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400921400921B0016PC4TSAT53ZTTO707MBM. Maltbie2241344211200Consider your situation carefully before buyingThis product can be washed away easily. So consider the area you want to protect: A garden that you water frequently? A yard that is covered by a sprinkler system, or is mowed frequently? If those situations are representative of your problem areas, forget this repellent and keep looking.

But if you can keep the product out of the weather and away from the watering, then this will work for you. I've used it around the perimeter of our pier and beam house--placing it underneath the house about 6-12 inches. My neighbor's cat likes to hang out underneath the house where it's cool. We do love Coco dearly, but she started stowing her kills under there--somewhere we can't reach. Well, she's put some very large dead things under our house this summer and you can imagine the smell that lingers. This product has put a stop to her habit.

I could rate this product five stars because it worked for me in our particular situation, but claiming that it works in gardens is far-fetched. I wish it worked for armadillos and possums. If Havahart ever develops an effective armadillo deterrent, I'll buy stock in the company.....

We used to have a major problem with squirrels and we got them under control using three Havahart products: Deer Away 5202 Animal Repellent Ready-to-Use Spray with Hose 128 oz. We spray it on tree trunks and the dense foliage keeps the spray from washing away in the rain. We also use two Havahart traps: Havahart 1083 Easy Set One-Door Cage Trap for Squirrels and Small RabbitsHavahart 1078 Live Animal Professional Style One-Door Rabbit, Skunk, Mink, and Squirrel Cage Trap The first trap I mentioned is the better choice for squirrels. (We trapped over fifty squirrels in the past six months.)
400922400922B0016PC4TSA3S0DBBR693O06starstruck2211340755200Difficult to apply and ineffective for squirrels!The product label says to apply at the rate of 1 lb. per 40 square feet. Impossible to measure the rate of application and when using the narrowest opening on the spout the 5 lbs. were gone in about 50 square feet (???). If it had some color to it you could a least see where you've been with it but as it is it blends in with the grass so well you can't tell. I used it to circle my peach trees to keep the varmints away and so far it appears to be helping but it will be very expensive to have to reapply every rain. I think I will look for a cheaper alternative or I will have the most expensive peaches in the country.
This is a follow up to my review. It has been about 4 days since I sprinkled the product around the base of the peach trees. It has not rained but today I was watching the squirrels running through the "protected" area without even noticing it as they continued stealing my peaches. So much for that idea!
400923400923B0016PC4TSA2H44WVZS59KKTCheryl Stout "broiderqueen - army mama"1141346457600Critter Ridder to the rescueI like cats. I like dogs. I just don't like my neighbors' cats and dogs using my flower beds for toilets or digging through my trash cans. Therefore I ordered Critter Ridder. It has a strong peppery smell but I like pepper so it didn't bother me when applying. I would advise not using when windy out, though, because you might get a face full and I fear it would be like being pepper sprayed.

The shaker container is easy to use. I sprinkled in my flower beds and so far (two weeks) no cat visits that I can tell. But then no rain either and I have spot watered so the repellent doesn't lose its effectiveness. I also sprinkled some in and around my trash cans. One dog is pretty persistent and it hasn't kept him away but it does seem to keep the other dogs away.

I also have some ground squirrels that have burrowed under my storage shed so I sprinkled out there, too, and haven't seen any activity since I applied.

I hope this continues to work and that I don't need to apply too frequently because it is fairly expensive. But if it lasts at least thirty days as promised I will be happy and will continue to use it.
400924400924B0016PC4TSA16AXQ11SZA8SQMamaBear007 "MamaBear007"1131345075200Works, but for less than a week!I ordered this because I needed to find something that would keep Lady, my black lab mix dog, out of the garbage. The mice like to burrow underneath the garbage cans, and Lady loves to dig, trying to get to the mice. This worked. In fact, after the first application, she tried to dig under the garbage cans, and she looked at me in disgust and walked away. Unfortunately, this only worked a week, instead of the 30 days promised. Lady is back to digging.

