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400912400912B0016PC4TSA23GFTVIETX7DSDebbie Lee Wesselmann1231343692800Sometimes WorksI live in an area frequented by all kinds of wildlife -- chipmunks, deer, squirrels, groundhogs, foxes, raccoons, and even the occasional bear. I had hoped that Havahart's Critter Ridder would keep them all at bay, particularly the groundhogs.

This product cannot be used on vegetable or fruit gardens/plants. Although I knew that going in, I decided that I could outline the perimeter of those areas to discourage critter trespassing. I also had newly planted areas of my property where the deer had nibbled, and I wanted to see if this would keep them out so I didn't have to spray the actual leaves of those delicate, new plants. Last, I had clear entry points to my property where the deer and groundhogs entered and left, and I wanted to encourage them to find other ways, hopefully onto someone else's property.

Not surprisingly, the Critter Ridder did nothing to discourage the chipmunks that had already moved into my vegetable garden. It also did not discourage new animals from visiting. Veggies must be too tempting to let the scent of Critter Ridder drive them away. I had much better results around my newly planted areas. My guess is that this product works best first thing in the spring, before animals have a chance to establish their routines and favorite feeding grounds.

The product smells like black pepper when first applied, and then dissipates in a day or so. Animals supposedly can still smell it. This 5-pound container doesn't go far, unfortunately, because it must be reapplied after heavy rain. For those of us with larger properties, one container doesn't begin to cover the perimeter of garden beds and property lines. I wonder if a large container of ground black pepper would work just as well -- and that could be used in vegetable gardens without toxic results.

-- Debbie Lee Wesselmann
400913400913B0016PC4TSA2L5R1F9WALW7WK. Bunker "K. Bunker"1221338336000Critters 10, Ridders 0Among other gardening pursuits, my wife and I have a modest little strawberry patch. However, we also have a local population of squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, etc., etc. Thanks to the wildlife, we have yet to see a single ripe strawberry; as soon as a berry begins to ripen, it's a sure thing it will be gone by the next day.

So I tried this product on our strawberry patch. I applied it a little more liberally than the instructions indicate, replenished it after heavy rains, and followed all other instructions on the container.

The result is... we still have not tasted a single home-grown strawberry. The strawberries are still being pilfered by critter or critters unknown. This product may work for some people, to some degree, under some situations. On the principal of giving the manufacturers the benefit of that doubt, I'm giving this review 2 stars. But in the test just described, I'm afraid it came up a total bust.
400914400914B0016PC4TSA29S5VGQKW01PXKaD1291211244764800doesn't keep away dogsI bought this item to keep my neighbors golden retrevier out of my yard but it didn't work. I'm not sure if it works for the other animals listed since I don't have much wild life in my area, but if your goal is to keep dogs out of your yard, save your money and get a fence.
400915400915B0016PC4TSA2F0ROXOUD8890Curly Blue0151348790400Great product works wellI needed something to keep the neighbors cat and dogs from pooing in my yard. This works very well. The only problem is that we get heavy rains and after a heavy rain the product affects wears off. So for me it is not cost effective. But if you have an area that is protected from the weather this will work fine as it is suppose to last for 3 months.
400916400916B0016PC4TSA3MUSWDCTZINQZUlalume Jones "Creative Gal"0131344297600It either did a great job or no job...not sureI put this around our yard because we live near a canyon where skunks love to live, they meander into the neighborhood and then a neighborhood dog will scare them and they always seem to spray a foot away from our house. The last time, it hurt my eyes so much, I almost cried. So I put this on the lawn, also where people walk their dogs (you'd be amazed how many people don't clean up after their pets) so the dogs wouldn't use our lawn. All of this is random, for a month can go by without a skunk visit or a dog messing up our lawn. My assumption is that this either worked or didn't. So I give it a three because I am not sure if it worked or destiny just worked its magic. It is easy to apply and looks to me like a mix of black pepper and chili, though it does have other ingredients that I am not sure of, another reason not to use it. It is a humane way of getting rid of unwanted animals. I think skunks are rather cute when they aren't smelling up the place.
400917400917B0016PC4TSA1KMG1AIUS00DCThe Movie Man "tenebre89"0151338595200Goodbye neighborhood cats!Someone in our neighborhood allows his/her cats to roam freely. Often, the cats favor our front lawn and shrubbery. We've tactfully mentioned this to those neighbors who have pet cats, but the problem has persisted. With the milder spring weather and windows open, the smell resulting from cats relieving themselves on our property has become a constant irritation. After diplomacy failed, we decided to tackle the problem ourselves.

