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401131401131B000KENKXAA282YU1Y9PUWBGA.L "Fluttered"0031347148800Where are all these good reviews coming from?Before going gluten free, I LOVED corn bread. Couldn't get enough of the stuff, it was a meal in itself.

So to try something different and something that required little effort, I picked a package of Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Cornbread mix up from the store yesterday. While making the cornbread mix was simple enough and baking the mix was easy, this bread just doesn't taste good.

For those so starved for a piece of corn bread this will be okay. It's consistency isn't terrible and it does taste like corn bread. Just not tasty cornbread I want another piece of.

I found slathering the bread with butter helped.

2.5 stars out of 5
401132401132B000KENKXAA8UKCJOJISK1Wchrista barnhizer0051346976000good and easyThis is the only gluten free cornbread mix I have found that I like to eat. Even the family members that can eat gluten like it. If you do not use a mixer, and stir by hand instead, the batter will be thicker and take an extra 30 minutes to bake through. Still good cornbread.
401133401133B000KENKXAA2GEZJHBV92EVRHistory buff0041346889600Pretty good.I like the jiffy cornbread mix better, but this is not to bad. I find the mix a little dry. So I add a little buttermilk (not too much), & some honey or brown sugar. Yum! I like this with bean soup of course, but also with boiled cabbage. Very good stuff! Highly recommend.
401134401134B000KENKXAA2QHBXN10W79AHlinda skeele0051345766400~~BEST ~gluten free~ corn bread by Bob's Red Mill!!~~We really have enjoyed this cornbread mix. I make it regularly for my gluten intolerant husband and myself who is not! We will continue to purchase it and enjoy the quality and flavor from Bob's Red Mill.
401135401135B000KENKXAA38583MMBXVQPWShopper Mom0011344297600Bland, dryThere wasn't anything I liked about this cornbread. It had a bitter taste and very little flavor. It was also very dry. The directions seemed a little fussy. All the ingredients had to be at room temperature. The pan had to be "gray, nonstick." I usually like Bob's Red Mill products, but I will not buy this cornbread again.
401136401136B000KENKXAAKXP95358YNPWMary Queen "school teacher"0051340582400Look at the stars! It's that good!Just made this cornbread. You have to add melted butter or oil, 2 eggs and some sort of milk, or soy milk. It is oh, so good! It is not as sweet as Jiffy Cornbread Mix, but it is sweet. Just enough sweet in my opinion. It will be a regular at my house, that's for sure. I will try more of Bob's Red Mill mixes just because this one is so wonderful. I will buy this from Amazon again!
401137401137B000KENKXAA1QFC3ZKIIRG4JPezLee0051330560000The best GF cornbread I've foundWhile the texture of this cornbread is different than I remember old fashioned cornbread having, it has superior fresh corn flavor and produces a dense crumb.

Word of caution, do not make two bags in a larger pan as the center will not finish off before the crust burns.
401138401138B000KENKXAAYFEVLLR87D7EOkie Bookie "Okie Bookie"0041329091200Great CornbreadNot quite as good as some of the mixes that have flour, but for a gluten-free cornbread it is wonderful.
401139401139B000KENKXAAQDZXEMRVIQ6DJ. Collins "aVOL2"0041329091200Yummy!I wasn't so sure how this would taste, but I liked it. Of course my son thinks gluten would of made it taste better, but I would love to add creamed corn or maybe even some chopped jalapenos to add a bit of a bite. It took a bit longer to bake then the 25 minutes on the label.. but I give it a 4/5 stars.. glad I have more bags :)
401140401140B000KENKXAALRL91VANPN4Adhechinger "dhechinger"0051322179200Gluten Free Cornbread MixThis product is part of an extensive selection of G-F baking items available from Red Mill. We have been using this product for years, often in combination with diced/minced jalapeños or habaneros. Its simply fabulous. And if you have any questions or comments, Red Mill is extremely responsive....
401141401141B000KENKXAA33PVCHCQ2BTN0Bali Bound0041305590400Good texture and flavorI've been gluten free for a few months and have tried several gluten free bread products with disappointment. I didn't have high hopes for Bobs Gluten Free Cornbread, but was pleasantly surprised. The cornbread baked beautifully. The texture was somewhat denser than regular cornbread, but at least it had a natural texture unlike many odd gluten free baked products. It sliced well both fresh from the oven and leftover, without leaving many crumbs. I have a few pieces in the freezer and hope they retain the texture when thawed.

