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402065402065B003XW2A3CA2DFOQOPTBH1KLanglf2281151324252800Excellent Green TeaThis was the best green tea I've ever had and I'll definitely buy it again. It came on time and nothing was wrong with it.
402066402066B003MYLTA6A1PQQ0ZO83NX9KNM1241345075200Not too tasty, but healthy for you equals good!I read about Cacao Beans and the health benefits that come with eating them... they are extremely bitter but that is what they are. There is nothing bad about the product itself, but the beans do not taste like chocolate even though I had dared to dream. They are still good for me, however, so I will continue to eat them until the bag is finished. It was my own naivety that lead me to believe I would enjoy eating them. This should not deter anyone who really wants to benefit from all their healthy goodness.
402067402067B003MYLTA6A1R8OAWQRE0Q9ZLawrence S. Taylor "noitalfed"0151346976000Tastes goodBefore buying this product all my experience with chocolate was by means of cocoa powder, chocolate candy and deserts. That is to say always together with sugar. I finished the package munching on the beans straight from the bag. Very tasty. With my next bag I will try to make a nut butter using my Omega 8000 series juicer.
402068402068B004D7PW5EA2RL1RS6PWUHWIJennifer Ackerman0041336867200Chewy, Gummy, and FlavorfulMy husband is addicted to gummy-type candies but is extremely particular. Living overseas, the major brand of gummy candy you see everywhere is Haribo but of course my husband despises them. DOTS, on the other hand, he loves so I thought I'd buy these tropical flavored ones to break up the monotony. They are exactly what you'd expect from DOTS (chewy, gummy, flavorful) and the flavors are pretty good. Both he and I prefer the regular dots to these but they are good every once in a while just to have something different.
402069402069B0052TTG8GA2FARFFX86JKH5Christopher Whitmore1151325376000Healthier option with great flavor.My family loves these and the fact that the primary ingredient is fruit juice makes them a somewhat better option than candy. The pieces are a good size and the flavors are great. Not the typical, boring, phony tasting flavors. These are all unique and the pieces all have their own unique taste. I use them as after work-out carbs and my wife brings them to work to keep her going when she can't take breaks. Not entirely "guilt-free" snacking, but still a very reasonable option. Plus, IT's SCOOBY DOO!! :)
402070402070B0052TTG8GA35F9KRSMV9KO2Mandy0051334448000Best gummyThese are the best gummies I've ever had. Soft, just the right amount of chewiness, and full of flavor. I find myself wanting to hide them from the kids so I can eat them. I didn't think there could be anything special about gummies, but these are really great.
402071402071B000RHUYD4A1WWW2SRJVRCL7K. Wu181951223337600Speed and qualityBecause my local WholeFoods and other stores had run out of quinoa, I looked into buying it online. And even with shipping costs, this turned out to be a good decision, as in the US Northeast, quinoa costs skyrocketed around August 2008, from $2/pound to $4 and up.

This is a bulk bag of quinoa from Angelina's Gourmet, shipped quickly in a box, and is in all respects just like what you'd buy in the bulk section of your local health food store. Excellent value both financially and nutritionally.
402072402072B000RHUYD4AQ6L3A91WPZBINomadic "CA"121241249171200OK quinoaThis is a good price at which to buy....but....I noticed that the grains are not fully cleaned for all of the debris. For instance there were black shells and broken minute stem pieces etc., in the mix. The taste was still good. I would advice rinsing at least three times to get the grains all washed clean before cooking it. You still have to learn to live with the black pieces and the minute stem pieces. The trader joe's quiona are slightly more expensive per pound but it was really really clean and spotless and all it needed was one rinse. For those of you who are new to quinoa remember to rinse it well before cooking it.

The box barley held the ten pounds when it arrived. They should have used a slightly thicker box. I noticed that this quinoa for some reason was more crunchy than the trader joe's product. I also noticed recently that costco is beginning to sell a 10 lb bag too. So check it out.
402061402061B004136JU2A3RYFS8V2VEWU6MW0051310342400Great priceThis is the brand I normally buy, but the price on Amazon is less than half of supermarket price. I bake bread all the time, and the expiration date on these is February, 2013. Will buy again. Thanks Amazon for a very good deal.
402062402062B0000KC2BKAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson1151340150400Better Than The Cubes.I've used Knorr Boullon Cubes before and was always satisfied with them. Good product. This time when I went to replace them the store had only Knorr Caldo Con Sabor De Pollo bouillon powder so I purchased this 7.9 ounce jar. Works fine. In fact, I like it better in-as-much as I can adjust the amount much easier and stir the ingredient in much quicker than with the solid cube. I'm not certain why the label would be in Spanish as the product was bought in a store that was British owned. Oh well, such is life.

