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401020401020B000RP29IOA1GTTC7MA3XK2Xcybersleuth58 "chi-mama"0051234483200Tasty treats for little onesMy 6 little chihuahuas are quite fussy! When I buy treats invariably one or two end up disliking them. These little treats were loved by everybody. My little long haired boy sees the box and spins until I give him one. They are soft and are manageable for the tiny dogs with tiny teeth. Sojos came out with a statement that they DO NOT USE any of the peanut butter affected by the recent recalls. So you can relax if you want to try them!
401021401021B000RP29IOA39GHEM2JBZFHQYoshio Nakashima "yosh n"0021232928000is it safe?our dog liked it but seemed to not feel well after.
bad peanut butter???
401022401022B000RP29IOA1ME751TANAC63P. Benden0041232496000Great Treat For Tiny Dogs!I have a teacup chihuahua and most treats are as big as she is. This one is perfect for her tiny little mouth and she loves them!
401023401023B000RP29IOA2CIM5OI9565ONLo "someone"0051231718400My dog loved these!Very cute little biscuits shaped like bones, perfect for small treats and my dog absolutely loves them. The best part is that they are all natural :-)
401024401024B000RP29IOA34A2SK45Q1UAOC. Lambert0041212105600Healthy, high quality treatsI mixed these with yogurt and applesauce as a Kong filling and my dogs loved it. They weren't real enthusiastic about them dry, but it may have been because they saw the Kongs and new what was coming!
401025401025B000RP29IOA34A2SK45Q1UAOC. Lambert0041212019200My boston loved themI mixed these with plain yogurt and frozen blueberries for my boston terrier's kong and he LOVED it. He kept bringing it to me wanting it refilled. Love that they are wheat free as we think he might be allergic or at least sensitive to wheat.
401026401026B000RP29IOA1ZSF5CJ0A4CIOFancy Trimmins0131269302400Some liked them, some ignored themMy 6 Greyhounds received the chicken pot pie flavored treats as an early Easter surprise from their Auntie. Keeping in mind the size of my dogs, these treats are the teeniest, tiniest things I think I've seen. Maybe an inch long and 1/8" high/deep, the dogs' canine teeth are bigger than these treats. Keeping in mind a treat this small will most likely be swallowed whole, I distributed them slowly to each pup. It was as if they were gulping air...I don't think the ones with enough teeth to chew even tasted them. The 2 with minimum teeth for whom I must moosh everything up got theirs crushed up in yogurt...those two girls wouldn't eat the yogurt. So, I can't tell if my pups like these or not; most didn't even taste them as they went down the hatch too quickly without chewing; the other two didn't like what they did to their favorite treat since losing their teeth, yogurt.

They are wheat and corn free, listed as 100% natural and the ingredients list on the back of the little box are:
oat flour, rolled oats, potato flour, chicken broth, carrots, celery, canola oil, eggs, baking powder

For the price, one can put those ingredients together at home (I will swap potato flour for whole wheat flour) and bake them yourself. Even if it takes a few tries to get the measurements right, the dogs will still eat them and you can make them any size that is appropriate for your pet(s). If baking them as hard treats is too time consuming for you, do what I do: mix it up like a meatloaf, bake it, cut into appropriately sized treat pieces, and keep in the frig. Easy enough and one can use leftovers from a meal rather than start with all new ingredients. Probably healthier for your pet too.

