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401464401464B002C4C5RSA151I4OOQTBJQHG. L. Roberts "panch"6831270339200Average.Just buy any canned tomatoes. These ARE just any canned tomatoes. Despite the description stating these tomatoes are a product of Italy...the can says nothing about where they are from. Just gives the Co. address in NJ. They are no better than any you can buy at your grocery store. No comparison to Mangia or DeCecco, both products of Italy...and not nearly as good as Racconto or Muir Glen, products of U.S., either. I won't buy them again. I could have just gotten a bad crop or something, but these are not good at all in comparison to the other Italian tomatoes I mentioned above. Not close.
401465401465B0007KLGCYA3N9EUFWMKIKJHG. Carroll "G. Carroll"9911254873600Item is not SmartiesThe product arrived and it is not as pictured or described. The Smarties logos visible on the box and the individual necklace packages that are seen in the product picture ARE NOT on the box or packages that I received. It looks identical except for the absence of the Smarties logo. The product itself, needless to say, is not made out of Smarties. A case of bait and switch? Thank you Amazon for refunding my money!
401467401467B0007KLGCYA2BRWWSUG2B9KMMary Jane Schermer0051288310400awesomeAll the kids love them - girls and all the boys! a real hit for halloween candy.
401468401468B0037SGHIGA1OMRKBRLM8HK1kira willett "kirsea"2241292716800great chocolates, but...the variety is very poor. I've bought a few bag of these chocolates at the grocery store and the good news is that they're GREAT. I wouldn't know they're sugar-free by the taste, they're divine. The bad news is that one bag had dark chocolate candies, and caramel filled candies and only maybe one raspberry filled chocolate. The next bag had the chocolates and the raspberries, but none of the caramel filled. So if you're not worried about how many of each kind you'll get, these are great, but if you don't like the plain dark-chocolate candies, you might feel a bit ripped-off.
401469401469B0037SGHIGA2A69F3AZ5PM3JSilex Kross41011285113600$1009.99??? Really????Ok.... I am assuming that this is a typo, but if I am wrong, someone please tell me how these could be worth that much. Are they filled w/ liquid gold? Maybe heroin? I bet thats it.... Oh Man!!! Did I dime out your drug operation? I'm sorry.
401470401470B001F2F8CMA1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"0031305676800Cats like OKMy cats generally are fond of Pro Plan; however this flavor is just OK with them. You know cats though, your cat may adore it. The consistency is solid, not little bites.
401471401471B004J28DEKA1BP0RFI4SLRGOReeRee2211340668800Bland & Bitter Tasting ChipsGot these on a whim hoping to find a lower fat alternative to the regular brand of salt & vinegar kettle chips I buy. The brand that arrived was Michael Season's (not Herr's as shown) & they were very bland & a little bitter tasting. If you did a blindfold taste-test on these, you would not be able to tell they have vinegar. They are 40% less fat though, so a better alternative for lunches. Price was okay, but going forward I will stick to buying the variety boxes of Mrs. Vickie's kettle chips at Sam's.
401472401472B004J28DEKA44J97668WLRFirefly604 "Firefly604"2241324166400Not Herr's brand Michael Season's brand
401473401473B004J28DEKAEHQYBISM8QGCSandra Hamilton1151332892800Not Herr'sHi,
Same as Firefly, the received chips were not Herr's, they were Michael Season's Natural Gourmet sea salt & balsamic vinegar. They are delicious, always have loved the doubled folded over chips, there were many in the bag! Would definitely order again.
401474401474B004J28DEKA2MVG7FRIZEXJALooseGoose0041332720000Very tastyI liked these chips a lot. Very tart not the washed out flavor you get with some. Would buy again.
401475401475B00451U7T4A3TJ7R6UL2QA2SWorking Man0041323388800DaybreakCurrently our preferred morning coffee. Not too strong, not too light and all the flavor one needs. We also buy the K-Cups for daily use. Good everyday coffee.
401476401476B00451U7T4A2WLS1TTUUGJYUjipsii M'Sina "JMS"1251315094400AAHH, Yes!Caribou Coffee Daybreak Blend

[[ASIN: B00451U7T4 Caribou Coffee Daybreak Blend Whole Bean, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)]]

