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402511402511B000EML7DSA1LPQ5RILANTMWSydney1211278979200Like eat packing peanuts with flavored saltMaybe the other flavors are better, but the nacho cheese flavor was terrible. Bless those who gave it 5 stars for they have no tastebuds.
402512402512B000EML7DSA2Y8IDC1FKGNJCL. A.1211232064000won't buy againI live in Wisconsin and love cheese of all kinds. This was nasty. This was not baked cheese in the least. It was a crunchy, salty, flavorless lump. There were only a few whole pieces in the bag and a couple of crumbs. Someone was not packing based on weight that day. I will eat real cheese any day. It is more filling to eat a chunk of real cheese. Plus real white cheddar can be left non-refrigerated for up to two weeks and still be safe to eat! Just call Mars Cheese Castle and ask them all about it.
402513402513B000EML7DSA3JAVD7VG0OX6BTracie L. Mauriello "Tracie Maurie"4711256515200TerribleThere are few foods I don't like, but I couldn't get these down. I can't begin to describe how terrible they taste and how unappetizing the texture is. Unfortunately, I bought them in several flavors and each one I opened was worse than the one before. I begged my co-workers to take them off my hands but no one would eat them. I even offered five bucks to whoever would eat a bag of them and no one could do it -- and I work in an office of cheapskakes who never met free food they didn't like. Don't buy these.

If you want a no-carb crispy cheese snack put a thin layer of shredded cheese on a plate and microwave it for roughly 2 minutes. Keep checking so you don't burn it but let bubble up and get crispy. Much much much much much better than these nasty freaky cheese thingies.
402514402514B000EML7DSA1WQ3UGXPT15VIJavaJewel "It's all water under the bridge..."4711153612800Very Disappointed...I had high hopes for this product, but was very disappointed. It was STALE and very salty. Oh Well; Live and Learn.....
402515402515B000EML7DSA1OABTVX5BQIR3Sadie0151332028800Love these little snacksI follow a low carb lifestyle and love these crisp little snacks. Very good. A+++++++++++++++ Amazon requires 20 words for a review??- Trust me these ae just good!
402516402516B000EML7DSA1U1EZANNB0W9NA. Lawman "Eno the Beano"0111330128000YUCK!looks good from the package but doesn't taste good at all. hard crunchy freeze dried flavor.
save your money guys!
402517402517B000EML7DSA1D68VK1BEOB7FRebecca0131325808000GreatWe got this to replace one we had already had. It was great to recieve it so fast and I will look forward to buying more.
402518402518B000EML7DSA3QDUJ7VIE3NRK. Peterson1821233878400Good dog treatsI was really disappointed when I opened my box of snacks yesterday. This product claimed to be pure cheese and even says it contains no MSG when in fact it has autolyzed yeast, maltodextrin and yeast extract. For those who don't know those are just synonyms for MSG but they hide it under any name they can. Check out the site
402519402519B000EML7DSA3F870TB5FED6XChad D "Chad"1717512434688001 carbThe low carb WOL means giving up most of the crunchy salty snacks we so love. These are a great companion snack to the pork rind, crunchy like a cracker and cheesey 1 carb + 70 cal. Great little snack pack for the brown bag.
402520402520B000EML7DSA2F0JHRI46EFB0Sandy "kittyhead27"151541154390400Crunchy Relief!Although the I agree w/the previous review to a point, the many flavors that this product comes in have helped me GREATLY through my crazy-crunch attacks! Yes, they have a unique taste at first, but I'm oddly attracted to these critters now! I say to give 'em a try...I'm addicted.
402521402521B000EML7DSA33JJ9FXM4U49KChristine141441169510400Yummm - If You Don't Have Sodium Concerns!These little cheese crisps taste like toasted cheese. My favourite part of making anything with melted cheese is the little bits that get brown and crunchy - and that's what these taste like. They are low in carbs and anyone who is on a low carb diet knows that once in a while you crave a crunchy snack. They are salty, but I don't eat anything else that is high in sodium so I figure a 2 oz bag isn't going to hurt me.
402522402522B000EML7DSA31HE5SMLZMJY4KLP141531296777600Yummy, weird, salty, and high in fat... but I like them!I would give these 3 and 1/2 stars if I could. Now that I have tried these I see why there are so many "mixed" reviews. To start: they are NOT "healthy". Yes, they are low in carbs, but for the total calories from fat (60 out of 75) - the percentage is WAY too high. That means the calories are 80% from fat. Yes, I realize they are made of cheese, which is mostly fat, but they are not something I want to be eating all day every day. (Kind of like the 100-calorie pack treats that are portion controlled, but not so "healthy" either.) Plus, they are high in sodium like most other people have pointed out. However, they are very low in carbs (1 gram) and high in protein (5 grams). I got the "Classic White Cheddar Cheese". Keep in mind that white cheddar is one of my all-time favorite cheeses. The texture is crunchy - similar to a rice cake (a little denser). The one thing that I strongly DON'T like, is the weird, greasy, oily feeling it leaves on my teeth. But maybe that is just me. But the flavor is fine. The packaging states the following:

