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401161401161B0096BRED0A8PD91GEQVCBMIrvin Kanode1151346198400Great Curry for Chicken SaladThis is the perfect curry for Curried Chicken Salad. We don't eat it that often and a can lasts us about a year. The metal can and lid keeps it fresh.

For the best taste, add a little water to a Tablespoon or so of curry powder to make a thick paste and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. We then measure out the amount of mayonnaise needed for the chicken salad. Blend in a little of the curry powder at a time until you get the flavor intensity you desire.

We usually make it with 13 oz of canned chicken, diced onions, diced celery, chopped pecans/walnuts and the curried mayonnaise. You can also add, diced hot or bell peppers, diced tomatoes, etc.
401162401162B0096BRED0A1MC6QWQW6ZPOFpolkweed0051339459200S&B Ortiental curry powderThis is great stuff. We are not really officinados for curry, but this is a signature meal when my wife makes it. We have tried other powders and this is certainly the best for us.
It has become the most popluar meal of choice when our adult children come to visit. Our problem has been determmining where we can purchase this product.
401163401163B001J8V54MA1IQB5BF5VKT0HWoofie531151329696000This is great bouillon!!I love this bouillon. It's a lot more flavorful than other brands I have tried. It's not as salty either. The flavor comes through quite well. I use it in a Garlic Butter Rice recipe that I created. It gives it a lot of flavor and lets the fresh garlic come through too. It doesn't take much and the rice isn't as salty as it was with other brands. If you want my recipe, please feel free to ask in a comment. I'll be more than happy to give it to you. It's very easy to make.

I also add it to homemade Green Beans and Ham Hocks. It really brings out the flavor of them. I only add a tablespoon or so, depending on how many green beans I cook.

I love Knorr products. This will be the only Chicken Bouillon I will ever buy. It makes a great hot drink when I need something to warm me up.

Amazon is the only place I have found this at such a great price. I will continue to order it as I need it. It was well packaged and came quickly. I was impressed!! Thanks Amazon
401164401164B001J8V54MAIB7FLAIYISKYC. Lang0051339027200Delicious!This price is perfect! I use chicken bouillion a lot. Purchasing a large quantity for only a little bit more than I pay for a much smaller container in the grocery store is a great savings for me!
401165401165B001J8V54MAB39SPGO6B4KOColoradodoc0041337644800Easy Chicken BouillonThe Knorr granulated chicken bouillon is flavorful and, equally as importantly, easy to use. Since chicken (or beef) stock is such a wonderful addition to almost any dish that calls for water, a fast disolving soup base is just the ticket for when you do not have your own stock available.

Lasts for months on the counter. Much better than the cubes.
401166401166B001J8V54MA1OK052S2R2APOAndrea0051319587200Won't use anything elseThey don't sell this where I live so when I found out I could order from Amazon, I was all over it. I will not use any other brand. I use this for my sopa and rice and then some :)
401167401167B001J8V54MA35298SZS1XPOUbandaid1211327363200where's the beef? in here apparentlyHow disgusting, this chicken bouillon contains beef fat, not listed on product description page. It should tell you before you buy it for those who do not eat red meat!
401168401168B001J8V54MA2I85TDI7XF3C3Heller1211320105600chicken bouillionThis product is old. The experation date is early 2012. When you open it, it's the color of beef

Will not desolve in hot water.