Gary Peterson
402073402073B000RHUYD4A1YF7I0IXZ9Y10degeow101051230422400QuinoaUntil last u\year I had never heard of Quinoa. Now I am hooked. I love the taste. Although I'm really not that keen on the red. But the white (or gold) will be found in my pantry from now on. Just cook it like you would rice, but keep a watch on it as it will stick. Most recipes say it cooks in 10 min. but I cook mine covered about 20 at a simmer in salted water with a little olive oil in the water.. Also you can use stock instead of water. I even threw some raw chicken in a pot with Quinoa (added some celery, onions and some spices) it was great. I make a double batch and keep the leftovers in the fridge. Good for breakfast w/milk , as a side dish or just a snack. Excellent for diabetics (like myself).QUINOA, 10 lb Bag
402063402063B0000KC2BKA13WQH4NTOGDF3R. Davis3551297814400looks gluten\casein free?I am on a gluten-free diet and from what I can tell this is the only chicken bouillon powder that is gluten-free and milk-free. (The product is not labeled gluten or casein free, but from the ingredients listed it seems to be so.) I use it to make soup so that I can cook recipes that call for cream of chicken soup. I am just so grateful SOMEONE makes a bouillon powder I can use!!! Thank you Knorr!
402064402064B0000KC2BKAE6NRCSLD165papap1251326758400Knorr Chicken Flavored BouillonEvery part of our experience, from ordering to receiving the product was a very good experience. I will definitely use this product and company again. Thank you for your quickness in responding to my order. Have already used the product and find it to be everything that it was advertised to be.
402074402074B000RHUYD4A1QKRX7NUCHEHRMarilyn A. Bennett "MAB"8851284508800Organic QuinoaThis product is delicious! The price was so much better than what I had been paying for Quinoa at Whole Foods. When my first order arrived, the plastic bag it was mailed in had split during shipping. It was difficult scooping the Quinoa out and dealing with it. I decided to send an email to let the company know they should use stronger bags for shipping. They mailed me another 10 pound bag free!!! It, thankfully, arrived in great shape. I was not expecting that kind of great customer service!!

I cook the Quinoa in water with chopped garlic and it is heavenly. I love this product!!
402075402075B000RHUYD4A2CS8315ETBGLee Sanders8951228435200Great product, great price.I have almost finished my 1st 10lb bag, and am getting ready to buy at least one more. You just can't beat the value - what a great hedge against rising food prices! I'm not sure the description mentions it, but this is red quinoa. It has a slightly stronger flavor than the golden quinoa I have purchased in grocery stores, but rinsing it in a wire-mesh strainer before cooking removes any bitterness.
402076402076B000RHUYD4A3MSB96N5TYC2BGail A. Preset "Gabby"3351327104000Great for Diabetic MealsQuinoa is one of the blessings of a diabetic struggle to find foods that don't kill the carb limits, but still give you a sense of having some kind of starch with your meal. It is actually a seed that is filled with great omegas, thus it has a lot to offer. It is very bland if you just cook it in water, so you have to cook it with items that have good seasoning. It cooks easly and takes on what ever flavor you are preparing it with. I tend to mix it with other things such as lintels or wild rice and if you dry roast it in a pan with other legumes, it will have a richer more nutty taste.

If you are a diabetic looking for a substitute for your rice and mashed potatoes, this could be your ticket. Buy a little to try it. But once you have it in your pantry, you will never want to be without it.
402077402077B000RHUYD4A2Z0A5LJOOJ9BERachel "Rachel"3351264896000Great deal and qualityQuinoa is a staple "grain" in my diet so this 10 pound bag/box was a great deal. There were no surprises with the product or delivery. It was just as expected.
402078402078B000RHUYD4A1OS17HWPLW67XSanda Putnam3351235174400Good ProductThe ten pound bag arrived timely and in good condition.
I rinse the quinoa, cook it, and enjoy it. It's a great grain to eat for someone who has food allergies.
402079402079B000R7Z0N8A3ATZ8JKY9KKD7theresa3341306886400loved it!I am in afghanistan deployed and sent these to my parents to send to me. They ended up spending $50 on shipping Which sucked but thats the only down fall that it cant send to APO AE! A customer of mine let me try these instant pad thai noodles and I became hooked one bag just wasn't enough so I ordered it online. It's not bad for being instant and it brings me home all the way from the middle east where oriental food here is eh. Loved it! Will be ordering it when I come home to stock up the cabinets as a snack :)
402080402080B000R7Z0N8A3K1RT8ZKA3KW6John G.0051336262400Pad Thai in a pinchIs this as good as your favorite Thai restaurant? No. Is it good? Yes.