I am a fan of light roasts, and since I am also needing to follow an allergen free diet/lifestyle, (No dairy, soy or gluten, etc.), I buy this and all my coffees Whole Bean and grind my own blends. I just discovered this about a week ago when looking for something to lighten up my current blend of Sam's Members Mark medium roast, Caribou Kenya and Caribou La Minita (Peaberry). I inadvertently forgot myself and add way too much of the MM, so I bought this, round up about 1/3 C. of beans and added it to my stunningly strong mistaken blend. WOW!!! It suddenly took on that lightly robust flavor I so love. And YUMM is an understatement. It is Art to drink! In the Fall, I add Amy's blend to my mix, usually only adding about 1- 15. Cups of the Sam's MM to a blend of the other two or three
flavors. Now I am back on track. I HIGHLY recommend this if you are not a fan of "stand a spoon in the cup" coffee.

My recipe:
In a tall storage container with good seal put:
1/2-3/4 bags each of Caribou Kenya, Peaberry (La Minita) and, if available Amy's Blend, HOWEVER, the Kenya and Peaberry are the most readily available - Be sure to buy enough to carry you for several months).
Add 1 C. Sam's Member's Mark
1/2 bag of Caribou Coffee Daybreak Blend.

Close lid securely and then turn container about to mix the beans. Store in the refrigerator.

To grind, only grind about 1/2 C. mixed beans at a time and store ground mix in refrig in another securely closed container.

This is a VERY Good price! The best I have seen!!! And, this is LOVELY all on its own!
401477401477B000LNC3YMA1OR5KJJDHY10JSara Nadeau91041328918400leavesDo some research online and you will see this particular fruit and the leaves actually will cure cancer better than chemo and the nasty side effects. This product is exactly what it is. dried leaves that you have to make tea from..this is where you will benifit from. if it was tea bags or a drink it would be already processed and probably does not contain the healing properties it possesses. What could it hurt? you put the leaves in a pot of water and drink the broth..why not..the healing props alone are worth it!!
401478401478B000LNC3YMA3SIS5X9C9H0Y8Dixi Reviewer "dzex"233111235865600"Soursop Leaves Tea" or "Soursop Leaves"???Description of the product says: "Soursop Leaves Tea". Actually, I have received a small bag (about 1/2 once) of Soursop Leaves not the TEA. Besides that, the quality of the leaves is marginal - they were not dried properly and look and smell similar to brownish autumn leaves in the late autumn forest. And to make it all just a bit better: the bag contains in addition to the bad dried leaves - small particles of grass and herbs dust. Now you got the picture - if it describes the product you are willing to brew a tea from - go ahead and order, otherwise STAY AWAY!
401479401479B000LNC3YMA1RPD9SDH4EM38michael1151343606400awesomeWas everything I expected and more I would recommend to anyone that is looking for the real leaves they are great.
401480401480B000LNC3YMA2WNUWJSL8F8BZD.1141335571200Soursop leavesCame nicely wrapped and clean. Boiled half the batch and sweetened with agave. Tasted pretty good. Wish they gave more leaves for that price.
401481401481B000LNC3YMAWJ0SWVO3YX1Yzsa1131323648000soursop leaves teaI gave 3 star because I thought it comes from a tea bag, instead I received the product it was fresh guyabano leaves.
401482401482B000LNC3YMA1AFTFG64H6UYHMaureen J. Grenier0051351209600Hoping it's all it promises to be!The tea leaves arrived in perfect condition with clear instructions for use. I've made and drank two batches of the tea ( each makes four 8-oz cups) and I assume all the health-giving properties are doing their thing! The tea itself is bland and pretty tasteless. I drink it icy cold and it's like drinking water - no better, no worse. People can add sweetener and drink it hot or warm also, but I just drink it in place of one of my usual water beverages because that is what I prefer. It's a health drink and I can't imagine anyone disliking it, and that's the main thing. You don't have to hold your nose and choke it down. It's fine.
401483401483B000LNC3YMA1KFCASUNIVJCNKristen Edelman0051349308800Yummy and relaxing...I wasn't sure what to expect with a name like Soursop. I was expecting the juice to be more on the tart side which I actually like, but this juice is very sweet and very tasty. I also have high blood pressure and this juice actually relaxed me and gave me a warm feeling throughout my body. I tested my blood pressure after drinking it and it was definitely lower than usual. I've read in other forums that people with low blood pressure should use caution when drinking Soursop juice because it may lower their blood pressure to unsafe levels. It really did relax me a bit and I drank it in the middle of the day. I think from now on I will only drink it in the evening when all my work is done.
401484401484B000H7LSKWACJT8MUC0LRF0D. Fowler "Dragonfly77"0051324339200This organic Peach Applesauce has a wonderfully delicate flavor that "tastes just like my grandmother used to make!"I started buying this unique "applesauce" last summer and was quite pleased with the taste. The price is steep, but comparable to what I'd pay for it in a store. I purchased it at Cold Hollow Cider Mill here in Vermont and anything sold there is of the highest quality. This peach applesauce is pureed and has the texture (if you'd call it that) of baby food. We usually serve it up with a meal, but they can easily be put in a lunchbox or bag. They don't have to be chilled and maintain that sweet, delicate peach and apple taste when served warm.


