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400978400978B0016PC4TSA3TLY2LWGRULDQKaren K. Hart0031349654400Slightly effective.As I sprinkled Critter Ridder on problem areas on our property, my son commented, "Mom, I like the smell of that stuff." Indeed, it has a not-that-bad peppery smell to it. I just hoped the critters didn't feel that the smell was acceptable, too. I hoped to eliminate visits from a cat who is allowed to roam the neighborhood (who, particularly on chilly nights, likes to come initiate fights with our cats through the windows of our house) and to discourage animals from chewing on the face of our lion cub statue.
I haven't noticed any recent damage to the statue, so maybe the culprits there have been suitably deterred. However, the Critter Ridder has not completely prevented roaming cats from coming close to our windows. I don't think the cats are actually willing to go to spots where they would come into physical contact with the repellent, but the stuff isn't strong enough to keep them far enough away for our furry family members to be completely satisfied. It is easier to keep our cats from getting so horribly agitated by the roaming cats' presence that someone (whether that someone is one of our cats or a human who goes near them to try to calm things down) gets hurt, but Critter Ridder isn't strong enough that we can just sprinkle a little and keep trespassing felines away. It would take quite a bit to cover our whole deck, and I don't know how long it would work--surely rain, snow, and/or time would do it in before too much time passed.
So this product isn't completely without merit, but it isn't a miracle cure-all either.
400979400979B0016PC4TSA2OGKYBR5XUJJKKaren Wood0051349481600Keeps dogs off my lawn for at least thirty days.I don't like having to pay to keep neighbors dogs from relieving themselves on my yard and walkway, but it's better than having to keep cleaning it up for them. This stuff works VERY WELL even though sprinklers run on the lawn here every night. I don't know what to think when people say it doesn't work because it has for me and I've been using it for two years now. I wouldn't keep buying it if it didn't.
400980400980B0016PC4TSA357B3PUHSVQAY. R. Wu "The will to win is nothing without ...0031349308800Effectiveness is iffy...expensive for the amount provided..This stuff sure smells spicy - black and hot pepper spicy. It comes in a nice shaker and is considered organic.

The issue seems to be that it has a limited effectiveness. I shook it around our garden and under the birdfeeder where the squirrels and chipmunks congregate, but they either got used to it right away or I didn't use enough. That's the other thing - for the price this seems to be a small amount and did not go very far. The container is quite a bit less than I was expecting - 5 lbs is not much at all. They indicate this is enough to cover 300 square feet but it's pretty hard to shake it out that finely or evenly so your'e really only covering perhaps 100 square feet.
400951400951B0016PC4TSAXICFRTAWKFBLAmy PS1141320883200Works - but can get expensiveIt's kinda pricey, especially since we've had a lot of rain, it requires a lot of reapplication. But, it does keep the voles from creating divets.
400952400952B0016PC4TSA2OALGQSG0CBN5George Salabayev1111315612800JunkDoes not work at all: the cats feel quite comfortable leaving their droppings in the same spot these granules were applied.
400953400953B0016PC4TSA1T8I2KVGBT7VSPaul A. Strasburger1121313452800NOT GOOD!I bought this about a month ago and used the whole container in a 300sf area in my yard to deter pests from coming on my property. I had noticed for about a week it seemed to be clear of some cats, but after that, it was a field day!
400954400954B0016PC4TSAZGMIV5UGFFHYThomas G. Meyer "thomas meyer"1111313366400Don't Waste Your MoneyIt just plain doesn't work. Used it. Raccoons went right over it! Didn't phase them. Time to take out the traps again.
400955400955B0016PC4TSA2PQ1X5RLLT21PatCS1111308700800Animal Repellent Havahart Critter Ridder 3146 didn't workThis item is a waste of money. I used it in my flower garden and the perimeter of my veggie garden. Within 3 days all my Holyhocks, Lupine, Zinneas and Cosmos and all my young veggie plants were eaten down to the ground!
400956400956B0016PC4TSAKQOMWXELRF5CLisa1151303862400Chipmunk's BegoneBeing that I live in CT, I have a tremendous amount of squirrels and chipmunks in my yard. But not anymore due to this spectacular product. The squirrels and chipmunks sit at the edge of my property with a dirty look on their face as if an invisible fence was there. This is my second season using Critter Ridder, and I am thrilled with no more tunneling underfoot.
I have also used it along my property near the road, and when folks walk their dogs, the dogs lead the owners to the other side of the street.(No more worries about folks not cleaning up after their pets)
I have recommended this product for a year now, and will continue to do so. I am not sure how well it repels the other animals listed on the container, but as I see it, nothing is 100% guarenteed until you find what exactly works for you.
Go Critter Ridder!!!
400957400957B0016PC4TSA3N49USDO87Q2Bkunmanz1151300406400Does What It Says!!!!!Product works exactly as described. Used after planting garden and had no loss of plants. Actually had coon poop a foot away from plants with no harm to the plants at all. When I saw that I was convinced. I wanted to write this review because some people gave this product a one star!?!?! I have tried every product out there and this is the only one that I have used that has had a high percentage success rate. The other liquids don't compare to the granular stuff and Havahart is a reliable brand. The price is hard to beat too at the local store they cost over $10 for 2lb container so the Amazon price is really hard to beat with free shipping. It may only last 30 days if it doesn't rain but if you plant and it doesn't rain for a week or two you should have absolutely no problems in my experience. Worth its weight in gold for the protection it adds to any outdoor growing environment.
400958400958B0016PC4TSA16FJCO1M6PAO9Charlie Nixon3411307232000Zero Performance Against Squirrels and ChipmunksI wasted $27.89 in an attempt to keep squirrels and chipmunks away. They are still in yard following application. Save you money, do not purchase this product.
400959400959B0016PC4TSA1UD2369ZOZNGRaven10213411276905600Don't waste your time / moneyPurchased to get rid of whatever was going in front landscaping. Claimed to last 30 days - didn't last 2 days!

