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402391402391B001ABUY5YA5V9PILFE1ZFMJill Martignoi "J. Martin"1231329523200Good - But not so HealthyI was excited to receive this "green" product but the ingredients listed on the packaging were a bit frightening: Non dairy creamer, corn syrup, dipotassium phosphate, mono and diglycerides, sodium stearoyl lactylate, triacalcium phosphate were just a handful to mention. As they say if you can't pronounce them don't eat them...

If i would have had access to the actual ingredients I would not have purchased.
402392402392B001ABUY5YAQBR1N67ITVGOsmo1221308009600NOT like starbucks green tea lattei was looking for the type of powder starbucks uses in their green tea latte, and this was not it!
If you want something creamier and thicker than starbucks, and very sweetened, purchase this! It's not a bad taste, I think it's actually probably better if you want to make a milkshake type of drink, but adding even non fat milk, it's still very creamy, thick, and too sweet for my taste, its almost like ice cream...
402393402393B000H2256IA3G87KNRCLDF4KBook Fan2351167955200Gravy MixThis gravy mix taste just like granny's home made. I have not found a better gravy mix than this one. This is the best!!
402394402394B000H2256IA38GGO8KP5PKTJPenny0051330041600Lip-smackin GravyWe have tried many chicken gravies and this is by far the best. It is easy to make, reheats well and tastes good on both turkey and chicken.
402395402395B008KP5BCYANCOMAI0I7LVGAndrew Ellington0051344816000A snack in the right direction...I'm very impressed with these little snacks. I was kind of expecting a `barely there' flavor and yet what I got was anything but that. The banana vanilla crème is delicious. It isn't too rich and yet it isn't so subtle that you can barely register the banana. It comes through loud and clear. The graham cracker is crisp and serves as the perfect canvas for the crème and it is thick enough to be a nice component all on its own. For a small yet satisfying snack to help you through those midday cravings, look no further. At just over 100 calories, these little guys will fill you up without weighing you down.
402396402396B008KP5BCYA34YVCO8S3BMJXSally0051344384000EXCELLENT NEW SNACK!!I am very impressed with the new Peanut Butter Grahamfuls by Honey Maid, which I just tried for the first time this week. They are fantastic! The portion is quite generous - enough to tame that hunger that gets you between breakfast and lunch. The graham cracker is very crunchy but does not fall apart when you bite into it. The peanut butter filling is thick and satisfying. The overall flavor is very favorable - a tad sweet but not cloying (like so many prepackaged snack bars are). They are very convenient and tidy to eat, and they really help fill the mid-morning hunger void and carry you through to lunch. I'm an adult but these would make a great snack for kids, too - especially after school to carry a kid through until dinner. Pair one with a few apple slices on the side and you've got it made! I really hope these make it on the market and are not discontinued like so many awesome new products tend to be. I'll be buying them every week! Nice work, Honey Maid!!!
402397402397B002MALQ1SA1XC08JQNYF4PGIRCReader "IRCReader"4451284508800Great Find, Will Buy AgainI found this in the grocery store, took a chance, and was pleasantly surprised. I'm a huge Chicken Tikka Masala fan and this mix made it as good as I've had in restaurants. Fairly spicy (in a good way, not burn your mouth way - disclaimer: I like spicy food, if you don't,this might be a tad too spicy for you?) and easy to make. I will definitely buy again.
402398402398B002MALQ1SA2NV6EVUDPV0OPMary Jfitzpatrick "CrazyMary"3351266192000YumI spent 1968 in India. This is authentic but not spicey for those who might fear it to be. Does not taste like curry either if you have an objection to that flavor profile. It is right on the money!
402399402399B002MALQ1SAJBM8MFLJ3431SCJ1151330300800The best Tandoori spice mixBy far the best! In instructions, I substituted Yogurt with buttermilk and marinated overnight. Awesome. Like an Indian version of buffalo wings! But Curry Tree is hard to find.
402400402400B0045W2D0OAGDZO9BDF9PK7Pamela Rogers1251312156800Best Dressing Ever!I have tried almost every Ranch dressing out there and this is by far the best I have tasted. I use it on salads and as a dipping sauce, delicious. A little goes a long way.
402401402401B0045W2D0OA2XNJJ9TF70P4JAngie0211324684800NastyRanch is my favorite dressing and I know good ranch, this isn't it. It's sweet and very very very thick......almost like sour cream, good luck trying to drizzle it onto a salad, it comes out in globs. It also has a sweet taste and a very bad aftertaste that reminds me of farm animals or goats milk or blue cheese or something odd, I can't put my finger on it. I really like Newman's Own ranch dressing.
402402402402B000VSBHPSADQ7ANPQNGY5ZJoe Z.0051223942400Indomie Onion Chicken NoodlesReally love these Asian flavor noodles - nice break from the usual Ramen flavors...Good prices and product shipped on time.
402403402403B007PM9Q74A2F6L75NXLNE4VJoyce Johnson0051348012800Best coffee ever!My husband and I started using this coffee when we were livng in the D.C area. It is the most delicious coffee ever. We are so glad we can order it online as no store in the St. Paul, MN area carries the Chock full o' nuts decaf variety. Order it on Amazon.
402404402404B004HSUN9YARB3YFDMCA7ECLFT0031320364800The grass grows quickly, butI have purchased this product twice and though the grass grows quickly, it dies just about as quickly. My cat does frequently go to the grass and chew on it, but I hate having to replace it after only a week or so. Would rather have something I could continue to water and have last longer. The initial price is reasonable, but not if I have to continually replace the product.
402405402405B006HJ5PAIA1IF62D2ZPIDA5Helmer Sieber0051334275200Great Rum balls! Jaka Jamaican Rum BallsAfter I received my first box I ordered more to share with friends. I had not had a good rum ball in quite some time. It seems they are not made in many bakeries any longer. These are perfect. They are moist, full of delicate flavor and a good size for a snack. How I got to write this review was the original place I found them no longer carries them or only as a seasonal item. Well I have a craving for them now. So when I found them at Amazon I tried to order some. Unfortunately they were out of stock. I will have to suffer without them.

