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401396401396B000CQG8B2A5BQ1TSOCL4JZMomnipotent0011287532800Couldn't even finish my cupI was very excited to try some tea with chocolate. Maybe I don't like hazelnut, I can't really say, but I can say that I did not like this flavor-at all. This is the only time I have strongly disliked a flavor of tea, and I will not be using any more of it.
401397401397B000CQG8B2A2RP0FBPWNA835F. Neiling "Love Baking"0051284336000Excellent decaf ChaiI love Stash Chai. The decaf is just as good as the regular and better to drink in the evening. To reduce the calories and fat of a 'chai latte' I drink this with Coffee Mate fat free French Vanilla creamer - it's so good.
401398401398B000CQG8B2A2O87GJ2JCV7LChris0051278288000great service!I have begged all of the local grocery stores to stock Stash Decaffeinated Green Tea and none of them would. So, I had to get my mother who lives 4 hours away to purchase it from her local store and ship it to me. Then I found that Amazon had it. The price is better and I was told I would receive it in 7 days. I received the package in 3 days. I will order my tea from Amazon from now on. Thanks, Amazon!
401399401399B000CQG8B2A2MCAFIZQLGBQVD. L. Herrington0051275177600Wonderful Earl Grey TeaI have been caffeine free for a year now and I do appreciate products that are truly caffiene-free (rather than low-caffeine). This tea is as caffeine free as they come, and it has a wonderful flavor -- unlike any other Earl Grey I have tried. This is truly a winner and I will be back for more when my current stash runs out.
401400401400B000CQG8B2ARK11CB6Q8LQNE. Bravo0031273017600I've had betterI gave up coffee a little more than a year ago, and have been, shall I say adventurous in my pursuit of an alternative. I've become a fanatic tea drinker, and find that only those with natural ingredients are worthy. Stash makes a phenomenal lemon ginger tea- but this chocolate hazelnut, although full bodied, leaves a bad taste in my mouth- an aftertaste, that is. I believe it has to do with the fact that it has natural "flavors". No real chocolate or hazelnut here folks. I gave 3 stars because of the quality of the tea.
401371401371B000CQG8B2AAU3MP9KUW99WJW0051320710400My favorite dessert teaWith a splash of milk and a touch of honey, I'll take a cup of the Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut over a cup of hot chocolate.
401372401372B000CQG8B2A3FH8U7QNV2886Mrs. R "Novice Knitter"0051318291200Love the bergamot flavor!One thing I like about Stash teas is the packaging. Each bag is sealed in a foil pouch which retains the tea's flavor. I also like the box because once I take the plastic wrapper off, it becomes a dispenser that I keep on my counter. I love the fragrance and taste of bergamot which is added to quality decaf tea to make Stash Premium Decaf Earl Grey Tea. I often breathe in the scent of the tea while waiting for it to cool. Heavenly!
401373401373B000CQG8B2A3FH8U7QNV2886Mrs. R "Novice Knitter"0051318291200Great for iced tea!I make Stash Premium Decaf Raspberry & White sun tea to drink iced during the warmer months. I make a half gallon at a time and add a quarter cup of sugar and store it in the fridge to drink through the week. The raspberry adds good flavor to the mild white tea. It's also good hot, but I prefer it iced. I get this once a year through the Super Saver program at Amazon which I'm very happy with as it's simple and saves me money. Since I drink a lot of tea, it's a good value.
401374401374B000CQG8B2A10Q7DZ2RN5JSUM. Lyons0011317340800BleghIt's bland while you're drinking it without any real chocolate or hazelnut flavor and leaves a horrible aftertaste once you've drank it.
401375401375B000CQG8B2A2B3GN6QKMAP9Ejavelin0031315785600Decaf teaThe tea is a very mild white tea but the raspberry favor could be stronger. I like the individual tea bags. gkshorty
401376401376B000CQG8B2A3R5XRC2L3YGXFTucker0051315353600As long as you don't steep it too long, it's fantastic tea!Revised 4-2-12

I love Stash's Green Tea, and their Chamomile is fantastic. In short, I have always enjoyed Stash teas.