Returned product.
400960400960B0016PC4TSA14HOSAJZGO1GYBook Junkie "Tina"3411253232000Doesn't help with cats or dogs!A person I work with highly recommended it. He said he solved his mole problem with his tulips. It may work for the smaller critters but did not help with my dog or cat. I sprinkled it all around my vegetable garden and my dog didn't even notice it and I used the whole big bottle. The day after I sprinkled it the cat was sitting right in the midst of it.
400961400961B0016PC4TSAOTURAR5ANH4PKenneth K. Rose2311345939200shortchangedI WAS MOST DEFINITELY NOT PLEASED WITH THE RECEIPT OF MY ORDER FOR HAVAHART CRITTERE RIDDER. I purposely ordered the large container (5 lbs). The container I received had approximately 1 lb of material, hardly enough to complete the job fo which it was intended. I do hope this was an error and not deliberately deceptive packaging. Please reply.

Kenneth K. Rose
400962400962B0016PC4TSA38K04MT5LR0JCPop S "The FT Clan"2321340755200Didn't work for meI obtained this product because we have cats and chipmunks that invade an area between our house and our shrubbery.

The product is nicely packaged and easy to use. I was concerned a bit about the warning label that suggested you contact a poison control center in case of contact with skin. It was hard to believe it was that dangerous. The coverage was also less than I would have thought for five pounds, but adequate for the job at hand.

The material is granular with a not-unpleasant smell. The smell was completely gone within a few hours of application.

As a test, I set up a motion activated wildlife camera and recorded the area in question for about a week. I saw cats every night (two different ones), chipmunks during the day and a few birds. I then applied the product.

Unfortunately, I have photos of the same cats and chipmunks in the same area after the product was applied. There did seem to be fewer chipmunk visits- but the cats continued apparently unaffected. The birds were gone, but I wasn't worried about them.

