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402422402422B002VASD24A6B21052F1HLPnojoke4611268006400nojoke"This was a rip-off, paid twice as much for the item than what I normally pay. Emailed and did not receive response, called and spoke with a rude, sarcastic person who answered the phone with "hello" I had to ask if I was talking with someone from Liquid Nation. Buyer Beware, high prices, deceptive product write up and rude service. Abviously they don't need the business. "
402423402423B002VASD24ABXMGGZSMQFM2Ginger "me"0051263168000Excellent Chai LatteIf you like chai tea, you have to try this chai latte!!!!! It's delicious! I purchased the Keurig machine just to make my chai latte and is worth every penny. In the first 2 weeks I went through 4 boxes of it and would definitely recommend it.
402424402424B002VASD24A37G9J4NUHWXKRMr. Stephen R. Abbott1251280361600As advertised...get it...good stuffshipped as advertised and great product, fair price

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402425402425B00365Q83EA1EQ1191R82UMLillian Quam "LLQ"1241286841600plenty of spaceThese bags hold up well and have lots of space to carry medium to larger items. I used it as a treat bag during my twin's bday and they worked great!
402421402421B002VASD24A3J0G8D7OGQWUBChristopher D. Hardtke71011263427200Disgustingly overwhelmed by artificial sweetenersThe final ingredient on the box is sucralose, but after a serving of this, I'd have thought it was the first ingredient. The first sip is fine, then the sour/bitter aftertase sets in, and completely overwhelmes the tea and spices. If you're not averse to things like Splenda/aspartame/sucralose and all the other names for the chemicals that are fake sugar, then you probably won't object to this. I on the other hand, regret my purchase as a waste of $10. Practically undrinkable.
402426402426B005CM8E0EA14AUWZUQBI8D7Edith Schwartz "Edith Schwartz world gourmand"0051335657600bamboo for my feg shuiBetterdecor is an amazing sight. The people care about their products which are out standing. If you are looking for water bamboo this is the place. They ship quickly and keep the customer informed of the tracking number and arrival dates. The bamboo arrived and I put it in water There were instructions on the care. Everything you could want.
402427402427B000PNKJYEALR68KDU4HQOYJ. Witt5551196121600Wonderful tasteRemember how we made popcorn years ago? You'd pour a little vegetable oil in a pan, heat it up, and add just enough kernels to cover the bottom. Put on the lid and shake periodically. THIS POPCORN TASTES LIKE THAT! It is not a "buttery" flavor. I usually add a little extra salt. The 100 calorie format makes it perfect for a snack.
402428402428B000PNKJYEA3IEYKK9XTM7UCpdixon1111295740800Pop Secret PopcornWe eat a lot of popcorn - practically every night. We always eat the Pop Secret "Homestyle". The one time I ordered it online I ordered the small snack size bags because we couldn't find them at the grocery store. It was too stale to eat. Won't do that again.
402429402429B000PNKJYEA1L39ZV26WYHCGAnivlem1111227830400Does not taste like the regular sized bags at allI love the regular sized bags of Pop Secret Homestyle popcorn but was extremely disappointed with the flavor of the smaller bags. This product tastes nothing like the original and no matter how carefully I monitor the popping at the microwave, the end result always smells burnt. Horrible!
402430402430B000IEI9REA7DX7BMWACQPSNanabird "nanabird4"1151296086400Best tea everThis is an excellent tea. The company did a great job making and packaging the tea. However, the postage & handling charges were too much for me. I wish there were a way for me to buy, perhaps, a case, but for a more reasonable cost.
402431402431B000IEI9REAV9KVP0PJWAJVSarah Simmons "yogamommawriter"0051330300800Tea-Licious!This is some smooth loveliness in a cup. The right taste and right price, smelling of sasparilla at first but has the heavenly minty aftertaste. Love it!!!
402432402432B000IEI9REA13YLQKBUI8RMWAudrey0051316736000This tea tastes great!This tea tastes absolutely fantastic. It's a great afternoon tea with a very unique flavor. Only downside is the price, but I'd be willing to buy again, though not as often as I'd like.
402433402433B0014J5Y3EA1BDPRQ7BEUNLPErik Olson "Seeker Reviews"232551206057600Good for an office pick-me-upWhen I was a kid, I used to buy boxes full of bubble gum balls and chew them while poring over my latest haul of Marvel and DC comic books. Other gums have come and gone since then, but these days Dubble Bubble is my favorite gumball - although now I chew them while looking at a computer screen.

Awhile back I discovered that a local department store chain stocked 20-ounce milk carton-style packages of Dubble Bubble. I immediately began buying them for work so I could freshen my breath in an enjoyable fashion after drinking coffee or eating lunch. Soon, one of my coworkers got addicted to them as well. So we worked out a deal. He buys the donuts, and I buy the Dubble Bubble. Nice.

As for the taste - well, back in the day I used to eat them by color, and my favorites were the red (Cherry) and pink (Strawberry). But now I just take whatever spills out of the carton because they're all good to me. Yeah, the flavor goes away fairly quickly, and I wish it lasted longer. However, it's a good excuse to pop in a couple more balls.

And what about blowing bubbles, you might ask? Well, I've never come close to the massive bubbles I used to create with Bubblicious. I just blew one the size of an orange with a ten-ball wad of Dubble Bubble, so perhaps greater feats of bubble creation are possible. At least now I don't have to worry about getting gum gnarled in my hair - one of the perks of male pattern baldness, I suppose.

