Amazon Fine Food Reviews

402451402451B004ZBGNSIA2AJ34AT2XQGDSLilyfrog1151339372800One of our favoritesTastes really good sliced in half and in a sandwich. Also, we dice it up and marinade it in teriki sauce and fry it with stir fry veges and add to rice. Good mild flavor and texture.
402452402452B004ZBGNSIA20ULWV75Z6ME2Robert L. Whitaker0051350086400Hits the SpotI've been a vegetarian since 1981, and used to like this occasionally. Recently haven't found it in stores, but tried the Loma Linda product that is similar --- it just doesn't do it, though. This product, now available on Amazon, is the stuff I was craving.
402453402453B004ZBGNSIA1ZTXHYAB674NZW. T. Bagley "WTB"0051347062400MY FAVORITEOf all the Worthington products, FriChik is my favorite. That does not mean that I do not like the other products, they are all good.
402454402454B004ZBGNSIA2AOJDGIHOMTVVCalgal0051346716800Wonderful substituteI really enjoy this product. I use it in two ways, I chop it up and put it in a cabbage salad with oil, toasted almonds and sesame seeds, or I can bread it and fry it up with onions. It tastes great!
402455402455B004ZBGNSIA2IXQP0GSX9E8GGclique1231324771200Wasn't as good as I hoped.Taste wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be. Item was a bit over priced. Definitely won't re-purchase.
402456402456B003WEHSWYA2EW4YR5GXC2WHMargaret Heine2251257724800Good buyI was super excited to find these online. I haven't had any luck finding them sold in stores near my home. This was my husband favorite candy when he was younger so I got them as a gift for him. I was very please with the amount that was included. There was 24 boxes and each box was the size the would sell in stores way back. there are about 15-20 leamon heads in each box. I recommened buying more then one!
402457402457B003WEHSWYA21YEB2EPF2YTLRobert Reichert "RReichert"0051252281600These are great!!These things are very good with a beautiful lemon flavor. If you have kids, buy atleast 2 boxes, they were gone in 2 days.
402458402458B003WEHSWYA28EUMKMS077C1sandra gnagey "sandyu"1251255046400Childhood MemoriesBrought a smile to my adult son's face with this case of Lemonheads! His favorite childhood snack, I sent these lemony delights to his bedside during a recent illness. The tart-sweet taste and familiar logo brought back memories of his childhood, and his own children became fans of this Ferrara standard. Pucker up- this is good eatin'!
402459402459B000EML7DSA8P8KPVXCWV9RBryan J. Kautzman "BK"0041330387200These are, um, interesting.I ordered a bunch of these in order to help crave my salty/crunchy cravings given the fact that I'm trying to limit my carb intake. It's particularly the high-carb empty calories I need to cut out like grains and potatoes. Well, there goes about 99% of all of the yummy snack foods on the market.

Now I gave these a try not expecting much, and I have found that they are extremely interesting. They are definitely not for everyone, but I found that they did satiate my salty/crunchy cravings. The texture takes some getting used to, though. And it helps that I really like cheese.

I'm throwing a 3 out of five stars up there. They are good enough so that I will try other flavors, but they aren't exactly the most delicious snak food ever, either. I mean, I'd much rather have a plate of nachos or a bag of potato chips, but this will suffice for now.