I would have hoped for more corn flavor, but found the overall flavor to be nice enough. There is a bit of an oddly bitter aftertaste which would be due to one of the flours in the mixture, and I'm not sure which. But as long as I serve the cornbread with other foods and don't eat it by itself, then I don't notice the bitterness. I would like to tweak it with additions such as corn kernels or finely chopped onion. The Gluten Free Goddess (check her blog) makes a cornbread from scratch and adds chopped green chilies with cinnamon that sounds delicious and could be adapted with this mix.

The price is fantastic with the Subscribe and Save option, especially with the current bobs gluten free promo code. Gluten free products are so darned expensive, so a deal like this really helps.
401142401142B000KENKXAA1M54GODNWQEHDsmileygfmom0051298419200Yummy!I had to make cornbread for my son's cubscouts banquet and we are now gluten free. I am not fond of cornbread usually but my son LOVES it. I found this gf cornbread mix and made it as cornbread muffins. Oh my goodness....they were BIG and fluffy and SO very good! I loved them. I never love cornbread, never. This is a first AND they are gluten free! I will be buying this mix again. It is better than non-gf cornbread if you ask me. My son LOVED it and my daughter liked it and she usually hates cornbread. I don't have to try to make my own recipe or find one to make, this is a keeper. I will buy it again. It's the best right out of the oven, but even as left overs it was good with some butter on it. YUMMY!
401143401143B000KENKXAAIPBPQC3ALHTPE. Stinnett0051295740800Great cornbreadI really like this cornbread. It has a good texture and even our family that does not eat gluten free likes it.
401144401144B000KENKXAA28WSN4Z3ONQY7Lolanda Fay Moore0051273968000This is gluten free??As the title says you wouldn't know this was gluten free unless you made it yourself. As a wonderful bonus I cook this cornbread in our bread maker on the cake setting. Turns out awesome every time.
401145401145B000KENKXAA1A6B4JQJK0GG0John G. Pollard "jpollardbookseller"0051273795200Tasty treatThis is very good tasting gluten free corn bread. It is easy to make and it is made quickly. If you buy it on a subscription basis the cost is less than $2.50 per bag and it is a great value.
401146401146B000KENKXAA2DZ7NEAGOXIPDJ.M. "jzig217"0051265500800Five StarsThis is one of the best gluten free baking mixes I've tried. It's easy to make and it's tasty. The only problem I've had is that I need to bake it several minutes longer than the directions state. It also freezes really well (doesn't get that frozen bread taste).
401147401147B000KENKXAASCL17975KM2RJames K. Gazzaway0051262995200Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Cornbread Mix Grade AAAI have Celiac Sprue and am Gluten intolerant. Bob's Red Mill Cornbread Mix allows me to enjoy cornbread again. Cornbread has been a staple for me all my life but I suddenly could no longer toerate it until I found Bob's Red Mill. Thank you Bob. Thank you Amazon for making it available to me.
401148401148B000KENKXAATIAD2WL24IPSLaura B0051261785600Love, love, love this cornbread!!This is the best cornbread ever! You can't tell that it's gluten free. Everything about it is wonderful: easy to make, texture is great, flavor is outstanding! I make this once a week and definitely during the holiday meals as well.
401149401149B000KENKXAA1EKSEAIBKRJW9Whoa Nellie0051261526400Celiac weighs in: It tastes like the 'gluten' kind! :)All I can say is: This is the BEST darn gluten-free cornbread you will ever find. The taste, the's so much like the real thing, I feel like I'm cheating somehow. I'm starting to think that Bob's Red Mill has the GF thing nailed better than any other company. Their pancake mix is to die for! I'm baking a loaf of their Gluten Free Hearty Whole Grain bread mix today in my bread maker....I'll weigh in on that when I try it. (Though my dad, who is celiac too, swears it's the best....but you HAVE to toast it, like most other GF breads.)
