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402496402496B000EML7DSA1B9UT2KIFR9GBKelid0041260576000Pretty good but very little for the price.These are pretty good, but you've gotta realize that each pack is the size of a pack of peanuts. A lot of the space in each bag is air. I suppose it is to keep the puffs from breaking.

Flavorwise, they're alright. Cheesy, crunchy, and a bit too salty to eat a lot of. They're not amazing though. You could probably get more concentrated flavor by baking your own cheese, but the problem is of course time. This is very light flavored.
402497402497B000EML7DSA2D5Y8EBRFFJZOCleowyn0051260489600Yummy Cheese Flavored SnackOMG these things are addictive. I love them and have asked them to have my children.
402498402498B000EML7DSA2387X65NB4XCIVictoria VanSickle "vicmgr"0021260230400dissapointedSorry, but not like I thought they would be. No one in the family thought they tasted anything like what they claimed to be like.
402499402499B000EML7DSA2361UEHWQ1DWJM. Pauley "devynethang"0031260057600Really delicious, but not worth the price.I did enjoy the snacks. Since I am diabetic there are few such snacks I can get away with and this one did not affect my blood sugar adversely. However the cost is more than I can justify. I will be canceling my next shipment.
402500402500B000EML7DSA3L6XHA5FVMN16Michael P. Lenahan0051259798400cheese snackOK price good service, I really like these they taste just like a grill cheeese sandwich.
402501402501B000EML7DSA33DKGANHQJSXCAnastasia "Stasia"0021259539200The Grilled Cheese Flavor - NOT so good!I really do love these snacks, BUT, the Grilled Cheese flavor is absolutely horrible! PLEASE pick another flavor unless you've tried this one and are sure you like it...This one is not a winner, IMHO!
402502402502B000EML7DSAGCD8Z1DV150YChoosy Mom1211346457600Warning!: MSG Makes Them Addicting!!!I haven't tried these and don't plan to. It's no wonder people say they grow on you and are addicting. They contain MSG in the ingredients! Plus three other kinds of hidden MSG! Duh! Not good! Wake up people. These aren't good for anyone, especially if you're concerned about your health. You'd do better to just eat cheese; melt it or burn it if you have to; you'd be way better off than eating the chemicals in these crackers!!!
402503402503B000EML7DSA2AS281JRDBLTQDaniel1241343952000Pretty goodI've tried the Grilled Cheese flavor so far, and am quite happy with it. A great Keto or Low-Carb snack. I don't feel that these are very salty, but it may just be the particular flavor. For those people who are deathly afraid of salt, please do a bit of research and realize that sodium intake does not meaningfully affect blood pressure.
402504402504B000EML7DSA2I6IO195F38WCJonathan S. Haas1211331510400Cheese droppingsYuck. I'd use a more colorful title for this review than "cheese droppings" that means the same thing but rhymes with "cheese curds" but am not sure that'd make it past Amazon's content policies.

You know how if you're baking a pizza or something and some of the cheese falls off and lands directly on the pan, then overcooks into a hard, crunchy, oily salt lick? Yeah, that's what these are. They're strongly flavored to hide the underlying horror. It doesn't help.

I should admit that I'm not this product's target audience. I was just looking for a tasty snack, not realizing that these are intended for people on ultra-low-carb diets. But if you want to get 100% of your snack calories from fat, might I suggest pork rinds? They've got a pleasant bacon-y taste and are not foul abominations like these are. Or if pork rinds aren't to your taste, perhaps you could try drinking used motor oil. I'm pretty sure that doesn't have any carbs either, and can't taste much worse.

I see that a few reviewers have said things that weren't entirely negative. Well, everybody's entitled to an opinion, and theirs is wrong. I'm stuck with a bunch of this garbage and I don't know what to do with it. I'd send them to my worst enemy, but I don't hate him all _that_ much.
402505402505B000EML7DSA1CAH9YNQJ5NLJKM1211319846400I wish I had listenedI wish I had paid more attention to the reviews. This product is pricey for what you get---the little burned piece of cheese on the pan from some cheese dish! It is so salty and so not worth it. It's not a taste treat. It is 1 carb of never-mind. Do not waste your money or taste buds on this.
402506402506B000EML7DSA2CP7QT053PCPLK in VA1211313798400Yucky.I really wanted to like these. I just don't like burnt cheese, and that is what it tastes like. Don't waste your money. I should have read the reviews.
402507402507B000EML7DSA2FZ1351HHSL29S. Pyle1211310860800Get the popped cheese instead!To avoid the hassle of returning this I decided to make it a treat for our dog - she loves it! ;)

