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402331402331B0051S7P54A13KNCGDZAWLPRJLK1151318118400Great PlantsThese were shipped GREAT to me. They all arrived healthy and once I put them in the sun, they began to grow like crazy. I have had them for about 2-3 weeks now and they are very healthy, happy plants. The soil and directions were included as well.
402332402332B0051S7P54A1OR5IQ6IEJTM9Lynn1151316217600GreatLove these little plants.. there so fun to watch. Check them every day for moisture, they dry out pretty quickly :)
402333402333B0051S7P54AK8SQAG7NKMQUucsaj0051350086400Exciting purchase for my classroomA few days ago I placed an order with Joel for three plants. They arrived quickly and carefully packaged. This purchase is for the science center in my first grade classroom. I also purchased books about the plants. Based on student response, this is going to be a very popular part of our classroom. I look forward to adding to our collection of amazing plants.
402334402334B0051S7P54A1V0RUHPF85UE2Laura Abbey0051338595200so far so goodso excited, just received my plants, fast shipping. looks like the picture. Will update in a few months with word of growth. Received an email before hand with instructions, and details with the package. i plan to order from this seller in the future. 2Thumbs up!!!
402335402335B00016XKR8A1N2RXIZ6PBMZFJennifer Adrien0051317945600My favorite chocolate aroundThe freeze-dried orange peels in this bar are similar in texture to puffed rice cereal. They're delicious in the chocolate and if you're a fiend for chocolate & orange together the way I am, you will adore this chocolate bar.
402336402336B000S4CXOEA1V7KJHE8SKJ4GChristine1151271116800Finally someone carries this itemI was raised on Curry Wurst in Germany. I was thrilled to find curry ketchup on amazon. You can put this anything from eggs to chicken to sausage.
402337402337B000S4CXOEA3O556WMNC6SQWTeri G. Andrews "cgteri"1141257033600Great Ketchup!I had a lot of curry ketchup in Germany last summer. This ketchup is really good, but I like it with more curry. In Germany, the curry ketchup is almost the color of Heinz 57 steak sauce. However, this ketchup is really good and those I have given it to, also really like it.
402338402338B003J9QBPCA2EHY2ZWOOCYVOditchwitch91051294876800Taste of YesterdayBlack walnuts represent a taste remembered from childhood. Not to be confused with the easily-obtained Eastern Walnuts, these black walnuts have a characteristic flavor that can't be duplicated. When used in oatmeal cookies, they produced a flavor that transported us back to when we used to collect and shell these delicious treats. These nuts, from Superior Nut Company were well-packaged in resealable bags, and can be kept in the freezer for freshness.
402339402339B003J9QBPCA2KWQPJ6O4HY55RLM - Calif. "Bandaid55"1151339286400Awesome WalnutsIf you have never had black walnuts - try them. Delivered on time, great taste and good product. I will order again from this company. Use them in baking cakes and cookies for a different taste.
402340402340B003J9QBPCA1KONVSFHSJ02Kacom1151333584000Nuts about nutsI grew up in the Midwest and we had 3 giant black walnut trees in our back yard. Great for tire swings! And what a harvest! I found them on Amazon, and ordered them, and really love them! Fresh, tasty, and a lot less work!
402341402341B003J9QBPCA35FVIMBJ9HCX2Holly Golightly1151325894400Black WalnutsAfter a trip to NYC and a thorough search for black walnuts that were needed for a cookie receipe, I came up with nothing. I returned home and ordered them through Amazon. They arrived quite promptly, were absolutely fresh - just what I wanted. The cookies called "Chess Pies" were wonderful.
402342402342B003J9QBPCA1GEVK6Z3RARGAGloria1151322697600Black WalnutsMy item arrived on time. The quality of their nuts was excellent!!! I have purchased nuts from other companies, but this company out ranks them all.
402343402343B003J9QBPCA54GQH44JEOFNT. Peterson3511318032000Burning ThroatWell, it looks like they took my review off from last week. So, I will re-enter it. After buying 3 1 lb bags for all uses, my family decided to try a handful and everyone stated their throat burned including me. The company said they will refund my money and said they don't have preservatives in them. But, something is wrong. Your throat shouldn't burn after eating a handful of walnuts. Guess that is why they are such a good bargain.
402344402344B007PM9KSYA25YOR2BLJPP0Rerica0051347321600hills bros butterrum cappuccinothis flavor is my favorite instant cappuccino, and hills bros is my favorite coffee. this is not just a seasonal drink, butterrum cappuccino is good anytime of year with a wonderfully buttery nutty flavor
402345402345B004LJ25B8A1L0BUVAEHRF0ZC. Walters "carielovestoshop"101151298592000Cat Butt is Delicious!I absolutely love this Cat Butt Gum. When I chew it I instantly feel warm and fuzzy! At first I was a litte reluctant to try it because of the name but after opening the box and trying a piece out, I realized that I love the taste and smell of Cat Butt. The cute box is just a plus!
402346402346B004LJ25B8A37KRWXBXPSH9Fchris2251323561600hilarious!This was a hilarious gift that I gave to my co-workers. They loved it! Sometimes we pass it to each other when we are having a bad day :)
402347402347B004LJ25B8AYG5Y17CB9FY7Sandra0231324080000so smallIt is very tiny for the price ....I think if was a case of 50 I would have been happy.
402348402348B0002E2FJSAWK67Z4WTYIFRSisgebhart0011313107200Expresso CoffeeKind of shocked that the coffee was the lightest roasted coffee I have ever had. Didnt even have that expresso taste.
402349402349B0002E2FJSAR0X0I4TCMSCLmbgirl0021292630400Not what I expectedThis was a very light roasted coffee as such was packed with caffeine. Made the mistake to assume that a review stating this was Lavazza's stongest coffee meant darkest roast. On a positive note, there is no bitterness or sour acid after taste. I wish Lavazza would offer a dark bean at the level of a french or italian roast. So far I have tried the Gran Filtro Dark Roast, Grand Whole Bean and Qualita Oro with no luck.
402350402350B0002E2FJSA2HTS0DMXZYFPAA.B.0051278288000Grrrreat!I love it, I love it very much - smells better than French brand perfume for me in the morning - I can't start my day without this amazing espresso coffee!
402351402351B000QSOQEMA1AJRKXFILEAW6Erin1151316563200Great Cat FoodI have been using this cat food for about a month. Now, I'm not a cat, and I've never eaten it, but both my cats eat it right up. I have a 14 year-old cat with tiny kidneys, who was an outdoor cat until July, when I took her to the vet, and he gave her a 25% chance of still being alive in 2 years. He told me that I need to get her on good, wet cat food. So I bought this, after doing a lot of research. Since purchasing this, she seems to have filled back out (she's very tiny, maybe 4 pounds). She is also peeing a bit less, which is also a good sign that her overall urinary tract is working better.