401150401150B000KENKXAA2BE3V2OH0QSGWkelleyordh0051261526400Best GF Cornbread that is closest to Jiffy brand!This cornbread is my daughter's favorite thus far since being diagnosed with Celiac disease on June 1, 2007. Our favorite gluten brand Jiffy, is a hard act to follow but this one comes very close in texture. It is not grainy like an all cornmeal bread.
401151401151B000KENKXAA32VYURK3JH1O5Mary Alice Mairet0051260921600GREAT!These corn muffins rival any on the market, regular or gluten free. I am proud to serve them to the whole family. Our friends cannot believe that they are GF. Buy 'em, try 'em, you'll love 'em too.
401152401152B000KENKXAA25CECSP1M7W27M. Cohen "~mc"0051260144000amazing!This mix was great! So easy to make. I made half of the recipe first to try it out, it came out great. My bf who isnt celiac raved about them too. We even made thanksgiving stuffing with it, he loved it! couldnt stop eating it. So this mix works for all things. I advise trying it out and trying different things. As fas as people saying its flavorless, I did not encounter that, I mean its a corn muffin not some double decker choco bluberry coffee cake muffin were all use to. Its a great price as well here. Its usually 3-4 dollars at the health food store or even 5-7 in the local grocery. Good buy!
401153401153B000KENKXAA1XX7DKB0ZN3ABBarbara Gere "autism diet mom"0051258761600Deliciousexcellent, easy to use and adapt to any recipe you have and want to make gluten free.
401154401154B000KENKXAA6L11D6GU614MW. Harvey0051254268800PerfectThis may be better than any of the regular cornbread mixes or recipes you find that contain wheat. I absolutely love this mix. I like to add a can of corn for texture and a little cheese or ground chipotle for pizazz. You will not be disappointed with this product.
401155401155B000KENKXAA26L3OSNHYNHL9B. A. Elliott0051242518400Love It!This cornbread mix is excellent - it's moist & very flavorful... liked it so much I bought a case of it!
401156401156B000KENKXAA2YWIT3Y8G5DSOBrownie Bee "Brownie"0051238716800The Best Cornbread You Ever AteThis may well be the best cornbread that you ever ate, gluten-free or not. This generous sized package will make two pans of thin, crisp crusted bread or one large pan of thick bread, enough for a family of eight or more. It is delicious.[[ASIN:B000KENKXA Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Cornbread Mix, 20-Ounce Units (Pack of 4).
401157401157B000KENKXAA2FRFAQCWZJT3QB. Davis "The Happy Hermit"1251319500800Excellent cornbreadI made this with Eggbeaters, olive oil (not extra virgin so a mild taste), and rice milk. The batter was very thick and had to be spread rather than poured into the pan. The instructions stipulated using a 9" square gray non-stick pan which I do not own so I used glass Pyrex instead, sprayed with oil, and it baked just fine with zero stickage. As it baked it rose up nice and high and turned golden brown on top. I had not had cornbread since I went GF so this was a huge treat. I would not hesitate to make this for company.
401158401158B000KENKXAA1WQAYZQUR20MKGluten Free Mama0151270166400Wonderful productThis mix makes terrific corn bread muffins. We found no difference between these and muffins containing gluten. A really good product.
401159401159B000KENKXAAPP47KJF51XY5Dru3711262390400Worst of any gluten free product yetIt's hard to believe the 5 star reviews for this cornbread mix. I should have rated it zero stars. All I can say is these people must not have ever had good cornbread. The taste is bad, the texture is worse. I threw away the pan of cornbread after my husband and I each had a piece. I used the next package (I had bought 3)for turkey dressing and ended up throwing it away. To prevent the possibility of wasting even more ingredients on another recipe, I just went ahead and threw the last unused package away.
401160401160B000KENKXAA3S6E8898F26APCattusMagnus0211326412800GrossBad bitter taste and poor texture. My dog wasn't even excited about the scrap I gave him. I'll stick with Jiffy.

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