If this had worked for the full 30 days, I would have bought a year supply of it, just to keep Lady away from the outside garbage cans. Unfortunately, it is too expensive to apply every week. I'm still searching for the perfect product.
400934400934B0016PC4TSA2DYMDOAJURO5FAceto "Hope is a Weed Exasperatus: 1:18"1131340755200Limited use, but it might be right for you.Feral cats are the scourge of my inner city neighborhood. They keep out down rats, but they have been using my carport as a Kitty Country Club. They howl and fight all night. They seem to love playing with my motion detector lights. They get shade from the hot summer sun. And they spray their markers like a drunken poker game. I can use the Havahart trap, but what to do when caught? I can take them to the edge of town for coyote snacks. I cannot just kill them, but the noise and using my yard as a litter box is getting to me.

Havahart has a couple of other remedies. This gritty mixture is one that I am trying. Three weeks and not a peep. I have not seen one in my carport. But I cannot give a blanket endorsement:

- It lasts only a month under ideal conditions. I have not had any rain, but that might shorten the life considerably. It is too expensive to buy 12 times a year. And while only irritatingly toxic, I am not one who believes in laying down sixty pounds of chemical a year. So it better make a lasting impression in just a month, which makes sense. Negative reinforcement is powerful.
- It works by repellant odor. So while a dry climate may mean it will not just soak into the ground, dryness also dampens odors. But it is working. They do not like sleeping around it.

It covers 500 square feet, which is just right for me; the Amazon description says only 200. So if I do not get new cats, or the old ones do not return for six months, that would be acceptable, but only time will tell.
400925400925B0016PC4TSA19YOYY7FLQMA6Tante Maren "Maren"1141344124800Critter Ridder Works, Along With Your PersistenceWhen it comes to nuisance animals, pepper always helps, and this Havahart Critter Ridder's main ingredient is pepper. We have problems with chipmunks and rabbits digging holes in our yard and of course there are the dogs and cats that keep using that same area of our yard to do their business. I always just use regular pepper on the spots of our tree lawn that are dead from the local dogs and cats leaving their business there. Does pepper work? Yes, but you have to re-apply it every single day. The animals must do their daily business, so in a week, they will find a new place, as they hate the smell of pepper- which is great for our lawn.

Now, when it comes to hole digging animals, that's another story. You can put a whole can of pepper in a rabbit or chipmunk hole and you will simply see a new hole dug a few inches away. We have found that moth balls, peppermint oil, and pepper placed in a hole will make the animal move, but you have to keep putting these not so great smelling items in each new hole, until that animal will get the hint that moving may be a better option. We finally figured out, that adding tiny stones or gravel in the holes with a little cement to make it hard to keep the animal from digging around helps even more.

This Havahart Critter Ridder does work, but not for over a day. You have to reapply it daily, just like any pepper to bother the animal. You literally have to keep at it, so the animal will find it easier to move to another place than to be bothered by you every day. And don't forget for those hole digging animals, that you have to add stones or gravel with a dab of cement in the hole- when you make their bed not so cushy and comfortable, they will eventually find a more comfortable place to live where it isn't so smelly either. By the time you buy all the different moth balls, peppers and expensive peppermint oil, the price comes out to be the same as this Critter Ridder, so it doesn't matter which one you buy- as one is not cheaper than the other.

This Havahart Critter Ridder works daily, but your persistence in working daily to get rid of the animals is just as important. Making their existence on your property less comfortable will eventually drive them away to a more comfy home.
400926400926B0016PC4TSA1UMSB7LAW0RIRWriter of Books - Mage - Mom to Two "Writer, ...1141343779200Works great! 30 Days? I don't think so, Scooter :)This DOES DOES DOES repel just about every critter! I put it along my tree line and it repelled the neighbor's pug who loves to dump in our yard. Also, the folks across the street have a cat that loves to poopy in our garden. With this stuff, no issues! The only reason I took off a star is because (to me) it's expensive and it does NOT last 30 days. I suppose if it never rained, it might last three weeks. Maybe..maybe four?? Now if they would just make something to keep my Beagle from running off..because at top speed, this doesn't keep her in the yard! (No, I don't expect it to..just dreaming...)
400935400935B0016PC4TSA231FGX8G2Q5EW4EverYoung1131340323200Not sureI'm not sure about the effectiveness of the product, as I don't hang out all day by the areas in which I've used the product, nor have security cameras recording the day's activities. My reason for wanting to try out this product was to keep a few neighborhood cats away from underneath a few bushes near a bedroom window. Occasionally I would hear them sparring in the bush so loud, you would have thought I was watching a WWF match on TV. In any case it's very hard to tell if the product is working as it's intended to work. I haven't heard any ringside matches lately, so at this stage I can only hope to say I hope it is working. If I find out any concrete evidence, I will definitely post an update.
400927400927B0016PC4TSA21Q9JVG4SII51electronics guy1131343520000Worked OK For A WhileI got this because I have a problem with the neighbor's cat hunting birds in my yard and a couple of squirrels that love the fruit on my trees.

