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402306402306B0051S7P54A1CU1OP45Q7GPZEm7871151343174400So cool! My dorm room "pet"So instead of fish for a dorm room pet (too much work - constant feeding, cleaning out bowl, etc), I decided to get these fantastic carnivorous plants! What a great purchase. First, you can tell when you open the package how much the seller really cares about his plants and how serious he is about his business. The plants are carefully packaged in ziploc baggies, their roots are covered in a damp paper towel, and they are placed in the box which is full of dried moss and very detailed instructions. I do not have a lot of experience with carnivorous plants, let alone the grass that grows on my lawn, but the instructions are clear cut and setting the plants up took only 5-10 minutes. There happened to be a tiny little ant that was hiding in a plant root, and when I was unwrapping the paper towel he crawled up the plant. He made his way into the mouth of the venus fly trap, but it didn't close. So hopefully, it will be hungry soon and I'll get to see the plants in action. I love these things, they are too cool! I can't wait to put them in my dorm when I move in.
402307402307B0051S7P54A1N3PXNDHHO276Eduardo Cao "cao64"1151343088000Really Cool and Fast shipmentThe plant were for my 12 year old son. They are really cool. We sat and watched the insect drawn to them and the plants reactions. Got them fast too!!
402308402308B0051S7P54A3K0Z87VIPW9F3JB1151343001600Great Plants & VendorI ordered the 3 Carnivorous plants from Joel's after looking at and reading the reviews of a number of other sellers. The plants were in great shape when they arrived and seem to be thriving.

The folks a Joel's went a step further then just fulfilling my order they reached out directly to let me know when the plants were going to arrived and gave me set up directions.

When the plants arrived they were in great shape and came with individual care sheets. It was a great help to know exactly what need to be done to care for them and saved me a lot of research.

This is a seller that knows how to take care of their customers.

Great Work!

402309402309B0051S7P54AP0HGARTETWZFlavig811151342742400excellent serviceExcellent customer service. Plants were shipped the same day I ordered. Plants came with pretty much everything I needed to get started and they also came with easy to follow detailed care sheets. Plants arrived healthy, but I don't necessarily have a green thumb. Seller offered suggestions and was willing to look at a picture to help me out. He knows his plants and quickly responds to emails.
402310402310B0051S7P54AX0MNN540KKSCRon K.1151342224000Excellent!The three plants arrived quickly, all very healthy, and packaged carefully with roots still wet. Plenty of moss provided, pots and instructions for each plant. Couldn't ask for more, they are thriving.
402311402311B0051S7P54A29QZTD2871HL2CM11513420512003 different carn plantsProduct was shipped promptly and packaged very nicely. All of the plants were very attractive and healthy in appearance. The directions that came with the plants were easy to follow. I was very pleased with my purchase.
402312402312B0051S7P54APZZYJTXOPAPLshillo1151341878400neat plantsThe plants arrived and were just as described. I am so excited to grow these little gems. I have fed them and it was amazing to watch. The care instructions were easy to follow and within minutes of receiving the package I had them planted and they are growing and doing great!
402313402313B0051S7P54A2GKU4N6Q01EKPSteph1151341705600Love my plantsI had my plants delivered to my office and I was so excited when they arrived. I promptly opened up the box, read all the instructions carefully, and got them set up and placed in the window at my desk. These guys are the talk of the office and in fact I think one of my co-workers will be ordering also for her son.

The plants came to me alive and healthy. The instructions were easy to follow. I've only had them for a few days, so I'll come back in a few weeks to update this. In the meantime, Pete, Victor and Sonny seem to be very happy plants *smile*
402301402301B0051S7P54A3KNYDNVNX81FRDetVols1151346716800Awesome plants, EXCELLENT service!When I received my plants the Venus fly trap was in a poor condition due to rough travels. However, JoelsCarnivorousPlants was extremely helpful in assessing the conditions of my plant and immediately took action to correct the problem. They are sending me a replacement plant now. The other two were in excellent condition and seem to be very healthy. This guy was a pleasure to work with and I recommend him and his products to anyone!
402302402302B0051S7P54A2T4ODESBUTD6VJohn Cole1151345420800Great plants, Great seller!I received these plants only a few days after ordering. All of them were very healthy.
The seller went out of his way to ensure I received detailed care instruction for each of them, both in the packaging and online.
I was impressed. Would definitely buy more plants from him in the future.

My only disappointment was that the Venice Fly Trap didn't help catch the tiny fruit flies I was wanting to get rid of...they require a regular size fly to land on them as a fruit fly doesn't weight enough to trigger their closing behavior.
402314402314B0051S7P54A1XX0TFXNEDUB6J. Brown1151341446400Great plants, fast shipping, easy set up!Just as promised, packed well, and EASY instructions and fast shipping!

