Amazon Fine Food Reviews

401281401281B001P9FUFUA2L0X9WIUCJWY9Gail H Tannery0041316131200cookies for momMy mother LOVES these cookies and can no longer find them in her regular store. She just turned 90 so I had them sent to her. They arrived when they were scheduled. She did comment that there were a lot of broken cookies at the bottom of the bags. Glad I found them though:)
401282401282B001P9FUFUAOVMTR7PA8XB9Bearwife0041311379200Tasty cookiesThese cookies are marvelous. However, this shipper doesn't seem to be able to send without some breakage in each box. I prefer whole cookies to broken ones.
401283401283B001ACTG48A3OEWQXYMIXYVImonoblocks4421265328000Works...but oh so slowlyRequires multiple applications in order to get moss to start dying off, let alone completely kill. Some areas of treated moss on concrete slab still haven't shown any signs of die-off even after three heavy-dose applications. For some reason, it seems to work better on vertical surfaces. On the whole it's been an unimpressive performer to date. Not sure what 'Safer' name is supposed to infer, but reading the label there's still plenty of warnings as to how dangerous this stuff is to humans and animals, so beware if you have pets that can get access to any of the treated areas you have. Shipped frozen from the seller I chose, so had to wait a day or so before I could use.
401284401284B0014GZDY2A1GTI5MRVP7AEJ. Willis1151267574400Red Clam SauceThis is a very rich clam sauce with lots of flavor and incorporated with plenty of chopped up clams,and oils. Great value for the price.
401285401285B0014GZDY2A30WPXO5NXEREWDr. Albert Alba0051340323200BEST I HAVE TASTEDI have tried Progresso and Ferrara, Ferrara is great. Also the price is Right. One of the quickest dinners to make Red Clam Sauce over Pasta of Your Choice. I like Spaghetti . Enjoy with a nice red wine and some Italian Grated Cheese.
401286401286B0014GZDY2ASHE15M0G2YJDretired early0031324944000Not bad for the priceI was surprised that this sauce had flavor. Even the few clams that were in it ,were not overcooked and chewy like most made in the Usa sauces are. Still for the price here on subscribe and save it comes out pretty reasonable. I can still remember when I was younger, that this sauce was imported from Italy. Not anymore. So, if you can doctor it up a bit with your own fresh spices, this is not bad as a base for your pasta sauce.
401287401287B0014GZDY2ANEDVO4XCXDPBmrsyferg1351320710400good price for a good taste.I ordered red clam sauce Ferrara brand and the delivery was fast. Good price for 15 ounce can.
Taste is good, made in Italy. I will order again
401288401288B0002AQCHSA1WJ1XH94Q7FK3B. Applegate0041317168000Sirloin Tips treatsMy dogs find these dog treats very tasty, but then they are dogs and find most anything tasty. The treats are advertised as "moist and meaty" and that is why I bought them. I wanted something soft that I could insert my dog's pill into. Unfortunately, they are not soft enough to push a pill into. At 1/2"x3/4" in size, they are big enough that I can drill a hole into the treat and put the pill in. (the pill is small) They are soft enough to cut with a sharp knife into smaller pieces if you wish (for smaller dogs). I would not consider these treats as 'moist' but they are not hard or crunchy. Saying 'moist' makes you think they have moisture or are squishy but they do/are not. They look like little cubes of marbled meat.