It has a pine-like smell to it and isn't unpleasant. I spread it through my garden because that is where the cat stalks and also the run for the squirrels.

For a while (a few weeks) I didn't see traces of either - the cat didn't come around any more and there weren't any fruit pits in the yard leftover from squirrel meals.

But after a few weeks, the pits are back and my dog has chased the squirrels again a couple of times. I haven't seen the cat, though. Maybe it is still working for that.

If this stuff was around $8-$10 per container, I would probably buy more to see if it might work better with more spread around. At the price it shows now - over $25 - I didn't see enough of an effect to justify the money.

Maybe others will have better luck but for about three weeks of protection, it's not for me.
400928400928B0016PC4TSA2O421DTA8J0RWDogs & Horses "Spanish Norman Horses"1141343347200Seems to repel the barn raccoonI poured a line of the Critter Ridder along the exterior foundation of the horse barn & the feed room to discourage a daily raccoon visit. Every night this raccoon trots in the barn like he owns it, rustles around the hay bales & water buckets and he leaves a clear track in the open. Every single night without fail for months, this creature has made a visit. Yesterday I poured the Critter Ridder and went home. This morning there were raccoon tracks outside the barn in the sand and some scratch marks in a couple of places where the stuff was sprinkled, but no tracks inside the barn! He did not cross it to come in. I don't know how long this will be effective, but this morning there were no vermin signs near the water faucet or buckets and that is a good thing. We'll have to see what happens over the long run and how often we have to reapply for continued results. This is a loose product, sort of like a jar of coarse ground black pepper & if you aren't careful, you can pour too much in one spot & not enough in the next spot.
400936400936B0016PC4TSA21YYC2SYN5NDYWyvn1121340236800Maybe I just have hungry animalsI applied the product as stated, still had problems. I even threw it in a garbage can with 1 bag of garbage to see if it would scare anything off.. nope. Luckily my garbage is far away from the house where it isn't a horrible issue and I can feel good I feed the critters all year round.
400929400929B0016PC4TSA3OMOR0QCB74TMRandall T. Karle "manic collector"1141343174400Repels, doesn't killThis stuff chases away pests from the house area, back to the woods where they belong. It does not repel bears, salesmen, or coyotes, but it isn't supposed to do that.

The beauty of it it that it is not a poison. I enjoy sharing the land with critters, but don't want them right up to the house. If it will work on the colony of flying squirrels in my attic, I will update it's rating to 5 stars.
400930400930B0016PC4TSA1MKPMJPD22YYS. Cline "Retired Fed"1151342656000FOR THOSE LIVING IN THE TROPIC ZONE - THIS STUFF IS GREAT! 10 STARS!YAY!! A 5 lb Havahart Critter Ridder is not available in my area, only the 3 lb one and it isn't even sufficient! But let me tell you this ... I am just so looking forward to receive this 5 lb Havahart Critter Ridder! WHY? I am so tird of having to buy 2 or 3 - 3 lbs if they are available (and it hasn't been for awhile) just one for the front and one for the back yard!

THIS REVIEW IS FOR THE TROPIC ZONE AREAS: (By reason of frequent Thunderstorms / Rains)

* Wear your lawn or work gloves, sprinkle up in front (I learned this the hard way) in a scattered motion in areas in the front. Areas you know where stray dogs and dog walkers (especially owners who do not pick up after their dog's business) you know that the dog does his/her business, you will sprinkle a little more than usual without dumping the whole entire bottle.