However, we must still thank Auntie for allowing us to try something new. If it were not for the tiny size of these treats, they would most likely have been a great big hit here.
401027401027B0044BQXDEA1Q3C8EFFVBWUCharlotte H0051336348800So far only flavour our daughter will eatWe got this at a big box retailer (for nearly half the price) and this flavour is the only one our daughter likes so far. She will wolf it down like nobody's business. :o)
401028401028B0044BQXDEAJ1X01E6FHOFXllaand120051327536000Good and healthyI think this blend deserves 5 stars. I am so glad somebody came up with this healthy and tasty dish for babies! I wish I had time to reproduce this recipe for the whole family. The smell is sure inspiring! The texture is chunky, but my son has never had any problem with this(he first tasted it at 9 month). He loved it ever since!
401029401029B0044BQXDEA3SFS8R1T6JJM9PolyOWannaCracker0211339027200My Earths Best Baby spits it right out...She's eaten earths best since she was 10 weeks old; in addition to her formula. I was amazed when she started to spew this out of her mouth. She spit out every bite. It must not be that good. After 4 different meal attempts with this, she wouldn't even eat it if I mixed it with fruit. I tell you, it really must not taste all that great if she acted that way. She eats all kinds of things.
401030401030B0044BQXDEAKRZSLATNVUH6Denise Chavez0231330041600Beans...I taste all the foods I feed my daughter, and I usually like Sprout's flavors, but this has too many flavors. My daughter will eat it, but not as a first choice, plus the beans give her gas.
401031401031B0044BQXDEAGB6MT3C7VLOPCarlson510701211315612800Allergic ReactionI put a dab of this on my 12 month old son's tray and within 15 minutes, his forearm, which had rubbed on it a few times had broken out in hives. He touches his face when he eats, so the side of his face and forehead also broke out. We haven't had a problem with Sprout food in the past, so we thought we'd try the Black Bean and Corn; but something in it gave him a reaction.
401032401032B003Z9PCQKA3525107IVEY7Ngene3351327708800sugar free licoriceI love licorice and was very surprised that this sugarfree candy tasted as good as one with sugar. So I can enjoy the candy without the worry of sugar.
401033401033B001SAW3FQA86SGP3WFDH2Desmatt "esmatt"0051350777600SoupI get these for my son in law he loves them. I hope you continue to stock them or that lots of other people like it too so you will keep selling it.
401034401034B0018Z4HB4A1V649RPFJ0TC2C. Janelli1151317513600My dog loves this stuff!I have a Spaniel and she loves this stuff! It makes her hair super soft and smooth and she always licks the bowl clean. If she's a fan, I'm a fan.
401035401035B0014AWBS4A20JRDCHBHO1MHGrace O'Neal5521294790400too sweetWhat do they add? Is it the marshmallow root? (There's no stevia.) This tea has a sickening sweetness all its own. If you accidentally bought it, like me, here's a tip: try adding lemon juice to your cup just so you can use up the box without throwing it away.
401036401036B0014AWBS4A1OF3FC24XL72YDino Spinella0051341273600A great discoveryMy voice is my job. In the last months I felt a bit tired. My voice was a bit veiled. In some specialized Linkedin forums someone sayd this product is a sort of cure-all. So I bought it, but I was a bit skeptical. I was amazed by the positive effects on my voice. And now Throat coat tea is one of the most important working tools.
401037401037B0014AWBS4A3F4KNQLXH8K0Opurplejr0041339459200The taste is not badI like the chocolate alot better than the original version. There isn't much of an after taste and it goes down easy.
401038401038B0014AWBS4A9T3MJ4215C5JMrbluesky0051334534400Amazing teaMy throat feels so much less mucousy halfway through a set with the band if I'm drinking this instead of diet soda or beer! Which means I sing cleaner and clearer!
401039401039B0014AWBS4A36RGOVNCCA5KIM. Barrow0051194566400Good stuffI decided to try this tea because I am a big fan of the Traditional Medicines Throat Coat tea. Echinacea Plus tastes good and is good for your immune system. Who could ask for more?
401040401040B0014AWBS4A36RGOVNCCA5KIM. Barrow0051194566400Tastes good and is good for you.This tea tastes awesome (especially with honey in it) and is so good for you. I love it, and you will too!
401011401011B000RP29IOA1NH1U2E62BAABFrenna "Magicdog"1151236556800Love these treats!I got some of these through a friend of mine who bought them for his dog. He swore no dog could resist them and he was right! I had the apple dumpling flavored treats and my little dog, "Magic" was hooked! The ingredients are human grade and could be consumed by humans (though they don't taste great to the average person's palate!).
401012401012B000RP29IOA2R4WK3VU38KC6C. Smith1151219536000Yummy for FidoMy Cousin's dog loved these. She kept stealing blueberry muffins so we thought these would be perfect for her, and they were! The treats are small in size, but you can give several and not feel guilty about it. (Because 4 of these is equal to a normal sized treat, and because blueberries are supposed to be good for dogs.) This dog loved them, and kept begging for more!
401013401013B000RP29IOA52KI87KEWX39the contented cat2321210550400Mini bonesMy dog would not eat these bones. Nor would my cats. They were so tiny. Maybe the size of a treat for a hamster or guinea pig. And way too expensive.
401014401014B000RP29IOA1PZJB4VW943JHEmma "darsey45"0051349913600Great TreatLove these tiny little treats for my two dogs. They like the peanut butter, blueberry and chicken. I like to reward my dogs often but don't want them to put on too much weight from treats. The packaging is wonderful for giving as a doggie gift.
401015401015B000RP29IOAA31KOOKHXJZENew York0051344729600Dog TreatsMy dogs love these treats! They're great for training because they are small & not crumbly. I use them whenever my dogs need some encouragement
401016401016B000RP29IOA278D79LG6IPODFins2r_again0051339372800Peanut Butter & Jelly Dog TreatsWe bought these treats at the shelter where we found our new furry friend but didn't want to have to drive all the way back every time we needed more. Amazon to the rescue!! She is a small dog so these are the perfect size for training and everyday treats and she loves the taste!
401017401017B000RP29IOA1NO71XYDBNXBVDeborah Ann "Deborah"0051338336000My dogs love themI have two chi chi's and they love these cookies! They are the perfect snack size for there little bodies. I trust them since they are made in America and every ingredient in the cookies are something you can purchase at the grocery. They may not be every dogs flavor of choice but my dogs also don't eat any human food or junk food.
401018401018B000RP29IOAMN4VV0VBJ5QSK. Steward0051257465600my dachshund loves thesemy dachshund, like all dachshunds, will eat anything and everything. Treats need to be very small for her so that she doesn't put on weight and she loves these. They are the perfect size for a small dog (and not a hampster like that other reviewer said).
401019401019B000RP29IOA2JCKLHCJI1DLNL. A. Cook "SUMMERBUDDY45"0011242000000Chiken Pot pie Dog TreatsNone of the dogs would eat these treats,I still have the whole box,months later.I would not reccomend this treat.

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