401289401289B0002AQCHSA3HEXXZMJULM8IZoe0051289260800My dog loves Sirloin TipsMy dog loves the Vitakraft Sirloin Tips. I ordered them after our vet gave her a couple at the end of an exam. They are soft textured, not crispy and about 3/4" cubes. Since my dog weighs 7 lbs, I cut them into 8 pieces with a sharp knife. This is very easy to do. She could eat the whole thing at once but I get a lot more milage from them and I think she enjoys them for longer too. Of course, they have nothing to do with real sirloin. Still she does love them and they are a great value.
401290401290B001EO5R9AA18QBXDXQHMS66New Reviewer4541171238400YUM!This soup is delicious! Unfortunately it makes a bit much for one person, but it is a good leftover. Very tasty.
401291401291B001EO5R9AAH36XZTEMM4EJDaisy1251323129600Delicious Organic Vegetarian Mushroom Soup (Chowder)We bought 4 boxes of this for my husband's (quite elderly) grandmother. She didn't like it, I suspect because it's got a mild flavour, has no msg and is on the less salty side of things. But we loved it! Rich, creamy, thick with little chunks of mushrooms. Doesn't taste like it was made from a powder! Follow the instructions and cook for maybe even a little longer than package says.
401292401292B001EO5R9AA4CIP187FWXBMG. G. Haupt1241251590400Excellent flavor easy to make
401293401293B000CQG8B2A2LB3D2TGD32P6Happy Chick0051225843200Great tasting decaf tea!Hot or cold I love this tea! I brew sun tea in the summer (8 tea bags in a gallon glass jar, outside for minimum 4 hours) and people who don't usually care for ice tea love this brewed method! In the winter it's a cuppa tea or two in the evening and no problems going right to sleep. Great tasting tea!
401294401294B000CQG8B2ACQNU2O4RWG3Sarah Lakes0051225584000Great tea, great priceHard to find and expensive in grocery stores. Glad to find it at a reasonable price.
401295401295B000CQG8B2A146H6A41B26QTJ. Marren "jtm497"0051213747200Rich creamy teaI'm a fan of the Stash chai products and decided to give this a try. I like it! It's a rich, full-flavored tea, and with milk or soy and a bit of sweetner, it's a real treat. Try it!
401296401296B000CQG8B2A12E78L9515IF6Husam J. Alnajjar0041209686400only a hint of flavourBeen a fan of Stash teas, but I never ventured into the flavored teas. I am always affraid of the flavor taking over the tea part of it. This one I have to be honest had a hint of the Vanilla flavor. Sometimes I think I am only smeling it, and not tasting it. It is perfect, but that's just me. The one star taken out, is the decaf part of it. I think if they made it in regular it will give me more buzz :)
401297401297B000CQG8B2A1DTWKFY5VBGJUS. Rozycki0041179360000Really good, for decafI'd received a sample of Stash's English Breakfast Decaf with a previous order from Stash's website, and I knew it was good (for decaf tea, which is always missing something -- I think it's the caffeine.) The price on this multipack was so good, that I could give a couple boxes away (which I did, cause I can't go through that much decaf tea in a year) and still save money over buying it in the supermarket.
401298401298B000CQG8B2A37NCN8W0G4A5OE. Fujan0051168300800Best decaf tea on the marketThis tea is the best decaf tea out there, it's great at

