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402121402121B000Q738VUA21THKVZYP10WGJJ2351286064000Delicious!!Barbara's Multigrain Wheat Free Fig Bar is the BEST wheat free cookie I have eaten ( and I have tried many!) They are moist and have a delightful flavor - much better than even the other brand name fig bars made With wheat! Barbara's other wheat free fig cookie with raspberry is just as delectable! I buy a case every 3 months from Amazon and with the automatic shipment discount, the price can't be beat!
402122402122B000Q738VUAAJOV2S9O7OOTorrey Pines2351240272000Delicious!Since I love figs, these were just great. Slightly nutty flavor to the cookie dough (since whole wheat) and the fig paste tasted like dense, flavorful figs. At 60 calories per cookie, I found consuming 300 calories to happen mighty quick!
402123402123B000Q738VUA3SD1TTP9B3QSCK. Swenson2351213920000If you Like Raspberry Fig Bars, These Taste Just Like ThemI love raspberry fig bars and I LOVE these. I eat them everyday for snack and never get sick of them.
402124402124B000Q738VUA2TFD6GJKAICYKCarol Jackson "xenophile"2351203465600DeliciousWe were thrilled to find these. They will be a staple in our home.
402125402125B000Q738VUA1G74LVQBHXR55birdstorebird0051343692800My Kids (and I) love these!These are our GO TO store bought cookie. The kids love them. I love that they aren't filled with sugar and crap. Just whole grains and ingredients you can recognize on the label. They don't crumble when dunked (and believe me, we are dunkers). They make a great 'on the go' breakfast cookie when you are rushed in the morning. What mom doesn't love that?!?

We have ordered several shipments of these from amazon. Always fresh and always fast. Best price. They run TWICE the price at the local 'natural' grocery chain.
402126402126B000Q738VUA3PD8JD9L4WEIIBron "Bron"0041343347200Delicious Raspberry fig bars!First, I second the comments of some who have noted shipping issues. My shipment came with the cookies very tightly packed in a single box that was of less than sturdy construction leading to some crushed packages. Luckily, few bars/cookies were affected, but that was a big surprise as the box corners had caved in. But putting that aside...

These cookies were very tasty. The Raspberry fig filling is delicious. Lots of good raspberry flavor. The thick "cookie" wrapper has a distinct grain (barley) flavor. A new flavor to me, but I got used to it. Overall, though, simply delicious. I love figs, fig bars, and raspberries so a taste treat for me.

I purchased via "Subscribe & Save" for the best price. My biggest problem now is not eating too many of these as they are fairly high in calories (120 cals/2 bars). But they are good, healthy calories! ;)
402127402127B000Q738VUA1099V8M0ZMXXIYayavar0011341273600Too sweetAs some other reviewers have also pointed out, these fig bars are extremely sweet. While I am satisfied with purchase experience and the condition of the product, their taste compels me to give a 1-star rating.
402128402128B000Q738VUA1MIJ51S24ME3BAussie Mama0051339718400Terrific Vegan TreatMy husband and I have tried a variety of really tasty vegan treats, but these are the best in both taste and value. We've had the fig, blueberry and raspberry - the blueberry is my favorite - and find them to be delicious and satisfying. They're a great deal on Subscribe and Save, too! We save quite a bit of money compared to what we've spent at our local health food store.
402129402129B000Q738VUA2MGKR210ZMHQUsavvy shopper "ss"0051335830400barbara's barsThe bars are delicious! They are moist and I can't keep them in the house. Once the package is open it's gone!
402130402130B000Q738VUA3C6AZJVR396OAJ. P. Rogers0051328313600Best fig bars I've ever had...BAR noneI bought these by chance at my local health food store and was completely surprised by how good they were, better than Newman's, by far and a little less expensive. The whole wheat is hearty and the fig filling has just the right consistency and sweetness. I'd feed these to my children in a heartbeat.
402131402131B000Q738VUA1LFSTBR7L7PUTV. Wiedemann "2 avid readers"0041323043200Tasty little treats but not organicIf these little cookies were organic they would get 5 stars plus, but alas they are not. They are extra sweet with only 60 calories per bar, mostly from concentrated fruit juices. They do have a definite raspberry taste and I'm a sucker for "anything raspberry"!

We are not gluten sensitive but do not eat wheat. I bought them because they contain no wheat or refined sugar and the price on Amazon is very good. I just wish Barbara's bakery would change to organic ingredients because they make such tasty treats.