Critter Ridder has been terrific. The first thing to note is that the granules should be scattered when the lawn and shrubs are dry, so you shouldn't get overly ambitious after a heavy rain. Product instructions suggest spreading granules every 30 days or after heavy rains.

The product contains all-natural materials which undesirable animals will find unpleasant to smell, taste, and touch. These ingredients include oil of black pepper, capsaicin, and pipeline. The product does not have an unpleasant odor for humans and is not harmful to kids. For folks who want to rectify a quality of life problem without permanently harming offending creatures, Critter Ridder is the answer.

Please read the directions before just spreading the granules. It's recommended, for instance, that gloves are worn during the process of spreading. Also, the directions tell precisely how much product should be used for it to be effective.
400918400918B0016PC4TSA16G1PO8MPETFIThomas R. Kueny3351249171200It works!I have been trying to rid my roof of defecating raccoons for 15 years! I no longer have a problem.
400919400919B0016PC4TSA272XLO6TTD4SPPat "Pat"5651273536000Good ProductI have used this product before. It is not a miracle worker, but it does work, and it was nice to have it delivered to my home so quickly.
400920400920B0016PC4TSA3CW0ZLUO5X2B135-year Technology Consumer "8-tracks to 802.11"2241344729600Effective so far against a groundhog curtain call at a summer den...Our house is adjacent to a wooded area that is part of a reservoir watershed area. The woodland critter life is abundant: deer, fox, possum, groundhogs, raccoons, squirrels and chipmunks abound. Individually, cute enough in Disney movies or as babies (except for the possums), but collectively we've experienced the damage they can do when they move out of the woods and into the small area next to the woods we'd like to preserve for human habitation.

We tolerate the full, two-entrance ground hog den just inside the woods beyond our back yard, but have had an intermittent problem when these chucks extend their range, and dig a one-hole "summer den" closer to our house. The spoil from the entrance digging is unsightly, and we can also do without the other evidence of ground hog life they leave behind. And if this summer home didn't annoy is enough, our dog can see it from the family room window, and gets more than a little agitated when he sees (or imagines he does) one of them traveling between their homes in the woods and our lawn.

Enter Critter Ridder:
I applied this liberally to the entrance and approach areas of the summer den. So far this pepper-based repellent has been effective in discouraging the groundhogs from returning. We'll re-apply after the next heavy rain, and then fill in the summer den...again (and keep some in reserve, in case the next crew to appear has no memory of the stinging reception!).

I recommend wearing nitrile gloves when using this, and washing your hands immediately after. And don't touch your eyes or face in between!
400891400891B0016PC4TSA299ARETPKOGJ1Rose7851252800000Works very well with Cats and DogsCritter Ridder works very well with cats and dogs. It kept my dog out of my vegetable garden and the stray cats from using my flower and vegetable garden as a litter box. Although after a heavy rainfall or a few rainy days, it will not last the 30 days as suggested and should be re-applied.
400892400892B0016PC4TSA11DLWWD0138XTDarlene "Jordan's Mommy"91111306540800Absolutely, 100% does NOT WORK.After applying to the perimeter of the yard, squirrels were walking through the granules in about 15 minutes. That night, the raccoons were back. We put some into a small dish, placed it about 2 feet below the birdfeeder, and within minutes, the birds were there (which we wanted, but still) and later that night, the raccoons emptied the birdfeeder.
I wasted $30, and since I used it all, I can't seem to return it.
Very Very FRUSTRATED. I think the 5 star reviews MUST be from people associated with the company that makes this product. Don't be fooled into thinking this stuff is any good.
400893400893B0016PC4TSA2I60HCAVEF3RCTiger4431342310400It Really Depends, Can Work, Might Not Length:: 7:08 Mins

It really depends on many factors, so experiences will vary. I think you will likely find varying degrees of success, not complete eradication. If you have multiple pests, then you will probably deter some of them, in which you find 2-4 star reviews. Or if you have one pest, whether or not it works on that one determines 1 or 5 star reviews. I am happy with the products attempt to deter and isn't a gimmick, but the value will depend on your level of success. Based on many reviews, clearly success varies. At least this 5-lb shaker seems to last longer than the smaller cans at the local store.

