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401731401731B006ZPJKZAA1H5VQWW45SJ2PL. Murray1131341619200Great for wanting to try different brandsJust received my order today. The expiration dates on the coffees are less than a month to 5 months out, a few into Jan & Feb. After I ordered, made my list and checked it twice, I was sent an email from We3_Sell_Stuff letting me know that one of the coffees I had requested was not available, for me to choose another and I would also get an extra cup for my trouble. Well I emailed right back and just said to surprise me. I only received 29 K-cups out of supposedly a 31 count. HaHa, the surprise is certainly on me as I didn't receive either. This is a way to try an array of selections without buying cases and finding the brews that you will be happy to settle into. I just bought my Keurig a couple of weeks ago so I am trying to get an assortment of flavors and brands to have on hand.
401732401732B006ZPJKZAAYK4UGDCKCL58Lisa Bennett1151337126400Fantastic Idea and YUMMY!This is my first keurig and while I love coffee, I wasn't crazy about being stuck with 18 K cups of the same flavor. The idea behind this is AWESOME: Pick your own selection so you can try a variety! Not only did I recieve the product fast and experience excellent communication, but I also get to try various K cup flavors without being saddled with 18 of the same tired thing.
I will be ordering again! ...just not the milk chocolate, though, 'cause that one was a rare miss. :P
401733401733B006ZPJKZAA1SMXHA5F8MTK3Dhutch97021151336953600Amazing! Got To Try This Out!This company (TheCoffeeMix) shipped very fast in two days after placing my order I received my thirty k-cups packed in a flat rate shipping box. I opened it up to find my treasure trove of coffee flavors that I had chosen and just to be sure I checked each one to see if I really did receive every k-cup I ordered. Low and behold the order was 100 percent accurate. Every single k-cup flavor I ordered was there! I then checked to see if any were expired and not a single k-cup was expired! All were perfectly fresh! The Coffee Mix even gave me a roll of smarties with my order and a 5% off coupon code to use! These guys and gals rock!
401734401734B006ZPJKZAA3C1C3TD6P18U3Amanda Jager "Jagerbomber1314"1151336694400Wow...This is one of the best products we have purchased since buying our Keurig! I hated to buy an entire box of something and then not like it so this was the perfect way to try new flavors and not waste money. The supplier even added an extra little gift! Fast and wonderful service and the best part was that you get to choose what flavors and strengths you wanted. I will definately be ordering again!
401735401735B006ZPJKZAA6NTSH5MWX1SMMShaw1151336089600WORTH IT!!!The pick your own flavors option is awesome! I got to try some flavors not offered in my neck of the woods! The selection is great and so is the customer service! I placed my order late Saturday, got an email Sunday they would pack and ship Monday morning and that I would have it by my delight, I was enjoying my coffee selections by noon on Wednesday!! They have a great rating for a reason!!! They EARNED it!!
401736401736B006ZPJKZAA3EKL7DCAEC2FODawn0051347667200Exactly what I needed - VARIETYMy husband and I are very different coffee drinkers and have very different requirements. While I found a few favorites right off with recommendations found on Amazon reviews (Coffee People Wake Up Call & Jet Fuel) - my husband did not. That was remedied at home with a My K-cup & cuban espresso. Unfortunately at his new job you can't use the my k-cup with the "commercial" Keurig setup.

It's expensive to buy 12-20 k-cups at a pop only to not like them. What we needed was a way to get a lot of different ones for him to try. While this isn't an inexpensive option - it's a heck of a lot cheaper than buying 30 different boxes (at $10-$15) a pop.

I ordered 30 different k-cups - and I got exactly what I ordered in 2 business days. Now my fingers are crossed that hubby finds something suitable!

Kudo's to the vendor for filling this need!
401737401737B006ZPJKZAA23IXBG7JB3H17Hope0051347235200The Choice is YoursAs an owner of a new Keurig, I wanted to sample a lot of coffee types and flavors before "settling down". Most of the assortments I looked at on Amazon had quite a few critical comments about the assortments being limited, misleading or just plain past their expiration date. Then I saw this one--I got to choose all my varieties, they came quickly, and correctly--and so far I've been enjoying experimenting. It's well worth doing so as the various coffees are very different. There are some I like, and some I don't so I'm happy to pay a bit more for these samplers--to avoid having to use up a box of a type of coffee I may not enjoy.

