Amazon Fine Food Reviews

402601402601B000EML7DSA3NTOLK8YFKIHDJ. Steege0041334793600Perfect for low-carb dieting, super salty.Sometimes you want some goldfish crackers, but you don't want to cheat on your diet. These are good for those moments. They are really really salty, but it fulfills that craving. Tastes like baked cheese--which is exactly what it is.
402602402602B000EML7DSAXXP9UHCSYQO5my2cents0051334534400great low carb snack!!!I have this item on the auto delivery & so far I had the nacho cheese which is pretty good and the Wisconsin Cheddar that I like very much. I just ordered the pizza flavor. For low carb eaters this is a good snack to have & will help with keeping on track.
402603402603B000EML7DSA1E807WCM1PUPamazonop0031334188800way too saltyI bought these because I am on a low carb diet. They are way way too salty...salt is bad for you to begin with but they really overdid it here...also there are a few ingredients that I can't pronounce...I thought they were more natural...Overall I would not buy again....
402604402604B000EML7DSAXJ64RBLNLZ4ADebby Rader0011334016000Flavor Yes Texture BadLet's just say if you like eating cardboard with flavor then you'll love this product. I found the taste to be good but the texture of it was like eating cheese flavored cardboard. I am not trying to be funny, just honest.
402605402605B000EML7DSA25XULOGUKLSYZferguson820051332979200great productI ordered the Pizza flavor and I really enjoy them. I am on atkins and have been looking for something with a crunch for my salads. Just the cheese "bites" are awesome!
402606402606B000EML7DSA33SHM8MSR42TLKO0051332806400Surprisingly goodExcellent low carb snack. Great cheese flavor, good thing that they package in a 0.5oz snack pack because I'd go through these in no time and they're not cheap, but worth it.
402607402607B000EML7DSA2HVC8I3TTA3RJ. Bethman0051332115200Very good produt!Very good product, and fast shipping!! These snacks are good even if you are not low carbing. Healthy protein to quell you hunger.
402608402608B000EML7DSA7VC3OHVCH47BThomas A. Seitz0031330819200OK as a low carb treatI have had some of the other cheese snacks, and liked the nacho flavored. If you have not had these before, they are literally cheese formed into a small disk and baked until hard like a cracker. Being a low carb guy, I like them because they are easy to pack along, and are reminiscent of the crunch you get from crackers. This particular flavor though, is underwhelming, there is not enough jalapeno flavor, and the whole thing tastes a bit like bland cheese. Still, they are ok, and I will eat them, but not as tasty as some of the other offerings.....
402609402609B0056GKY2MA3AARPJ4057E2Xcatherine rulli0051341792000Great taste, Good for you and easy!I have tried all the flavors of Cocomama Cereal and hands down my favorite is the Blueberry with the Banana Cinnamon a close second. Delicious flavor. Just the right amount of sweetness and blueberries. It reminds me of those mornings when my mom used to make a fuss over me and serve me warm cereal for breakfast. It makes me feel all warm, fuzzy and healthy! Only the very best ingredients are used and it is Gluten Free which is a big plus for me. I love the individual packets for travel and work.
402610402610B001KNSH4CAIBIYBT1U6V2WJames2251326585600Best Flavors Ever!!!These 4 mint flavors are one of the best. I love them. I have bought and used 3 packs. One peace lasts 2 to 4 hours. I would definitely recommend these to everyone.
402611402611B001KNSH4CA209DD198R0W1XManasseh "Manasseh"0211310428800Short lived and heat killsDisappointed big time. The flavor lasts a very short time and if you leave the pack in the car (out of the sun and still wrapped) you will be very disappointed with the outcome. Gum crumbles. Main compliant though is the flavor lasts only a short time.
402612402612B001KNSH4CA2XK2KOQR4GGXZG. Aggarwal2751226102400its oknot a big fan of the 5 gum but this variety pack made a nice gift
402613402613B001IWBI1EA3KD9GE0P884YVFlere Imsaho1151326240000Best cream soda you can buyThis is simply the best cream soda available today. The strong honey and vanilla flavors are what elevate it above otherwise excellent gourmet cream sodas such as Hank's and Virgil's.

If Cream Soda exists in Plato's world of forms, this is it.
402614402614B001IWBI1EAYFA1HVA6912Natalie A. Fontana "nfsupernova"1151256083200Awesomeness in a bottleThis is bar far the best soda I have ever had! I've tasted all of the Sprecher flavors and I haven't been disappointed by any of them. The low-cal root beer doesn't have the overpowering taste of aspartame like most diet sodas, and every one has a very thick, and potent flavor that makes one taste buds yell "YUMMY!". Once you taste any of the Sprecher flavors other sodas (i.e. Pepsi, Coke, A&W, Orange Crush, etc.) just taste like fizzy sugar water in comparison. It's expensive but worth every penny.
402615402615B001IWBI1EA21T9UFMU9EQU0DaliDrama3451239235200Amazing Soda, Not So Amazing PriceSprecher Root Beer is the best root beer in existence, no lie. The cream soda is excellent. Can't say I have enough cream soda experience to say its the best, but it's way up there. Only problem with this amazon listing is the price. Goto sprecher's official website and check out their shop and you'll find their variety and prices much better.
