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401881401881B000PHRYUCA3N2VDFS17W8NXcharmer0051325462400deliciousi have loved swedish fish forever - i have a money candy bowl that i am continueously filling with the candy. people stop by my office and pretend they want to talk and catch some fish.
401882401882B000B8LT7OACCFEPZNFXHTZC. Prutzman "Blunt Reviewer"7751262476800Cats Love it, and it Reduces Cat YakkageI am the proud slave/minion of two feline evil geniuses. I only hope that my servitude will allow me to one day be reincarnated as a cat who gets to sleep in front of the heating vent all day, only rising for food and attention.

Royal Canin is exceptional cat food. My older, part Siamese kitty has bad teeth that are typical of his breed. I have fed him everything from Purina Indoor to Iams to Eukanuba. All of these he would eat whole and yak up on the floor. Because his nutrition sucked, his coat was dull and he would shed and shed. So I went on a search for something better. I found Royal Canin.

First off, when you open this bag (and it's resealable, so it won't get stale!), expect your cat to go nuts. It actually SMELLS better than any other dry cat food I've found. The first time I opened it, my older cat (didn't have the little one yet) tried to climb into the bag.

So here are the pros:

-It's really appetizing/appealing. For cats anyway.
-The weird flat triangle shape makes it harder to yak up on the floor.
-The higher amount of protein/fats (less "filler") means that it's easier to digest and less likely to be yakked up on the floor.
-Within a couple of weeks you'll notice WAY less shedding and a shinier, more lustrous coat. Kitty feels like bunny fur, shines like a mink.
-Less shedding and a higher fat/oil content means less hairballs to yak up (mine does it VERY rarely anymore...maybe once every other month. He just digests them now.
-You can actually feed less than you would the other foods because less filler means more is digested.
-Also means less poop.
-And that poop is less stinky/nasty.

The cons:

-It's more expensive.
-When it's feeding time, your cat WILL NOT SHUT UP until you put it in the bowl.
-If you really like stepping in cat yak or kicking it across the floor in the middle of the night in your bare feet, sorry, your mooshy toe days are numbered.

So, don't be detered by the price (which is WAY cheaper here per pound than it is at PetCo...and with free shipping!), give it a try. It's worth it if you want to be the best minion/slave you can possibly be (and increase your chances of being a cat in your next life!*).

*Disclaimer: Purchase of Royal Canin does not guarantee purchaser will be reincarnated as a feline in any of their following lives. This reviewer takes no responsibility for reincarnation disappointments.
401883401883B000B8LT7OA173PM9WOJ5JOXClaudio Vargas Silva "Claudio"2251244592000Royal CaninExcellent food to hairball problems with cats. The delivery was fast. I recommend both the product and the seller.
401884401884B000B8LT7OA2BCLHC3H7CZB3Kelly "parrothead in KY"1151261526400Best hairball remedy everLast year one of my cats stareted developing hairballs at an alarming rate. He would throw up several times a week. Each incident would include 2-3 times of vomiting before the hairball would come up. I tried all the differents pastes and several differnet foods. One night my cat became violently ill. Well 1000.00 dollars and a barium study later, it was discovered that a huge hairball lodged itself in my cat's intestines. I knew I had to do something. After some research I discovered this food. While very pricey, I figured it was worth a shot at this point. Well the hairball problem is solved. Maybe one incident every two weeks now. My other cat never gets a hairball anymore. I am very impressed and will never change from this food.
401885401885B000B8LT7OAAS4E02BPFAMTAlleyCat0041347148800My Kitties Love this!They love it but still get hairballs unfortunately. So I also give them treats for reducing hairballs as well. Apparently it must taste good though.
401886401886B000B8LT7OA28363YIR8684US. Trapp "Sharon Marie"0051264723200Lifesaver!!!My Ragdoll kitty, Gracie, has been having hairball problems, as well as constipation problems for a few years. I have tried other foods, (Science Diet, Iams, etc.) with no luck. I have had to bring her to the vet every three months to have her glands emptied because the vet thought that might be part of her constipation problem. Since trying this food, she has had no problems! I don't remember the last time she hacked up a hairball, and it has been months since she has been constipated. This food is a little expensive, but well worth it. Her poopie doesn't smell horrible, either, like it did on some of the other foods. I will continue to buy this despite the price.
401887401887B003VTJUOEATT45S3SEE9HHJack2211337731200It tastes funnyI have to agree with the two previous comments. I tastes more like gasoline than orange juice. I will not purchase this item again.
401888401888B003VTJUOEA2Z2QSDBK270Q8randyreal66811327017600Something seems differtentI drink Tropicana all the time,these bottles of juice taste old I don't know why but they taste like they have been sitting for years. Maybe I'm wrong.
401889401889B003VTJUOEA1OGUSVDTTWLS9Esme1151333584000Tropicana Orange Juice 15.2 Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)Sent this to my Mom and she really liked it. Good product and good price. Wonderful for people who need potassium and vitamin C
in their diet.
401890401890B003VTJUOEA1JMSBFTAKRL5Harpuroh4811332288000Orange Juice Turned GreenI really don't know what's wrong with this version of tropicana. I used to consume tropicana all the time but there is seriously something wrong with this version. I left an unopened bottle in my car overnight (~40 degrees Fahrenheit) and it had a greenish hue to it in the morning. I haven't contacted tropicana or anything but it's quite odd. Also, it tastes different and it's an odd texture. That's all I have.
401891401891B003VTJUOEA137V8GCRFOY74Electric Bird0341335139200Not badI like orange juice. It makes me energized in the morning and it really got me healthier than usual. It's nice to give it for kids who go out and play. Buy this.
401892401892B003RY6JHOA7YKZJ3TGD23HAdrianne0051304380800My New Favorite CurdI'm very happy I found this brand of Key LIme curd and can hardly wait to make a pie with it. I'm planning on baking an almond crust and top the curd with meringue made with brown sugar. The combination is fabulous and this curd will make it that much better.
401893401893B003RY6JHOAMVDC9UCFHGNMRobert J. Mancini "LLoryck the cook"0051294790400The Real StuffYou really have a tough time fining lime curd in stores it's next to impossible to get Key Lime curd. This item comes in a six pack but if you put it on your scones, bagels and english muffins every other day like my wife does it's only a 6 month supply. The vendor shipped me six jars but one was without a label. It wasn't the same color as the others so I communicated with the vendor... No Problem! They sent me the correct sixth and said I could keep the oddball jar (which turned out to be Apple Cinnamon curd and very tasty it is). If you like the Sweet/Tart taste of Key Lime you can't go wrong with this product.
401894401894B004F4GH5EA3KBL59PYXZQPZlean_bot1141348099200An Organic TreatI bought this product after I ate a sample bite from a friend. I thought it was going to taste horrible, but to my surprise it was rather delicious. The texture and taste fits the 3 for $4 price (it was on sale) that I paid at a local storefront. The rich organic ingredients made the two cups enough for a single sitting treat.