Returned to shpr
401169401169B00430BMF0A1KATM2VHHZEFXJohn Marc Ventimiglia "jmarcv"5551298505600Beautiful balanced tasteFrankly, I have been underwhelmed by Cuisine Perel products, but this one is stellar. Good acidity with bright intense orange flavor. Makes a great springy dressing for delicate salads like Mache, watercress, and arugula. I like it so much I buy the quart bottles.
401170401170B00430BMF0A2REBFO0U8B6Q1Topkat2 "topkat2"3351343520000LOVE this vinegar, but....but you can get it from the Cuisine Perel website for about one-third of what this vendor is charging. FWIW, I use it to make the world's best salad dressing.
401171401171B00430BMF0A1GGNX5NVZP2P9mt.jan3331337558400great tastethis has a really great taste both in water and on various veggies. but these are the ingredients: orange juice, white wine vinegar, white grape juice, cider vinegar, natural orange xtract, and annatto. this is a very costly flavored vinegar. why pay serious dollars when you can mix orange juice and vinegar at home. i wouldn't recommend this because of the serious price tag.
401172401172B00375LBPIA1YD8FWHVR77G1Elizabeth Arbelaez2251299110400Nice colorThe pink color is very nice and bright. I made some candy hearts and they came beautifull. I also used it for cake pops but it have to be mixed with a little amount of paramount crystals to be liquid enough for coating the cake pops. It's liquids much better than Wilton's.Paramount Crystals
401173401173B00375LBPIABW688RH6XGVWLisa "Cooking fool"1151277683200Can't tell this chocolate is sugar-freeI bought this chocolate so I could dip fruit in it for my husband (who's diabetic). This is the best sugar-free dark chocolate for melting that I've found. I plan to stock up on it!
401174401174B00375LBPIA1HTTIS68HY3NXteddi0051324944000happyI used part of this chocolate to dip dried fruit, and I used the rest of it to make sugar free chocolate chip cookies. Both turned out very good! It melted nicely for dipping, and I just broke up the disks for the cookies. These were both nice Christmas treats for my diabetic mother.
401175401175B00375LBPIAE2EV84042GJFMJK559871211291852800OverpricedYou can buy the same bag of chocolate at any Michaels store for $2.99. I got a ton of bags on sale for $1.99 there! Don't waste your money or your time waiting for this bag
401176401176B002QTWTN4ACI4BRDNPB6RAI love amazon1141303948800less flavor but still better without all the saltlove that this has less sodium, but my son doesn't like it as much. but overall love annie's products and would rather serve low sodium foods when i can.
401177401177B002QTWTN4A30UUIF424GP9WJ. Allen0041346630400My Son Lives On ThisSimple to make, yummy and semi-nutritious - my teenage son can grab a box of this and make it up himself for a snack or meal. Very handy and great price by the case.
401178401178B002QTWTN4A1NKMQI31EX5K5Bargain Queen0041343952000Good buyPrice: This was a great buy, only $17 for a pack of 12, about $1.40 a box with promotion plus subscribe & save. They run for $2 on sale at the supermarket and $1.59 on the Annie's Homegrown website.
Taste/Flavor: They are not as good as the white cheddar (purple box) but still taste good and has less sodium than the others. We only have one mac n cheese lover in our home so this 12 pack has lasted us well over 8 months, however I will consider purchasing this again in the future when our child is older.
Other Comments: Quick and easy to make, with 11g of protein per serving (each box is 2.5 servings, however, it is quite possible to finish the entire box for one person if you're hungry!), and a decent source of calcium as well. Having all natural ingredients is also a plus.
401179401179B002QTWTN4A27EV5VOO854YIKris100051342051200kids' favoriteThis is yummy mac & cheese... my kids love it! No, it's not AS cheesy as kraft, but it is more natural! We always cook it for just 8minutes & make sure to mix up the sauce separately (or it won't dissolve on the noodles). Works great with any type of milk (almond, coconut, cow, etc).
401180401180B002QTWTN4AUZ6HVEXN5LP1scf0011332288000Too skimpy with the cheeseIn going for a healthier item, Annie's seems to have cut down on the cheese to the point where it's just enough to barely coat the macaroni. It's not at all like traditional mac'n'cheese that has a lush, rich, thick coating of cheese; the cheese entirely disappears into the pasta.

If healthiness is your main goal, maybe this is an acceptable version. If you want a traditional taste, this will not do it.
401181401181B002QTWTN4A2KI69PWEIVDL6Robert Murray0041320710400Taste?Great deal, packaging, shipping and all that. It is probably healthier but the taste doesn't compare to Kraft Organic Mac & Cheese.
401182401182B006W5WET2A2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin1151345248000a guilty pleasure ~~ BUT I LOVE 'EM !!!Frosted Flakes has been my favorite cereal since I was a toddler! I remember my mom taking a small box with her when we went to visit Aunts and Uncles because she was never sure if they'd have a box in the house. (OK, so once my Aunt had some in the house and she took offense; I guess my cousins liked Frosted Flakes, too!)

They have that sugar on them that I absolutely crave; true, with all the dietary advice out there these days Frosted Flakes may be something of a guilty pleasure for me--but, then again, who cares! I pour myself a bowl, add some milk and I am ready to go to town!

Others have noted that they come with an expiration date that is far enough in advance so you won't have to worry about eating them too fast; and they are right.

