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402271402271B0049D5GNUA39WFOVANRFTWNLinda Breed0041323388800Love this stuff!I grew up on this but we called it Rye Tac. Totally addicted to it! Crispy, no fat, no sugar. Though it's best with butter or margarine on it.
402272402272B000E48F40A1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"2251168732800Great Immune Booster, Yummy and Unusual Tasting Tea*****

This Echinacea Immune Support herbal tea from Yogi Tea is for the natural boosting of the immune system. It's an all natural tea made from organic peppermint leaf, organic ;lemon grass, organic Echinacea root (angustifolia, purprea, pallida), organic licorice root, organic cinnamon bark, organic spearmint leaf, organic fennel seed, organic lemon flavor, Echinacea purpurea root extract (phenols 12%), organic cardamom seed, organic rose hips, organic ginger root, organic burdock root, stevia leaf, organic mullein leaf, organic clove bud, astragalus root extract, organic black pepper, European elder berry extract (30% anthocyanins), natural cinnamon oil, natural cardamom oil, natural ginger oil. Whew! Lots of good ingredients!

The taste is unusual and hard to define, probably because there are so many interesting ingredients. It is slightly tonic-y but very pleasant. I love all the things that these herbs are purported to do!

I am definitely impressed with Echinacea Immune Support and with Yogi Teas in general. Echinacea Immune Support comes with an expiration date (a good thing, because it's not full of preservatives, plus you can tell if it is fresh). Yogi Tea seems to be another company (like Numi, Aspen, Traditional Medicinals) that values sustainable and healthy practices. Their web site has a helpful glossary of tea ingredients and is beautifully designed, with info about each tea they make.

Yogi Tea writes this on the box about the tea's benefits: "Echinacea Immune Support tea is a superior blend of several species of Organic Echinacea Root (Echinacea angustifolia, purpurea, pallida) designed to boost your immune system. Each tea bag is made with organic Echinacea Root and Echinacea Root extract, containing the equivalent of 1,400 mg of Echinacea. Health practitioners for centuries have respected the powers of Echinacea, an herb that supports the body's natural defense system by stimulating production of immune system proteins, interferons, that regulate normal immune response. Furthermore, Echinacea supplies certain naturally-occurring plant compounds known as caffeic acid derivatives, including cichoric acid, alkylamides and polysaccharides. These work together to stimulate the body's immune system. The blend is complemented with Astragalus, a stamina-enhancing tonic that also boosts long-term immune function, and European Elder Berry, which is immune-enhancing and supports respiratory function. To support sinus function and promote clear breathing passages, Organic Peppermint and Organic Lemon Grass are included.* Finally, Organic Cinnamon , Organic Fennel, Organic Spearmint, and Organic Rose Hips add a wonderful fragrant essence to this delicious herbal supplement."

There are no cautions or warnings on the box except the standard disclaimer that the tea is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The box says, "When your immune system seems a bit down, drink 2 to 3 cups per day. For increased immune stimulation, drink 4 to 5 cups per day."

This tea has no caffeine and is entirely herbal.

Highly recommended.

402273402273B0029K34VGA2RCJL6QND6ML1Jay Rainey0051315180800great marinadei have used this for years, could not find it locally so ordered a case (can't be without.) i think it is the best sweet marinade for beef, poultry or fish. since i use it 1-2 times a week, a case of 6 is not too much for me to handle.
402274402274B000ST8MY4AENIWB9T8FC9KN. Moncayo2351252800000Delicious!These things are delicious. They were delivered in a timely manner as well. I deffenitely recommend them.
402275402275B001CZ6DQWA36WA7L88C2NW1Candace Drimmer "a.k.a. Candi Boggs"2231316476800So-so, prefer the grocery store versionTried it, why not? Not so good. Prefer the grocery store version. These were, too dry (old?) too blah--too not so great.
402276402276B001CZ6DQWA1O3LNYVYISQXJElzie Q. Holden1121344384000bellybombI was not impressed with the product as the peanuts for the most part were stale and un tasty. The order was sent timely. and the present weather conditions may have caused most of the problem.
402277402277B001CZ6DQWAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson1251316044800Excellent Peanuts!Shopping in warehouse stores lends itself to buying a lot of impulse items. Well here's one quite good such item. I was going down the snack isles of my local Costco and found a couple huge displays of roasted peanuts, one salted in the shell and one not. Hmmmmm. A five-pound bag of peanuts? That's much more than I need! But I love salted-in-the-shell peanuts. But, how will I ever finish five pounds of them? Oh, well, we'll figure it out. Into the cart they went.

The peanuts are quite good. Excellent, in fact. The roast is just right. They are salted, but very lightly. I actually prefer a little saltier, but I know this lighter flavoring is better for my health. In fact, the sodium to potassium ratio is close to equal, a rare instance in a salted snack product. I'd say, the peanuts are just excellent, much better than the brands I'm used to buying in smaller packets. Plus, they're real nice and fresh. The trick might be keeping them fresh as I work my way down to the bottom of this huge bag. But, no mistaking, they're excellent peanuts.

