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401701401701B000V7OUWGA3FHHT39SPK462Nancy J. Bochichio "njlbo"5731231200000Flavor is okayWith the chocolate and vanilla stevia, I like to make a non-caffeinated hot beverage. Stevita brand is almost as tasty as Sweetleaf brand, which I had used previously. The vanilla is a little more vanilla-y than the chocolate is chocolate-y. I am just not sure, in the long run, whether Stevita's plastic bottle has/will have an effect on the flavor; Sweetleaf is in a glass bottle.
401702401702B000V7OUWGA1POKVN2QGVMDZLR0031328486400Just okNeed a lot of it in order to get enough flavor which then leaves an aftertaste because of having to use so much.
401703401703B000V7OUWGA3ELV0DLT0F3LOCurtis K. Neimeister "sirreadsaplenty"0011319760000Chocolate flavored StiviaI did not care for this product. It has little or no chocolate flavor and the sweetness is much less than the regular Stevia. The regular Stevia is my product of choice.
401704401704B000V7OUWGA18WKADVOE3BJIA. Crowder0031317859200So soThese had an acidic taste to me. They worked as a sweetener, but I felt I needed more sugar in my drinks. I wouldn't buy again.
401705401705B000V7OUWGA3H6K6ZTJPIBB0I. Almeida0041315440000good taste and inexpensivePros:
+all natural
+small size and easy to squirt

-a peculiar aftertaste sometimes (not a really big con)
-not to fond of the chocolate taste but the diet required Stevia only

Overall, I had the Stevia with Greek Yogurt to help with the taste. I would sometimes get the aftertaste but nothing that would push me to not buy it again. Inexpensive and does it job!
401706401706B000V7OUWGA3CG93783LP0FOYarii0041311552000Chocolate flavor just as good as SweetleafIt's so hard to adjust from putting Splenda and Hershey's syrup in my morning coffee, but this is a good alternative. Like the Sweetleaf brand which is a little more costly, it's taking awhile to get the balance between enough chocolate flavor and too much sweetness from the stevia. Still, it's more healthy than what I was using prior to this, so 4 stars from me.
401707401707B004VLV2V0A24PVEW8C8WFY5Woods Woman "Into the forest..."111141335312000Cancer cells and viruses can't live in an alkaline environment.Because this baking soda is aluminum free, you can ingest it daily in small amounts to keep your blood alkaline. Cancer cells and viruses can't live in an alkaline environment and baking soda keeps the blood alkaline when ingested daily in small amounts.
401708401708B004VLV2V0A224LVYAM7C7U2jlw111151332460800LOVE ITThis is the only baking soda I use in my house. One teaspoon in 8 oz of water will immediately alleviate heartburn. I use it in my home made laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent and a teaspoon in 8 oz. of water will cure a UTI in a heart beat.
401709401709B004VLV2V0A11J8B8NEK1Y65Eric C6651333152000QualityThe idea of learning about trace aluminum in your typical brand of baking soda, had me searching for an alternative almost immediately. It seems Bob's Red Mill is one of the few brands that touts the absence of this metal in it's product. I can attest this does it's job well as sodium bicarbonate, and I recommend the use of this over less costly products from a health conscious stand point. Your health is something to revere, no?
401710401710B004VLV2V0A1J7FP5XCCSHSMuser302251339113600Good soda!It works great! worlds best anti-fungal! I put it on my toes and im seeing new nail growth the fastest I have ever seen! I have had this issue for over 12 years tried lots of home remedies that did not work, some helped some, but this stuff is anti-fungal to the extreme. I'm seeing progress on one nail growing in clear I have seen 0 progress in over 5 years and this stuff works with in 4 days to show me progress? :) Good stuff! I put it in my hair and no more dandruff. as that's caused by a fungus.
Good high quality product!

Oh and I think you can cook with it to.
401711401711B004VLV2V0A2FFUGZHGC32F4Artie C.2251331942400Bob's Red Mill Baking Soda 16-Ounce (Pack of 4)Two of the bags were leaking baking soda when I opened the box, but it was a very small amount. The thin plastic bag packaging could be improved upon. I transferred the baking soda from those two bags into a glass Ball Jar.