1 bag (0.5 oz.) - 14 grams:

Calories: 75
Calories from fat: 60
Total fat - 6.5g (10% Daily Value [DV])
Cholesterol - 25mg (8% DV)
Sodium - 275mg (12% DV)
Total carbs - 1g (0% DV)
Protein - 5 g
Vitamin A - 5% DV
Calcium - 16% DV

The size of the bag reminds me of those little pouches of fruit gummies that they make for kids lunches.

So, all in all, a decent tasting, low carb, high fat snack. Not something I will eat every day, but a nice "treat" when I am in the mood for something salty and crunchy.
402523402523B000EML7DSA1D4N7T0HM3SRCL. Cerro "Amazon Customer"8811272844800Only 11-14 pieces per package!!!I have purchased this product several times before but this time I was unpleasantly surprised to find the amount of product in the package has shrunk significantly! The packaging states approximately 22 pieces per bag, but I started counting pieces after my first bag seemed very light and I'm finding 11-14 pieces per bag. Not worth the price!!!
402524402524B000EML7DSA1Y39T2CT36YL0Resips6611261872000If you want to mainline salt, these will do the jobI love crunchy cheese goodies. I thought these White Cheddar Just the Cheese snacks would be a nice little treat but when I tried them, I thought I had bitten into a salt lick. I have never eaten cheese that was even half as salty as these little bits. They were toasty and crunchy but the salt overwhelms everything. I won't be reordering.
402525402525B000EML7DSA2JBZHQVQF7MV0Sherry5531261267200Take getting used to.I bought these (for a lot more money) in the health food store. They are a bit strange but if you are on a strict diet and desparate for something crunchy they grow on you. They are quite strong and salty and I would not eat them every day but at least it is a snack I can have on my low glycemic diet.
402526402526B000EML7DSAEK026X4KYVZFDona E. Russell "donarussell"5511259884800It was very strong tastingI hate to write a bad review, but it was so bad, we had to throw them away, or just let them sit in my cupboard. No one in my family would eat them. I tried to eat them because I did not want to waste the money, but they were so strong and salty they made me sick to my stomach. I was very disappointed, I was looking forward to something lighter, maybe crunchy? These were very heavy little cheese bricks dipped in a very strong cheesy salty flavor... Nasty... 8 out of 8 of us agreed...
402527402527B000EML7DSA318XD5L3DRBE4rockpcdoc5511258243200YUKThese things are HORRIBLE! They are very salty, have very little flavor and are just plain nasty. Don't waste your money on these.... go buy some real cheese and have that instead!
402528402528B000EML7DSAJGDYHWBVBL58JS4451323216000Delicious.Great flavor. Beware... if you love cheezy-savory snacks, you might find it hard to stop at just one 0.5 ounce bag! The "Grilled Cheese" flavor supposedly has the least sodium content compared to the other flavors, but it's still quite salty. Would definitely buy again.
402529402529B000EML7DSA3E7NP2H0RMUVRDiane Perrault "Musician for the times"4451259884800Cheese - with c crunch!This was a surprising product. It has the look of little 'chips' of some type. But pop one in you mouth and start chewing, and a rich, wonderful cheese flavor fills you mouth. If you love cheese, this convenient little package of goodness is for you! The package is quite small and there is not a lot of product inside but it is just the right amount to satisfy a craving for a real cheese snack.
402530402530B000EML7DSAG2YXYIQ8TLTACandy Beauchamp "CandysRaves"3341311292800Great crunch on a diet, but watch that salt!If you are watching your carbs, this is a great little snack, it's what it says it is... baked cheese. It's actually pretty good, but very salty.