* Garbage Can areas - where Coyotes to Wolves and even Foxes and Monkeys raid into them - sprinkle behind the location is sufficient especially helpful if it is in a covered area and lightly in the front (usually where it is going to get wet anyway and the need to re-sprinkle it later). If you have your wife's panty hose that has a hole in it, use the good area, tie a knot on one end and a knot on the other after sprinkling some Havahart Critter Ridder inside. (If you don't have a wife, you can often find them in thrift stores or buy some on Amazon) On the lid inside, one end and using a fishing line and poking a hole (depending on what type of garbage can lid you might have; or you might have to drill a tiny hole first ... then thread it with a fishing line to two ends. Now you can safely attach the Havahart Critter Ridder inside of your lid of your garbage can which will definitely will can those creatures that opens it for good! (Replinishing it will not be difficult at all)

* Veggies to Fruit Trees - be very careful of how much you sprinkle around them for some of the chemicals you place for the plant (fertilizer to feed) contains some repellants themselves. I had found a more effective way to get rid of them due to frequent rains was the same method to get rid of slugs (beer on a lid) - so SAVE THAT CAP to even sardine tin cans. Placing them around after putting Havahart Critter Ridder sprinkles in the clean lid to tin can; the smell itself will drive them away. Even up in the tree itself and what makes it so wonderful is they are out of sight and you are the only one that knows where they are!
- Fruit Rats can't stand it
- The GOOD snakes merely ignores it while BAD SNAKES goes away
except the danged cottonmouth and rattlers after they had a taste
of this.
- 'Coons - "hasta la bye bye"; once they hit your yard, they do not
- 'Road Kill Casseroles' aka "Possums" - it is a 50/50 coin toss
on this one, young ones always seem to walk right over it (if you
did what I did or sprinkled it on your garden) but larger ones
including as big as a huge housecats notice it and will turn away
- Squirrels - are Squirrels - so the saying goes "where there's a
will, there's a way" ... we've all had our battles to our wit's
end with them! It does work with younger ones, but older ones are
"none the wiser". :-/
- "Tom Cats" (Strays or Roaming free Cats) - especially those who
likes to mark their territory (P.U.) and not just dig and all that
those tin cans I use works very well - they can't stand the smell
of it and go somewhere else.
- Moneky See, Monkey Smell - Monkey not like!
- Deer - we get them once in a blue moon, but they just graze on
and move on as they spook very easily
- Foxes - they will appear if they are very hungry, but it's your
garbage or trash can they're after.
- Coyotes to Wolves - same as Foxes, they are not shy, and will go
after anything, even your dog's dog food you've left out for your
dog to garbage (trash) can - daylight or night time. This Havahart
really is effective on them
- Florida Panthers and Hybrids - no effect, when they are hungry,
they are going to raid your garbage can anyway but very quick at
it, take what they want and run off with it.
- Bobcats - while rare here, they do appear once in a blue moon and
behaves just like the Florida Panther and the Hybrids.
- Peacocks / Peahens / Peachicks - just cannot stand it (Havahart)
and are the only birds that are sensitive to it that which I love
so much but one has to give or take - because these birds are just
as destructive as other rodents, critters, and animals.
SUCH SAID ANIMAL OR CRITTER. Do not make any attempts to make
contact with animal; and bring all your pets and children inside
IMMEDIATELY and keep track of such said animal at all times while
on phone.


I have for awhile literally BEGGED major Stores to restock this but they say "demand is low", I find this a bunch of garbage; however, I never knew they came in larger sizes (outside of 3 lb).

The BAD SIDE is - once it gets wet, you have to reapply - if you opt to use the same method as I do, due to the Tropical Zone and its weather; which is a wise move - make sure the lid to tin can is dry first before applying sprinkles.