From a long time Rum Ball connoisseur.
402406402406B000FIUQAQA2VXR3BQ0166JOluvthearts "luvthearts"5511271548800Mush, water, and not processed?No doubt this is a poor product. When you are done draining out the water to make your sandwich, the chicken amounts to about half this small can. Also, it is a very milky white in color, even for white meat, which makes me wonder if it is not processed. There is nothing on the can that states it is not processed, or all natural, which allows Hormel, if this is the case, to use processed parts of the chicken. Just the mush and too much water is enough to say goodbye to this rip-off.
402407402407B000FIUQAQA2TFHMXBU9HG3PP. Myers101211269993600calling this chicken is too generousThis should be called mush in a can. Why is the low sodium version so unrecognizable, grainy and mushy without the chunk qualities you expect when opening canned chicken. I need low sodium fast lunch solutions and was hoping this would help. What a rip off, it looks like they canned the leftover dredges from their premium breast of chicken and slapped a low sodium label on it. Shame on you Hormel!!
402408402408B000FIUQAQA2Q2GDB5XDYQV5From The Tree House91111256428800Poor quality mostly water.
402409402409B000FIUQAQAMV9Y9L96SKNWSam I Am..3341251504000Taste just like chickenThis is better than I assumed it would be. The texture is like that of tuna so it's easy to crumble or flake if need be.

Even thought it says "NO SALT ADDED" there is going to be a trace amount of sodium since it's real chicken.

I use it to make chicken salad which I love and I've used it to make home made chicken noodle soup and individual chicken potpies.

I'm watching my sodium intake for my heart and portion control; so I have to make my meals separate from what I prepare for my family.
402410402410B000FIUQAQA3KGB368JWTVVIMindy R "Mindy R"5611275091200I had to give it 1 starDue to the fact you cannot give a 0 star rating I had to give it a 1 star. While it tastes like chicken, it in no way resembles chicken. No chunks, basically it looks like they power washed the bones and that's the chicken you get.

I've written to hormel about this as well and about to contact the government as "Premium Chunk Breast of Chicken" is NOT AT ALL what this product is.