The quality of the Baking soda is very good. It is a much finer grain, than regular Arm & Hammer baking Soda, so it is great for using in the homemade toothpaste I make using baking soda and coconut oil. I give the quality of the baking soda 5 stars.
401712401712B004VLV2V0AMZ6FEOEHBCFOJacqueline L. Patti "jackiepatti"0041350345600I'm not sure what to's baking soda! The multipack is a relatively good value. I'm using it for detox baths and it works fine.
401713401713B004VLV2V0A23BX44WE95UTYAchuva0051348790400Great deal and packaged wellJust got the item today and wanted to say that despite my concerns based on reviews the packaging was fine and the items arrived without any spills or package breakage. There may be variations on the way this is shipped, my order arrived in a box with cushioned air pads - but I have noticed that Amazon can be inconsistent, particularly the warehouse in the packaging. I think I know why some arrive with leaks in the bags - the larger Bob's Red Mill box that the baking soda bags come in is the standard size that the grains come in but the bags are usually larger - so the product manufacturer may need to make some adjustment as I can see how the smaller bags could knock around inside the box and cause damage. Bob's could improve it by putting the bags of baking soda into a snugger fitting shipping box - would save them a lot on refunds and returns I'm sure! Mine were fine like I said and when I opened one of the bags the plastic seemed sturdy so maybe they have worked on the packaging issue.

As for quality I just now tried it as an alkalizer with lemon juice & water. Not exactly tasty but the baking soda is much finer than arm & hammer & I trust in the quality of Bob's Red Mill so I am not worried about aluminum or other toxins in this product. I'll use it for cooking as well and other personal use but will probably get the cheap stuff for the fridge or other household uses of baking soda. However this is a great price & the 4 bags will last me a looooong time for their intended uses so I am very satisfied with the purchase.
401714401714B004VLV2V0ANG06RAVUKL8VLeightonD0041348444800Loving it in the fridgeI have a small mini fridge and wanted to put some Baking Soda in there to remove some of the odors that were starting to build. cut open the top of the bag and within 24 hours, all the smells were gone. I think the 4 pack is a very good buy, especially at that price.
401715401715B004VLV2V0A3NB02YDXQKBNHFiddich0021348358400Poor Red Mill packaging - product works fineRecently received this product in the mail and while the packaging itself looked fine (Amazon box and inner Red Mill box were OK), when I opened the Red Mill box containing the 4 plastic pouches of baking soda, 3 out of the 4 had cuts on the top of the pouches and were all leaking baking soda everywhere. Terrible packaging by the company and a really flimsy plastic clearly not acceptable for housing a powdered substance that could be shipped. Luckily Amazon handled it well and are sending me a replacement. Hoping the replacement actually has more than 1 sealed pouch.

In terms of the product, it works fine - it's baking soda.
401716401716B004VLV2V0A1JKIVD51MOP9Cspammycat0051347148800Does the jobGood product! I'm not a baking soda connoiseur, so I can't tell the difference between this and arm and hammer. But it definitely minimizes odor's in my son's diaper pail, and I like that it doesn't have aluminum in it. It seems safer, especially using it in a nursery.
401717401717B004VLV2V0A1YH4B1M15BUPRTrish0051343779200Alot for LittleI was surprised at how much was in the box(a lot). Nicely packaged too. I'm only able to find this brand at high end grocery stores, so that's a plus
401718401718B004VLV2V0AZN46SXW7ZAM0C. Martin "foodie"1251330300800The item is great, the packaging is very poorI received my baking soda today. They came in a box, which contained inside another box from Bob's Red Mill, with a label "ready to ship" from Amazon. When I opened this second box, the mess was all over my living room. Two of the four bags were punctured. Please, do something about it!
401719401719B000SAQCWCABOVZI93MF5M2Common Sense Rules1151286409600BEST DARN PRODUCTS ANYWHEREYUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY! Doesnt matter if you're allergen-free or not, the Cravings Place mixes make the most DELICIOUS foods you'll ever have. AND they're the EASIEST to make - much easier than the "regular" stuff, AND they DONT require to make ANY SUBSTITUTIONS. What other mixes or recipes are you going to find ANYWHERE that only require oil & water, and wha-lah, you have pancakes, muffins, cookies, brownies... etc etc etc that are delicious & everyone will love. A few of the mixes require some kind of shortening - we use the organic palm shortening, but there are a number of types you could use that would work.

I have not had a single "failure" or even a "mediocre" result with these - and that's saying something when you consider I've had YEARS of experience ruining food, even before I went allergen-free. My elementary-school child has become a master baker because of these mixes.

As a previous reviewer mentioned, many other products marketed as "dairy-free" or "egg-free" or whatever, REQUIRE you to add those very things when mixing it up - and the substitutions they offer never come out the same. The Cravings Place mixes are DESIGNED not to need those things, so they come out EXACTLY the way they were meant to - EVERY TIME.