I first found this Raspberry & White atrocious, but thanks to a helpful comment I realized that I was allowing this delicate white tea to steep too long. That being said, be sure to not allow this tea to steep for more than a minute, and the water should *not* be boiling. Following that, the tea is most pleasant.

401377401377B000CQG8B2A2FP2CXLX5BVJ3lezzle0051314489600This tea is deliciousThis Chai tea has such a great flavor. I drink it year round. In the summer I make iced tea out of it and always keep a container in the refrigerator. Once it cools off outside and I need to warm up I switch to hot tea. I've tried several other brands and always come back to this one. My grocery store stopped carrying the decaf version which I like since I drink so much iced tea in the summer, so I'm happy to see it on Amazon.
401378401378B000CQG8B2A26EB4765CZWDFjzbook0051311552000Good price on a flavorful teaI'm always waiting for packaged teas to go on sale, so I was delighted to find Stash at the subscribe and save page. Very flavorful tea, good iced or hot.
401379401379B000CQG8B2A3LSUKN4IFS6VDInternet Diva0051308787200THE ONLY TEA I DRINK!Like others, I too have a big issue with caffeine. And, most decaf teas are dull. Even the other Chai Teas (in other brands) didn't taste as good as Stash's Chai Tea decaf does. So, this is the only tea that I drink! It starts me off every morning. I add 3 packets of the Natra Taste sweetener and some milk and it's just delicious!

I love the flavor. I do not find it heavy in clove, or cinnamon or anything. I find this a very nicley well-balanced, flavored tea. Of all the Chai Teas on the market (reg. or decaf) I love Stash's blend the best of all.

I was buying it regularly at my Safeway grocery, and then for some reason, it just wasn't around anymore. In fact, there wasn't any decaf tea at all in the store. Geez! So, then I went over to the Giant (a longer drive), and was buying it there. Suddenly, it's not there anymore either. Geez!

Thank God I found it on-line. So, these people have me now as a loyal customer and I hope this is going to be available for a long, long time.
401380401380B000CQG8B2A41GHCYXE5ULPRaven0051308614400My favorite tea!When you add cream to this tea as far as I'm concerned it beats any kind or flavor of coffee you can ever find. It makes an excellent after dinner drink or anytime of the day drink and is much more soothing with less caffeine than coffee.
401381401381B000CQG8B2A54ZAQR2HRL4MCommander910051305504000Earl GreyVery tasty tea. It was cheaper to buy it and bulk, and now I don't have to hunt through all of the stores in my town to find it.
401382401382B000CQG8B2A39KQ9BWEUCLKDiscerning Buyer0051304467200First Time Tea DrinkerI never drank tea before, then a friend bought me a Chai Tea latte. I liked it. I didn't know what brand would taste the most like what was bought from this coffee/tea stand. I liked that Stash has a decaf, because I intended to have it as an evening drink so I went with that.

Day one, I didn't steep it long, yet it tasted very strong. I added skim milk as that is what I use, which did not help it along since it's not rich, also I added sugar as it's supposed to be a sweet drink.

Day 2, I bought regular soy milk, no low fat or no vanilla soy since the tea has vanilla. I didn't steep the tea as long, I used a bit more water, then added 1/4 of a cup of soy milk along with 2 good sized teaspoons of sugar. It tasted perfect! I think I could probably reuse the tea bag today for my 3rd cup!

