Amazon Fine Food Reviews

402571402571B000EML7DSA3JS4HG5K6IHG7Trisha Haltom "thaltom"1151267660800YummyWow--these are great. I am low-carbing and they not only low carb (1g), but tasty, crunchy, and only 70 calories per bag. My teenage children even love them. I highly recommend these.
402572402572B000EML7DSA3RA3PWBYQMLT6A. lail "squirlyboo"1141263600000great little snackthese are great and are definitely for those that love cheese. i personally love when cheese on pizza gets a little crispy around the edge. these are like a pack of just that. they are crunchy,salty and have great flavour.. they are a little oily but if ya set em on a paper towel for a bit it would absorb some of the kids love em too.
402573402573B000EML7DSA3M9JURZRU17KDJudyC1121259884800just okI had high hopes for these. I mean, crunchy cheese, what's not to love? But they have more of a "processed" taste than I would have liked. I found myself having trouble finishing the tiny half ounce bag. I gave them a fair chance, kept an open mind, but after three bags I'm going to have to find someone to give the rest to. The flavor is definitely more salt than cheese. Perhaps the other flavors would be better but since it was a pure love of cheese that lead to the purchase, I'm really not interested in trying any of the other flavors. Oh well, it was worth a try.
402574402574B000EML7DSA30745ARTZHOOEMarilyn1141257552000Great taste - need bigger bagsThese are very crunchy and tasty. I have truly enjoyed munching on them. I was disappointed in the size of the bags, just 1/2 oz but I suppose I should have been aware of that. I would hope the company would soon make available larger bags of these cheese products. I want to try the other flavors but not sure I want to buy all those tiny bags. Thanks for the product, consider giving us larger amounts of the product. Thanks --- MM
402575402575B000EML7DSA1833SGGG68N4NMaureen Jeanson "Squeaky Gourmet"1151254960000There are a great gluten free snack!My daughter does not always want to eat the "same ol' same ol' " in her lunch bag and was looking for a cracker of some sort to have at snack time. Being a Celiac patient at 7 years old cannot be easy--but we try to always find something to substitute so she will not feel different from her peers. These are a great snack for her to have! Since we are also a healthy eating family I try and keep away from most overly processed snacks and I feel these are a pretty good comprises to crackers or her cheese stick standby. I will be trying the other flavors now!
402576402576B000EML7DSA23U647BXUYG7ZMiss Mary Mac "Miss Mary Mac"1151242345600Yummy!!Another awesome little snack for the diabetic, low carb dieter or post-op weight loss surgery patients. Protein and low car/sugar is great and these come in little packages of bite size goodnees. For WLS, they are very easy to chew and swallow and the packages are just righ to take along.
402577402577B000EML7DSAFSOT31E50KJGB. Canty1111227484800extremly saltyI was expecting cheese as it states. I can't even tell you how salty these cheese crisps are. I brought them in to my job has three different people try them and I couldn't give then away. Every person I had try said they were gross.... Please re think this product.
402578402578B000EML7DSA3U5EMSDYKI06TCarl Cravens1121178496000Salty and a tad boringI like the single-serving bags, and this is the second batch of JtC rounds I've bought, but they certainly aren't my favorite snack.

They are crunchy, and have a decent texture, but they're saltier than I'd prefer. They're what I reach for when I want something salty, or when I'm just bored with the rest of the snacks on hand.

