth something to someone...though I'd go for cayenne over this for the neighborhood cats pooping in the yard. This won't save what the non-domestics want to nibble.
400845400845B0016PC4TSA1BK60GZ4QME6IJohn W. Graham0041341792000Helped me rid my garden of squirrels and raccoonsI have been successfully using Havahart DO64MS Deer Off II for a couple of months to ward off the squirrels, raccoons and cats that were plaguing my garden. When I ran out of that product, I decided to try the granular Havahart Critter Ridder 3146 Animal Repellent.

This product is granular and you just shake it around areas you wish to protect. A single application is supposed to last 30 days, but in central Florida we do get a lot of afternoon thunderstorms, so I find that I have to reapply the product after a heavy rain.

As with the Deer Off II, this product is nearly as effective. The liquid solution seems to be a greater deterrent for my animal pest situation, but the granular repellent does seem to work for squirrels and raccoons. For some reason, the cats still want to use my flower beds as a litter box when i use the granules but they tend to avoid the area when I use the liquid.

Overall - the granular shaker seems easier to shake into flower beds and vegetable gardens. I think the shaker is less obtrusive than the spray - I was hesitant to spray my tomato plants with the spray but I have no issues shaking the granules. I like that this product is OMRI listed, so no worries with using it in an organic garden.

The only thing I don't like about Critter Ridder products is the price - it is somewhat expensive, but the price you pay for this product is (hopefully) recouped if your garden is not destroyed by animals. I recommend the product - it did work for me. However, I can't speak for all situations. I think it is definitely worth a try if you want to rid your yard of critters.
400846400846B0016PC4TSA3N27L13CWJ9HYD. R. Smith0021341705600Another dudI got this in the spray bottle and it works just as poorly. I shake the product around my plants and it works fine until we have a dry spell and everything is withered except my garden. Then NO-thing will prevent critters from raiding your watered plants. What a disappointment.
400847400847B0016PC4TSA1ZNCMFIECPTVTT. Ruth "Onlyloveisreal"0021341705600you can use a cheaper, safer alternativeAfter trying this product, I agree with other reviews that it doesn't last 30 days. The price point is high for what you get. I prefer going to BJ's or Sam's Club and picking up a vat of black pepper and/or Cayenne powder and sprinkling it around any perimeter where you don't want critters and it is cheaper to use & I feel safer. I've used the black pepper before around the perimeter of our home to deter black ants and it works. We also use the black pepper & cayenne powder around our veggie garden to deter animals away. We reapply as needed, but it seems once they know it's there, they find somewhere else to dine. I've also used moth balls around my flower gardens to deter cats from eliminating in them.
400848400848B0016PC4TSAH57QM6YHIW8MVascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome "Vascular Ehl...0021341532800irritantPackage says the active ingredients irritate animals when they touch or taste the product. Also lists that the poison control center should be contacted if the products gets on your clothing and contanimation of food and water should be avoided. Because we have young children and pets, I don't think we will actually chose to use this product due to saftey and ground water concerns. I would rather have pests dig up my lawn than end up taking our pets to the vet or the kids to the doctors for medical treatment.
400849400849B0016PC4TSAROEAJRHBJ9ZTL. Schlumpf "Creator of the 365 Day IPhone/IP...0051340841600Always worksHave used both pellets and sprays for several years. Keeps cats from pooping in my garden because it smells like pepper. Be careful is use spray because it can get up your nose. Cover mouth with towel.
400850400850B0016PC4TSA12I9G6JQ6IW2VZub "Zubenelgenubi"0021340841600Disappointingly ineffectiveAfter hours of working in the yard planting bedding plants and mulching under and around trees and shrubs, it is particularly frustrating to go out the very next day only to find one of the neighborhood cats has chosen my newly planted beds and mulched areas for its litter box. A particularly infuriating situation is the area under a large spruce tree where I have used various colors of mulch to create a pattern that provides an interesting view from the street. That is until the rogue cat has dug up the mulch, deposited and burying its waste leaving the mulch and the design completely ruined. Once the mulch colors have been mixed there is no choice but to remove the entire area and replace it. An exercise in futility however, as the cat will inevitably do the same in another night or two.

I have tried various manufactured and home "repellents", none of which so far have been effective. With the mostly favorable reviews for this product I gave it a try but, to my dismay, I find it necessary to weigh in on the side of those who found this product ineffective. The very next day after its application, the cat had done its duty and made another mess of my mulch. Perhaps not enough product, perhaps not spread widely enough, or whatever the reason, I tried again with another, heavier, more complete application. To no avail, however, as not only did the cat return and make an even bigger mess this time, there was evidence of a squirrel having dug through the mulch looking for buried nuts as evidenced by its tell-tale holes in the ground.

So, for whatever the reason may be - this is an older cat with a poor sense of smell, etc., this product did not perform as advertised. While it may work in some situations, it did not in this case. I can not recommend this product as it seems to be a hit-or-miss outcome and unless there's a better performance record proven for it, I can not see spending the money for a product of doubtful usefullness.

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