So it is really just a big can of pepper, mostly black pepper and cayenne pepper which are two of the 3 active ingredients. Peppers smell and taste unpleasant to animals. Whether this blend and processing are the perfect solution and cost effectiveness versus wholesale black and cayenne pepper depends. It isn't a fence or barrier, just a deterrent to make it more unpleasant than the next alternative location for the animal which will hopefully move on and do its business elsewhere. But you will be fighting against (1) habits that might take time to break, (2) areas previously marked by animals or other droppings that are more attractive that offset or overpower this, (3) if yours is still the least unpleasant alternative to limited or worse options, (4) the animal's sensitivity to taste and smell of this deterrent, and (5) how fast it gets washed away and perform at reduced levels. You could have an old dog that has lost much of its sense of smell and has been using your lawn for ages and has marked the area that probably would be less deterred to change. Or a cat's habit and previous droppings might overpower this product.

This is similar to you going to the beach. Suppose rocks litter one side of the beach along with a dead fish that washed up on shore and smells a little. It doesn't stop you from walking through there, it is just unpleasant to setup your towel or walk around over there. But you might walk through it to find better sands elsewhere. But you would prefer to walk to the side of the beach that is sandy with a fresh air breeze. Your yard is the beach to the pests. You are just trying to make it less desirable.
400894400894B0016PC4TSA2KOIJ0AYJO7VVwyzowl4411337299200DUD!I spread this product where several stray cats roam. I set up a camera to watch the action. All four of the cats wandered all over this product as if it weren't even there.
400895400895B0016PC4TSA22M0C1YXBGW1YLuLu, Calif81011274486400Waste of MoneyDon't waste your money! Did nothing to repell my racoon problem. They continued to tear up my lawn and garden. You can make your own mixture. Go to your local store where everything sells for less than one dollar. Buy red chile powder and some crushed hot red chilies. Mix and sprinkle where you have the problem. Sprinkle some every week at first then you can tapper off. It works 100% The racoons have NOT returned to tear up my yard! There were also some stray cats in the area....not anymore. I live in the hills and occassionally would see coyotes as well. Have not seen coyotes in a while since I have been using the red chile powder mixture. Not certain if that is a coincidence...but I am certain it got rid of the racoon problem.
400896400896B0016PC4TSA30TUN35ZE3NEUEnamelation !3351340841600let me tell you about raccoonsThe screens around the pool and deck were breeched. Finding that a raccoon (in the middle of the night right outside my door) had come in was bad. Finding that the raccoon had found the cat flap and gotten into the house was much worse. I had a broken arm the first time and still I went after him swinging a broom and stomping loudly on the reverberating deck. Yes, he was scared. He was so scared that he didn't look where he was going and landed in the pool. He came back a few nights later. Finally I set a trap with a chicken leg tied in the back over the trip plate. He was so annoyed that he tossed and turned and moved that trap 15 feet from where I had left it and in turning it over - escaped.

I put critter ridder outside on his avenue of approach and carnage. NO FURTHER INVASIONS !!!

Nuf said?
400897400897B0016PC4TSA3F01ON1TSZB4Qcamera453351285113600Sends squirrel's to the neighborsFor years I have been dealing with squirrels digging acorns into my lawn in the fall and digging them out the rest of the year. Nothing, and I mean nothing has worked to prevent this digging damage. That is until I sprinkled this pepper intensive Critter Ritter on the areas they like to dig. It has cost me 8lbs of pepper so far, and I am going to order another 8 today. It is now obvious, squirrels hunt with their nose to the ground -- it is a very sensitive nose -- that cannot handle this pepper. Result -- no holes in the lawn since. If you need to get rid of any pests with a nose, this will do it.

Havahart Critter Ridder 3146 Animal Repellent Granular 5 Pounds
400898400898B0016PC4TSA1EH2S92FHWZRPJust a guy0051338854400Seems to work for deer, woodchucks and groundhogsWe have a vegetable garden - tomatoes, cucumber, basil, parsley, rosemary, and mint. I have seen woodchucks, deer and a groundhog munching on my garden. We have tried several things in the past to deter them. The rosemary actually worked to deter the deer, but the woodchucks and groundhog kept coming back.

This stuff smells terrible - like a very strong black pepper. We shook it around the perimeter of our 25 x 15 garden. We reapply after each rainstorm. After a week of use, we have not seen any more woodchucks or groundhogs - they were previously daily visitors.