It is a waste of money and time.
402411402411B000FIUQAQA19W9BXE8K17ECDonna1111284249600Awful! Do not buy!I like to use canned chicken to make chicken salad sandwiches for lunch now and then. I was very disappointed in this canned chicken. It tasted horrible, which is surprising in just white meat. I do not know how they could have so thoroughly removed all flavor from the chicken and am not sure I want to know. I realize it's salt free but that usually doesn't seem to matter with other brands as I flavor it when making the salad. I usually like Hormel products so it was very disappointing. I will not be buying it again. Yuck!
402412402412B000FIUQAQA3SLPC4WE0HVAVAgent993451202601600GoodThis can easily makes two wraps for lunch or dinner. It has many other uses as well. It is a little bland due to having no added salt, but you can add some salad dressing (salad spritzers works nicely) and it adds some flavor.
402413402413B000FIUQAQA3MNBCNNPR8VXMary Rack2351318377600Love it!!This stuff is great. As someone who needs to be on a low sodium diet I have found many uses for this. I do not understand the low ratings. I have eaten other brands before my low sodium and thought I would have to give it up, which I missed until I found this low sodium on Amazon. I love it and am so glad I found it.
402414402414B000FIUQAQA1378WFS84FTFHgbear120051342569600Entirely satisfactory.This is an entirely satisfactory product. Sure, it isn't the same as fresh chicken - hey, it ISNT fresh chicken - it is low salt and in a can. What's not to like? I use a can or so daily, in omlettes, or mixed with vegetables, as a source of low salt protein - that doesn't require much effort - can be eaten cold, etc. Yup, I am a man, not young, and not interested in fancy home meals. Just something quick and easy which does the job - which this does. Entirely satisfactory for my purposes.
402415402415B000FIUQAQA22DQWHZJ5WVG9Patricia Krook0031339459200Product Description is NOT accurateI ordered a 12 pack of Hormel Chunk Breast of Chicken, No Salt Added because the description led me to believe this would work well with my dietary needs. I believed that the product description was complete and accurate, and based my decision to purchase this product on it. That was a mistake. The complete product description for this product should include:"contains 2% or less of Modified Food Starch, Sodium Phosphates, Flavoring." I would not have bought this if I knew it contained any per cent of modified food starch, or flavoring (which "may" mean msg).

As for the contents - the chicken was good, though I was a little underwhelmed like some of the other reviewers. The huge plus was that as one newly on a low sodium diet, you miss the convenience of a meal of say a salad with olives and cheese, and the idea of convenient, already cooked chicken breast not full of sodium (or, I thought, any added carbohydrates) was very appealing.

I hope that Amazon will update the product description for this product, it needs to be complete.
402416402416B000FIUQAQASMMCLISKI3LZCarol0051331424000Tastes great!!I am not sure why others have given this product low ratings - not sure what they are expecting for canned chicken. I agree with the high ratings. I really like the flavor and texture. Eating lower sodium foods is something I do for my health and I would really miss not being able to make chicken salad sandwiches with this product. Thanks Hormel!
402417402417B001GSFDXEA123467FCJCBYUJ. Betts "believer"3451257897600Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookie CollectionI searched the internet for a "gift type" packaging of Milano cookies. This was the only one I could find and it went over very well. This bag is very large and came in perfect condition. Was very pleased with this purchase and it made the gift recipient very happy too.
402418402418B003QR81ZUA26H7W4PA75SLRGraybeard1151324598400The BEST gluten-free pizza crust mixThis is the best gluten free pizza & bread mix. I have tried a variety of many others thru the years & this is by far the best. That said, it is gluten free and may not be the choice for those not needing gluten free. BUT, you can make pizza (prefer deep dish - which this works GREAT for) for the whole family & not be punishing those that don't need gluten free. For the creative cook, this makes the gluten free premade crusts look like cardboard... And you can make some great breads with this if not up for pizza - without wheat flour.
402419402419B002VASD24A2RDUJROPGUMSJsam24762251283472000Love it!I have searched high and low for this product. This is my new favorite K-cup. It tastes as good as the cup I stop for at the local WaWa. What a great way to start the day without leaving the house!
402420402420B002VASD24A3LFMN1DI34LNWCat Bennet2241265155200My favorite K-cupThis is my all-time favorite k-cup flavor. I could easily drink 5 a day but instead consider them a treat 1-2 times a day. Wish they were sold by Amazon directly to save $$ but I rationalize that if I bought one in the local coffee shop it would be $2 more per cup and this stuff is better than many coffee shops can produce.

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