Could be I did something wrong (or that we have strange neighborhood cats) but the product did not work for me.
400963400963B0016PC4TSA25GGFLDWT9T6Ssteveh2311339632000critter ridderWaste of money. Squirrels did not pay any attention to it. I tried to treat small arear under trees to keep them from digging holes
400964400964B0016PC4TSA1C6ZJNWKYK485R. Johnson2311339372800Doesn't work with our crittersI really wanted the Havahart Critter Ridder to work, but unfortunately it hasn't helped with our critter problem. We have squirrels around our house daily, and skunk and raccoon that come into our yard every week or so to dig up our ground cover looking for grubs. I have tried repellent sprays and other products before, but nothing seems to deter them. I followed the directions on the Havahart Granular Shaker, and applied it where we most often have a problem. Although we continued to have squirrels appear every day, I was hopeful about keeping the other animals away because nothing happened for about a week. However, after about seven days I awoke to find my ground cover dug up in many of the places where I had applied this repellent. Even if it did work for seven days (which is doubtful because we've gone that long before with no incidents) it would be far to expensive to apply it every week. I won't try this product again.
400965400965B0016PC4TSA1WE8K2NADEX8ERob K2311319587200Havahart Critter Ridder will not rid you of your crittersI found this rather expensive product to be useless. A $16 investment will only cover 80 square feet. So, I used it sparingly around the perimeter of my lawn. Over the next two days, raccoons continued to dig up the lawn. I would look for other means to deter rodents... such as leaving out rags soaked in ammonia or sprinkling cayenne pepper on your lawn and plants. These are effective but require persistent applications.
400966400966B0016PC4TSA1YPKY0RVR4OAXJennifer in KY2311313020800Completely Useless for ChipmonksI have a several chipmunk holes around my house which go under concrete and am concerned they are going to damage the foundation. So I bought the spray AND granules neither worked a snot. I then took the remaining product and COMPLETELY filled the holes with Critter Ridder. Within hours the chipmunks just pushed it aside and continued using the exact same hole. Do NOT buy this for chipmunks it is 100% ineffective. It would be worth the price if it worked, but it was absolutely useless for every chipmunk hole I used it on. Save your money buy a trap. I doubt they even tested this on chipmunks. It may work for squirrels but they are wrong about Chip and Dale.
400967400967B0016PC4TSAEHZZFXF969U1Robert Walker2311275609600ForgetaboutitI needed a squirrel repellent for my bird feeder. Nasty little critters were do'n a job on the feeder. Critter Ridder was a little on the expensive side but I decided to give it a try. The squirrels totally ignored it. Where bird seed fell to the ground I tried sprinkling CR. It did not faze the squirrels at all. I may resort to a bee bee gun.
400968400968B0016PC4TSAVH4LC6EDRVWGCatherine S. Todd0041351036800WorksI live on an acre lot in a rural subdivision. White-tail Deer are a daily nuisance in
the neighborhood and over the spring and summer, I used Deer Off to help protect
azaleas, day lilies, and other ornamental plants around the yard.

During this time deer continued to come into the yard on a regular basis but they
did not nibble on the treated plants nearly as much as when I left them untreated in
earlier years.

I tried the Critter Ridder granules around my back deck where we keep our
trashcans and recycling. Raccoons, skunks, and oppossums are all attracted to this
area. While I've been using Critter Ridder, I've not had them get into the trash at all.