So, I would say that this works. However, it need to be reapplied often (certainly after any rain). It is quite an expensive solution.
400899400899B0016PC4TSAJ329F9H546BMA. Koren "sharing quality"0051338768000No more critters to get ridda.....The Havahart Critter Ridder is fabulous! We have had trouble with otters, woodchucks and even skunks that used to use the area under our house as one of their two homes. Now we have an animal free underporch! With a product that does not harm the animals but effectively repels them we are grateful to Havahart for such a good formula!
400900400900B0016PC4TSAKJHHD5VEH7VGDominique W0041338768000May not "repel" but does discourage.My home is in a semi-country setting and there are plenty of critters wandering around it. Although I don't have any specific problems, I am not a fan of the many stray cats that I see (and sometimes smell ) nearby. There is a sandbox for the children on the property and, even though it is covered, I worry about the cats using it as a litter box. I also worry about the possibility of animals making their way under the deck and creating nests and homes under there. My usage of this product would be to deter cats and any other critter that is seeking shelter under my deck.

Although I do have a neighbor whose dog does his business in my yard sometimes, I would not use this near the property line of another home owner. Although the product states it is safe to use around pets, the neighbors do not know that. I don't want to be seen shaking a substance near a property line and have a neighbor think it is to try to harm their pet. I hope that makes sense. I can deal with picking up occasional dog or deer doo...I cannot tolerate the smell of cat urine.

Without cameras monitoring my property, I can't 100% verify that this product works. I did do an experiment with the family dog. I did do is sit on the floor, with my dog in the room when I took the seal off of the product. I placed the paper seal, which had product stuck to the top, product side up, on the floor next to me. My dog (a large Laborador) walked by and started to sneeze. She is usually a "close sniffer" but didn't even attempt to investigate the seal. She then walked around me and sat far away from the seal. She did eventually get up and walk near the seal several times but not close enough to sneeze.
The smell of the product was actually somewhat pleasant. It is a mix of cedar, wood and spices. I sprinkled it around my flower beds, the perimeter of the deck, and in a wide circle around my kid's sandbox.
I didn't use it near my garbage cans as this is not an area of concern for me. I could see the benefit of sprinkling it around the cans or even some inside.

Without surveillance tapes, I can say that this works. What I can say is that, at least with my dog, it discouraged her from coming near the area.

Final impression: I like the smell of the product. It did prove to discourage a dog. I have not smelled cat urine or skunk near my home since applying the product. I think the price is a bit steep. However, in 30-days, if I start to smell cat urine again near my home, I would shell out the money to buy a canister of the product.
400901400901B0016PC4TSA3CMDR34KFLGFXReader2008 "I write honest reviews; if you do...0041338508800$30.00 for just my SMALL front yard this is not an economical product!
400902400902B0016PC4TSALEUQQE118NEWIrvin Goodman0051338336000Critter Ridder Does Just What The Package Says !!We tried all sorts of stuff to get rid of squirrels, with little success. They seem to find a way up the downspout and like to build "nests" in the gutters. It was very difficult to get rid of them. Most products did little good. "Critter Ridder" by Havahart is helping to keep the squirrels away. I don't know if its the odor they don't like, or what, but it has worked. It doesn't take much of the "stuff" to make it work. It's easy to apply and keeps my gutters clean.
400903400903B0016PC4TSAY3XPKRAMKKY7C. G. King0031337990400Works if you use a lotI discouraged squirrels from beneath my birdfeeders with a heavy application of this stuff. It worked until we had rain. I also spread some in front of my hosta to keep the dogs at a distance, but those two applications, far less than advertised coverage, used the entire container. I started with a light application, but that had no effect at all, so I sprinkled quite a bit more in the places I wanted protected. I saw no squirrels where I applied it for over a week, but after it rained they were back.

The container handle and pour spout makes spreading the product quite easy. The material looks about like rough coffee grounds and isn't visible on the ground but would be on a deck or concrete surface. I didn't find the odor bad at all and could only smell it when I was first applying it. If it were less expensive, I'd continue to use it for problem areas like around the trash cans and birdfeeders, but as it is the price is a bit high for me, especially when considering the need to reapply after rain (and I presume after watering flowers or shrubbery in the area).
400904400904B0016PC4TSA30ODR6WBE61UBGina Pera "Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?, a...0041337817600Not sure about ingredient safetyOne thing I've learned about critters: Not much is going to stop them if there is promise of a big reward, especially in the way of food. I doubt this product would work to keep squirrels away from a bird-feeder, for example. And if a yard is overrun with raccoons, it might not make much of a difference unless you eliminate the attractant.

