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401401401401B000CQG8B2A30QUYVR42M46GL.C. Evans0051269648000Love the FlavorStash Chocolate Hazelnut tea is my new favorite variety (and I drink a lot of tea). I bring the water just to the point where it starts to boil and then I pour. I let it steep for about 3 minutes and drink it hot. I added a half packet of stevia and a dash of milk to this tea and loved the results. It tastes rich and smooth and for me is a great substitute for hot chocolate. I could definitely taste the chocolate, but the nut flavor was less noticeable. I especially like that it's decaf, so I can drink it in the evenings while I'm relaxing with a book. I haven't tried it iced or without milk, but I plan to. I've tried other Stash teas and thought they were superior to most other brands I've tried.
401402401402B000CQG8B2A1UG4J8DEG9NVWResearchingMom0051268265600one of my favoritesOne of my favorite teas, good, rich bergamot flavor. Hard to find in stores, very good price from Amazon. Thank you!
401403401403B000CQG8B2A3S7LABZ14FKUPtea diva0051266105600Lowest priceLove this tea. I add fat free/sugar free hazelnut creamer and I'm in heaven!
401404401404B000CQG8B2AFY5LESOR5NNYTara Krauss0051258243200My favorite!I quit drinking coffee 10 years ago. Stash's Chai Spice Tea (with our without caffeine) has become my favorite substitution. It's wonderful. My day would not be complete without it!
401405401405B000CQG8B2A1CFV7K4WRXTSHSaffy0051257638400Great Tea!I was sad that stores where I live stopped carrying this product, but it was great to find it on Amazon. This tea has just a hint of chocolate so it is great if you are trying to watch you calories, and makes a great substitute for hot chocolate!
401406401406B000CQG8B2A1CCXR4IJ09FBYSweetvinnie0051255651200Best price aroundJust wanted to say that whenever I need almost anything I go to Amazon for the best prices. I love Stash teas but find them to be a little expensive in the supermarkets but at Amazon you not only get a great price but many times you can qualify for free shipping. I received the tea quicker than I expected which was a nice surprise since I was completely out of my favorite tea, Earl Gray from Stash. Thanks again.
401407401407B000CQG8B2A1ZM91YCYSNX7CVillager0051242950400Yum!!!I can't find decaf chai tea in any stores near me. I was a little hesitant about purchasing such a large quantity at once because I wasn't sure whether I'd like this brand. But I LOVE it! Add a couple teaspoons of half and half, some honey, and some sugar and YUM homemade chai lattes! This has been one of the only things helping with my morning sickness during my pregnancy (thanks to the ginger in it). Mmmm... I think I'll go makes some right now!
401408401408B000CQG8B2A10GNQRCQFJC36C. Yu0051240531200My Favorite TeaWonderful tea. I think most of the reviewers who hated it already had their own favorite vanilla-nut tea and found this tea different from what they expected?

I usually dislike Stash Teas, but this flavor is just so pleasant and homey. Add some sugar and milk and it's a real treat. I agree with the reviewer who found it reminiscent of hot cocoa. It does have a tiny chemical smell, or maybe that's the vanilla. I have a poor sense of smell. It's a very cozy winter tea, but I like it too much to not have it all year 'round.
401409401409B000CQG8B2A3L42BG4933N5ZK.C.0051231286400Good basic tea before bed.I enjoy drinking this tea with a little crumpet during the evening. It's very basic at a great price.
401410401410B000CQG8B2A119MX6YLAB6DSHigh Desert House Wife0051230076800Raspberry White TeaGood white tea with a subtle raspberry flavor. Good hot. Can't wait to try it iced.
401411401411B000CQG8B2AAZO53SLV8ODVL. Wilkerson0051229040000Stash Earl Grey DecafGreat price for decaf Earl Grey that sometimes is hard to find on shelves of grocery store. Stash tea is a brand that you can count on too.
401412401412B002GJBQ38A1NU9W5YRUG44DCoolCokeOne0051344384000Wonderful!!My wife bot this home from Williams Sonoma and I cant get enough of it. It's just a fine product imported from Britain...
I made a her ginger Cosmo and then I created my own cocktail which I call the 'Ginger-snap":