All that said, two bars and a nice big glass of soy or almond milk make for a satisfied evening tummy! (They're good with coffee or tea too.)
402132402132B000Q738VUA1LCTXX0R0IKH6gmg0051322870400Highly Recommended...Delicious!Barbara's Bakery, Low Fat Whole Wheat Fig Bars, Fruit Juice Sweetened, 12-Ounce Bars (Pack of 6)

Barbara's Whole Wheat Fig Bars are delicious, nutritious, tasty, enjoyable to eat, fruit juice sweetened, and made from 100% natural ingredients. Buy them by the case and enjoy them!
402133402133B000Q738VUA1G1O78JB82U23KLN0051318896000Good, but you have to like whole grain. Freeze well.These fig bars are big step up over the typical supermarket brands, but you do have to like a strong whole-grain taste and the lack of additives makes them a bit dry. They freeze well so it works ok to buy the six pack. They actually make a nice cold sweet if you eat them frozen, but they do hold their texture once thawed too.
402134402134B000Q738VUA6LAMY7Z10BBJAmazon Shopper0011314662400Way too sweetWe love fig bars and wanted more natural option than grocery store. But these are not edible, even my toddler won't eat them because they are just too sweet.
402135402135B000Q738VUA22UFACVJD3B2Aalaska980031307232000Just okWe bought these because they're gluten free. They're not really healthy for you, and are kind of high calorie for a snack. My daughter won't eat them. She prefers the apple cinnamon bars to there. Not bad, but not great, either.
402136402136B000Q738VUA1UFRXB9ZK4FHJsadie sullivan1211318464000For whom are these marketed?So, this is the thing: these bars are wheat-free and they taste ***good.*** But who cares about the whole wheat-free thing? I'll tell you who, folks who are wheat intolerant or allergic! So, it's all well and fine that this company is touting them as wheat free but they're made with oats as well as barley (gluten ingredients) so that's a big turn off. I don't get it. This product suggests that it is intended for a specialized market but it's made of ingredients that would prohibit purchasing it. Illogical. I wish Barbara's would make this product w/o the gluten so that I could buy it for my family! Meh!
402137402137B000Q738VUAERBY54RWPSO9A. Woodmansee1251306022400We love them, but not for everyoneOkay, we try as hard as we can to eat as little sugar and as little white flour as we can, but it is hard, one still needs sweets and snacks, especially with kids. These are great, 100% whole wheat, and sweetened with fruit juice instead of a more refined sugar. This may make me a bad mom, but on mornings when we are running late and I know we don't have time for a good and normal breakfast, I will give the girls one of these with milk, they're getting fruit and whole grain, so... I say they are not for everyone because if you are used to Fig Newtons you will probably not like these, if you are not used to eating products for their whole grain content and lack of refined sugars, you probably won't like these. I used to love Fig Newtons, but in a effort to be more healthy I gave them up and now only eat these, it has been long enough now that we have been eating healthier that I like the taste of these. The girls knew no better, they had never had a real Fig Newton so had nothing to compare to and they just eat these up. I don't know that we could go through a case of 6, we just buy one package at a time at our local Coborn's, and we don't go through them that fast as they are a treat not a daily thing or anything, so....
402138402138B000Q738VUA8IW8LPW286XFKristin Allen1251273190400Delicious!I thoroughly enjoyed a package of these fig bars, as did my husband who often does not like wheat-free or healthy foods. I was delighted to find that Amazon sells them. (In response to the "not gluten-free" review, I can eat only limited amounts of wheat or gluten, so wheat-free products are fine for me.)
402139402139B000Q738VUA245A9I0EPXRA0L. Sterrett1251265673600Great Wheat-free Dairy-free ProductThese fig bars taste great. My husband, who is allergic to wheat but does not have celiac disease, can eat them without any adverse reaction. And my daughters who are lactose intolerant can eat them, too.
402140402140B000Q738VUA210E38W8ONDUJStephanie Anderson "LUV RAT TERRIERS"1251261699200Yummy with Christmas morning coffee & teaReceived our first case of Barbara's Blueberry Fig Bars a couple of days before Christmas. Once our guestssssss were awake and stirring, each had their choice of coffees or teas and I offered the fig bars as an accompaniment as I worked on getting breakfast prepared and on the table. Everyone loved the bars, even ME who is not typically a lover of blueberry flavored foods. I had guests who hate FIG NEWTONS, but loved these. The first package was gone in a flash and I will open another tomorrow morning to buy me some time in the kitchen with breakfast prep once again. I anticipate that after the Holidays, these will be a new addition to my IN THE CAR, morning COMMUTE, easy to eat breakfast items to have as I sip coffee along the route to work. Thanks for the great pricing Amazon!
402141402141B000Q738VUA3VDQD94VOMAXARuth M. Neidlinger1251239062400Way better than newtonsWe just got our first shipment of these cookies on Saturday, and we've already eaten two packages! They are wonderfully textured - soft, and not a bit dry. The raspberry and fig flavors are nicely balanced, and the filling is generous.
I can't think of a way to improve on these.
402142402142B000Q738VUA33BVGBIVCRZ0DS. Macdonald5921208217600Taste is "OK"Buyer Beware: I ordered this product 4-11-08 (rcvd it promptly) and the expiration date is 7-7-08. I'm a single gal - so that means I'd have to chow down 2 of these packages each month just to consume them before they expire.