Serving Size - 4 oz.
Servings Per Cup - 1

Calories - 70

Total Fat - 0g
Sodium - 0mg

Total Carbohydrate - 16g
Dietary Fiber - 2g
Sugars - 15g

Protein - 1g

This peach applesauce has a wonderful homemade taste that I love. The blend is such that it creates its own unique flavor, something I find very appealing. Everyone has tried applesauce blended with berries, flavored with cinnamon, and an assortment of fruit blends, but this one is particularly tasty. It is certified USDA organic and contains "organic apples, organic peach and apple puree, vitamin C, natural flavor." It is also gluten free. For me it's a definite winner. It's expensive, but well worth the price ... as they say, you get what you pay for.
401485401485B001BOJDTIA185C3E3PIEWXKIt'sAllAboutEllie1111341187200Don't waste your money!Cute item but not one of the 6 water guns worked! And to top it off - the bubblegum was stale too. These were a colossal disappointment. We wound up with a bunch of very frustrated kids, not fun for me or for them.
401486401486B000Q611U6A2VI8X89TGFREMC. S. Johnston0051233792000AmazingThese fruit snacks are organic, real fruit and taste better than most fruit snacks on the market. I highly recommend them. :)
401487401487B000Q611U6AKFMW0RWRKIH2star28mama "star28mama"0051232236800Really tasty for a price I can eatThese are really good. A little on the sour side but my kids and I love them. They are quite a bit in the grocery store so I was happy to find them on here. I like the variety pack too because we all like a different flavor.
401488401488B000Q611U6A1NHU23EHMCUFPMelanie Pulley0031231804800Just OkayEach variety is really tart. I think we would like them better if they were sweeter. They are good but I'm not sure I would spend the money again.
401489401489B000Q611U6A15KNCZ84XY8PC. A. House0051231113600Awesome for something sweet!These are a great snack. However, I purchased mine for $3 cheaper at Sam's Club.
401490401490B000Q611U6A2VNB766Q21TDYMommaSeed00212295584001 out of 3 likes itWe have three children, ages 6, 3.5, and 2 years old. Only our 3.5 year old likes these. We purchased the variety box. Unfortunately, it did not go over so well. They really like the organic bars so thought we would give these a try. We won't be buying these in the future.
401461401461B004DBQY8YA219QUOJB0RE9FSabra0051344729600Best coffee everThis is the best coffee on the market today. It has a great deep flavor that can be used in a few different ways. I make cappuccino with it as well as cooking it for Turkish coffee or just pouring boiling water into a cup with a teaspoonfull of coffee.
Best coffee I ever had.
401462401462B004DBQY8YABP2K3NNPCG7Zgirlfriend0051329350400Israeli CoffeeThis is the only coffee I drink.
Other coffees are too acidic
3-4 cups of this I think
Are good for the secular and the hasidic
401463401463B004DBQY8YA11UNJ6AMPS3NTPETER VADASZ0051325030400The Best Coffee everThis is not just the best coffee one can find but the way it is produced and packed in a vacuum preserves the coffee for long time storage and also allows for easy preparation without any coffee machines. Just mix one tea spoon of coffee with boiled water and it is ready. No suspended particles at all. If you add milk and sugar make sure you add the milk first and mix it and only then add the sugar. If you add them the other way around you will get particles of coffee suspended. No coffee machine, no filters, and fast preparation. EXCELLENT PRODUCT.

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