Another good sign for this food comes from my younger cat who is almost 2. I am feeding this to her, as well, and her solid waste has become much less stinky! She has had a VERY stinky litter box from the moment I got her. I've tried different foods (even mixing in some pumpkin, per a vet)to no avail, but since giving her this, her smell is not as strong.

So, this is a little bit pricey compared to some foods, but well worth it for the health of my cats, and the sanity of my nose :)
402352402352B0083DMFOKA2ZU6UPMUUWX3Gtricia0031350345600Tricia's reviewI was so excited about finally getting to taste these because a girl at work told me about them. I was very disappointed because when they arrived the chocolate was chalky instead of creamy milk chocolate. Other than that they were good. I didn't bring any to work because they looked old since the chocolate looked old.
402353402353B000MQVM5OA3CSY477BJVYA0Connie161751181433600A REAL ASSET FOR DIETER'S!These tast good and even FEEL good in your mouth! I crisp them in the oven with spices and cooking spray, and use them for snacks, diet pizzas, and with all kinds of toppings from hummus or cottage cheese to guacamole, and they make great chips to pair with salsa. My daughter and I like them better than bread for most things. They are kind of pricey where I live, so it is a real help being able to buy them at Amazon's reasonable price.
402354402354B000MQVM5OA19MEE270XAMFEKitchen Kook "RJ"101051199318400South Beach Multi grain wraps are great!I really like them! They are really great tasting wraps. They make everything from beans to vegetables to eggs taste great! It makes dinner really easy and it can make a breakfast to go as long as you don't spill it on you in the car.
402355402355B000MQVM5OA3QE5RNS9A6YGYVito Labruno "vman"101051177286400excellentThese wraps are an excellent alternative to regular bread. They are light and healthy, and very tasty. They are the backbone to a great lunch.
402356402356B000MQVM5OA3ENT44HBOUICXC. B. Nguyen3311245110400healthy but bad tasting to meThis product is healthy since it contains no hydrogenated oils but gosh darn the taste is awful. it is sour and salty taste and I cannot grow accustom to eating it. Unfortunately too, this tortilla wrap is the only one with 100% no trans fat, every other store brand contains hydrogenated which means there is some trans fat.
402357402357B000MQVM5OA10DRHWKS6NQUX7saturdays "7saturdays"5611284249600these are not real tortillasThese are not really tortillas, they are very flat circular pieces of bread. Which is fine if thats what you want, but I wanted tortillas. I loved the Tumaro's tortillas when Amazon carried those, they were healthy, tasty and were tortillas. These do not bend very well around burritos or "wraps" either as they are so dry. Also, although these are whole grain, they aren't low calorie or anything. One tortilla, and mind you these are the small size, has 110 calories and 2.5 grams fat and 330 mg of sodium. And yet, they taste dry and stale.

Since the description leaves out the last of the ingredients, I will finish it for them.

"Contains less than 2% of the following: Calcium Propionate, Fumaric acid, Aluminum free baking powder, refined odorless and tasteless fish oil, gelatin, tocopherols, natural flavor, citric acid, sodium ascorbate and potassium sorbate. Allergens: Contains wheat, gluten, soy, odorless and tasteless fish oil."

I do not recommend these unless you are looking for dry, flat circular pieces of bread with plenty of calories and sodium.
402358402358B000MQVM5OAV8HGBJ1OORNFMrs. Murphy2251242604800Great tortillas!These tortillas are healthy and taste great. I love making a veggie burrito in the morning with them. They are very filling. I recommend these.
402359402359B000MQVM5OATD5QN72ZB4MRsoylatte4611270857600Beware! Not for Vegans.The ingredients listed above are incomplete. This product contains gelatin and fish oil (yuck!). I can't return it, per Amazon's policy, so I will just have to donate it to someone who does not find those ingredients objectionable.
402360402360B000MQVM5OA36S7BGM4ZQ64PIM0051348444800Very happy!I purchased this item even though some of it's reviews were negative. The first meal I made with these wraps were Enchiladas. It tasted great and was very filling!I am happy that I found a healthy alternative!

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