Our main issue is the racoons going for our garbage can. We already use a bungee cord, so they can't get into the can. But they can still create a racket. I've sprinkled this product around the area and so far, so good.

I took off one star because I remain uncertain as to the safety of this product. There are too many warnings about how not to use it (e.g. in vegetable beds). I don't know if that's due to the pepper, etc,. potentially damaging delicate roots or something more toxic. The active ingredients comprise less than 1% of ingredients. I would like to have known about the 99.3%. Why not say what it is?

The product container does sport a "seal of approval" from the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), which could be legitimate or could be a pesticides-industry mouthpiece. I don't know which one.

Here's what it says about OMRI at Sourcewatch:

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) describes itself as "a national nonprofit organization that determines which input products are allowed for use in organic production and processing. OMRI Listed -- or approved -- products may be used on operations that are certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program. ... Mainly, however, the organization generates income through fees collected for the review of products intended for use in organic production or processing."

At any rate, I'm unlikely to use this near any soil where food crops might be grown.
400905400905B0016PC4TSA304RCB0N55K17B. Jewett0041337558400Rid your garden of crittersHavahart Critter Ridder 3146 Animal Repellent, 5-Pounds Granular Shaker
Pretty good solution to deterring squirrels and other small critters from digging and hanging around your gardens without killing them. This was a re-order, and I'd do it again.
400906400906B0016PC4TSA11AKJCZQSSBYGChapin Brooks "Tumazon"0041319155200Keeps Cats Out!I use Critter Ridder to keep cats from using my garden as a litter box. It works, though it requires liberal sprinkling over the first three feet of the border which gets expensive (thus, 4 stars). I don't have any experience in using it for other pests. By the way, this product is available at my local (Tucson) ACE Hardware store for $17.99 plus tax for two pounds.
400907400907B0016PC4TSA2TMD4WIJI2BZLD. Ochoa "Just Me"0041314316800Did the jobWe had a problem with chipmunks in our yard. My husband sprinkled this all around the foundation of our house, and we haven't seen a chipmunk since then. We would definitely buy it again.
400908400908B0016PC4TSA252Y55Y9ONDWSJ. Hafelein "-- Believe"0051310083200Decent Pet/Animal DeterrantCritter Ridder is a great Pepper product that seems to deter pets from whichever area that you sprinkle the product.
400909400909B0016PC4TSA2FKNLDULJ2YJJNancy W. "Nancy W"0021308960000Save your moneyI bought two containers of this as I have many critters roaming where I live and I hate to say this but this stuff just doesn't work. I sprinkled it around the outside dirt away from where I had my tomato and melon plants only to have the leaves stripped from all my plants. You can't sprinkle it near your vegetable or fruit plants. Irregardless the critters had a feast of newly planted young plant leaves and left me with just stems. My garden is gone. I also tried it near my flowers that were being eaten and it didn't help any either. Needless to say I not only lost my money but my garden and flowers.
400910400910B0016PC4TSA1HWV9AYUMH3HVBryan In CA. "Bigfoot"0051289088000Critter RidderSo far this product has kept the neighborhood cats from using my flower bed as a bathroom. Replaced the wood chips in flower bed and the cats thought I gave them a new litter box. Now, after the critter ridder, they haven't been back.
400911400911B0016PC4TSA1D628IRIDYG2OJo Ryan1221344816000Product arrived with granules spilling out of it: two stars for sending a damaged, messy productThe seal inside was also broken, which made me reluctant to use this as I don't want to kill the pests with a product that might have been tampered with--I just want to keep them away. I could ask for a replacement but am not sure I want to go to the trouble.

I opened the box for this noticing no problem, then picked the Critter Ridder up to move it to my laundry room. We only noticed the pointy granules much later in the day on the dining room floor when we stepped on them. It took us quite a while to figure out what they were--did the dog track this in? Had it been on someones shoes? Finally, I remembered opening the box with the Critter Ridder container in it there. I went and looked at the product and saw granules on the side of the plastic container. When I opened the loose lid I saw the white circular protective tab was down in the product and covered with the granules, as were the sides and tops of the container inside, plus the container was only about two-thirds full.

I don't like getting something that is damaged and requires more work of me, and I really don't like it when it drops scratchy granules all over my hardwood floor. This did not appear to do any damage but I hate to think of the Critter Ridder being there all afternoon before we swept it up.

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