Reviews can be off when people do not use a product properly, and maybe other users are used to a different brand, as I have seen other brands with different ingredients. I'm happy with it, to where I don't feel the need anymore to try another tea, since at first, I thought I may have to. I have a local store that sells items at a good price. 18 bags were $2.69, so I have no reason to buy it in bulk online. I think I'd save 8 cents on a 3 month supply, then there's shipping.
401383401383B000CQG8B2A15B9GRD3DF13XKarina M. Brucker0051304121600tea reviewThe tea is great but I clicked on the order before I realized I was getting six boxes. All I needed was one!
401384401384B000CQG8B2A3VWIONYMJ98LZLynne Clifton "grandmaC"0051301270400Best decaf teaThis decaf tea is excellent. Best I have ever found. Love my PG Tips but their decaf isn't as good as the regular.
401385401385B000CQG8B2A1CH9ILS0DCSVRCatherine T. Darcy0011298160000chocolate hazelnut Stash brand teaDon't buy it. I was so looking forward to this tea since the combination chocolate with hazelnut sounded so good. What a disappointment! It tasted very artificial, not what I expected at all and nothing like chocolate with hazelnut.
401386401386B000CQG8B2A1CH9ILS0DCSVRCatherine T. Darcy0011298073600decaf. vanilla nut creme tea reviewThis is awful! I love vanilla and nuts, and was so looking forward to this tea, but it tastes very artificial, and medicine-like. The price per box was good compared to the store's price, and certain Stash flavors aren't in the stores, but it was just not worth it.
401387401387B000CQG8B2A3MRDLY0FJNCOJjdr0021297641600not so greatI was a little disappointed... It was too mild for me.. I tried brewing stronger, but not my cup of tea.
401388401388B000CQG8B2A28FIEZ0DVO7ZXacrylicalphabet0051293926400Pleased!!!I was so very pleased to find Stash Vanilla Decaf Chai as I always search store shelves and can't find it again. Now I have enough for the year probably....but will enjoy every cup and may even share some!
401389401389B000CQG8B2A4CD2LFRNXYIYJulia0051293580800Delicious!!I used to buy this tea at a local store, but then sadly it was discontinued. I looked for it everywhere and could only find it online. I absolutely love this tea. It tastes like vanilla, almond, and cinnamon all swirled together. And during the holidays it tastes great with egg nog!
401390401390B000CQG8B2A2Z3HFWL7YYAQFmpl310051292025600Best Flavored TeaThis is the best flavored tea I have tasted. It is so smooth like drinking hot chocolate, because it is decafinated I use a regular tea bag with it and sweet and low. I originally bought this product at Target but they no longer carry it nor do any of the supermarkets in my area.
401391401391B000CQG8B2A1F41LG23DFNSKSasafracas0051291939200ExcellentI am trying to drink more tea (rather than cocoa - which I prefer) because tea is healthier. However, I really don't like tea. This is an excellent 1/2 point. It's mild and pleasant, kind of chocolaty (if you add honey or sugar). Certainly better than most teas!
401392401392B000CQG8B2A364WZYBZG8ERPT. Norton0051291593600Best Chocolate TeaStash Premium Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut Tea, Tea Bags, 18-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

This tea is the best there is. If you are looking for a tea that you can smell the aroma of chocolate and taste it also, then this is the one hands down. I highly recommend it. I have been buying it at Super Target and have been drinking it for over a year now. It never fails to please. BTW thanks Amazon for such a speedy fast delivery. I wasn't expecting it until Tuesday Dec. 7 but it arrived a day earlier.
401393401393B000CQG8B2A2E3WMF9RWW2X2K. Duvall0011290470400Read Stash Labels carefully.I bought this from my local market. My husband liked it. I happened to notice this morning when looking at the tea bag wrapper, it containted PEANUTS! No mention of that allergen was listed on the outside of the box. I fired off an email to Stash already. It seems Amazon got it listed correctly. All of my tea has now been trashed.
Watch out since Stash does not seem to label the outside of their boxes.
401394401394B000CQG8B2A3SDNUDDM21A5FDee Z0051290038400good for latteI don't care for this as typical tea brewed in water but steep it in hot milk and it's wonderful!
401395401395B000CQG8B2A13HRSMJ5TOWEZIrishFire0051288656000Light, Tasty, RefreshingThis is my go-to tea right now. It's fragrant, delicate, sweet and delicious. If you love a hearty, robust tea, this isn't it! Previous posters are right: it's a delicate brew that should be steeped only for up to a minute (two if you're brave) in sub-boiling water. Any longer brings out a strong bitter taste thanks to the very young tea.

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