We got these after visiting Washington DC Botanical gardens a few weeks ago They have a great carnivorous plant display now. So, I came home and dutifully ordered the plants for my boys (ok, they were for me). Lucky the boys learned that not good to play with the plants, we just observe and all is going well. Have put plants on my kitchen counter, getting loads of morning sun, and the fruit flies that like my compost bowl (emptied daily, but still attracts flies) are keeping the plants busy! Thanks for great plants!
402303402303B0051S7P54A4JTX6RGVT914J. Cook1151345334400great plants and fast deliveryWe loved the plants. My son gave one away as a birthday gift and it was a huge hit! Very fast delivery - two days. Ordering more today.
402304402304B0051S7P54A3UW5KAWJ5F5KFRobin_G "kinzfam"1151344816000great!Shipping was fast, so that was good. Plants arrived in good shape. It was a little confusing-- not knowing anything about carnivorous plants, to tell that two of the plants were packaged together. The packing slip indicated as suck, but I didn't know what I was looking for, but can see how someone would think they only received 2 plants.
Having said that, The plants arrived in good shape, look healthy and are replanted on my windowsill at work- waiting for bugs. I'm looking forward to seeing how the grow.
402315402315B0051S7P54A37BYWY8G1F3T9Robert J. McGovern "Bobby Mac"1151340928000Great plants and great serviceI'm new to the carnivorous plant world. I stumbled upon it by accident in the local super market (long story). I started reading and learning about these amazing plants and was hooked. I placed my order and within a day or two received an email from the seller telling me to be on the lookout for my plants and what I should have on hand before they arrived (distilled water).
The instructions that came with my plants were clear and concise.
The plants themselves were in what I would consider excellent condition. They definitely didn't look like they'd been shipped across the U.S.
I quickly potted them up into the enclosed pots and set them in their water dish.
They look just fine.
By the way, I had ordered a Venus Flytrap from another seller at the same time. It arrived in good condition as well but no instructions or anything.
I emailed this seller with a question and had an answer within hours.
I would highly recommend this seller to anyone, especially newbees!
402305402305B0051S7P54A3QUBXLIJPXNU2PenArts1151343433600Great ConditionThis was a really great buy. It was affordable and the plants arrived in very good condition. Also gave clear instructions on how to take care of the plants.
402316402316B0051S7P54A35ROOXSZ8XK8EEric Stanton "Eric Stanton"1151340841600Everything you need to start a meat eating gardenI have never had a carnivorous plant before, not even a venus fly trap. The title of the product does not reflect the completeness of what you receive. It contains the plants, the fibrous soil, netted pots, and care instructions. You will need your own reservoir (bowl) for the plants, but that is it. The order also included instructions on how to pot and care for each plant, a must have for any beginner.

Only had them a few days, but they arrived very healthy and the seller contacted me with the expected delivery date to make sure the plants were not left on my doorstep in weather that was too hot and/or humid.

Finally, the price-point was competitive. This was a must for me since I did not want to commit a huge investment and am not an avid gardener.

Very happy with my little meat eating plants.
402317402317B0051S7P54A3T3286Z4C9ISQSroper1151340755200GreatI received my plants in a timely fashion, actually faster than expected. They were wrapped well and all were rather healthy. I will probably buy more plants from this provider in the future.
402318402318B0051S7P54A102MMJ2FOBMJUDenise Casey1151340755200Excellent customer service!The plants arrived on time and healthy. We had a few additional questions which were answered promptly and completely allowing us to give the plants a healthy start. We can't wait to watch these plants thrive.
402319402319B0051S7P54A1FA9VFFE8TOFKR. Palmer1151340582400Better than expectedI received the package almost a full week earlier than I expected it, so right from the start I was impressed. The plants were carefully wrapped and in good health, cushioned by an abundance of sphagnum moss, more even than I needed for planting. The instructions that came with the plants were clear and to the point. I will definitely be ordering from this seller again, as it's clear that these plants are more than just a source of income for him, but rather something he actually cares about.
402320402320B0051S7P54A1M6B8HOK0F1BUAumi1151340323200Great Plants!Plants were shipped quickly and arrived healthy. I researched the plants, bought distilled water, and supplied extra bowls for them in advance so that they would be ready for potting. They are very impressive, fun to care for, and great conversation starters. :) I would order from Joel again and have recommended him to a few of my friends who have taken an interest to carnivorous plants. It seemed strange buying plants off the internet, but it was a good change of pace and was totally worth it. ^^
402321402321B0051S7P54A1ZB18SQEGRPH7Stephæn Harrell "sdh"1151339977600Impressive Service!Aside from the product being as described, and arriving safely and quickly, Joel's went of their way to fix my screw up. I mistakenly put the wrong shipping address on my order. When I got the notice alerting me that the shipment would be sent out that day (nice touch when dealing with delicate contents), I just then realized my error. I emailed, explained the situation, and even though they had already labeled my shipment and were headed to the post office, they pulled my order, re-labled the box, and shipped the items later that day. Now that may not sound like a big deal, but I seriously doubt many sellers would bother to take the time to fix a customer's mistake for a product that probably doesn't have a large profit margin.
402322402322B0051S7P54A34LOWIVLOGCSWJen K1151339545600Great purchasePrompt delivery of the plants. Detailed instructions on how to pot and take care of the carnivorous plants. The plants were in good shape and of decent size. Seller packaged everything well.
402323402323B0051S7P54A1XY6N8POS9MY4Keaton C. Hunter1151339545600Great Purchase and ServiceShipping was prompt. Plants arrived In good order with instructions, long stem spanghum, and pots. Just add water and a bowl/saucer. The plants are a little small but as described and healthy. Seller follows up and offers help for any questions.
402324402324B0051S7P54A6O4TC9VOAOVFAJQ1151339372800I Highly Recommend Joel's Carnivorous Plants!If you want to buy carnivorous plants, then I highly recommend buying them from Joel's! I chose Joel's based on previous customer ratings, & I am happy to say that they were right.