One important note: make sure you send the email specifying your choices promptly after ordering. I used the communicate with merchant feature to do this. It wasn't obvious in the ordering process.
401738401738B006ZPJKZAA1WQKYWM71YBRLMillers Rocks And Gems "ethel miller, crosswo...0051347148800coffee picksThis item is just what the "doctor: ordered......not a whole lot of k-cups filling the cupboard and just enough to keep the husband happy....just realized that I need to order glad to have the decision to pick what he likes instead of taking 30 cups of something he felt was just so-so.........
401739401739B006ZPJKZAA15Z19M5YGO3HTcafegirlatlanta0051346025600Fantastic K Cups!!!!Great variety and fast shipping!!!! I got to choose which ones I the variety packs :)
This is a great way to test out different flavors and varieties.
401740401740B006ZPJKZAA1OAXJWU8Y61V0D. Burder0051345939200Pick your own flavors K cupsJust received a Keurig coffeemaker for my birthday and wanted to try some different flavors. I thought I would have to buy bigger packages of all one flavor and hoped I would like them. Found this on Amazon and what a great way to try flavors. I now know which ones to buy and which ones to pass on. The company was very prompt in getting the product to me. I had picked a few flavors they didn't have and they promptly messaged me and I was able to pick something else. Package arrived within a week of putting in order. I would definitely order from them again.
401741401741B006ZPJKZAADSW3LK84BU65Colts Fan Kim0051345507200GENIUS!I've always wondered WHY somebody wouldn't do EXACTLY what these guys did! At first glance $1+/cup seems pricey but, when I consider that sampling will spare me the expense of buying an entire $10 box of a single coffee that I deem undrinkable, the bottom line savings is immeasurable! Lets face it, coffee roasts are NOT one size fits all, with varying degrees of boldness and flavor, I recommend ordering at least TWO of any given coffee so that you can experiment with brew sizes. CoffeeMix shipped my order quickly and it arrived just as ordered with a personal note of "Thanks".
401742401742B006ZPJKZAA12SN1JE6Y24CAJennifer Badgley0051344816000Just as PromisedThe product was promptly shipped upon receiving my selection. The package arrived a few days later and all of the k-cups I requested were in the package. A great option for trying different flavors. I didn't like the selection of all of the other prepackaged sample packs, so this was a great alternative. This time, I ordered all flavored coffees, next time I will try the traditional coffees.
401743401743B006ZPJKZAA1JMSJ1BW0NK9Dmango girl0031343779200MORE APPROPRIATE NAME WOULD BE 30 MINUS 1 K-KUPI was excited to place my order in hopes of getting exactly what I ordered, however I received 29 k-kups rather than the advertised 30 k-kups. This was disappointing as the missing k-kup was a hot chocolate for when my niece comes to visit. Other than that, the other 29 k-kups were exactly as ordered and within 4-5 months of expiration. Delivery was pretty quick (5 mail days) considering it was shipped from East Coast to West Coast.
401744401744B006ZPJKZAA10RKB15WRDJYXtbrackett005134360640030 K-Cup MixLiked the selection. If you don't know what to order for your Keurig this is the way to go. Also good as a gift.
401745401745B006ZPJKZAA3TURWS1YC047Fheather140051343260800Love this product!!This product is just what I was looking for with all the variety that I get to choose myself! The customer service was awesome and I received my order only two days after I made the purchase. I will definitely be a repeat customer!!
401746401746B006ZPJKZAA1NNV9YIQ7QKYME. Washington "tv lover"0051341273600So glad I found this!My husband is a coffee explorer, and I have been purchasing him the K-cup coffee sampler mixes I could find. The problem is that we always get several of the same kinds, and each pack gets several repeats. This was the best purchase I have made for him. I selected flavors I knew he'd like, and he was very excited to have flavors he hadn't seen yet. Thank you for making this option available! I will definitely be purchasing from you again!
401747401747B006ZPJKZAA1ZDC45YN28VKLsluggerlee0051339804800Great selection and great serviceI received 30 K-cups of exactly what I asked for. I had only chosen 25 so they contacted me promptly to choose the other 5. It's a wonderful selection and I love that I can order so many different kinds of coffee. What more to say? So many to choose from; great customer service; products arrive exactly as ordered. I will definitely do this again, both to try some additional flavors and to order a few more of the ones I like best.
401748401748B006ZPJKZAA1R3JNNQQZQ72RTaylor0051338508800Awesome variety!The shipping from The Coffee Mix was incredibly fast. It came within 2 days of ordering the product. The order was fast and accurate. I went to stores all around me and could not find any sample (3) packs of the coffee I wanted. This is the best way to sample a coffee by ordering very few of each brand you have researched and think you might like. I am very pleased with The Coffee Mix. Thanks for having this service.
401749401749B006XXO43MA1RVV44OXXTD0ALittleLoopy1151340582400Yummy!I was so surprised to like this! I love normal coconut water, it's practically all I drink, but when I saw this, I was a little scared. Chocolate coconut water? It sounded so gross! But it doesn't taste much like coconut at all--in fact, the first thing I thought of when I tried it was eating Cocoa Puffs. It tastes a lot like the chocolatey milk =)
401750401750B006XXO43MACT1N9Y9ODSJ3Sourisnue0051338163200Yum!If you like coconut water... you'll love the chocolate. Zico tastes better to me than other brands. The chocolate is my favorite over all the Zico flavors. But, unfortunately, I suppose due to demand?? the price has gone up significantly.
401751401751B000H16ZW4AVG3KP5D1AROUanonymous0051344816000No better hazelnut chocolate anywhere.These are my favorite chocolate! What more can I say? Much better than the Ferraro Rocher hazelnut candy which is easier to find in stores!
401752401752B000BLMWCMAL27LH98TEBMID. Gardner3351245974400Great ProductI have used Artemis food for over a 6 month period and couldn't be happier. It has been the best food for both of my pups (one being a Shih Tzu who has a sensitive stomach). Other premium foods kept irritating her large intestines which caused me numerous vet bills. I have had dogs for the last 25 years and have always researched and bought premium dog food; however, Artemis Fresh Mix Small Breed Adult Formula is by far the best. It may costs a little more, but has saved me dollars in vet bills. I would recommend spending the few extra dollars for peace of mind in knowing you are feeding your loved ones a quality food without all the fillers that are in other foods.
401753401753B000BLMWCMA32Z02UK4ELYDKH. Rhoades2251245974400Great food for sensitive tummies!I've been feeding my small dog this food for 4ish years now, only switching to something else when I haven't been able to find this brand. I always want to switch back immediately - I won't get too graphic, but in the words of the dog trainer who recommended this food to me initially, "it will make your dog's poop bounce!" Definitely a plus for any owner of a pup with a sensitive stomach. I add a little bit of plain canned pumpkin to her food, and I've almost completely eliminated her stomach problems. Highly recommended!
401754401754B000BLMWCMA2DG3R2234YMGVKiwi Liv "Liv"1151280102400Shih Tzu Likey!I am kind of obsessed with my little shih tzu and spent days researching dog food reviews, content etc. This product stands out to be one of the best products available for dogs. I do combine this with another dog food (Orijen - but because of its high protein content my dog can't tolerate a full meal of it on its own), but Artemis is my dogs staple diet for the past year or more since its high quality, solid content, and it agrees with him.