They come in these little bowl shaped discs about the size of a nickle in little 1/2 ounce bags. Great for control of what you are eating so you don't just pour a big bowl of them (and because they are so salty). They are super crunchy but disintegrate in your mouth pretty quickly.

So far, I've tried the Wisconsin Cheddar and the White Cheddar version. The white cheddar is basically the same, just has a little more "bite" to it. I'll be looking at the lower salt and popped versions soon to change it up a little and maybe cut some of the salt.

Worth a try if you are low carb or if you just want something a little more healthy than chips - they are pretty low calorie per bag as well, but the bags are pretty small. They satisfy my mid-day crunch cravings though!
402531402531B000EML7DSA3596IAONXCTY4Stacy H.3341300320000Tasty, but tiny!I was expecting something akin to cheese-flavored rice cakes. These were much tastier! Crunchier too. However, I was also expecting each bag to be the size of a small bag of potato chips. Wrong. The bags are just a little larger than those of gummy fruit snacks. Each mini round is about the size of a nickel and there aren't all that many in a bag. I bought the Classic White Cheddar ones, which I found to be very yummy. I just wish there were more to enjoy for the price.
402532402532B000EML7DSA1ZKBBOK1MOSOALinda R. Stanley3341260835200a nice snack for low-carbThis makes a good snack for us low-carb folks. It has a surprisingly good flavor.
402533402533B000EML7DSA3JI2PY1C37GN4T. Rice3331175558400THese cheese bits have bite!If you like sharp cheese, this is for you. Unique because made from all cheese, would be great for those with very special food needs! My son didnt like them, but others did. Try! But dont buy too many packs, in case you dont like.
402534402534B000EML7DSA2ZWJW8NQI2CAIShannon M Rosa2241346198400YUM!Okay, let me start by saying that these snacks will really appeal to those who have had some sort of bariatric surgery. At only 75 calories, 5 grams of protein and 1 gram of carbs per serving I cannot think of a healthier salty "treat" to indulge in. The package is very small only 1/2 an oz so its a good size for those of us who can only eat very small portions. The taste is very much like the crunchy cheese that gets stuck to a pizza pan. I have only tried the "grilled cheese" flavor which doesn't have any additional flavoring powder on it so I think it is less salty than other versions of this snack. I will be ordering them again, for sure!
402535402535B000EML7DSA2AUDU9Q784RVBrobb quick "mia"2231308528000PleasantLike many on the Atkins diet, I needed something that I could put in my bag as a snack to keep me from buying any number of high carb snacks. These cheese mini rounds are crunchy and tasty. They fill the bill, but only get 3 stars are they are pretty pricey for the very small amount that each bag contains. And if you are at home, there are a few sliced cheeses that you can microwave yourself and get and even better crunchy cheesey snack.
402536402536B000EML7DSA1NZ14CPJGY7QPMs Mazie2241301788800Good low carb snackI know these are an acquired taste. I only like the ones that are plain cheese. They are very salty, but for a low carbohydrate, low calorie snack they provide a good crunch. And they do taste like cheese.
402537402537B000EML7DSA6L4TRWZU8XHFCrusader2211283644800Worst snack I ever tasted!These are definitely the worst snack I have ever purchased in my life. Dry as the Sahara Desert, not much taste, and way overpriced. Save your hard-earned money for something else.
402538402538B000EML7DSA3J4ZMKO89X3DLArmando Beltran Jr "MaxRNB"2221276473600Very DisappointingBased on the reviews I thought I'd give the Wisconsin Cheese flavor a try. Maybe my taste buds are getting to old. Not much taste. I guess I could alway use them for baiting my mouse traps.
402539402539B000EML7DSA3P3S46A8MXK10T. Williams2241251417600Delicious, but a little saltyLike other reviewers have said, these are a little salty, but if you have your snack with a drink, the saltiness isn't so bothersome. Otherwise, they have an AMAZING flavor and provide a satisfying crunch. Also, it's a good source of calcium if don't drink milk.
402540402540B000EML7DSA2T7PYK7HK0CDBLaura2251236816000GF snacks, "Just the Cheese"Yay! I used to be able to find these at local grocers in the midwest and have been missing them since my move east. I love this exceptionally salty, crunchy snack. Excellent for GF plane-travelers in need of protein.

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