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401521401521B000Q611U6A2PN65B6BSTIYZB. A. Chaney0041222214400Tangy, Convenient, AND It's HealthyI got these Clif Kid Twisted Fruit snacks because I'm a fan of other Clif brand products (Clif Bars, Luna Bars, Luna Minis) and I'm always looking for healthy food that's easy to eat on the go. Even though I'm not a kid, I do enjoy having convenient, go anywhere fruit that I can eat. I have tried various dried fruits and fruit leathers, but they are always either too dry and tough or too overly sugared. Clif Twisted Fruit is a nice compromise, while still being all natural.

Each twisted fruit is about 70 calories and has the "nutritional value" of a piece of fruit (so says the label). I'm not sure how they really transfer the nutritional value of actual fruit into a processed product, so I wouldn't recommend this as a fruit substitute, but it does taste good. The Strawberry flavor I tried is tangy and not overly sugared like most processed strawberry flavors. The twist is brownish red, like natural strawberry preserves, not bright red. It is sort of gummy like fruit snacks, but the texture is not dry and tough.

Overall, I enjoyed these fruit snacks. My husband did too. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a good lunch/snack food for either kids or adults--both sometimes need to be tricked into healthy eating!
401522401522B000Q611U6AY3D7DG5L5WCKEdward Walker "ednpatty"0051222214400Great Snack for the whole family!!Everyone in my family loves these. The are a cross between a twizzler and a fruit snack. They come individually wrapped so they are easy to take on the go or throw into lunches. There are 70 calories per package. Which isn't to bad since they are pretty chewy and fun to eat. I would recommend these to friends and family. They are a treat you can feel good about eating.
401523401523B000Q611U6AYB8XLKTYMTTXBeldini0051222214400A healthy, tastier alternative to Twizzlers/Red VinesOur three-year-old should probably be writing this review since he can never get enough of these twisted takes on fruit ropes.
The Clif Bar folks have taken organic apple and apple juice puree, mixed in a natural strawberry flavor and come up with a healthier version of Red Vines or Twizzlers that packs an intense fruit flavor.
Each chewy piece contains one serving of fruit and there are no artifical colors.
The pectin leaves a bit of a waxy coating on your lips that feels not unlike lip balm--it would probably be a bonus in the cold, winter months.
401524401524B000Q611U6AORGKBNQZ83O8MacGuffin "MacGuffin"0051222214400Not Just for KidsFood is one of my obsessions, so I'm always happy to sample something that's possibly delicious AND healthful (and, to conform to my dietary restrictions, vegetarian). This turned out to be a good choice, with organic certification thrown in for good measure.
Clif Kid Twisted Fruit contains only fruit puree, fruit and/or vegetable juice, organic flavoring, and pectin. One serving contains a modest 70 calories and, considering the size of the serving, a fairly impressive daily percentage of several vitamins (mostly B's) and minerals. It's definitely the sort of snack you'd encourage your child to eat.
All of this, however, is meaningless unless the snack in question, shall we say, exceeds "palatable." No problem! The strawberry flavor explodes in your mouth as soon as you bite in, and it just gets better from there. The flavor is just sweet enough and very tangy, and the texture is chewy and smooth. I imagine that if soaked overnight in some water, a Twisted Fruit would be an excellent addition to a smoothie as well.
Twisted Fruits also work for grown-ups. They're easy to toss into a bag for a "whenever" pick-me-up and would be a nice, tasty way to take in some light nutrition after a workout. A versatile, healthful means of satisfying a sweet tooth (or, in my case, "teeth") that's appropriate for all ages.
BTW, MANY thanks to Clif Bar and Co. for providing such a generous sample for our review. I like to think that what goes around, comes around. :)
Update: My friend's fruit-loving five-year-old went nuts for them. A hit with the target audience!
401525401525B000Q611U6A316RLHHO9Y24Tmyoho guy0051222128000Great for AdultsI have long been a big fan of Clif bars (Chocolate Brownie flavor), so I was eager to try this product. I was pleased to see that just one of these ropes equals a full serving of fruit, and that the added sweetening comes from fruit juice.
Texture is pleasingly firm, although a friend who tried it wondered whether kids would like it because it the "chew" didn't last long enough. The flavor is intense mainly because of the concentrated fruit content and there is an interesting "sweet-sour" flavor probably due to the added pectin. Kids who are used to very sweet fruit treats may not like this aspect, though.
Here's a Pro/Con list to summarize:
-Certified USDA organic
-Full serving of fruit in each rope
-No added sugar or high-fructose corn syrup
-Convenient (see comment about packaging, below)
-Kids may not enjoy the sweet-sour flavor
-Individual packaging (it's a compromise between being convenient or being green)
401526401526B000Q611U6A10AFVU66A79Y1R. Cipriani "Flo"0051222128000I LOVE THEMI was hoping they would be good as a healthy snack and they are but best of all THEY TASTE GREAT. It is like biting into a nice fresh tasting granny smith apple. Sweet and tart at the same time. Chewy enough to give you a nice bite but not tough at all. More like a soft licorice.
I just love that they are not overly sweet. That has always been my problem with these fruit snacks. And just to put the icing on this cake, they are all organic and only 70 calories so they fit nicely into my healthy diet. I slip one into my purse for a nice snack and I also get in one fruit serving for the day.
Good JOB Clif Bar and Com. LOVE THEM
401527401527B000Q611U6A3VBXQKRM7A4JReyecore0041222041600These are FANTASTIC...just not quite strawberry.Delicious fruit-twists with a great, chewy texture - the twist is thick enough to feel substantial. Way better than those "Fruit Roll-ups" of old times. Would definitely recommend to anyone with kids or infants instead of other sweetened snacks (that would probably contain some kind of weird chemical)...this stuff is all natural.

