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401568401568B000Q611U6A2DV48TSVVVO6VJesus is my Savior0251222300800Delicious and nutritious snack for kids or adults...These are packed with flavor and with vitamins. I recommend them as a healthy snack for kids or adults. Oh, and of course the organic aspect of them just rocks!
401569401569B000Q611U6A3PKIEHWSWN4JFMarie Banks "PuffinKisses"1421255910400MEH, totallyIts 1 package of 24 for over 15$. WASTE OF $ for me. I'll never buy this again.
401570401570B000Q611U6A20B6U0P37KHGIKara Leigh F. Vessey "Read with me"0411243728000Sour Apple... YUCK!!!!!!Sour apple tastes toxic. Yuck. No wonder my kids wont eat it. However, they love all the other flavors in the variety pack.
401571401571B000Q611U6A2SH6A32BE6NEVComp Expert "Comp"1631222214400Tasty, but doesn't leave you full; high calories, expensive.The Clif bar organic fruit comes in a plastic wrapper that is easy to open so kids (or adults with frail hands) wont have any trouble opening it. The actual piece of nourishment is only a few inches long as is very sticky so you don't want to get your hands on it

There's a slightly spicy, fruity taste to the strawberry flavor I consumed. I was able to chomp down on the stick in a matter of seconds and I was left not feeling full either. I could easily eat several of these in one sitting -- but you wouldn't want to do that as these have 70 calories a piece. If children are consuming these you really need to watch out that they don't have access to too many as they too could easily eat several of these in front of a TV (will make them FAT).

Overall, I am not happy about the high calorie count versus feeling of fullness. Even a granola bar leaves me far more satisfied, but these fruit sticks do no such thing. The prices is also high, being about 90 cents a piece when bought in the bulk pack. I would like to see the price decrease to 50 cents a piece at least. As such, I am awarding only 3 stars to this product.
401572401572B000Q611U6A32D3SIQGJX2SVmom2sarah...394051200355200Best thing since Sliced Bread....Awesome !!!I am not a big fan of fruit roll-ups as they tend to be more like candy than fruit with added sugar. These Twisted Fruit ropes are a "whole" other story. They are Organic and provide ONE FULL Serving of Fruit! Each one is 70 calories and best of it, they are satisfying. And I love its dense, chewy texture. It's SO GOOD that I enjoy it as much as my children do ! So far, I have had the pleasure of trying the strawberry, sour apple, and tropical fruit twists. I love them all although the sour apple is indeed "sour". It will make your mouth pucker which I personally love but I buy the strawberry & tropical flavors for my children. I just wish that they were less expensive but I can see how they cost more to produce so I am willing to pay more to get a better, more nutritious fruit snack ! Btw, Amazon has the best prices on these esp. if you "subscribe and save". They are not yet readily available and at my Whole Foods Supermarket, they sell for 99 cents EACH !
401573401573B000Q611U6A22S7D0LP8GRDHJacob Hantla ""505441222128000Video Review By a 3-Year-Old: I Like It Length:: 1:10 Mins

Video Review by 3-year-old Anders: He likes it. His grandma and dad like it too. Our conclusions:
1. Great tasting
2. A little tart; very strong flavor
3. No sugar added, but still pretty sweet and sticky.
4. A new-found favorite. We'll definitely be getting more.
401574401574B000Q611U6A2ZBLKE83EFNGATabitha Z313631245196800MehWe got the twenty-four-piece multi-pack, which comes with four flavors: Mixed Berry, Tropical Twist, Strawberry, and Sour Apple.

The ingredients for the Mixed Berry, Tropical Twist, and Strawberry are:
"organic apple puree, organic apple juice concentrate, organic flavor, pectin, colored with fruit and vegetable juice." Also, some vitamins and minerals are added.

Sour Apple ingredients are exactly the same, except there is no coloring added.

The "organic flavor" ingredients are not specified, nor are the fruit and vegetable juices used for color. We can assume that these ingredients do vary among the different flavored fruit ropes, but we don't know what they are.

These fruit ropes do not have the fruit taste we thought they should. Our family didn't like them very much. They aren't terrible -- we just don't think they're good enough to purchase again; but maybe that's just because we're accustomed to natural foods.

