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401930401930B000ED7MDQA1DN8TTYCPNHA3J. Barr2651220486400A brief opinion on beansI went out on a limb and bought some designer beans. They were flavorful ( great with chili peppers) and packed with protien. I would recommend them if you are curious about inviting a new bean into your life, otherwise, you are being a slave and should quit being interested in what everyone else is.
401931401931B000JCTLV8A233KA5TLC7NV2veronica0051346371200rice treatsvery good my son loves to take them to school as snacks i will buy them again there great for in between meals snacks
401932401932B000JCTLV8A2X98IBRFHRLWJMarian J. Farris "music"0051333756800rice krispie treatsThese treats are very good and fresh. Almost as good as making them yourself. I have ordered two boxes already.
401933401933B0002QXXXSAX2XMPGSJFNEDJames Redpath0041261008000The Real ThingThis is the real thing. It was delicious. The Mimolette has many copies out there and most are not old enough for a good taste. I gave this 4 stars because it was not aged longer but it was certainly aged enough to bring great delight. It may cost a lot, however, it is good value if you look around anywhere else and compare age and quality.
401934401934B0000SXEN2AY54QSGO3KWEMLegalsea4451185580800Great Stuff! No Sugar, low calorieI just made the Chocolate Mousse: very, very nice. Has a nice dark chocolate taste. Easy to make: combine powder and fat-free milk in your mixer, then chill. 70 calories per serviing of half a cup. Even has some fiber in it!

I do like dealing with eDiet shop. Very nice people and fast shipping.
401935401935B0000SXEN2A1X8W9GBMZ8UMLMary E. Gropp3351244764800Yes, you can have decadent dessert!This product is a snap to make, tastes delicious, and is extremely diet friendly whether sugar is a concern or not. I highly recommend you try all flavors!
401936401936B0000SXEN2A3H2K0Q60ZELD6NM "NM"2251310688000GREAT guiltfree treat in 5 minutesI (believe I have) improved on the original by adding a teaspoon of instant coffee, before the milk; and by adding 3/4 cup and later, once it has stiffened, another 1/4 cup milk; I get a fluffy and less sweet mousse which reminds me a lot of whipped cream, and on which I am hooked. SANS SUCRE:don't even stop making this product;and if you must, please alert me so I can buy the balance of the stock. (Seriously!)
401937401937B0000SXEN2A1CGU4LCKLS6DEKenneth Lawrence Topham1151264636800Great Dessert!Rich And Great Texture. Much Better Than Most Diet Foods I Have Found! A+++
401911401911B000ED7MDQA1BYDFEBDH5Z7ORex Bumgarner9951224720000Jaybird's OpinionThese have to be the very best beans in the world. They are made up with protein and fibre and some carbs for the flavor. They cook in less time than other beans and with ham chips cooked in, there won't be any leftovers. Bob's Red Mill gives you receipes with your order and that is a big plus. Most suppliers want you to sent to them for the the receipes. I will be buying from them as long as they sell beans.
401912401912B000ED7MDQA3L8RSMRPW2H7ZKatherine S. Sweeney "KCKatwoman"8851202860800Mmmmmmmm goodI am not a bean fan by any means, however, these Anasazi beans are scrumptious. I have replaced pinto beans with these and my husband and I cannot get enough of them. Bob's Red Mill has a terrific selection of grains and beans and I will continue to order items from them. Good stuff!
401913401913B000ED7MDQA9Y56NT6J6QWPK. Mahar "alrak"8851197763200A StarI like almost all the grain by this mill. This has to be my favorite. Has a delicious flavor and cooks so quickly .
First-rate and appreciated . I have never seen them in my village and most of my friends have never heard of them.
401914401914B000ED7MDQA2S50P2IV2PRC4Garth7751226361600Great BeansThese really are great beans. Though they say no prep is necessary for these .... I still do some. I bring them to boil, turn off the heat. Let them sit for an hour or more. I then drain them, rinse them well 2 or 3 times. Then, add whatever you add to cook them in..... and the cook very quickly.... 30-45 minutes.

While I like these very much, I am seeking other sources as the prices on these are rising quickly. [..]

My local natural food store is getting some, and I encourage anyone to ask their's to get some as they are available in bulk for much less. As with all bulk items, the benefits of less packaging and delivery costs are tangible.