EDIT: After eating these for a few days, I'm upping my rating to four stars. The more I eat them, the more I like them. In fact, I'll even go so far as to say that I even crave them. I can't wait to try some of the other flavors. Honey dijon and bacon are the two I'm most looking forward to.
402460402460B000EML7DSA2AWAUSQ2ZIZUJ. Martens0011329696000Wisconsin Cheddar? Tastes More Like SaltI can't eat these. All I taste is the salt, and so threw most of them in the trash. They are slandering Wisconsin, Wisconsin cheddar, and cheddar cheeses in general.
402461402461B000EML7DSA2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson0051329436800Low carb cheesy snack- a must tryI'd had these many years ago, and hadn't seen them. I was SO glad to find them again. They are just baked cheese- nothing else. The flavor is intensely cheesy, and a bit on the salty side- but something I'll buy again. Outstanding for those with carbohydrate restrictions (hey, diabetics- I'm one of you, and finding these to be just right for that salty snack urge). I also like the portion control. :) BUY THEM !!!
402462402462B000EML7DSA1GYLMKXOAZUALGardenGal0021326153600not for me.It kind of reminded me of a the dried out part of a piece of cheese that has been exposed to the air or was hidden for eons in the dairy drawer of my frige.
Would not buy again. I actually tossed the boxes I did purchase. This product came recommended by a friend, so I am guessing it is all a matter of taste.
402463402463B000EML7DSA2EXCYWI9W8G5THarlemqt050031325980800Different & TastyI first saw this snack item on the tv show "unwrapped" and became determined to find them and try them. When I first saw the package I was surprised at how small the packaging was, then when I opened it and popped one into my mouth I understood why. While tasty and non-greasy to the touch, I could not finish the package off the way I would a bag of chips or popcorn. After A few bites, I began to feel a little heaviness in my stomach. I put the bag down and went back to it later. on my second attempt I began to feel the same thing. Maybe it was the grease/fat (although it does not appear greasy) from the baked cheese, I'm not sure. Everytime I went to bag after a few bites I got this same feeling in my stomach. I let other people try them and they liked the taste and crunchy texture but I noticed no one finished one of the 0.5 oz bags. Maybe it is my stomach that is sensitive to them that greasy/full feeling was enough to keep me fron ordering them again, but they tasted really good. Maybe I have a sensitive stomach. Enjoy them!
402464402464B000EML7DSA1RT97NMMEGPHADillPickle0021324944000Umm....Well I really wanted to like theseI was so excited to get these. After WLS it's hard to find a savory snack with protien. Sooo I open the package and they are SUPER SALTY!! I like salt but these are runner up to a hamsters salt lick. Also a very strange texture. If I were you I'd pass on these. I gave it two stars for effort. But I have a box of 15 left if anyone wants 'em.
402465402465B000EML7DSA2RQYTS3QOOSFGBelee0011323561600Didn't care forThis product is something I would not buy again.
The name sounds much more appealing than the
snack actually tasted.
402466402466B000EML7DSA3ROM2HZQVL3JLHumboldtnative0011314576000Would not buy againI was so excited to try these because I love all things cheese, or so I thought, but didn't care for these. They tasted like cardboard.
402467402467B000EML7DSAYO6ROXLFLSIAa reader0041314403200One of the few low carb snacks I buyBeing on a low carb diet is not too difficult, but I crave something crunchy every now and then that isn't bacon or nuts. These cheese snacks are very portable and are satisfying for a quick bite. I have tried several baked cheese snacks and prefer this one over all the rest. My only complaint is that a package can contain quite a few over-baked rounds. With there only being a handful in each small package anyway, there is not much left over to eat. I dislike the burnt flavor of the ones that are overcooked, so I throw them away. Some packages contain all perfectly cooked rounds and it's a yummy treat. When I get a bag with lots of over-baked ones I feel I'm not getting my money's worth.
402468402468B000EML7DSA2YQGSMT5K1ULRMS0051313280000Really Yummy!I've been low carbing for some time. These chips are great. They really satisfy the need to munch on something salty and crunchy. My only complaint is that the bags are not bigger! My dog loves them also!
402469402469B000EML7DSA1WJIFA849SS6DMark0011311811200Yuckbland and dry
402470402470B000EML7DSA3LGC1PVFD7358A. L. Snyder "NotCordelia"0041311033600Salty, cheesy goodness.These are very tasty little snacks for those who don't need to watch their sodium intake. They taste like the crispy bits of melted cheese around the edges of a grilled cheese sandwich. The little serving size bags are much smaller than I expected--about the size of a pocket size pack of tissues--but this is good, as they fit right in my purse and the better half's briefcase or laptop bag. We'll definitely try the other flavors.
402471402471B000EML7DSABME14W9VXC8Gjeffrey d makepeace0011302912000So Salty!Really inedible. So salty and just tastes awful. Disappointed to find it was ineligible for they're very expensive dog treats.
402472402472B000EML7DSA2FZV67K6CWGMTbelle0051300233600Great TreatI got my cheese snacks yesterday and had to try a pack. I love them! I'm a cracker and cheese addict and that is hard one to give up when you are watching carbs. These are perfect, great serving size, great taste, great texture. They will be easy to take to work as well as they don't come in a huge, puffy bag.
402473402473B000EML7DSA1EG9R3RX1IYMLBrewerrclc0051299196800Satisfying, nutritional snackI have been on a weight loss regimen and tried
this on a friend's suggestion. It is crunchy, cheesy
with a salty component while being a protein and
calcium snack . Order more than one box, as everyone
Likes them!
402474402474B000EML7DSA1TJ3YO42KO0VRJ. A. M.0051297123200Salty fixThese small little crunchy cheese snacks are pretty tasty.... it's like the crusty cheese that gets stuck on the side of a casserole dish out of the oven.... yum.
402475402475B000EML7DSA1QR76OCGJQ2EVDee Jay0031295395200Merely okaySome people really get into the Just the Cheese snacks, but I think they're just okay. They *are* crispy and salty, but there's something odd about the texture. Like a flattened dried chunk of styrofoam. And they don't taste particularly good, either. There's no real jalapeno flavor, nor do they taste like cheese. Sort of a nondescript crunchy thing. But if you're low-carbing it and jonesing for a crunchy snack to munch on, they're better than diving into a bag of Fritos. I like the popped cheese better - probably because those are much saltier and crunchier, so they satisfy me with just a couple of bites. However Just the Cheese, like the popped cheese, can be turned into croutons or floated in soup to give it some texture.

It's kind of the snack equivalent of Totino's pizza - crap food that sometimes just hits the spot.
402476402476B000EML7DSA2O58SOQ1MTPA3DB0051295222400different at first, but then goodFirst bite was a different taste and texture. Not bad, but not familiar.
I had the white cheddar, 1/2 oz package. It definitly tastes like the burnt cheese on the edge of a grilled sandwich.
The tiny package goes a long way for the 2 points+ value for weight watchers.
I like it and would buy it again.
402477402477B000EML7DSA1L0T4N27A81ETmangagirl0051292544000yummythis is a great low carb, no sugar product. crispy, salty, satisfying snack. small and portable. what more can you ask for?
402478402478B000EML7DSA123RSRNMFPOYOD. Tilton "life is supposed to be fun"0051290470400Easy, quick snack.My husband loves these cheese snacks. He has tried the flavored ones, but prefers the plain cheese ones. They are very handy to take with you in the car or in your brief case. He highly recommends them.
402479402479B000EML7DSAHL4368A8Y91IRuskie "Polock"0051285891200Tasty Snackthis is a very low carb and tasty snack that will fit into almost any diet..but be ward this item contains MSG if you have an allergy
402480402480B000EML7DSA3EVZ8RKENGNVXMary C. Jacobs0051285372800Great SnackThe Cheese Mini Round Snacks are great and Wisconsin Cheese is my favorite flavor. I use them for lunch snacks and for my grandchilds snacks.

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