In my humble opinion .... it would be NICE if Havahart Critter Ridder would last after several thunderstorms / rain which would spare us a lot of trouble here.
400931400931B0016PC4TSA26BU3ZU0R5IPF*~ Sunshine ~*1131342396800Havahart Critter RidderI live in the country so have a large variety of wildlife to contend with. We have all of the popular attractions for wildlife to make them comfortable nearby; shelter in the neighboring barns, wooded areas and windbreaks, food sources in the fields and neighbor's pet bowls, and water in the nearby streams and our pond. What more could a varmint ask for, right? So, my question is, why do they come to our, less-attractive property??? The most frequent and annoying of these visitors are the neighborhood cats that leave their gifts in any newly-turned ground (and even in our stone-covered landscape areas), and the !#@*#! destructive raccoons, that have dug up my potted plants numerous times this year and seem driven to climb anything vertical and relieve themselves at the top. That said, I was REALLY excited to see this offered in my vine selections and thought I'd give it a try.

In looking at the ingredients, Havahart Critter Ridder is almost totally composed of peppers and pepper oil. It looks like pepper and smells like pepper because that's what it basically is. In my mind, it seems like a lot of cash for pepper that only covers 200-300 square feet but, as with any repellent, herbicide, or insecticide, one must compare the invested expense to the damage or replacement of what it's protecting, right?

I have sprinkled it around the areas as directed and, after a few weeks, have had good results. No kitty-burried treasures or sign of coons or destroyed plantings so far. My concern is the longevity of the product after watering and rains, as they are absolute necessities to maintaining healthy plants. I like that it is environmentally friendly and does not actually harm the animals because I do enjoy the cats otherwise.

I'm reserving my final judgement until further results are known, though I feel that it is a worthy addition to my arsenal as a safer repellent for animal pests.
400932400932B0016PC4TSA29NV2YITU0EJKJo Ann Graham "joanng417"1121340841600Not that impressed and neither were my dogsWe live in a rural/suburban town where there are large open spaces. We have over a mile of open space behind our home that includes many trees and a creek and is a perfect habitat for coyotes, skunks, rabbits, snakes, etc. Our yard has a tall wooden privacy fence so we don't usually have a problem with critters in the backyard and our two small dogs run free in the yard. However, erosion and soil shrinkage has made some spots where small animals can creep under the fence. I often worry that our dogs will try to explore outside the fence and come upon bad circumstances. Two days after a skunk "got" both the dogs inside our backyard, I decided (while still de-skunking the dogs) to get this Critter Ridder product. It seemed like just the thing. I have used straight cayenne in the past to mark along fences and stop larger dogs from digging, so I thought that the combination in Critter Ridder would do the trick -- keep skunks out and keep the dogs in.

I was really not that impressed. The five pound canister is heavy and does not spread as easily as the advertising states. It is very easy to apply too much and run out of product before you run out of fence line. The ad says that this is not offensive to humans and unfortunately it was also not very offensive to my dogs either. Less than an hour after I applied it on a hot, sunny day my dogs went outside to investigate and went right up and took a big sniff with no apparent problem, pain, or distress. One lay down beside the fence. It has now been about two weeks and we have had a couple of rains but there is no detectable scent even when going right up to the area where the product was applied. Granted there have been no more skunks in the yard (that I know of) but there have been some very nearby and the one that "got" my dogs was the first in 15 years!

It seems that this is a well intended product that just misses the mark. Not strong or long lasting enough and very easy to over use. If I need such a product again, I will go to the warehouse store and buy a large container of cayenne pepper. It works better and lasts longer.
400933400933B0016PC4TSA2I5QH4F5FDKK5*rose*1141340755200It's keeping the cats away!!Earlier this summer, we updated our front yard. We put in new flowering plants and covered the dirt with special paper to help deter the weeds from growing. On top of the paper, we laid down black mulch. It looks so nice! The beautiful effect to the whole front of the house is huge. We're so happy.

But, then we started getting cats pooping in our mulch! GROSS!! Yuck... They would come and mess up the mulch and do their thing. Then we'd have to clean it up. Not nice.

We used the Critter Ridder on half the area. On the other half we sprayed vinegar. Both areas have not had any 'kitty gifts' since we applied both products. The one big difference between the areas: the cats still come and move the mulch around in the vinegar area. No poop, but they still make a mess for us to clean up. Drives me batty.