night when you want to relax and sleep well. Tastes just

like any Chai tea without the sugar or caffine. Great with

Splenda and milk.
401299401299B000CQG8B2A3FM8AQ2XOWIWWA. Goldthwait0051165017600Great Chai tea - hard to find in storesI found this tea about 8 years ago, and it is now the only type of tea bag I use. Unfortunately, in my area, there is only one supermarket chain that carries it, and they are frequently sold out of it. Being able to purchase it from Amazon is a great convenience.
401300401300B000CQG8B2A3QWB1BGJJYMYA. Soden "Reading Mama"0041162252800Not the best, but good for a decaf tea bagI personally like loose tea best or Tazo better than this, but I live in a town where loose tea is hard to come by and I am trying to cut down on caffeine, so this tea works for me. It definitely has the typical english tea flavor, like you find at a national trust property or a museum's tea house. Amazon definitely has the best deal right now. Overall, I am happy with this tea and will purchase it again from Amazon.
401301401301B000CQG8B2AHOX3OY4U275BEva Lu1251297900800Great Decaf TeaI have a tolerance problem with caffein and usually decaf tea is weak and flavorless, not this Stash decaf Chai. You can brew it for a long time and it doesn't get bitter like some teas. It is delicious. I add a couple splenda packets and some hot milk and I'm set. It's very, very good.
Like some of the other reviewers, I have a hard time finding it at my local grocery stores. I go through a box a week so buying in bulk doesn't seem to be a big deal.
I find that it's good iced too.
401302401302B000CQG8B2AIAUC4NC7IOHBQB "QB"1221263513600Doesn't Taste Live VanillaI cannot detect any vanilla flavor at all in this tea, instead it tastes like cloves.
401303401303B000CQG8B2AZTQGV26IFA4PC. Carlson "Codi Carlson"1251261094400Stash Chai in Decaf is ExcellentI bought this for my 13 year old daughter. We have trouble finding it in our stores. She has tried the other brands of chai's and this is her favorite. I like the fact that it is decaf.
401304401304B000CQG8B2A30WNVV57QHQVGA. Law1241242777600Very different from bigelow and twinnings earl greyI can't say if I like it's formulation more or less than the bigelow and twinning's earl grey teas because it's so different that to me, I wouldn't have guessed it was 'earl grey' in a blind taste test (since I'm so used to the bigelow and twinnings formulations). It's definitely a lot stronger than the other two in taste.
401305401305B000CQG8B2A3V5IXI6ZS3W26Mitch's Grandma1251165968000My daughter loves it!Based on my daughter's opinion, I am giving this tea 5 stars. She asked me to buy her this as a Christmas gift.
401306401306B000CQG8B2A2MIHIBW4H1Y6ZAmygdalia4721162080000Clove teaI was very disappointed with this tea. I love chai, and was excited to find a decaf version. However, the tea only tastes of cloves.
401307401307B000CQG8B2A2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans0121328313600Not impressed by this teaI am a chocolate fanatic and pairing chocolate with tea only seems natural to me. I've sampled several chocolate flavors and this Stash tea, when compared to the others, is nothing spectacular. When unbrewed, the Stash tea bag smells like chocolate but that scent does not translate to much of a chocolate flavor once the tea is brewed. I could taste quite a bit of vanilla and some nut but the chocolate was just negligible. Additionally, there was a strange aftertaste with this tea. It just wasn't pleasant.

If you are committed to a chocolate decaffeinated beverage, your choices will be limited. I have sampled quite a few chocolate teas and many use a black tea base. However, if interested in a caffeine free tee that has a good body, I would recommend Chocolate Chai Tea by Zhena's Gypsy Tea, which is a naturally caffeine free tea. Zhena's chocolate chai is supposed to taste like chocolate, but it has a lot of spices. Still, Chocolate Chai Tea by Zhena's Gypsy Tea has a much richer overall flavor than the Stash Premium Chocolate Hazelnut tea.

If you don't care about caffeine and are just looking for a chocolate tea, there are several others that I would recommend before this one. They include: Tisano Organic Chocolate Tea, SerendipiTea ChocolaTea, Chocolate, Vanilla, Rooibos & Black Tea, 4-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 2), and Bigelow White Chocolate ObsessionTea, 1.6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6). The first two are loose teas and the last is a bagged tea.

At the end of the day, I don't think I would recommend this Stash tea to any chocolate lover. It doesn't taste like chocolate and the overall flavor is poor.
401308401308B000CQG8B2A3V5GKLFPFCLSEA. Hidell0111301616000RevoltingThis tea is rather foul tasting (and smelling). It tastes like what I imagine cologne tastes like. The smell is sickly sweet and nausea inducing. I love vanilla, I love chai, I love tea...but this was just awful.
401309401309B000CQG8B2AIAUC4NC7IOHBQB "QB"0111263513600GrossThis tea has a strong rancid flavor. Maybe it's the "sarsaparilla" that gives it that rotten vegetation taste and aroma. A truly awful tea.
401310401310B000CQG8B2A19ACA1DG0PLKXJennifer "jens_books"0121250380800Not my favoriteI really thought I would like this tea, but I ended up giving it away. I like white teas, but I like green even more. I also generally like raspberry, but this combo didn't work for me. I won't buy it again.

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