The ingredients aren't bad either, but they're nothing exciting -- as far as we can tell, they're just apple (pectin comes from apples) with anonymous color and flavor enhancers (and the supplemental vitamins and minerals).

Additionally, among the Tropical Twist flavored fruit ropes were several that had not been packaged properly. The ropes were sticking out the bottoms of the wrappers, having been squished along with the wrapper when the machinery pressure/heat sealed them.

The reviewers who thought these were very chewy must have gotten stale ones. The fresh ones are on the softer side, but still sticky. (Braces wearers, beware.)

For small, individually-wrapped dried fruit treats, I would recommend Stretch Island fruit leather instead. These contain the fruits named in their flavors (e.g. the ingredients in Stretch Island's "orchard cherry" fruit leather are: apple puree concentrate, cherry puree concentrate, orange puree concentrate, natural black cherry flavor) and they taste like those fruits, too, without being too sweet or tart or sticky.
401575401575B000Q611U6A1P27BGF8NAI29Alice in Wonderland8851222905600Mmmmm, good!This is a great tasting snack that you will never mind giving to your kids. Made out of organically raised fruit, they have lots of the right things (vitamin B & vitamin C) and none of the wrong things (no added sugars, no artificial colors, no preservatives). So, if you are a parent, and want some really good snacks that you will feel good about giving your children, then get Clif Kid Twisted Fruit Ropes. I highly recommend them!
401576401576B000Q611U6A18U369HJFRSM8James N. Skinner7751237852800Great for kids with food AllergiesMy son has multiple food allergies (soy, corn, wheat, walnuts, peanuts, dairy and sesame) and the awesome things is that he can have these. It's so hard to find snacks for him and we went to a birthday party where somebody packed these in the goody bags. We were surprised when we looked at the ingredients and found out he can actually eat them and doesn't have to feel left out while the other kids eat it. The hardest ingredient to get away from in these type of snacks is high fructose corn syrup which this product doesn't contain.
401577401577B000Q611U6A2WGD5GNQME5O5Frank3351294704000I just couldn't stop buying themI stared at the vending machine and saw this guy. I bought one. Before i got a nibble out of it, my tongue took control and pulled the whole thing in. My stomach took over and i then got another from the vending machine. Eagerly scarfing it down like charlie did with his chocolate, i had forgotten i just ate it. I got another one out of the vending machine.....

They need these in bulk quantities, like sets of 80.
401578401578B000Q611U6A3EQNLL7ZKNTRFRayna Gorowitz "Sparkina"3351262736000Whether you're grown or growing, this is the YUMMIEST fruit snack going!I'm not exactly a kid (born December 5, 1967, you do the math)but I had to try these things when I saw them in my local natural-foods market, and they are PLENTY OF YUMMY. Sweet yet zingy, fruity-fresh flavor, firm but tender texture. Each twist "candy" is 70 calories and 1 point on Weight Watchers, and unlike conventional fruit snacks, these take some time to enjoy, so they're more satisfying. These are a snack to be savored. Now I'm hooked on the things. I tried the Tropical Twist and the Mixed Berry so far (I like to buy them individually, so I don't mow through the box in one sweep!) Both are delish, but the Tropical Twist is an eyelash ahead. Looking forward to trying the other flavors.
I don't have kids yet, but I would recommend them to my little cousin-nieces (my cousin's daughters)
These are great to take on the go. Just slip into pocket or purse.
A fitness-friendly, tastebud-tantalizing way to slap your mouth sideways with a wallop of fruit! I recommend them highly
401579401579B000Q611U6A3OO4WIO4SKD55I'm hungry. feed me3351222214400Tasty, like Kelis' albumFinally, a great tasting fruit snack without added Sugar and/or High Fructose Corn Syrup. Clif has released something tasty that I can eat without being the equivalent of a Snickers Bar. It makes a great late night and on the go snack. While it's strawberry flavored (Yes, The review is based on the strawberry flavor), it doesn't taste a thing like strawberries. It tastes as artificial Skittles but it isn't artificial and that's a beautiful thing. And While non-strawberry tasting strawberry flavor (At least I didn't think it tasted like strawberry) may be a minus for some people, for me, a person who doesn't like the taste of real strawberry, that's a plus. The shape of the rope is just like Red Vines and if you've had the strawberry red vines, the taste isn't that much different. And for kids, if you remove the individual wrappers and place them in a Ziploc Bag, I doubt a child would be able to tell the difference to this and a piece of licorice. I placed a few in an empty Red Vines bag, my 9 year old nephew got into them, didn't know the difference.