This product works great for what we need it for. It's a 5 star product for us, but I took away a star because it's so darn expensive! But, it works.
400937400937B0016PC4TSA2WLNSZ9U0T1S3Tarun Chachra "Tarun Chachra"1151340236800Works great for rabbits, mice, moles, etc..The North East has had a very warm winter and thus all sorts of stuff is living around my yard this year. We particularly have a lot of rabbits, and moles/voles... I know..rabbits are cute...but sometimes they are cumbersome because of the gardens they destroy. Moles/Voles just jump in to our pool and die there...thus increasing my chemical costs. The solution: Critter Ridder: I sprinkled this in front of our flower beds and around this shaded area of our lawn where we have woods... So far the population of rabbits has gone down from 1 dozen to about 3...which is great. The mole/vole/mice issue from our pool also improved, we are only finding 1-2 a week where as we were finding 6-8 a week.

I dont have many issues with the other animals listed on this item..but it does seem to work. We sprinkled a little less then half of it - which lasted about 3 weeks or so...once I saw more rabbits I went and sprinkled another 1/4 of the bottle - as a touch up. Voila...rabbits gone. This is going to become somewhat permanent in my garage...

There is a odor that this stuff lets off, so be ready...but that will eventually dissipate and you will be happy with the results.

Great item.

ps. I have also noticed that snakes dont like it (we have milk snakes and corn snakes around one area)...they have all but disappeared.
400938400938B0016PC4TSAAPPWNP9FWVWSKathlyn Storey "Kathlyn A Storey"1121339459200The cats could not care lessThe major reason I wanted to try this product is that we have a strong presence of feral cats, plus raccoons and badgers come out at night as well. I have a square lot running a little over a quarter acre. One five-pound container was not enough to cover the entire perimeter, so a week ago, I concentrated it on the two borders where I have seen the cats the most. No change; I just chased two cats out of the covered area this morning; the product does not seem to bother them at all. In order to cover the entire exterior perimeter (four-inch wide band) of my lot, I would need 2 and ½ containers; the label also indicates that one application only lasts up to 30 days, assuming you apply it as directed, only on sunny, dry days. The annual cost for me to use this product would, therefore, be: 2.5 containers x $27.09 (current cost per container) x 12 months, equals $812.70. From what I have observed this past week, it would not be effective.
400939400939B0016PC4TSA1FHUYGO3OWWRFA photographer1121339459200Just didn't do it for our critter problemsMaybe the neighborhood cats relieve themselves in the flower beds a little less often. Maybe. It doesn't affect the squirrels at all. The Deer Off spray from Havahart works better at keeping the squirrels away but even that is only temporary.

Maybe it will work better for others. We have what amounts to a wildlife sanctuary in our back yard. The neighborhood is full of pecan and oak trees. Those trees are full of squirrels. We have bird feeders to attract birds. The bird feeders also attract the squirrels. The birds and squirrels attract cats. Sometimes the cats get lucky with a bird or squirrel but mostly the cats just hang out and turn the flower beds into latrines. The squirrels destroy plants and containers and chew through wood trim on the house and get into the attic. If the cats would only eat all the squirrels and leave the birds and flower beds alone it would be welcome. Doesn't happen. And this stuff ain't makin' it happen either.

This stuff doesn't work for us. You might have better luck...if you're not living in a wildlife sanctuary like we are.
400940400940B0016PC4TSA2XGFPVV6P815HJ. Rubino1131339200000does it workShort of shooting them, I have looked for other methods for discouraging the squirrels. I actually bought
a high velocity pellet gun, but the neighbors thought it was a .22 and I decided not to further
test the "discharging a firearm within city limits" statute.

Next I tried a humane trap with a bowl and trail of cashews; voila' it worked- but not for the squirrels-
I caught a juvenile possum.

So someone told me about pepper products and this came up on the Vine list. It worked for about three days.
Then the squirrels were back to digging up my vegetable and flower gardens like they always have.