I'm not sure I can tell a difference between the Nacho flavor rounds and the "plain" ones.
402579402579B000EML7DSA29JZGJORW2LBZTecate3421270425600Not for human consumptionI had high expectations for this product considering the other reviews, but I cannot choke these things down. Not trying to down talk these things, but I just can't eat them. To me its just short of flavered cardboard. Oh well.
402580402580B000EML7DSA3M0JU7C3LAWZDJ. Mccarty "J.R."3441231804800Salty, but goodI like these and order them pretty regularly. They are good if you want a portable snack that is low calorie and low carb.
402581402581B000EML7DSA2JBZHQVQF7MV0Sherry4611264291200Not that greatI wish I had noticed the list of ingredients before I purchased this product. It is not just cheese. Read the ingredients. MSG is bad for you and there are about 15 ingredients besides the cheese. YUCK! I will throw them out. They don't taste that great either.
402582402582B000EML7DSA1R7F3H4D9KTIWMsmoshus2311297296000Barely EdibleI was kind of excited about this product before it came in. I found them in a little Atkins carb counter brochure, and thought I'd give it a shot. I was very disappointed to find out that they do NOT taste like cheese crust. They taste like salted cardboard, but being I am sticking to this low carb thing, I do find myself eating them just for the crunch and the fact that I have already wasted $17 bucks on them.
402583402583B000EML7DSA2CU1VB0R06OOUShopping is a hobby too2311276905600Even my dogs did not like them!Both my husband and I love to try new things and when we heard about these I immediately ordered 2 different flavors ; cheese & pizza.
They arrived and we hated them. They have no flavor, they are dry and they are boring. Even my dog did not want them and usually they will eat anything!
A waste of my money, I threw them all out.
402584402584B000EML7DSA1I6KPUPD5OUELT. Gorman "tg"2311257552000Wow..I had really high hopes for these, but I tasted them and so did another family member, and have come to the conclusion that these are horrible tasting. Not the texture I expected at all... just tiny little flakes with little, but bad, flavor in it. I am not fussy at all with my foods, I'll eat about anything but these, I need to give away or feed to the birds. Sorry,1 star. I would still be up to trying other varieties though...
402585402585B000EML7DSA2DFSA2JXQKVY3C-Rush0041351209600Not bad.These are small and very salty. The taste is good, but very strong, so it's a good thing the package contains a small amount. It only takes a few little crisps to cure my salty/crunchy craving. I can snack on one package for an entire day. Of course these would not be a good snack if you're very hungry, because there isn't enough there to fill you up. For less than $1 per pack it's an okay deal.
402586402586B000EML7DSA2Q5BAFBHN3ZHLDarlene Fahey "Hip Mom"0031349913600Great product too much sodiumI love that the snacks are good in protein, low carbohydrates, but the amount of sodium is too much. I hope my letter to the company will help them develop a low sodium product. In the meantime, I only eat one of the packages every two weeks of less. I am looking forward to the more healthy product. If you are not concerned about the sodium content, then this is the snack to eat.
402587402587B000EML7DSA16P2PEW4POXPYMorgan Hanzlik "morganmoonbeam"0021349049600I wish I hadn't bought a whole pack of them...I thought these would be a little bit more like potato chips, but they are small bite-sized bits. That is totally fine, but they weren't particularly GOOD. I think they have more of a rice-cake consistancy than a potato chip consistancy. The taste is a little weird too. If I eat too many of them they make my stomach upset. UGH.
402588402588B000EML7DSA3DWZ131YHWIITrodxxx0011348790400Styrofoamdoesn't taste like ranch at all or good and is pretty much like chewing styrofoam! doesn't have a cheese flavor either! same for the jalapeno.. have yet to try the white cheddar or nacho cheese flavors i also bought but i am sure they will suck as well. i will stick to my pork rinds because they are low carb and taste good!!!!!!!
402589402589B000EML7DSA1V9YWARE2VYD1BlueEmu0021348704000Weird and grittyThey are hard and crunchy, very salty, and with a hint of a burnt taste. They are gritty after chewing and need to be washed down with some water. I was hoping for something more like cheetos, but that's probably not possible with pure cheese. I prefer my own chips made by microwaving slices of cheddar. A positive is that these are a low carb snack that doesn't need refrigeration and you can eat on the run.
402590402590B000EML7DSA1SQPBEUL9VEDRRuth0021348012800Too, too saltyI love the idea and was so excited to try these little nibbles that I dismissed the reviews that said they were too salty. I purchased the Wisconsin Cheddar, and I couldn't even eat all of one of the little bags, it was such an OD of sodium that I literally made a pucker face. I'm not shy about salt, but these are pretty much unpalatable...and I have 15 more packs! Maybe the other flavors don't taste as salty, but buyer beware.
402591402591B000EML7DSAT39J58VH6H2AThrifty Shopper0041347926400Pretty GoodWe ordererd Just the Cheese Crispy Cool Ranch Cheese snacks. They arrived on time and we tried them the next day. Finding snacks that you can incorporate into a low carb diet is difficult sometimes. This is a very good low carbohydrate snack. These have No MSG, wheat and are gluten free as well. They would be good for any type of diet. Only 75 calories and 1/2 carb per serving. They taste quite good. I've made cheese chips at home and these taste very much like them. We are looking forward to trying another flavor next time.
402592402592B000EML7DSA2VTN9NDZUASCIxyppy0011347926400Extremely saltyDefinitely won't buy these again. Very, very salty. Too bad because the idea is great. I was eager for a low carb snack but this isn't it.
402593402593B000EML7DSA2QMNYDC8IAYD2Arthur F. Shunk0031345075200Not bad but too expensiveThese are OK. Not great, not horrible.