The 9 grams of sugar may be a bit much for an 2-3 year old to have more than one or two per day (unless you don't mind them running around with their arms above their head, bouncing off walls, and yelling with a big smile on their face.)

On a final note - this review is for the Strawberry flavor. While it does have sweetness and light strawberry flavor, it is rather "tart" for a strawberry. In fact, the ingredients don't actually list "strawberries" anywhere in them: Organic Apple Puree, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Organic Flavors, Pectin, colored with Fruit and Vegetable Juice. With that said...the apple puree/apple juice taste like they were Granny Smith or maybe Gravensteins.

So, while not exactly tasting like a fresh picked strawberry by any stretch of the imagination (hence the 4 stars rather than 5), they are very tasty. (If given a Strawberry one without knowing which flavor it was prior, I don't think everybody would agree that it's strawberry.) At any rate, I will certainly buy these in the future - will try other flavors to see if they all have "tart apple with hint of <flavor>" flavored.
401528401528B000Q611U6A13MKSASQ6YWL7Brad Willis0051221955200Tasty, healthy and very convenient.I'll be short and to the point. This is a very good product.

Each Clif Kid Organic Twisted Fruit serving has only 70 calories, but is all organic with no added sugar. I think it's a great snack for adults as well as kids. I'm one of those people with a sweet tooth and I've got to have some form of sweets around at all times. One thing is for sure, munching on one of these is a lot better for you than reaching for that candy bar.

The only slight criticisms I have is that it's a touch more tart than expected and the primary ingredients are "apple puree" and "apple juice concentrate" with no specific mention of strawberries. Also, while the price is a reasonable value, it's not a terrific one. I'd strongly recommend that you consider the "Subscribe and Save" option, which knocks an extra 15% off of the price. You can always cancel S&S later if you change your mind, so there's no downside to signing up and it will save you money.
401529401529B000Q611U6AU1SKSAF00JJHJ. Villeneuve "jayvil"0051221696000Sadly, one of the only sources of fruit my son will eat!I can not express how surprised (and happy!) I was to find out my son loves these fruit ropes. The Mixed Berry were the first we tried and they are actually pretty tart. I did not think that would go over well with a kid that really only tolerates a bland banana or apple every now and then. But he LOVES them. I added them to Subscribe and Save and almost every month I have to order more before the scheduled delivery.