Disappointed to say the least.
Didn't work for me.
400941400941B0016PC4TSA1R7ENRV3TEPVEEmily Glickman "Abacus Guide Educational Cons...1131339027200Too ExpensiveA $30 package covered one application for a number of flower beds. The price is out of line with what the product offers, especially since it loses its efficacy after rain.
400942400942B0016PC4TSA2UT0FWM1DHKFJRare's Reviews1121338854400Doesn't work for squirrelsWe applied this yesterday around the perimeter of our house. Today I watched a squirrel come right up to the window next to where I was sitting and dig in the dirt where this product was applied. He stayed quite a while, dug up a nut and ate it while staring at me. I'm not at all impressed with this product and don't recommend it.
400943400943B0016PC4TSA100WO06OQR8BQDuffer. "Bo"1111338854400Fun For SquirrelsI got this product hoping it woud keep squirrels away from my bird feeders. I have six squirrel proof bird feeders. My squirrels, Mensa members all, have figured out how to overcome the "squirrel proofing" and eat the bird food until the feeders are completely empty. I placed generous amounts of Critter No-Ridder under each of my feeders. As soon as I walked away the squirrels were back and I could hear them giggling and winking at each other as they brushed away the No-Ridder whle giving me knowing glances. This is a genuinely useless product, at least as far as squirrels are concerned.
400944400944B0016PC4TSAGVDI7RLT24WJJ. Schwartz "JMS"1141338508800Seems to work (for cats). Smells bad (but that's the point)It is hard to tell if any animal deterrent is actually working, but there seem to be no more cat droppings in the areas I used this. It has a peppery smell which is an irritant. This is obviously how it works. In areas that do not get rained on the odor, and presumably the effectiveness seems to last (several weeks now). In areas that get rain (or watered) then smell goes away quickly, but it still seems effective. This may be due to the training of the cats to stay away even after the smell dissipates.

The shaker container is easy to use and stays closed/sealed between applications.

So far, so good.
400945400945B0016PC4TSA81P47EIXM8HARichardson "Clarence"1151338336000very pleased for short term use!I just received this and quickly put it into use on my front lawn. Sadly it has become a favorite spot for a few of the local animals and I've tried a few product to discourage use. This was the first one which when I opened had a distinct pepper smell and seemed like it might be efficient. A couple of happy users of my lawn approached today and within a few feet... turned tail and left! I have a feeling I'll need some more as I used the whole container but I think it may not take much to train these unwanted guests to find other places to do their assorted business.
400946400946B0016PC4TSA314CFG2ZMSRYXJAM1111338249600DO NOT WORK!!!Hello.
I tried this product and found out this DO NOT WORK AT ALL AT LEAST WITH DOGS!!!!. What waste of money. Unfortunately i cannot return the product. I'm still having problems with the dogs in front of my balcony. Does anyone know i REALLY GOOD product to keep away dogs? Thanks
400947400947B0016PC4TSA1EMN4T3ROJDOOKaren E. Koch "ditzychick"1111338076800Kept the Rabbits Away for a DayI ordered this product in desperation. The rabbits and squirrels ate most of my garden. I got this product and applied it around the perimeter of my garden area as the label says not to apply directly to plants you plan to eat. 1 day things were good then my peas disappeared. I am very disappointed.
400948400948B0016PC4TSA11CG6J45L2TJJReading Junkie1131338076800Eh...time will tellI hope I have good luck with this product. I'm just trying to keep chipmunks at bay, nothing else. They're attacking my mom's impatiens. I don't have any other animals bothering the plants (luckily). Make sure there's no wind while you're applying this. It's pretty potent on the eyes, lungs, and nose. It may be better to trap and relocate the li'l critters. I will re-post when I see its effectiveness.

OK, it's four days later...and it did not work. All I think it did was season the flowers that were there and make them more tasty and spicy. Sigh...
400949400949B0016PC4TSA9GPCR9WJQCCJJim "gearhead4"1111337904000I really needed this to work, but it back firedI I have a skunk that has taken up residence under my sidewalk. I tried replacing the soil and gravel that it was excavating. It just kept digging. I covered its entrance with bricks, it just pushed them aside.
Then I found this Cridder Ridder, which seems like just what i needed. I pourted it all around the perimeter of the side walk.
So the skunk is just working hard at coverpowering the spicey smell of the Critter Ridder with it's own scent...
The strongest skunk odor I have ever experienced!
This may work with deer, but apparently not skunks!
400950400950B0016PC4TSA1XFYHVYADAY5Yn2boating "TheMullinsFive"1111333238400Lasted a whole 4 days.Purchased at Lowes to keep my dog from digging holes in my landscaping. Scattered it on Monday, had new holes by Friday.

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