Juice of half a lemon
Juice of half a lime
2 tbls simple syrup (or to taste)
2 1/2 oz. Bourbon
2 1/2 oz. Belvoir Fruit Farms Ginger Cordial (or to taste)

Put all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, shake and pour into a martini glass

401413401413B002GJBQ38A2ZGZS1RFBFNJ5Diane Hayton0051310947200WonderfulI bought this product as a substitute for Elderflower Cordial, which was out of stock. While the Lemongrass Ginger is not, in my opinion, as refreshing as Elderflower, I have really enjoyed it mixed with Soda or Sparkling water. This is a quality product and I would definitely buy it again.
401414401414B002GJBQ38A25V7KAUQZ1W1WClaudia N. Davidsen "Claudia Davidsen"0051298073600Great with water or as a mixer.Wonderful, delicious stuff. Add to ice water for total refreshment. Or create a cocktail. Here's one to try.

The 4 O'Clock Sour
This is a good, light "early" cocktail.
Juice of 1/2 fresh lemon or lime
1/2 ounce Lemongrass & Ginger Cordial
2 teaspoons natural maraschino cherry juice
1 ounce of your favorite whiskey

Stir ingredients in a double Old Fashioned glass. Add ice. Top with a maraschino cherry. Fill to top with club soda. Stir again.
Go out in your garden and enjoy the Four O'Clocks.
401415401415B002GJBQ38A2CYQJOCG6P9BBKunta Kinte "book lover"0051289520000Magical ElixirThis is an excellent product. I absolutely love Bottlegreen cordials. I am a huge fan of this one (Lemongrass & Ginger) as well as the Elderflower. I like to drink them with iced water or soda water. I also add them to tea for as an alternative to honey or sugar. They are refreshing and an excellent alternative to soft drinks.
I wish they were more widely available in the USA; as it is, I have to order them online. I also wish they came in 1L bottles, but you can't have everything.
401416401416B002FJW53EA2UDUJG17I8S1RunVeg0051258070400Delicious, not too salty.These bouillon cubes are a must-have for winter and the soups and stews that go with it. They're so quick and convenient! They're also really delicious, and not too salty. I will throw in a half cube when I make polenta (to replace the salt but add flavor), and I typically use one cube to every 2-4 cups of water, depending on the other spices and herbs in the soup. They don't dissolve quite as quickly as I would like, but I just typically throw the cube into the stockpot when I add my water, and it dissolves as the soup cooks. It's delish!
401417401417B002FP0IJQA1Y0NZ5D9CSHOLR. Bain91051277337600Great !!My son is a 2nd grader he had to do a report on an invention. He picked bubblegum. When time came for him to do an experiment this kit was prefect. The kids in his class were amazed on how it was done and how easy. There was plenty of gum to go around the class of 22 with some to come home. If your child likes to play scientist this is a great kit!!
401418401418B002FP0IJQA20XQQPRQTVGRZGabbi354551293580800Copernicus - Bubblegum KitBought this item as a birthday gift for my nephew who decided to make some gum the other day. He loved it; did a great job as it's very easy to make. This gum kit includes everything needed, great flavor too.
401419401419B002FP0IJQA170VVIFKKWM4ONorman K Nowak1151340409600Interesting, fun and educational.My daughter had a project for school and this seemed like a decent kit that fit the bill. Not difficult to make but really, really sticky at one point during the process of making it. If you have an old throw away pan, I'd recommend using it otherwise get ready to scrub, re-heat and scrub some more. The finished product is like normal gum except the flavor doesn't last as long. The texture is normal and stayed soft enough to chew for a while. Her class loved the idea and couldn't wait to try her gum.
401420401420B002FP0IJQA3LZQNAJOI7BM8Brad Bell0031308528000Fun but messyIt is so much fun to make but it is really messy! The flavor it has you can't really taste so you should probably get your own flavoring. And don't add to much powdered sugar.
401421401421B002FP0IJQAH1L4A2LH710SBip0011305072000Not a good buyMy kids were excited when they saw the pack but the kit doesn't teach you much and the gums taste horrible. It was a waste.