I applied the granules to create a 1 to 2 foot wide barrier around the deck and also
sprinkled some under the deck around the cans. I did this roughly once a month.
The shaker can is easy to use and it only took a few minutes to spread the granules.
400969400969B0016PC4TSA3IJXAG1VDXHN5ADUB0021350950400Not a critter ridderWe applied this generously around our front year, and by next morning--we had even more evidence of skunk and raccoons digging in our grass. Now we set traps--we'll see what happens. The pro-pest guys laugh at the crystals/poweders for raccoons and skunks--they will dig to get to worms no matter what.
400970400970B0016PC4TSA2L4ZGN7GZJ95TJed Shlackman0021350950400Mildly effective pest deterrentThis product is presented as a safe and effective deterrent for a variety of animals. The active ingredients are pepper compounds, the scent of which can deter animals. However, I've found that many animals aren't really affected by the application of Critter Ridder, either because it wears off quickly or isn't active enough in the 1st place. If you use it I would recommend a solid application in the areas where you'd like to repel animals, if it's too weak then animals can easily adapt and ignore it. Also, rains neutralize it, so it's a waste to apply it during rainy season. I believe you could create your own herbal animal repellents with plant oils and extracts and get better results than using these granules. The granules may seem convenient and safe, but so far they seem low on the scale of effectiveness. The cats, dogs, and rodents in my area don't seem that disturbed by this repellent, and applying even larger amounts in hopes of making the application stronger would make the cost excessive.
400971400971B0016PC4TSAY3D7DG5L5WCKEdward Walker "ednpatty"0051350777600This worked great for ChimpmunksI normally have a family of chipmunks that like like to eat my pea and bean plants, I sprinkled this around the outside of my raised beds and I did not have any problems. I only used it once, after the plants are bigger they don't want them. I am not sure if it would work for other animals.
400972400972B0016PC4TSA1QO7UOWLOYIFVConsumer 134110051350691200This works for chipmunksI was skeptical. But this works. I applied it to a bed of pansies that chipmunks were gradually tearing to pieces by digging holes among and under the plants every night. I applied it a week ago and no chipmunk problems since then.
400973400973B0016PC4TSA2NB2E5DXE319ZS. Lionel0041350432000Easy to use, seems to work for a whileThe particular critters we want to get rid of are chipmunks - they're destroying our garden, tunneling into the lawn and even invading the house. The Havahart Critter Ridder is easy to use - just pop the cap and shake onto the ground. I tried it around a peach tree the chipmunks had been fond of, and it did seem to reduce the number of attacks. I didn't expect miracles, given the number of chipmunks we have around, but it did seem to help for a while. As with all products of this nature, it needs to be periodically reapplied.
400974400974B0016PC4TSA2HTPS0JV3Q8ZDMichael D. Briggs "Dark_Psion"0041350172800Good Repellent and Safe around KidsThis is a great Animal Repellent that uses Pepper to keep areas safe. It can last up to 30 days depending on your weather. Also any digging, watering or anything that disrupts to ground will affect the coverage and duration.

It works by affecting the animals sense of smell and taste with hot pepper and by getting it on their skin and in their eyes. In fact, one way to use this to take some table scraps and cover them with it. Once that skunk or opossum tastes this hot pepper, it will go elsewhere for it's next meal. Also keep in mind that open sources of water and food are what draw in such animals, so if those are still present, you will get other animals coming to the location.

This also works to keep cats from using your flower beds as a bathroom, you can shake it over your birdseed to keep squirrels out as birds can't taste hot pepper and it is a non-chemical way to protect your vegetable garden from animals eating your crops.
400975400975B0016PC4TSA2S26YGSVXBCFLMorley Dotes "morleydotes"0011349827200Did not work for my problemI have a severe squirrel problem around my house. The chew the cable line outside, they have even been in the house one year. I also have a large chipmunk population that creates other issues as well. I thought, hoped, prayed that this would work. It didn't. They are still all over. Don't waste your money folks. I suspect I'll have to start trapping them and "re-homing."
400976400976B0016PC4TSA2AC6GQ24S45GAPatrick Oden0041349827200Good if used as part of an overall strategyI've tried using assorted repellents like this for a while, always with mixed success. It's mixed enough for me to somewhat suspect more of a placebo effect--I want it to work so I think I notice more effect than it has.

However, that being the case, there is enough of a indicator it has an influence in keeping away pests. But, I've found that if I try to use this as a complete solution, I'm both disappointed and quickly run out. For me it works best with more of a targeted approach, using it where I particularly don't want pests to be or to go through--gaps in fences, openings between brush. I have to be careful because I likewise don't want to use this where I or my family want to be.

Mostly, I find it's helpful to keep our yard a relatively unfriendly place--so that we don't get overrun. I've noticed a decrease in critter activity, so for that I keep using it.
400977400977B0016PC4TSA2705TYWNRS495JoJo "J."0031349740800Doesn't last longMy goal for this product was to help keep the neighbor cats out of my flower and veggie garden. I followed the instructions on the container and I did notice a little less activity but one running of the water sprinkler seems to dissipate the strength of the granulars enough that the cats are able to ignore it.

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