Overall, Frosted Flakes has always been and probably always will be my favorite cereal. I don't know that I've ever actually met a person who can (honestly) say that they don't like Frosted Flakes. I highly recommend that you get some today and enjoy!
401183401183B006W5WET2AZO7Y2G4Y68Y3Cathy J Sexton "ChattyCathy"1151344297600There Great!!!Got to love Tony the tiger! I have eaten this cerel all my life & I will be 61 this November. I even put this on a automatic ship. It came the first time and I was so happy. Four boxes for $19.98 w/free shipping. When I finished the three boxes with alittle help from my two granddaughters I waited & waited.
It's been almost a year now and Tony hasn't showed up since. Well except at the grocery store.
I was sure happy about the autoship sure would have saved me alot of time & trouble going & comeing from the store. I guess the autoship was a one time thing. Good while the three boxes lasted.
Still Love Ya Tony, CathyKellogg's Frosted Flakes Cereal, 23-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)
401184401184B006W5WET2AF7A7U3WVY65Wamazondad1151316563200They're Grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!I buy a lot from Amazon, but have never purchased grocery items from them. I thought I would take a chance on a less that 12 dollar purchase for four boxes of one of our favorite cereals and it paid off. I was a bit concerned that the product inside the box might be reduced to crumbs due to the shipping, but was quite happy to find out it is all in good shape. The expiration date is July 2012, plenty of time for us to use the product. I'll be going back for more and will consider other products, as well. By the way, the cereal is almost $2.00 cheaper than I pay for it at the grocery store. And, the size of the box is the big family size! Buy it!
401185401185B006W5WET2A141NL3LYZVM5KAshley1151315526400The original!!!The first thing that comes to mind when I think of cereal is Frosted Flakes. Had to get this the first thing, when I've realized I had to live on campus. I was worried that it might be stale, but it's crispy as ever. No worries about its freshness, although it's from online market.
401186401186B006W5WET2A240JPZ4EINMDJDiana A. Reeves "westhamfan"5711347062400Contains GMOs! We say NO!Kellogg's Frosted Flakes cereal contains genetically modified organisms which have been patented by chemical companies that genetically engineered them in a lab and turned them into EPA registered pesticides. GMO Bt corn is an EPA registered pesticide and is one of the ingredients in this product. They are also made to be resistant to high levels of a chemical called glyphosate, an herbicide, which is linked to birth defects, cancer, organ damage and inflammatory bowel disease. It also has insecticidal properties and kills off beneficial gut flora. These GMOs have not been subjected to independent, long term, peer reviewed studies to prove that they are safe. These GMOs make my family sick. We do not pour pesticides on our food and we no longer eat anything that is an EPA registered pesticide. GMOs are linked to organ damage, faulty insulin regulation and obesity, autoimmune disease, autism and a whole host of other health and environmental problems. Kellogg has contributed $632,500 to a propaganda campaign in California which is spreading lies to convince people that they should vote again GMO Labeling (prop. 37) in California on Nov. 6th because they don't want you to know that Frosted Flakes contain GMOs. Frosted Flakes are NO LONGER G-R-RRREAT. 50 countries around the world require that GMOs be labeled. Kellogg does not use GMOs in these countries. We are boycotting all Kellogg's products. Join GMO Free USA, a grassroots consumer email initiative that is contacting Kellogg en masse with emails to tell them to Just Label It or remove it. Americans have the right to know what's in their food! [...]
401187401187B006W5WET2A2BCB516A8HV6KGreg Michaels0051347321600great bargain at $10!I got the 3-pack of this for $10. In New York where Frosted Flakes sell for $5.50 for the tiniest box, this was a huge bargain. It looks like the price has gone up a bit, so not sure if it's worth it anymore, but it was definitely a bargain at $10!
401188401188B006W5WET2A183LI95B2WNUQV. J. Mcmillen "vmcmillen"0051338595200THEY'RE G R E A T!How does anyone NOT like Frosted Flakes? I know, I know, they're sugary, but if you're hungry for a little somethin' late night, you can not or will not find anything that completes that little naggin' hunger..GOOD STUFF in moderation.
401189401189B006W5WET2A329U9VZ7EH9SHOnlineShopperFan0051336435200Sweet, Crunchy, YummyI never had these cereal before, but these are my new favorite!! They are crunchy, sweet, frosted, and so yummy! Plus this a great price ($10.50)!
401190401190B006W5WET2AAEKKYMA8GKLZSixteenTons0051313971200They're GGGGGRRRRRREEEEAAAAATTTTT!!!!The product arrives in a timely fashion, undamaged and was exactly as represented. What more could you ask for? Thank you

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