1. Great for kids lunches or a late night snack
2. 70 calories
3. No Extra sugar and/or High Fructose corn syrup or artificial sweetner
4. Organic And All Natural
5. 100 percent fruit with great taste

1. Not so big on the strawberry flavor.

To sum it all up, If you're looking for a nutritious snack for your kids, This is perfect
401580401580B000Q611U6ABJGB3ROITBVVJ. Brewer "JMR"3351208563200Not leather like!Great product. I have been enjoying them as much as my son. They are not too tough to chew like many of the natural fruit products I've tried. These flavors have a slight tart taste that we enjoy. I'll be ordering more. The Cliff Kid's cereal bars are also a winner.
401551401551B000Q611U6A1KSDKIZ4XN3GGLeslie Fitzgerald1251222300800YummyThese are great in every way. They taste like real fruit, because that's what they are made from, with no artificial anything. The serving size is just right for a lunchbox or after-sport snack. Not just for kids either - since they have no added sugar, they are not too sweet for adults to enjoy.
401552401552B000Q611U6A1S7YQQGJPPFLGCarolyn Lee "Navy Wife"1251222214400Full of Pucker Power!!! Kids love them.My kids could not wait to try these, and they were not dissapointed. They love the taste and I love that they are a nice healthy snack for after school or on the go.
I must say though that both myself and my mom thought they had very strong "pucker power". Too sour of a taste for us. I guess it just depends if you like sour flavors.
401553401553B000Q611U6A1QTHVA826XEOSSuper Mum1251222214400Children LOVE these!The first time we ordered the Clif Kid Twisted Fruit Ropes we ordered the Variety Pack to sample all the flavors so we could make a better decision when ordering the next pack. While my seven-year-old enjoyed every flavor very much, strawberry came out slightly ahead in taste. This time when we received the strawberry-only pack he was thrilled to have a whole box of his favorite but still hoped for a bit of variety. While he is an avid fan of the flavor of these fruit twists, I am a fan of the ingredients and am happy to serve them to him. The wholesome ingredients of the Strawberry flavor are as follows: Organic Apple Puree, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Organic Flavors, Pectin, Colored with Fruit and Vegetable Juice.

These fruit twists make a great alternative to the fruit snacks his friends seem to always get in their lunchbox but are a much healthier choice. If my son is not able to finish his lunch (which seems to be the case most days with the school's 10-15 minute time allotment for lunch) after school during pick-up he will take the fruit twists out of his lunchbox and the other children beg him to trade with him. Most times he refuses because he enjoys them so much. I will be re-buying these and packing these in his lunch every once in awhile for a treat. However, when ordering again I will probably choose the Variety Pack as you get a 24 pack for the same price as a single flavored 18 pack.

My personal opinion of the product's flavor is that it is delicious but a bit too sour/tart/tangy. I can't eat them on a regular basis but my child who loves sour/tart fruit and the occasional sour candy says it is perfect. Additionally, the product does have a tendency to stick to the teeth. My child's molars are sealed and he has never had a cavity so it is not an issue for our family but may be something to consider in your purchase.
401554401554B000Q611U6A25C2M3QF9G7OQComdet1241222128000Tart, but pretty goodThis is a pretty good product -- scores well on nutrition, good texture (chewy, but in a good way), serving size is reasonable for a 70 calorie product. But, the taste is on the tart side and rather weak in terms of tasting like strawberry. It's not "pucker your mouth" tart, but dialing the tartness back would make it a 5 star product.
401555401555B000Q611U6A26LD9FQHTM8ZHOlyNomad1251222128000Really tasty...These are really tasty, organic and perfect for a quick on the go snack. I'd always prefer the actual fruit, but if I don't have time for it and just need a snack, this is good. 70 calories, 0 fat, 5mg sodium, 16g total carbos, 9g sugar.
401556401556B000Q611U6A3EQOIXQEQ0CHYSarah D.0121291766400didn't really like this flavorI love this product, and every other flavor that I've tried (grape, mixed berry, and strawberry). However, I didn't like this flavor at all. It has a strange bitter aftertaste.
401557401557B000Q611U6A319T6YA9CNUZPM. Lohorn0151255910400great snackmy kids are young adults and they love these! the twists are handy, clean, and nutritious. amazon has a very good price on the variety pack.
401558401558B000Q611U6AN47NZBIFKJM3DMH0131242000000Clif Kid Twisted Fruit, Sour Apple, .7-Ounce Wrappers (Pack of 18)The fruit twists in the first package received were stale as compared to twists we have bought in a health food store. This months' automatic shipment was better, but two of the individually wrapped sticks were torn and/or open, so we had to discard them.