I am doing low carb and was looking for a good snack. These are definitely not worth the cost for the tiny little serving, plus it is pretty easy to make something similar yourself. So, I will not be buying again unless they are significantly discounted, say around 50 cents or less a serving.
402594402594B000EML7DSAPYJ9MZGT5QVVDraktopoo0021342569600Salt licksThese are tasty, but after I'd eat a bag, my heart would practically seize. I looked at the packaging and it was 275mg of sodium. I threw the rest away. What a bummer. So tasty, but way way way way way too much salt!
402595402595B000EML7DSAN794NU9H516JL. A. Woodall0051341360000Crunchy cheesy and yet low carbI miss crackers and chips since joining the keto/low carb movement. These little guys have a lot of flavor with a good crunch and less than 1 carb a pack. I've tried both the white cheddar and ranch flavors and thought they were good. If you are missing chips, these are great substitutes.
402596402596B000EML7DSA1A7WXTKFUA1ALaAlabamaDill0041337990400I love them, Great Low Carb SnackWhen I ordered was somewhat nervous, because of other ratings that were negative. So relieved when they got here and I tried them. They taste like oven baked cheddar bites-which I really like. If you ordered them thinking they were going to be exactly like potato chips, you would be disappointed. I have been on a low carb diet since Feb now and look for snack type items, with crunchy being a big plus-these are very tasty and I will definitely be getting them again. (as well as trying some of the other flavors!) They are salty, which I like. I have to disclose however that my DH is not as happy with them as I am -we do have a tendancy to like opposite flavors. So for me that just means more for my lunch pail. But if you are like me and scrape the cheese off the cookie sheet when your baking has some overflow-you will probably really like these. Only rated them 4 star because of DH -who still ate them by the by and said he would rate them as ok, so since I would say 5 star. Compromise, right?
402597402597B000EML7DSAZXKAH2DE6C8APatricia A. Autrey0051336521600Great surpriseBaked cheese - who would have thunk? They are very tasty and crunchy. Really take the place of those chips I'm not supposed to eat.
402598402598B000EML7DSA14WSF4X001KBMtonid0011336348800GrossThese were gross. It was like chomping down on a chunk of salt. I regret wasting my money and will not purchase in the future
402599402599B000EML7DSA3D0HMC6RQT0N0J. Flood0031336348800Liked them better when the piece size was larger...These are ok but I'm not sure if I'll get them again. There are other options as far as low carb that seem to be a better snack option. Quality was fine, I was just underwhelmed with the change to a smaller piece size since the last time I ordered.
402600402600B000EML7DSA17MSWM9RUDKOXDavid R. Baker0051335916800They are a great crunchy, salty, low carb snack!These things are great if you're on a low carb diet, and I find them really satisfying. If you're looking for some kind of gourmet cheese item, this isn't it; its a potato chip replacement that's more about crunch and a salty, tangy taste to satisfy an urge. However, I personally would eat them even if I wasn't on a diet! As for the amounts; each bag is only 75 calories! So if you really want more, then open another one, but when you're on a diet, usually just one does the trick (see "urges" above)! They are more expensive than potato chips, but at less than a dollar a bag, you could do a whole lot worse! I've only had the "classic white cheddar" flavor and am trying a new flavor this week. I'll let you know how it goes.

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