Try these beans :)
401915401915B000ED7MDQA26QDVBZXMYQ4TClifford Rodgers "Cliff"6651250899200Good BeansI found the Anasazi beans to be very tasty and easy to work with. They can be cooked by boiling, on the stove top, or in a slow cooker. They are delicious by themselves or in a beef stew. They require very little salt (to my taste), are smooth in texture, have soft skins, good color and they do not generate the bloated feeling that many other legumes do.
401916401916B000ED7MDQA2WSAGFJSQC1YFCrease in the Page5551258416000beans for kidsI have been a vegan for about 3 years and have tried every bean I have found. These are my favorite, and even my kids love them... they certainly don't like all beans. To me, these beans have a pork and beans flavor, but without the pork. The skins are fairly thin, so the beans might disintegrate more easily than other beans, which works well for bean dips or a refried bean recipe.
401917401917B000ED7MDQA33BMBIWJMMDDPVegas Slim5551231372800great deal and good beansI've found few bad beans or stones in these packages. Very good quality (once again) from Bob's. I only wish these were available as organically grown. I've substituted these beans for black-eyed peas in several dishes and they work well.
401918401918B000ED7MDQA1QCH5BJO75IIVErnest V. Hunter91141167868800grocerythe beans are just the ones i had been searching for in the stores. They were delicious, however, there were quite a few culls in the bags.
401919401919B000ED7MDQAHT2D9OS569S8whitedove3351282003200incredibly flavorfulextremely excellent tasting and everyone should give them a try! First made with only garlic and onions to SEE what the flavor of these would be like. While I enjoy all kinds of various beans, these have hit the top of the list as my favoritest as well as my neighbors; All of us have enjoyed them greatly.
Even for those who normally do not care for beans, give these a try. Incredibly amazing product! Very happy for the value as well. LOVE Bob's Red Mill products!
401920401920B000ED7MDQAL2BJWWVIBFQSPen Name "optional"5651188086400Save at Ocean State Job LotIf you live in the Northeast, go to Ocean State Job Lot - they carry a full line of Bob's products for big savings.
401938401938B0000SXEN2A3VUEGQIN2BUHVM. Briggs2351171756800Good MousseThese sugar free deserts are great,,no after taste,,I always buy them

401939401939B0000SXEN2A2IMRLPZ2TQHZ8LCB0041345161600PerfectThis is an excellent desert which my Mother absolutely loves with a bit of cool whip on top. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who has a gluten intolerance problem and loves chocolate. It is also very easy to make.
401940401940B0000SXEN2A1VYFEJM12ZP11Jana Taylor0031337817600I made the mistake of eating Jell-o brand Mousse firstI made the mistake of eating Jell-o brand NON sugar free first, so while this probably is awesome... after having had the Jell-o brand that is 120 calories a serving (but I make it with skim milk so it comes out somewhere less than that - maybe 100) This Sans Sucre stuff falls a little short on fullness of taste and texture.

BUT... what I have taken to doing because I know this is so much better for me is I take a pack of this and a pack of the jell-o and I make two batches together at one time.. a double batch. So I'm getting a little bit of the better texture and taste from the Jell-o brand but still saving a few calories.

On it's own, the Sans Sucre is passable but really bland for me the taste is sweet but not full or rounded, because it's just hard when you're palate is used to the sugary fattening stuff. So I recommend if your palette is NOT used to anything start out on this, then you'll save yourself a lot of calories and not know the difference.
401921401921B000ED7MDQA66WARJQE1NCJBobbie Cochran5651180656000Great BeansThese are the best beans ever. I have told my friends about them also.
401922401922B000ED7MDQA39SUQ34GILCQWLisa Garland4551252886400Anazazi BeansThis store was very easy to deal with my item was in stock and shipped as promised with no delays. I was very happy that they carry the beans and had them in stock at a fair price.
401923401923B000ED7MDQA3L61G6N7AT8N2Hieronymus Trotsky "A casual stroll through t...1141318896000Apache BeansI think I enjoy Pinto Beans better than these. Apache Beans have more of a sweet taste which I don't like in Beans. You still can use these in tortilla snacks or soups.
401924401924B000ED7MDQA3HJSGI1ZCBDV1J. Loftis3451298851200Best variety on the marketIn my opinion, this is the most versatile, easiest-to-cook bean available. It cooks quickly (~45 min.), adapts to almost any dish, and remains firm after hours of simmering if your recipe requires that. The Anasazi beans have a mild, nutty flavor as well as great fiber and protein stats. Bob's offers a consistently high quality product.
401925401925B000ED7MDQA1GMD3KGHZP176Mommas mom0051350691200Anasazi BeansThese are the best beans you can eat. They look like a red pinto, but the flavor is unreal. They cook up within a couple of hours, so it's not an all day ordeal. I highly recommend them.
401927401927B000ED7MDQA2686M84Z3XD29AUMAN0031331596800Not badWe first had anasazi beans when an aunt brought them from New Mexico as a gift. Hers were from a local place and had much better flavor but it is ridiculously expensive to get the place to mail them to us (guess they haven't found out about flat rate boxes or something) so we tried these. They are good enough but we will probably wait to get more until our aunt comes to visit again.
401928401928B000ED7MDQA3QLS4UG11LJ0Pdottie120051316304000TERRIFIC BEANSI would rate these a 10 if I could :-) My family likes all kinds of dried beans but
these are the FAVORITE. The taste and texture are superb. They cook faster than most
dried beans especially after a "quick soak". They are very versatile - you can add
peppers and onions while cooking for a different taste. I can definitely recommend
these. We like them so much I have them on automatic delivery,
401929401929B000ED7MDQA141KXHWPWA3HLoretta Beaumont1251304640000These are the best beans I have ever eaten!These beans are so good that it's hard to buy them very often because they sell out so quickly. The box of 4 large bags from Bob's Red Mill

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