These noodles come together fast and do taste like pretty acceptable Pad Thai. When I make them, I will often toss in my own tofu, crushed peanuts, eggs, or even chicken. Whatever I have on hand. Such additions elevate the noodles from really good to great. Give these a try if you're looking for a convenient alternative to Thai takeout.
402081402081B004I5MT5CA18A2BZV0HAF08Kyzzy08851305849600fun product!I have found many uses for this product. It is lighter and healthier than regular flour and makes a great substitute in batters and breading. It also is great when making potato cakes and sweet potato cakes.
402082402082B004I5MT5CA3BQ5NTIYR4QKHElliria1151338163200Well worth gettingThis chickpea flour is absolutely delicious. It makes far more tasty bread than regular white flour since it has a richer, stronger flavor. The packaging is air-tight, and the flour inside was pristine (no bugs or unidentified matter). I would purchase this again from this seller.
402083402083B004I5MT5CA3E37DXWUL6PUBLindaLea1151331164800A Wonderful Gluten Free FlourIt's difficult to find an affordable, organic, gluten-free chickpea flour at any local grocery store, including Whole Foods. I've tried other brands and find this one makes delicious cinnamon-raisin breakfast muffins, socca, and pakoras (that I bake rather than fry), which even my finicky son loves. If you haven't used chickpea flour, just remember you don't want to taste it before cooking because all chickpea flour has an unappealing taste that disappears during cooking. I noticed one reviewer states that this flour is not smooth and doesn't stay together. I've never encountered that problem, but I don't deep fry anything. Definitely a 5 Star organic, gluten-free flour.
402084402084B004I5MT5CA14GF1F6N0L2KVmomd2331327536000Chickpeas FourI bought this from Amazon Package is nice, clean and fresh. When making batter with water, it is not smooth and stay together quite well like those I buy from the shelves on stores. When deep fry in hot oil, it tends to split small particles.
402085402085B000MDCDM8AJDWCEVSOJU6Oeddy-p0051351036800Works for me!When I read the review that only gave the Bumble Bee Sensations "Sundried Tomato and Basil Tuna Medley" only ONE star, I just had to voice my opinion! There is nothing weird about this product; it tastes great, the consistency is fine, and the crackers are good, too. I find the whole Sensations line to be extremely convenient. I have purchased the classic Tuna Salad, the Spicy Thai Chili Medley, and the Sundried Tomato & Basil Medley numerous times, and have never had any complaints. The only one I haven't tried yet is the Lemon seasoned Tuna. I plan on buying that one, too, when I make my next purchase.
People's tastes are different, but the only complaint I would accept would be that the Thai Chili Tuna is too spicy for their tastes - and I stress "for their tastes". I've had Indian and Asian food dishes that were much spicier than the Bumble Bee Spicy Thai Chili Tuna!
All in all, I can't see you going wrong if you purchase this product - or any of the Bumble Bee Sensations line. I enjoy them, and will continue to buy them!
402086402086B000MDCDM8AQPJGGMD0NU9AAudleah0011349827200YukThis tomato basil flavor is weird. It does not work at all with tuna. I bought these months ago and I still have several in the pantry. My husband will tolerate them, otherwise I would have tossed them already.... That just gave me an idea. I will give them to the local food pantry.
402087402087B000MDCDM8A2YIO225BTKVPUAngel_Boy "Treat the people around you the wa...0041336953600TASTY-ready 2 eat_this is tuna mixed with tomato and basil- it's a bit dry so i would add a bit of whatever your favorite sauce is- or perhaps a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. long shelf life. comes with 1/2 doz crackers for high protien, ready 2 eat snack. good for emergency supply/readiness kits_ last minute lunches_ hiking_ biking_ back packing_ beach_ cause it's shelf stabile and doesn't need refrigeration. put a couple in your kids school back pak incase of a forgotten lunch or need of healthy snack for after school program. keep some in desk at work for when you can't get away for lunch or have to work late. make great additions to care packages for our service people army/navy/air/marine/etc- care packages for college students or elderly parents who need more protien and can't stand to drink those protien drinks or eat the protien pudding....the list is endless....i figure if you can get it for less than $1.50 per can with free s/h_ it's well worth it.
thanks for taking the time to read my less than eloquent review- try to be honest
402088402088B000MDCDM8A2P383PA54QY65GuitarPlayer0041327881600On the go goodnessGreat idea and great flavor. Makes a much healthier snack at work than a bag of doritos. I will definitely order the 12 pack. I have not tried the other flavors but I would definitely recommend the sun-dried tomato and basil.

I was not a fan of the crackers but it is still a good product that offers long term storage. I prefer a thin cracker but everyone has a preference.
402089402089B000MDCDM8A22IJDGJOU5NXZM. Carlson0031321315200Could Be BetterI LOVE the Thai Chili tuna kit, so I thought I would try the other flavors. This one is my least favorite because it's bland compared to the others. That said, I ate the whole can and was fairly happy with my light dinner; it was just not as good at the other two flavors and I'm glad I tried it in the single serve pack before committing to a whole case.
402090402090B004S4O7BMA2LP2EOKHOORELela0051346630400Fantastic!I actually can't believe how much I love this sauce. There is no added sugar, salt content not as high as other sauces and tastes like you just made it from scratch. It is well worth the price. When my local grocer quit carrying it - I was relieved to find it on Amazon! I have found myself making pasta - just so I can eat more of this sauce!

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