Dubble Bubble gumballs are a great pick-me-up, and they smell better on my breath than stale coffee. Of course, they aren't the healthiest snack around due to the corn syrup flavoring. But then again, life is 100% fatal, and it's usually the little things - like bubble gum and comic books - that smooth over the rough spots and make it fun.
402434402434B0014J5Y3EA2DG1NQM08X1EIMargaret Durbin "Amazon fan"9951245974400A lot of gumballs! But sold by Sam's Club.First - there are a LOT of gumballs - this will keep my candy bowl filled much longer than I expected :)

Second - these came very fresh and that was a pleasant surprise (hoped for but not anticipated :)

Third - these are sold by Sam's Club apparently, which I didn't know when I ordered them.
402435402435B0014J5Y3EA746EJ1ZA5GQQShorty L "Shorty"7751265414400Great deal for the money.These are standard gumballs found in most gumball machines. Nothing fancy here in colors or flavors, but they are an excellent deal for the money. The box isnt too ridiculously huge. My supply only lasted about 6 months, and when I was done I never wanted to see another gumball.
Great for kids if you can trust them to not leave the gum under the table or chairs.
402436402436B0014J5Y3EAN6O3BW0W4TKUJames Siefert6651252972800dubble bubble thumbs upGreat product. If you've been buying gumballs from gumball machines over the past 20 years or so, most likely you have had a dubble bubble.
These are great gumballs. Others just don't taste as good and the flavor doesn't last as long.
They were shipped quickly and were well packaged.
When I need more gumballs I won't look anywhere else.
402437402437B0014J5Y3EA1DNU05ESLRYF7Tim M2251310601600Fresh and great valueThe gumballs were super fresh. This is a great value when you consider how many gumballs you get. I bought them for my father for Father's day as he is a fan of gumballs, and he loved them. I will say that while they have "flavors" they all essentially taste the same.
402438402438B0014J5Y3EA1AU8NG75AG8TAJames Drook2251252713600Kid MagnetMy Grandchildren [and great grandchildren] love these Gumballs,We keep them in a container that my wife made that resembles an old time gas pump, miniature, of course.The kids really love them. Thanks for a good product. and a good transaction.
402439402439B0014J5Y3EAL309NM00MUI4Mary Corso "Here's one for the big girl"1141268784000size matterIt was very hard for me to determine what size gumball to buy.
The description said standard size, but they infact were to big for my machine.
Otherwise, were fresh, flavorfull, sugary and additive!
402440402440B0014J5Y3EA24718TMPXS68STodd Miller0051333584000Smaller than I thoughtIt would probably take 3 of these boxes to fill my big but standard commercial gumball machine. Good variety and a good price.
402441402441B0014J5Y3EA1315WH8BH82RYkdog0051329955200greatgot these today and the box wasnt that big but it does hold all 850 that i ordered and they fit perfect in my regular candy vending machine, for a name brand product defenity worth it
402442402442B0014J5Y3EA3VYOWQRKH404Sfranco&joni0051324166400Totally SatisfiedDubble Bubble arrived in 2 days, package excellent, product exceeded my expectations and there was no bidding to get a good price.....the price was already affordable and quick to buy.
402443402443B0014J5Y3EARJTKJAN5K352Nick Ware0051316390400Excellent ValueExcellent quality product, and excellent value! There is a good mix of flavors, and they last as expected. Don't expect them to last as long as Extra, but if you are into true bubble gumballs, look no further. When I need to refill I will be back for more.
402444402444B0014J5Y3EAO72NSLRNLX83molly_girls0051315872000Great gumballs, great dealThese were really fresh and a big size - our house is so popular with the first graders now that I have a huge jar of gumballs :)
402445402445B0014J5Y3EA2TJ9A6ETCXY9OMarianne Rude "rudecamp"0051309305600double bubble gumballsThis was a super value for the money - my son got a large gumball machine for his birthday and everywhere else I could only find small bags - this box was reasonably priced and filled the machine twice!
402446402446B0014J5Y3EA31OGYZY9QZ6FBCurlyWillow0051301097600Big hit with the kids!These were an excellent price for the amount you get! Made goody bags for a bday party and the kids love colorful gumballs, so you can't go wrong! I couldn't find these large gumballs anywhere in town. Thank you Amazon!
402447402447B002ANA70IA2UQ0HOE2ZYIHJWelch1151327968000Great Dog FoodThis is a great dog food, especially for dogs with allergies or problems with most commercial dog foods. Great ingredients.
402448402448B002ANA70IA1CASNJCVMGQDCSarah Rutigliano0051342569600dog loves it - package came super fastDog seems to find this super tasty and the ingredients are healthy for her in a not to large container (what does one do with the extra in all those super large dog food cans??). Shipping was faster than I expected - it arrived the very next day. Good job - I'll be ordering again.
402449402449B004ZBGNSIAOYH2OK8BZKZ6Veggie Boy3351331251200One of my favoritesThis is still one of my favorite protein sources (also recommend tender bits). For those non veggies, it does NOT taste like chicken!!! If you can get any preconceived notions out of your mind and simply try it as a source of protein with no cholesterol and saturated fat, than you might be pleased. Might I suggest lightly sautéed in olive oil with spinach, fresh garlic, and might surprise yourself and actually enjoy it.
402450402450B004ZBGNSIA1ZVZI3MNS3M2VGAM "Movie Buff"1151341964800Worthington FrichikI think it's the best tasting vegan meat substitute in a can. I used to buy the low fat Frichik & it was ok. This is much better & I like that I can buy 6 cans at a time instead of 12. Great with mashed potatoes & peas.

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