However, the popped cheese made by the same folks, lower salt variety is great! I like to have it with a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Will be trying the butter flavor popped cheese next time I place an order.
402508402508B000EML7DSA1RJE7YNY4X0NZMaria Yocom1211297382400Yuck!I still feel sick to my stomach. They are very salty and the aftertaste is terrible. A friend recommended them since I eat a low carb lifestyle but they tasted pretty gross. I will not buy them again, and I am stuck with another 15 bags that I won't eat...
402509402509B000EML7DSAL5P12TAAUE1MMayorJerry1231289520000Low in Carbs, High in Sodium!Be careful! The low carbs get you, but if you have a problem with sodium, realize the content is high! I have been buying these "crunchy cheese snacks" in Classic White Cheddar for a couple of years. I was originally drawn by the low carbs per serving bag. The 1/2 oz bag says "1 g". I bought them by the box of 16 packs. I used "subscribe and save" and started buying 4 boxes of 16 - 1/2 oz bags, per month. That's 64 of these 1/2 oz bags each month. They are also available in 2 oz bags. Plus, they grow on you. Literally. I knew, but didn't take into consideration the high sodium - 275mg per 1/2oz bag - until recently. A rep at the company told me they were working to cut the sodium content. I hope it happens, soon. I won't buy any more until they do. I like that they are also Gluten-Free. It's just too much sodium for a little bag and people should be aware of it.
402510402510B000EML7DSA3IDV7GRSNHM5XNoell Milota1221286841600I like most low-carb snacks, but ...These have a very odd flavor, and are WAY too salty. They don't taste like cheese at all. I've been living the South Beach lifestyle for years, and typically enjoy low- or no-carb snacks. I couldn't eat these. Try Aunt Lizzie's No-Carb Cheese Straws instead (they taste like Cheez Its)!
402481402481B000EML7DSA17LZK3572BEETKathi B. "Cooking for Ruby"0041285286400Satisfying and HealthyI was looking for a natural snack to take to work, these are very satisfying and great tasting. The only drawback is the cost.
402482402482B000EML7DSA1W8R5VZRZVCG1J. Durham "Brand New Okie from Muskogee"0051284681600Great protein snackI have Celiac Disease and often need a tasty snack that contains protein and not a lot of calories. These crackers fit the need. I have purchased these crackers for approximately two years and never seem to grow tired of them. To me they have good cheese flavor, are crunchy and not full of transfats.
402483402483B000EML7DSA1BZEHZ038EUL2NurseLovesDeals0021284336000NOt goodI love burned cheese, so I thought I would like these. Ick, was I wrong. They taste very weird, not like cheese, and almost made me feel sick.
Wouldn't recommend. I'll stick with pork rinds for my low carb snacks.
402484402484B000EML7DSA1E2NE8NOLTSMTRedwell0041283299200The regular flavors are goodAs others have mentioned, these little guys are salty, dry, crunchy bits of baked cheese, like the cheese that spills over the edge of the frozen pizza and burns on the baking sheet. I liked the plainer flavors (white cheddar and Wisconsin cheddar), they just taste like cheese. The more unusual flavors (pizza, nacho) seem saltier and artificial tasting. If you always scrape the little baked on bits of cheese off aluminum foil and baking sheets, give it a try!
402485402485B000EML7DSA2H8SMW8YMPWQTCynthia Z0051282176000Glorified Cheese Its!I bought these with the hopes of satisfying my craving for something low glycemic and crunchy. I am thrilled with them! They taste great and totally hit the spot when you need a quick snack. I do wish they were bigger pieces as the rounds are somewhat smaller then I expected, but the taste out weighs that con! I will buy these again for sure!
402486402486B000EML7DSA1MVIIF8F01UQWBump0051282089600OutstandingGreat taste and so convenient. My daughter introduced them to me as an "at the desk" snack for us low carb dieters. Love the three flavors we tried, and just orderd 9 differnet products. I'm sure the quality will be there. Might be a bit pricey, but I gotta lose this weight, and we all agree, it's worth it. Can't wait to taste the "fried cheese."
402487402487B000EML7DSA16POJCXFZKDNEDr. Mom "Dr Mom"0031274486400no carb snackI found this really offers a crunchy snack for me while doing the no carb diet. However, I find I can make my own from shredded paremsan, almost as good!
402488402488B000EML7DSATGQANWPDYPEUzombie_princess0051274054400crunchy and deliciousVery very good! It's like when you make a pizza and the cheese melts off and hits the pan and gets all crispy, only much more convienient since it's in a single serving bag. Just to warn you, this is dry, seasoned, crunchy cheese. If you are expecting something chewy, you will be sorely mistaken. Great for gluten-intolerant people(like me) too!
402489402489B000EML7DSA3DTIKASQI1HOChristina Bigelow0051273622400yum !!I love these, if you like the taste of cheese that has been microwaved too long and gets crispy, you will like these..
402490402490B000EML7DSA1JTQCIL88W9JVS.A. "bham"0031273449600kind of salty and dry, but a good crunch if you are carbo cravingThese are very salty, and the nacho flavor on "just cheese" seems kind of redundant. The quantity in the bag is very scant. I understand that it is probably expensive to reduce cheese to these little crunchy treats.
402491402491B000EML7DSAN70EYEWMXTQEEugene Pucine "Gino"0031273104000Lo-Carb Pizza Flavor SnacksThe taste if "off" on this product ... but acceptable. A sister product (see my review) "Just The Cheese White Cheddar" is much, much better tasting.
402492402492B000EML7DSA13AT07T0J9SVTMaryruth "MEH"0051272412800crispy, salty, cheezy--Yum!This is a great snack. I bought it just to try and am now ordering more--They taste somewhat like a cross between Jack & Parmesan cheese--you get about 100+ dime-sized fat discs of crispy baked cheese. They are salty--but I love them!
402493402493B000EML7DSA2OKOH0OE2A4UWLinda L. Abernathey0051264982400Just the Cheese mini roundsThese are great--very satifying. I got hooked on them before I became gluten-free, and especially appreciate them now.
402494402494B000EML7DSAGATCQ1HEJHG8Veronica Erwin0051264636800picky son loves theseI see that some people just hate these. My son, who is the pickiest kid on the planet LOVES these things. He's six and has loved them since he was able to eat them. I think they are so so. But I don't buy them for me. He took them for the snack at his preschool and some kids spit them out, others didn't mind. I wouldn't invest in an entire box of them if you haven't tried them yet. Go to [...] and get a bag first. They are pretty good for you too. My son loves salty crunchy stuff and since this is all cheese, then not so bad for him.
402495402495B000EML7DSA2HGUNLVHJYSCWK. J. T.0021261612800Too SaltyI saw these made on the TV show "Unwrapped", and they sounded like something I'd enjoy. Wrong. These cheese isn't sharp enough and they add way too much salt - it's all I can taste.

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