The font size on the Nutrition Facts is rather small. I couldn't read the calories count or the sugar grams. l couldn't tell if it says 100 or 200 calories per servings. USDA Organic

Made in ????????- It just states distributed by.....
401895401895B004F4GH5EAWGWAOYYNJ069Sarah Alli Brotherton1151310342400Perfect. So delicious.I just ate one of these a few minutes ago and am already on Amazon looking into how to get my next fix in bulk!
The chocolate is perfect, rich and smooth, the peanut butter is a bit crunchy, not too sweet and not grainy like Reese's.

But the best part? I can eat it! It's certified gluten free and thus not made in a factory that processes wheat, unlike a lot of the other fancy peanut butter cups. It also doesn't have the preservative TBHQ like Reese's, of which I am also intolerant.

I'd like to make my own peanut butter cups because it's cheaper, but when a quick sweet treat is needed these are dandy.
401896401896B004F4GH5EA350V57H46CI29foodie260051338422400Best peanut butter cup!After eating reese's for years there's finally a yummy and healthy alternative. I was also hesitant to buy them online because I've only bought them at the grocery stores but the pack is so worth it. I have them in my house whenever I'm craving.
401897401897B004F4GH5EA1LFRPC4Y7RQE1Moot Pt0051330905600Yummy combination of chocolate and peanut butterI used to love Reese's PB cups but I would always get a weird after taste - almost a chemically residue on my tongue. I just found these Justin's in Whole Foods and Wegmans and WOW, they taste so good. The chocolate is creamy, the peanut butter is tectured just right. I appreciate that they are marked gluten free and are organic. No complaints here.
401898401898B004F4GH5EA3LAYCTGSO1IQRPurrrfectcat "purrfectcat"0051312416000firm and tasty...YUM!!I bought mine at Whole Foods. If you've tasted Reese's, then you won't be disappointed. Usually when I buy organic, the taste isn't really that great, but Justin's was even better than Newman's (which is like almost liquidy dripping -not that tasty- peanut butter coming out of a melting chocolate shell.) Justin's is a firmer tasty peanut butter filling in a firm tasty chocolate shell. It's organic, vegan so a better alternative to Reese's but still tasty.
401899401899B004F4GH5EA3NDF5O33KCJT2echo6211211331251200Cross-Contamination IssueI have celiacs and Justin's peanut butter cups have been my favorite dessert. I have no idea how it is possible, but the ones I got from Bangalla Organic were the first ones to ever make me sick. Worst yet, Bangalla Organic absolutely refused to allow me to return the remaining for a refund. I understand those could not be resold, but if it makes me so sick and I'm willing to ship the remaining back I shouldn't have to pay for things that don't mean the certification marked on the packaging.