There's not much to them as far as a filling snack, but they apparently satisfy the little ones. They are "dense" and chewy so they take a few minutes to eat and satisfy the craving to have a snack. With a full serving of fruit and added nutrients, it seems like a no brainer. When you include our neighbors that visit all the time, these are a hit with at least ages 3 to 10!

I am anxious to try more flavors and will go for the Variety Pack next.
401530401530B000Q611U6A1JQP0MMPXG0Z3J. Burns0051221436800Great tasting, healthy snack@They are soft and chewy, not like the leathery texture I'd come to expect from this type of snack. It's nice to have the flavor variety pack. None of the flavors are the "bad" one that everyone leaves until last. We just reach into the box and pick out whatever comes out.

Our whole family enjoys these. In fact, I think mom and dad eat more of these than the kids do! They are consistently gone in much less than a month, such that I'm considering increasing our subscription order from 1 to 2!
401531401531B000Q611U6A2RFW750BYEYPZMWB "working mom"0051220140800a hit with my kidsThis will be a staple in my kindergarterner's lunch box. 100% fruit and tastes great.
401532401532B000Q611U6A1YELX1XVW5A9Uvdavisoh "Bargain Outlet"0051219795200Very Good ProductBased upon the reviews, I decided to try these as a healthy adult snack. I was expecting a larger package size, but was pleasantly pleased with the quality and taste. Perfect, just what I was looking for. I have signed up for the automatic shipping option on these to get them at a lower price also.
401533401533B000Q611U6A35TJPZPNB6X63Mom of 3 "Mom of 3"0051219708800Soooo delicious!These are really delicious. The texture is awesome. My 2 1/2 year olds loved them - the only problem was they were gone in about 3 days!
401534401534B000Q611U6A2HMQLGIAP9B8RMrs. O. "mostly crunchy mama"0051219622400good eatinTwisted fruit is to sweet for my taste, but my kids love it. I can pop it in thier lunchbox and feel good about it! Plus they can open the package with ease.
401535401535B000Q611U6A2UWCNL6MRGDOYDannie1380051219190400My toddler LOVES them and so do I!I gave my toddler one tonight after dinner as a treat...he got extremely excited and immediately went to work on it. It's not very big, but it certainly is a healthy choice and lasted him a few minutes! I love them too!
401536401536B000Q611U6A12RISXUQ76N0AC. George "Foodie Dude"0051217721600Very good and very good for youUsually, these products have way too much sugar and are not that healthy. This one is organic and is low in calories. I like it as much as my daughter does. We purchased the variety pack on Subscribe and Save for extra savings too.
401537401537B000Q611U6A2IK8BI3X7YJZANatural Mom0051216252800Used this for our party favorsMy son loved this healthy snack. It comes in fun flavors, and looks like licorice. It seems easier, i.e. less messy, for kids to eat than some of the other fruit strips out there. And because of the packaging we were able to include them in the favor bags for his party as an alternative to candy.
401538401538B000Q611U6A1D7OEPWQ1U0CHS. Weisz0051216252800Yummy Treat!What a great way to get a serving of fruit?! These fruit ropes are delicious. I love that they are organic and all natural!! All of the flavors are wonderful.
401539401539B000Q611U6A1LRRJATPX9SYKH. Kunes0051213747200Not StickyThe kids and I love this product. It is one Weight Watchers point. It is also not as sticky as some flat fruit leathers. Why eat high fructose corn syrup, sugary "fruit" snacks when you can eat the real thing.
401541401541B000Q611U6A24YOND7EZTD71Lehrerin "Trubertiam"0051212105600Yummy, Healthy Anytime SnackI like to keep snacks on hand, but not the classic junk-type snacks. These are perfect for our family. The kids are able to grab them anytime they need something to munch on, and I don't worry about them OD'ing on chips or candy. We love all the flavors; they're tart and chewy, just right for a sweets craving.
401542401542B000Q611U6A21YYDMQ0RRBNHM. Young0051210809600Great snack when on the goMy kiddos have always turned their nose up at fruit leather but love this. I love to keep these in the car for a quick healthy snack.