For the health concious - these are fruit juice sweetened which means no white sugar is added! They are 60 calories per cookie with 13g of carbs, 1g Fiber, 8g sugar, and 1g of protein.

I had to leave a rating of only 2 because of the taste - just "ok" for me. They have a very heavy flavour almost a slight fermented after taste to them. If you're a die hard fig lover, these might be for you but I personally prefer the whole wheat version by Nabisco
402143402143B000Q738VUA39WCGRFBGEJM7R. Smith0151297123200Incredible Value. Incredible Product.Try to purchase these in the store and you'll see what an incredible value these figs are. But even more they are absolutely delicious.
402145402145B000Q738VUAI0NMYA3LKXW1Bartok Kinski "A casual stroll through the lu...2551283904000Organic WigsI bought 238 Barbara's Bakery Multigrain Fig Bars, Wheat Free, Fat Free, 12-Ounce Boxes, for my pet green iguana. Unfortunately, he died as a result from too much grease intake a few weeks before. So I was stuck with the 238 Boxes.

Multigrain is not my favorite but these are really fresh, good and tasty. They are sweet and taste natural. Very good product.

My neighbor, Halbert, who is part of the fat acceptance movement, invited himself over to eat them since they expire in 3 months. He clocks in at 560 lbs. He comes over to watch TV and eat these, imposing himself upon my company, which is annoying.

So far, no complaints and he has gas problems, which I found out. The organic figs help him out I think. Hopefully he'll finish eating them soon so he can stop bothering me.
402146402146B000Q738VUA10AVDB56NCZQCRoger L Bisch Jr0211285545600DO NOT BUY!Absolutely TERRIBLE quality. DO NOT BUY. I was 100% dissatisfied with the product! And Amazon does NOT stand by its food sales and offer refunds (unlike my brick & mortar grocery store). Item was past date & Amazon offers NO returns on grocery
402147402147B000Q738VUA23M28IQREQGQZCaprice51211242950400Buyer Beware--I got screwedWhy can't I give this a negative amount of stars???

I love these cookies and have bought them from Amazon before. The expiration date was always just a few months away--but I love them and had no problem eating all six packages in a short time.

This time, I got my shipment May 2009 and the cookies all had a "best used by March 09" date on them. So....Amazon has now sunk to shipping goods past their expiration date. I haven't eaten any of them yet---I kind of turned off by the idea they are two month beyond the date they should be taken off the shelf.

I will never buy these from Amazon again unless Amazon can assure me the product will be fresh.
402148402148B000Q738VUA2FC2IGNFNQP95M. Hauser102321211587200Misleading product nameThis product may indeed be delicious but the product name is at the very least misleading, at worst deceptive. Anyone with celiac disease or other wheat intolerance needs to know that this product, though free of wheat, is made with multiple grains, including barley flour, and so is unsuitable for their use. Rightfully, the product should be named Multigrain Fig Bars as that is what they are. I don't see why anyone would specifically choose a wheat-free product over one containing wheat unless one is wheat intolerant (and therefore intolerant to all wheat-related grains). What possible legitimate reason could there be then to name this product "Wheat Free"? My rating of the product is based not on the product per se but on the unfortunate and misleading name Barbara's Bakery has chosen to give it. Please note also that a representative of Barbara's Bakery in a private communication to me in response to my objection to the name of this product stated there was no claim made that the product was gluten free then added that the few products Barbara's Bakery makes which it does claim to be gluten free are made in non-dedicated facilities which also process wheat. This is absurd as those products are subject to contamination with wheat and cannot legitimately be considered gluten free. It all comes down to a matter of truth in advertising. Where there is no truth in advertising what trust can there be in any of the products the company produces?
402149402149B000Q738VUAI0NMYA3LKXW1Bartok Kinski "A casual stroll through the lu...1751270598400Organic WigsI bought 238 Barbara's Bakery Low Fat Traditional Blueberry Bars, 12-Ounce Boxes for my pet green iguana. Unfortunately, he died as a result from too much grease intake a few weeks before. So I was stuck with the 238 Boxes.

Blueberry is not my favorite but these are really fresh, good and tasty. They are sweet and taste natural. Very good product.

My neighbor, Halbert, who is part of the fat acceptance movement, invited himself over to eat them since they expire in 3 months. He clocks in at 560 lbs. He comes over to watch TV and eat these, imposing himself upon my company, which is annoying.

So far, no complaints and he has gas problems, which I found out. The organic figs help him out I think. Hopefully he'll finish eating them soon so he can stop bothering me.
402150402150B000Q738VUA2SDE1AHNU0BYMJames Henderson "daddy"21311216944000did not like at allour family did not leke thast at all. Din not atst lke figs. They were sweet enough but tasted like purnes.

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