I have since eaten ones purchased at Whole Food's and I was fine.
401900401900B004F4GH5EA2AZKKUPT7GFIW. Eskelin "W. Eskelin"0111318636800HUGE DISAPPOINTMENTI was so excited to find these peanut butter cups at our local market. I love peanut butter cups...they are my all time favorite chocolate choice. I had to stop getting the "Reeces" kind because of the corn syrup in the ingredients. I was also glad to see that these were organic. How much better can you get? Well...I thought they were the biggest disappoint I have ever had in a candy. The texture was fine, but the taste was almost inedible. I actually didn't even finish one of the cups and then threw the rest away. I didn't think it was even possible to make a bad peanut butter cup. I give it to Justin's brand to be making an organic, corn free alternative to our favorites, but I won't be buying these anymore. I actually found an alternative at Trader Joe's that doesn't have corn in them and while they are not organic they taste GREAT and I will be sticking with those for now.
401901401901B001IVV2F2A1NPADGAWR3GQ3Boopsey431151325548800OH YEAH!!!!This was a Christmas gift for a special friend. He absolutely LOVED that I was able to give him an original taste of his home state. He hid it away and refuses to let anyone see or touch. LOL Thank you so much for helping to make his Christmas so special.
401902401902B0070YCQEWA2UTV8DA6U0REUBeen There0051346112000One of my favorite indulgencesThis lemon flavored olive oil is the best I have ever cooked with! Although it is quite pricey, for me, it is worth the splurge. It makes a heavenly dressing for salad and adds wonderful lemony flavor to dishes. Highly recommend.
401903401903B0070YCQEWA2Z02PO0OM2EMINora Sinkankas0051332028800SO good!!!Smooth olive oil with just enough lemon. Absolutely fantastic with balsamic vinegar! Olio Verde al Limone 2011 Extra Virgin Olive Oil
401904401904B003YNEXFSA6576R6KJA7LEandresn382251346284800favorite coffeeAs the title says, it's my favorite blend. I got hooked while living in Hawaii, and can't buy it in my local grocery store just yet. The price was right, it's the real deal, and it's great coffee. Not too strong, good flavor, brews up nice in a French press. If you like super dark coffees, might not be for you.
401905401905B001W9EKAOA1ZCHQKLGATEL7J. M. DIAZ R0041294444800Finally got the picklesI lived in London and it's been impossible to find this pickle in South America. Now I got it and its awesome. Best companion for cheddar cheese.
401906401906B000ED7MDQA1IG98Y7OWT1TKRebecca Dalzell "appleblossombeck"282851153267200YummyAnasazi beans are very yummy, with a taste similar to pinto beans, but more aromatic. Also, because they have a higher protein content and less carbs, they result in less gas when eaten. They really do cook very quickly, too. Highly recommended
401907401907B000ED7MDQA6UKBVML7E94RC. Thomas "Carolina Girl"232351169078400Where no bean has gone before...Being able to enjoy delicious dried beans in 45 minutes is a real plus in my book. In the past, cooking beans meant hours of soaking and boiling which meant planning ahead and watching the pot so the water didn't cook out. Canned beans are not an option here. Convenience is only part of these beans' charm, the taste is wonderful enough to enjoy alone or in any dishes calling for pinto, kidney or navy beans.
401908401908B000ED7MDQAOP41SVJTXNBNVelvet Marmoset222251172102400Delicious, quick, and also great for sprouting!These beans were very tasty -- not too strong in flavor, and the skins were not overly noticeable in cooked dishes. I made a delicious chili following a recipe from Bob's Red Mill with them. They're also fantastic for sprouting -- even after a brief 24+ hours of soaking, just as they start to think about sprouting, they're sweet and crunchy.

I had no problems with debris in my bag, and am very happy with the beans!
401909401909B000ED7MDQA18GT8K4ZJWS3LPaul H. Deal121251225324800Versatile BeanI use Anasazi beans as a substitute for Pinto beans. I've been buying them from Bob's Red Mill for several years, most recently through, and have always found them of excellent quality. Anasazis cook more quickly than Pintos,have a particularly delightful flavor, and go well in Chili dishes and multi-bean soup mixtures. In fact, these versatile beans go well in almost anything that calls for dry beans. I recommend them highly for anyone who likes beans.
401910401910B000ED7MDQA3CQSH3GEHO6EIHerman Franklin "cooking gramps"111151173916800SUPER FLAVOR, NO GASThe Anasazi lived in small spaces and knew the value of good clean air!

These beans have a wonderful taste, need no soaking, cook fast and best of all NO OR LITTLE GAS. Add your favorite seasoning meat (salt pork, andouille sausage) salt, pepper, roasted garlic bits and a little onion. Fix a pan of cornbread and ENJOY!!!

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