401543401543B000Q611U6A24DJR7AM4AHA2Shelley0051210809600These twists ROCKThese are awesome. They are organic and one full serving of fruit. They aren't flat, they are wide chewy twists, and they taste like CANDY! I also love that they are fortified with some extra vitamins because my 3-year-old is a very picky eater. Since they are pretty thick and a so chewy, I don't give them to my 1-year-old yet. With him I stick with the flattened fruit. Don't tell the kids, but I sneak a few of these to work to help get another fruit serving into my own diet. I love the sour apple. I just subscribed to get a box every month. I didn't know you could do that. Cool!
401544401544B000Q611U6A2TOESIOXFQXLLPraveen Jaini0051210550400My daughter loves it !We tried this product sample at my daughter's daycare and she loved it. So I ordered a pack from amazon (along with another item to get the supersaver s/h discount) and its a nice treat for her. She calls it "fruit jelly". I tasted it and like it too !
401545401545B000Q611U6A2DPOA1FX72ZGLS. Smeigh "Sassafras"0041209686400tangy and yummymy kids didn't like these as much as i did. they are so sour/tangy. for me it curbed cravings for something to munch on. i think they were a bit too much for my 7 and 8 year olds who prefer fresh fruit. i ordered more for myself though :)
401546401546B000Q611U6A15JZFHEV8KS17ckw0021209600000not what I expectedWe love Clif kid Z bars. I decided to try these based on all of the great reviews. We bought the strawberry and no one in the house likes them. My kids are picky, so I always try the treats just to see if they are even worth trying. I eat healthy and don't mind most healthy snacks, but even I did not care for these. I am going to try another flavor, but the strawberry just didn't cut it here!
401547401547B000Q611U6A3IWLGM36JV00VBeth Gable "Mom of 2 Boys"0051207785600Healthy SnackI tried these for my two sons since they need to bring their own snacks to school every day and needed something made in a facility without peanuts. They are healthy and not too high in sugar. My sons think they taste ok, but not great.
401548401548B000Q611U6A2WLVP8EIC0B0PDear Leo "wow-amazon"1211264464000Not clear advertising - just flavored apple in Variety pack!This is for the variety pack. The good: it is all organic and contains no sugar, the taste is quite good. The 'wish I knew this before' and it is not mentioned in the product description online here, which I find misleading. The ingredients for ALL 4 flavors is the SAME: Organic Apple Puree, Organic Apple Juice concentrate, Organic Flavor, Pectin, (and coloring). I really thought that this was pure dried Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Tropical Fruit and yes, Sour Apple).But the ingredient list on the box shows it is all apple. I prefer the Fruit 'Ends & Bits' at Trader Joe's
401549401549B000Q611U6A13XHAQXGVQYA7love to learn1221262217600My 9 year old only ate 1 flavor!These are alright, very sticky and chewy, a bit sour, way too sweet. My 9 year old guy is a candy junky, to the horror of his mother, but even with the awful sweetness of these things, he only ate the sour apple...said the other flavors sucked.
If you're into paying a ton of money for sugar with a bit of fruit and tons of plastic packaging, both these and Stretch Island fruit leathers would fit your needs. Although, Stretch Island has more fruity flavor without the sickening sweetness.
401550401550B000Q611U6A3MKD1JZEYH8J3P. Werwie "Punchneedle Chick" boys love these and no high fructose corn syrup!!My 10 and 14 year old boys eat these everyday as a school snack along with their favorite cliff barCLIF Kid ZBaR, Chocolate Brownie, 1.27-Ounce Bars 6 Count box ( Pack of 6 ) 36 total bars. I love it when other moms ask me about them and they say "oh they must have high fructose corn syrup if they taste good to kids" and I proudly tell them NO! For older kids who think it is not cool to pack a fruit snack this one is perfect...small for stashing in backpack and it comes in cool flavors. I will continue to purchase these from Amazon and my boys get the benefits!!

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