We plan to keep the auotmatic shipment for one more month and see if the condition of the product is better. The product itself is good, but if we find it fresher in the store we won't continue to buy it here.
401559401559B000Q611U6A2LJJ4482V9LAWSunnyBeachLife0121240876800Not impressedThe taste just isn't good enough to fit the price. Overpriced, not healthy enough for that "organic and good for you!" price and the taste didn't impress anyone in my family including a slew of teenagers. It will now sit in my closet. Sticky/chewy/tart/odd flavor is how I'd describe it. I bought it after reading the good reviews but it's just too strange a taste for us to ever repurchase or to justify that high price.
401560401560B000Q611U6A9GPCR9WJQCCJJim "gearhead4"0131222732800Real fruit, unreal flavors.I was expecting the strawberry flavored CLIF kid Organic Twisted Fruit to contain strawberries, but the ingredient list doesn't mention strawberries at all. It is made from organic apple puree and apple juice concetrate and "organic flavors" (whatever that means).
The list of vitamins and minerals is rather extensive, and I don't doubt the "One Serving of Fruit" claim is valid. So it is a relatively healthy snack.
How does it taste? Very tart with a flavor similar to old strawberry preserves.
Will kids eat it? Yes. After trying one, my daughter took a few to school with her.
401561401561B000Q611U6A2YQ2ZI65F37N8T. Gaston0151222300800Really great tasting snackWith a delicious strawberry flavor, these fruit twists have a great texture, easy to chew and they are organic! I liked them a lot better than the fruit strip type products, which tend to be sticky and a bit tough to bite or chew.
401562401562B000Q611U6A20JX0XOEMTRMSE. Paille0151222300800Strawberry Twisted Fruit ReviewWhat an awesome yummy taste this twisted fruit has! You take a bite and the sweet and tangy taste explodes in your mouth. I love it, my kids love them and that it has a whole serving of fruit per piece is wonderful! It's organic to boot and has 18 pieces per pack allowing for a special treat for lunches or a healthy snack for after school. Our family will look forward to ordering and eating more! :)
401563401563B000Q611U6A15JB2HEZ6RKGWTwinsboystwice01512222144009 yr olds ate the entire boxI didn't like this product all that well. It was really tangy and hurt my stomach. I was more than a little surprised when my picky eater 9 yr olds ate 17 sticks in one sitting between them. I guess that's why they are labeled for KIDS.
401564401564B000Q611U6AXO4PQU0XG3TGDwight0141222214400intense and somewhat sourThis strawberry product does not taste very sweet and is not as candy like as traditional fruit roll ups. It is a shorter all natural version of the Twizzler strawberry licorice straw.
401565401565B000Q611U6AQLL2R1PPR46Xgrumpyrainbow0151222041600delicous snack for picky kidsThese are very good and good for you. A full serving of fruit and not like the other fruit snacks you buy. They are a bit tart, but in a good way. I tried the Strawberry and enjoyed them a lot. The kids around here also really liked them as well. They are chewy, but do not get stuck in teeth. Great product.
401566401566B000Q611U6A1QRB7JN7Y3YF1MobileMaven0151220227200Tasty and Nutritious, now that's a a big win!I love that it's organic and all natural. These are so tasty, we ran through the 18 pack in a day or two. Great for anyone that is on a busy shcedule, but still wants to eat healthy snacks.
401567401567B000Q611U6A2MMDKNIM4ONRTA. Rottger "busy mommy"1311231200000Tastes bad, smell weird.Well, I was sad when all of my kids thought these were nasty. They LOVE the Clif Z-Bars, so I thought these would be kid friendly also. Not so much.
I have the big variety box, and we've tried all of the flavors...none of them was a hit.

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