401422401422B0049EKZ08AE9XCPOPW9YITFrank0051332288000Awesome!!!This stuff is easy to use and makes the meat taste straight out of the old world. Two thumbs up!
401423401423B000XF0U2UAXITLJNHABOMDLady Ashford2251303084800EXCELLENT- GREAT smooth taste!I'm a serious daily loose leaf tea drinker. This tea is excellent!
It brews smooth and even when it's in the teapot for a long period it still tastes rich and very smooth. One of my favorites! The pack of 6 is a great value.
401424401424B000XF0U2UA2MB6YMQNWVPVDJeanette S. Anderson "JennyAnderson"3441282521600Strong, not much depthThis is a good strong black tea, although it does not have the complicated aftertaste you get from some other brands of Assam tea. A good hearty breakfast tea.
401425401425B000XF0U2UAFVMV2O311SUUMamdouh Mahmoud Mostafa0011327968000Dont be deceivedThis cannot be A T&H tea. The quality is far below the two other teas that I had from them before. It appears to me as one of those case when a merchant uses its name to make a quick buck. However, the cow would not last for long.
401426401426B000XF0U2UA90OYVWYTCNXVLa Locochona0031323388800very ho humI'm an inveterate loose-leaf drinker, no bags for me!
The leaf size of this tea is very small, not even close to full-leaf.
Flavor is ok/fine, depending on what level of quality you're used to.
I like very high quality tea, and while I can't often afford the very best, I am always on the hunt for high quality, reasonably-priced tea.
This tea does not even come close.
I would not bother buying it again.
401427401427B0045VZOPQA88UD6F8NZFB9S. A. Walsh1151298851200Sour Rye Oh MyI purchased this product at my local supermarket and now I want MORE. I was happy to see that it is quite reasonable and in multipacks here at Amazon. I have a prolific sourdough starter that has been going for quite sometime so I have branched out and tried other than plain white sourdough bread. I tried the dark rye flour first and it was a little too heavy but the light rye works wonderfully well for my recipe. I also got a large batch of Bob's Caraway Seeds here Bob's Red Mill Caraway Seeds, 8-Ounce Packages (Pack of 8) so I don't have to scrimp on those like I have been with my expensive grocery store purchase. I now have the perfect rye bread like I have NEVER been able to buy anywhere for any price. 1 cup light rye flour, 1 cup white flour, 1 teaspoon sea salt, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda, 2 tablespoons warmed caraway seeds slightly ground, 1 cup starter, 1/4 cup water. I mix throughly and knead for 10 minutes in my KitchenAid, put in bowl and let rise for 2 hours in a cooler draft free area (no heat oven), punch down, shape loaf on lightly oiled baking sheet, rise 2 hours in oven, bake at 400 for 30 minutes. You could add 1 or 2 tablespoons of sugar if desired, I don't. I only make rye bread now. I might go back to regular white sourdough but not any time soon!
401428401428B001UKBDGYA2HBSZ1HKCSLTNStickman1151330387200Simply The BestChiavetta's Barbecue Marinade is magic in a bottle. Follow the directions for the most juicy delicious chicken you've ever had. Even bone in half chicken breasts which can be a real challenge to cook without becoming dry and tough come out moist and tender. The aroma coming off the grill will have everybody salivating like Pavlov's dogs. Don't worry about the shipping costs, it's still cheaper than flying to Buffalo.
401429401429B001UKBDGYAAPTAAVRO0JPBBJ0051345680000Chiavetta's For ChickenChiavetta's is a great marinade for grilled chicken. The chicken literally falls off the bone and is delicious. Marinade chicken overnight for best results.
401430401430B001UKBDGYA2MRA9XK9Q5ST0Barbara W. Dail0051342396800Love the Chiavetta'sI was given my first bottle of Chiavetta's Barbecue Marinade probably 25 years ago by one of the nieces of the Chiavetta family. It has become a staple in our house and we order it by the case!
The marinade has a wonderful flavor that is great to use with pork, chicken or vegetables! Even when our children were young and "picky eaters" they would beg to have "Chiavetta's chicken."

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