I ordered my plants on a Thursday & they arrived (in IL from CA) in 2 days. They arrived in wonderful condition with 3 containers, plenty of moss, & great instructions. Their roots were wrapped in wet moss, & they were placed in ziplock bags. I planted them in their containers immediately & have had them for about 2 weeks. They are healthy, happy, & beautiful. I posted some photos.

Customer service was also impressive. The seller sent a pre-delivery email letting me know that my plants were on the way & how to care for them when they arrived. Then, the seller sent a post-delivery email asking how the plants were doing & if I had any questions/concerns. This seller wants the plants to thrive & does everything possible to make sure that happens.

I agree with Lisa from Texas... This seller loves what he does. You will not be disappointed! Overall, Joel's surpassed my expectations, and I will definitely buy from Joel's again!
402325402325B0051S7P54AL8MZD61MMV7ALisa Griffin1151338854400Healthy Happy and Hungry - Good Plants!!!!My group arrived on Saturday June 2 via USPS. They were packed very well. No injuries to report. Each plant was placed in it's own zippy bag and its roots were wrapped in spagnum moss. Everything was moist as it should be.

I immediately got everything set up, wet down with distilled water, and put in their respective baskets. I then placed them in a low ceramic dish (I posted pics of this)and they have been happy ever since.

I have been putting them outside for a while during the day. Both the sundew and the venus flytrap love it, but I don't think the butterwort is as pleased with direct sun. He seems to tilt slightly and that's when I bring them in.

So far the butterwort wins on bug catching. He's got three, the other two get zero. However they are all still babies so maybe they aren't as attractive yet?

I am delighted with my plants. They are a great addition to my garden window and give it a nice variety.

Buy from this vendor. He loves what he does. It shows in his plants.
402326402326B0051S7P54A1SD6VELYIG6LSevinokitty1141337904000Healthy plants, timely deliveryProduct was as described, healthy and vigorous plants. I thought they might be a little more developed, but they are great.
402327402327B0051S7P54A2LQFVKMTWEBLPMama Bear1151337904000Great product!The plants arrived within days of shipment, and were in great condition. The directions for planting and caring for the plants were easy to follow and thorough. Our plants are thriving!
402328402328B0051S7P54A29CNJP06GO2N1Sandy1151337904000Carnivorous plantsThe plants arrived within a few days and were very healthy. They arrived wrapped with wet paper around the roots and the paper was still wet. Complete instructions were included and the seller followed up to make sure everything was OK and was available if there were any questions. I was very pleased with the purchase. The plants were planted a week ago and are doing very well.
402329402329B0051S7P54A2YLXD3TDD1TGCjhaven1151320019200Great Buy!I must say I was surprised you could buy bareroot plants on amazon, but my stepdad really has an interest for carnivous plants so I was glad I could get them at such a great price. Not only were the plants in great shape upon arrival, but I got a great email from the seller making sure everything with them was okay and if I had any questions to not hesitate at all. Fast shipping, great price and helpful seller!
402330402330B0051S7P54A1XFN77B3V3SUEDV1141318377600Nice PlantsPlants arrived quickly, actually got 2 venus fly traps! They were in good shape, although smaller than I was expecting (3" plants are small). I got them potted right away and they seem to be doing well so far.

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