Gary Peterson
402278402278B001CZ6DQWA21BMX5GT45BG9The Information1251272672000The Best PeanutI'd be amazed if there were a better roasted peanut than this anywhere in the world. Basically, you'd have to be NUTS not to try these. It's possibly the greatest peanut of all time!
402279402279B001CZ6DQWA1BJUDYO6TJ6S9shri "reader and cook"0151320451200Great gift for college students away from homeMy son was working as a wilderness guide for the summer. To let him know we were still thinking of him, I used Amazon Prime to send him things and the most popular gift was this package of Hoody's peanuts. My son didn't actually get many - the lead guide "snagged" them and shared them in his office (one of the rites of passage, I suppose) - but all the guides loved them and they didn't last long. Should work great for a college surprise, too.

Oh, yeah - good peanut taste, nice roasting brings out the flavor and crunch, and just the right amount of salt.
402280402280B001CZ6DQWA2MBR4KQ6RW2IVM. Garvey0151262995200hoody's roasted peanutsBeing a coniseur of roasted peanuts
402281402281B001CZ6DQWA2MK624F2DGA5ABalsamic14112902976001 Star for Value, 3 Stars for QualityI paid 23 dollars and some change for this bag of Hoody's peanuts in the shell. Imagine my dismay when I spotted the same product at Costco for $4.99! The peanuts are okay. The larger ones are perfect. The smaller ones are overroasted. Won't recommend, nor purchase again. Gotta do my homework better!
402282402282B001EPR0EOA398H56DMTYIDPMelissa1151327449600cheaper at rossi found this same tea at ross for only $3.99 its fantastic tea though i love it both iced and hot!
also my husband who hates tea loves this stuff!
402283402283B004S8N7S2ABK2TZZNJKUKJclaudia - nyc0041343088000Excellent GenMaiVery aromatic; equally good, if not better, than loose leaf counterparts. I have not found better brands or packaging.
My favorite tea.
402284402284B004S8N7S2A213DJ1U7BSOVKJ. TO0051322438400All good things come in small packagesI have tried countless tea bags searching for an equivalent to loose leaf green tea. This tea has a nice rich toasted brown rice fragrance. A sip has all the essence of the loose leaf. I keep a few in my purse. I bought mine from a local oriental store and the price here is comparable to the store.
402285402285B004S8N7S2A4QZW07J235ZLHai Doan0051320451200Love this teaI'm not a big time Tea drinker but I have tried a few. This is the best tea I've had from the bag.
402286402286B004S8N7S2A31LEVBRCI0BQXgamerette860051317686400pretty awesome for a bagged blendI used to buy pretty much all bagged tea until I decided to give loose tea a try and ever since bag tea has just been kinda sad tasting compared to how good a loose tea blends.
I love this one tho!!, I usually get a loose version but I was in a hurry to get some genmaicha and just saw this while wandering throughout the international foods. It is seriously good I went through the entire bag in a little over a month (I have so many teas to get through that was like a record) I still love loose tea more but I really liked the quality of the tea that maeda en put out... its great and a good value this was like 4 dollars more at the asian superstore in sac.
402287402287B000G0SBIMAFW5SNGEQJ2LMK. A. Heller "The Happy Booker"3331217116800Low carb,but...Smackaroos Diet Treats Sesame Low Carb Crackers were for my type2 diabetic husband. He loves cheese and crackers, but the crackers keep getting him in trouble with his blood sugar levels. The texture on this was more hard than crisp and the flavor was so-so, however with a tasty piece of cheese he was able to enjoy a snack without a problem. My one complaint is the price--I couldn't afford to buy these on a regular basis.Smackaroos Diet Treats Sesame Low Carb Crackers
402288402288B000G0SBIMA2S0848UJBHEFHM. Davis2211330646400I appreciate the effort..I was excited about ordering these crackers. I ordered them from another site and there were so many rave reviews. These things are so nasty lol. It must be the soy? The taste is awful and these crackers are wayy too hard. Not good-crunchy, but more like...these-must-be-beyond-expiration-date-crunchy...
402289402289B000G0SBIMA2M5UAJ1RZIL8NEmily1121306195200Ridiculously Expensive!I'm disgusted at how much I ended up paying for these low carb crackers....almost $15.00 for a box after shipping. Absurd! They taste just ok, nothing to write home about.
402290402290B001HTIT2EA308YDH45PA2S5D. Schultz0051313107200YUM!This is by far my favorite biscuit mix. I love it enough to buy it online since our local store does not carry it.
I also use for dumplings, or top a cobbler.
402291402291B001HTIT2EA1VGF7UUO21L4RCher0051282089600Buttermilk BiscuitsI love the nice flakey biscuits this product makes. My family is picky about biscuits, and they like the whole grain Red Mill ones as well as the white flour (lacking in food value) ones.
402292402292B0051S7P54AP30ULEUWZB5NHonestReviewer3351319587200Good purchase...Prompt shipment; plants look in good shape and came with care instructions, and were fairly priced --- a good purchase! The vendor was prompt and courteous as well. The plants are small, but I'm sure this is the going rate for carnivorous plants this size, as I shopped around first. This place got good reviews and so I'm happy to report that I have the same review!
402293402293B0051S7P54AP5U1DNX7ADQ0Dan2251343692800Arrived alive and well!They arrived 3 days early and doing great! Be sure to read the instructions before throwing anything away. I almost mistook the long fibered sphangnum as packaging material, when in fact it's supposed to be buried with the roots.
402294402294B0051S7P54A3GDXAM4DQVKVDGuiltyJudge2251341705600Great plants and a great buyI just recently decided to purchase this set of plants after doing tons of research online.
I have not had much experience with growing plants in general, but have always been interested in carnivorus plants.
Although the flytraps that I previously bought at Home Depot and Walmart which were inside little terarium domes died very fast.