If you want only the best for your dog, then this is it.
401755401755B000BLMWCMA1CTDT8769N6IFHabanera "HAV"1151199404800The BestMy dogs, 4 doxies and a Yorkie had been on Wellness, Innova, Canidae, and Evangers, when I try this food they want to eat all the time and eat it all, My Yorkie is only 3 lbs and very ficniky eater, never more since I am feeding them Artemis small breed adult.
Top of the line food. The best in the market today
401756401756B000BLMWCMANDAE9GV2STPWYogi Tarzan "Big DVD user"1151181692800Great foodThis dog food is excellent. I fed my two dogs and they ate it up as though they were starving, which they were not. The ingredients are the best I have found so far and I have ordered top quality food before, but none as good as this. Highly recommended for your best friends.
401757401757B000BLMWCMA15DA4YM9DGLVDPatrice0051346889600another shih zu owneri also have a shih tzu and this food is great for him. his stomach is so sensitive and he wasnt a fan of few other brands i tried. it is kind of hard to find in retail stores, but because its less filler, i find that the bag goes a long way
401758401758B000BLMWCMA1XF9XNTB8EKWVwordings0051313712000Well tolerated and appreciatedMy dog is also doing very well on this food, despite her tempermental stomach, and seemed to adjust to it almost instantly, without the usual intestinal issues that go along with changing foods. I'm using this food, some supplemental homemade food, several supplements from VetriScience, and cranberry, which controls her tendency toward bladder infections (every time I run out of it and she's off the cranberry for a while, the problems come back). I chose this food mainly because of my discovery, during my previous dog's struggle with cancer, that there is a preservative called ethoxyquin used in most dog food fish meal that is known cause cancer. Artemis is supposedly one of the few foods that doesn't use this. I am willing to pay extra to ensure that my dog lives as long and healthy a life as possible. Right now she is brimming with energy and attitude, as a proper terrier should be, and I presume this food has had a role in making this possible.
401759401759B000LQJFUEA2HS0X7OWZRG1GGeorge S. Brown2251193702400great breadI love this product. Healthy and tasty; and it keeps forever without refrigeration. When my local grocery store stopped stocking it, I found it on Amazon! Perfect.
401760401760B000LQJFUEA2DU7RZA4HWWYQShona Aitken1151207008000Fabulous crispbreadThis crispbread is delicious. It's terrific to be able to put it into the middle of the table and let people snap off the quantity.

The only small issue is that I am still trying to find a container that these fit into for storage.

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