Try it, you'll like it, you WONT be sorry!
401720401720B000SAQCWCA2ATZ8FQZV46AN*pjr0051300320000The Cravings PlaceThe G.F. cookie mixes were awesome but was disappointed that I had to purchase 6 at a time. The shipping was quite expensive.
401721401721B000SAQCWCAQCTE2A0J30Y6Magnolia Pedersen "magnolia"0051244332800You'd Never Know the Difference!These cookies are REALLY GOOD! And the price on Amazon rocks. I served these to my family and they couldn't tell they were dairy, gluten, nut and egg free. They are very easy to make and I can't wait to try the other varieties!
401722401722B000SAQCWCA196481I0REGPDSerenity0051217203200Simply the Best!The Cravings Place mixes are simply the best Gluten Free mixes around. Not only that, but they are dairy free and egg free as well, AND no artificial anything or overly processed ingredients. Another BIG PLUS is that while so many "allergen free" mixes require you to then add the very allergens that you are trying to avoid to make the mix work properly, The Cravings Place mixes generally only require water and perhaps oil or dairy free margarine to get delicious baked goods.

I cannot recommend them enough. Delicious, healthy, natural, easy, quick and allergen free from bag to table! (-:
401723401723B000SAQCWCA1WITBQCG174L4Cynthia A. Dahl "Cindy Dahl"0051211846400The closest to the real thing I have found!I love food! When I found out that I have Celiac, I just thought I would die! No more of my favorite treat: chocolate chip cookies. I have tried just about every GF cookie mix but it just tastes terrible. I am still struggling with attempting to cook on my own with all the different flour. I didn't want to "settle" for what everyone else was eating. Then I tried The Cravings Place's Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix and I could almost hear the angels singing! It isn't as sweet as the real thing, but I personally prefer it that way.
401724401724B000KDYPDKA18Q4VCGR1IUFOK. Nickerson0031210291200yummythese are very good quality chocolates, they are a little dull, meaning ting a litt.le stale[?] but bthey still taste great. At 50% off, a good deal
401725401725B006ZPJKZAAHR0MVGQB1YMICheryl7751328572800Amazing!This seller is amazing!! Not only did they rush the order for me in time for Super Bowl, they also sent along a free sample of hot chocolate and 4 lollipops! You can pick and choose all different was so much fun! Thanks Coffee Mix! The Kcups were a great hit! Cheryl
401726401726B006ZPJKZAA126GR83A4FE7HNew Horizons6651334534400Best K-Cup BuyI buy K-Cups for my office place, and was so tired of hearing my co-workers complain about lack of variety and flavor choices. I have tried many sampler pack and was dissappointed that i ended up with many of the same flavors. Finally i spotted this little gem of a product. I am able to pick which K-Cups I want from an extensive list. I got a box of Flavor/Teas & a box of Regular Joe and I couldnt be happier. No longer will i have to hear "I dont like this flavor... why do we have 10 of them". I will let everyone of my co-workers and any one I know who has a Keurig machine about this product. It came well packed, fast, and was exactly what I wanted.

401727401727B006ZPJKZAA3KW0P2GNN5FK4Bonnie6651333411200Delicious adventure, perfect for new K-cup usersFirst the selection is immense, second this is EXACTLY as described, I sent off my list promptly and received my oddball choices, which I am carefully going through and rating. There are so many choices, even if you limit yourself to say, unflavored, or decaf. We especially loved the Green Mountain choices, particularly Lake and Lodge and Our Blend, as well as several of the others. I'm going to reorder with a new selection, expanding the experiment and repeating a few of the favorites to be sure. What a fun way to explore our new Keurig coffee machine. The delivery was prompt, and the communication was delightful. I could not recommend this product and this experience more highly.
401728401728B006ZPJKZAA1Y30CFDIU67MVAshley3341340236800Good Idea!This is just what I was looking for! Being new to the Keurig I wanted to try different flavors without being stuck with a bunch left over that I didn't like. It's a little expensive (over a $1 a k-cup once you add shipping) but worth it.

My ONLY problem with this seller is they didn't send me one of the flavors I wanted and sent me ones that I didn't ask for in replace...I have contacted them twice already about it, they send they will send the right ones out but that never happened. Because they are a little more expensive it makes me a little upset I am stuck with 3 kcups of a flavor I didn't ask for (and probably won't ever drink) instead of the flavor I really wanted. Otherwise a nice seller to work with and really fast shipping.
401729401729B006ZPJKZAAWVSJSZK7NAOCMKimma5651334361600Fast and accurateAfter I submitted my order, I contacted the company right away through Amazon with my flavor requests. They sent me an acknowledgment message back, and I received my order with all the correct flavors within a few days. My husband and I got 2 of each flavor we wanted so we could both try them all. The price is a bit higher than other k-cup selections--especially since they're not eligible for Prime free shipping--but I think it's definitely the best way to try the k-cup flavors you want without getting a bunch that you won't use. From that perspective you might actually be saving money by not wasting product. I'll definitely get this sampler again!
401730401730B006ZPJKZAA2N5EBLK2DLNMHPWalker2251335052800AWESOMEOrdered on a Thursday. Received that Saturday!! Amazung turn around time with exactly what I wanted- will be ordering all my K Cups from you guys from now on!!

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