With that being said about my current "skill" level.
I found these plants were sent very fast and arrived in great condition in plastic zip lock baggies with
some moss and wet gauze wrapped around the roots . As I already expected
most of the traps on the Venus flytrap arrived closed and the sundew was missing its "dew". Even so
the plants looked healthy. After one just one day most of the traps opened and the sundew's "dew" started forming.

So far it seems very easy to take care of these carnivorous plants. I just am following the provided
directions and using the included mesh pots and moss. These plants might actually have some hope of
surviving now. If not it would likely be my fault.

Thinking of buying some more now since these are such cool plants and they seem to have awakened my inner child.
Might post some pictures later.
402295402295B0051S7P54A3EB6LUSDV984QChaplin2251341619200Great!My order arrived in a timely manner. I have put them in the pots that came with the package and followed the instructions. My Venusfly trap plant started opening up the day after I received my plants. Very, very happy with my order. Joel thank you so much!
402296402296B0051S7P54A3T533SL35ORM3Tubby2251341532800Great seller Great ProductThis product was great. The plants have been thriving and it's not a hard setup once you follow the instructions. they've already been catching insects on their own its amazing.
402297402297B0051S7P54AEKDCVC1GKVE0KE2251340755200Great buyFast shipping. Easy to follow directions. Great experience for my son who loves science and had been wanting carnivorous plants.
402298402298B0051S7P54AWO21VMUD6IOZKeith J. Braun "Murdoc"6851339372800What a lovely new minion...Finally, light. At least I was well protected and shipped in a hurry, but I hate that box.

Hey You! Yeah you, the big pink meatsack, get rid of that box and get to making all that moss wet again.

What are you doing standing there?! Do you think I like being stuck in a plastic ziptop bag? That confused look on your face isn't pleasing your new Overlord! Oh great, you have no idea what to do with me, do you?

"Oh, this will be so much fun. I'll buy some carnivorous plants and just stick 'em in a pot of dirt and give them a good drink of this tasty tap water."
You don't know me punk, and its a good thing that the Master knew you'd be one of our mindless minions and included a handy sheet of instructions. Follow them carefully, please. My life depends upon it, and consequently so does yours. My associates and I arrived in good health, and I'm sure you were pleasantly surprised at our numbers. Follow the Master's instructions. Prepare yourself properly as instructed by his first communications. Give us the purest of water and plenty of light. We'll take care of the bugs. And if you treat us very well, we might even repay the favor and take care of the neighbor's yippie dog, too. But all in due time, Minion. I'm thirsty.
402299402299B0051S7P54A3VFYEH6QBBWIHmamakarate1151348185600Fast Shipping! Packaged plants arrived with care!I ordered these plants for an 8 year old's birthday gift with Amazon Prime...They arrived here before the other packages I ordered through Amazon! The boxed is carefully packaged as the small plants are quite fragile. The packaging material is also the potting mix that you will use so make sure when you open it, you have a place to put it or it tends to get everywhere. The plants look quite healthy-as they are packaged into baggies with some moisture, and wrapped roots. The venus fly trap and pitcher plant were together and included live ants for a snack across the long journey-my kids were thrilled with that one! It also includes directions-all three plants require similar care- and small pots to plant with.

Hopefully, we can do these little plants a solid and keep them alive- They need lots of moisture(distilled H20) and LOTS of sunlight--so we will do our best!
402300402300B0051S7P54A3AC4QYPE1PY4Pdiamon1151346889600AMAZINGThe product came extremely fast and shipped extremely fast no more then 5 days to get it after ordering. THE PLANTS ARE AMAZING especially the venus fly trap i got one of the traps is pretty big and was already open when i got it was so much fun to feed it. I most certainly would recommand buying from here and i plan to again ONE THING THOUGH if your new to carnivrious plants they need distilled water which is like 88 cents a gallon at the store just buy some before so you dont have to wait to plant them

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