402616402616B000MANI4SAAJ4CL8MF8NVARachael Douglas7711213315200Really dissapointing...I really had high expectations after having mallow magic, so I ordered a case thinking it wouldn't be too bad. Well now I can't get rid of it, my husband and I don't like it, my kids don't like it. I tried giving it to all our family members, none would take it. It does not taste like caramel apples, just like artificial sweetener. I normally like things sweetened with splenda and don't really notice anything weird. I can't even eat this, no caramel flavor at all, the cooked popcorn looks nothing like the picture on the box. Don't waste your money on this... If you are trying to be healthy plain popcorn tastes better!!
402617402617B000MANI4SAYR3X4IK5E3D0MW "Photographer"91041189123200perfect for dietI was looking for a whole grain product that could serve as a snack on my current diet, and this popcorn does the trick. The caloric count is quite low compared to other snacks, and the flavour is more interesting than just bland air-popped corn. Of course, I wish it had more flavour, but I will sacrifice intense flavour, which others offer mostly from fatty ingredients, for a heathy alternative to other snack foods.
402618402618B000MANI4SA1P2HJKCCPV7LIScott L. Sheridan ""Dr. Scott" Pinbal...8951198540800My favorite diet snackI don't know why this product isn't in our area stores, so I'll buy it from Amazon. This is the best tasting popcorn I have ever had. And it's low fat too. I lost 77 lbs on weight watchers and a whole bag of this stuff is only 3 points. I'll pop a whole bag in the AM and put it in smaller covered bowls and snack on these all day long.
402619402619B000MANI4SA3NCTCNAUYCH6Hjesse girl4441196985600Good StuffMy son and I really enjoy this product. I will be purchasing it again, as well as trying some of the other flavors. I deducted a star due to the pricing, but then I always think popcorn is overpriced.
402620402620B000MANI4SA2I1LCF73I29BIJ. Grimes4431196121600Good popcornI was told this was a good low-fat popcorn to eat on Weight Watchers. It is good and you can eat alot but there is a funny after taste. I could not find it in the city I live in so I had to order a whole case. I don't know if I like it well enough to eat it all.
402621402621B000MANI4SA1CCT7DI9QNH49wendybear3311262822400Horrible flavorI am a popcorn fanatic. I love most any popcorn I've ever tasted. I bought a box of this from a local discount store, and it was the first popcorn I've ever thrown in the trash. I would never recommend it to anyone, nor would I purchase it again. I love other flavors of the Jolly Time Healthy Pop, but this one is awful.
402622402622B000MANI4SA1ARX3DKJ88P9DELeigh2251305849600Wonderful!I discovered this product a few years ago and LOVE IT! I was sad to see it carried in few stores and have now just had to order through Amazon. It is the perfect combination of salty and sweet. Tasts like a caramel apple and is filling. It is a great snack for those watching your weight. I know I will be ordering many cases in the future!
402623402623B000MANI4SAPF3QRZQN26HDRachel2211302307200YuckI had high hopes for this popcorn, but was really disappointed. It has a very strong fake apple taste, which overpowers any caramel (and there wasn't much)that might be in the bag. The picture on the bag makes it look like there's caramel coated popcorn in there, but there's not, the three or four pieces like that and they have an even stronger fake apple taste. I guess there's really no such thing as good tasting light caramel popcorn!
402624402624B000MANI4SA1ZFYD31MFVH5FA. Stevens2251297036800YUM!So so good! I found this in a store once and couldn't believe it was 94% fat free. Now I can only find it online but it's worth ordering. It's sweet, but not like Kettlecorn. It has a delicious caramelly-appley taste and makes the microwave smell awesome too! :0P
402625402625B000MANI4SA6TI210NO4RRPLauren Feiner2211241740800caramel apple popcornThis popcorn was not as good as I anticipated. My kids don't like it at all. This has a phony caramel apple flavor. Lowfat kettlecorn is much better.
402626402626B000MANI4SA19KMA6EE0JABWVUWildcat042211240531200Big disappointmentThis tastes nothing like caramel apple. I passed it along and gave it away to several people, who also gave it away because they did not like it either.
402627402627B000MANI4SAJV8C5P05EO71Holly Wiste1111335312000NOT a winner.Expecting something like caramel corn, I ordered a box of this product, only to find that it is "flavored" only as caramel apple. Might as well have sprinkled some spice on it. Nothing resembling caramel. And it was bitter and sour. I usually love popcorn, but this one was not what I expected and will not ever order it again. But some people may like it, and that's why it's called TASTE.
402628402628B000MANI4SAFAMT8O6LEXUZFosterMom1121287792000Both like it and hate itThis is a very weird flavored popcorn. It doesn't taste to me like caramel or apple, just odd flavored. If it came in a mini bag (so it would be worth 1 point in the Weight Watcher scheme) I would buy it again, but when I pop a bag I eat the whole thing, and then it jumps to 5 points. It is definitely not worth using up 5 points on. The healthy pop kettle corn and healthy pop butter flavor will stay on my shopping list, but this flavor is not one I plan to order again (unless they switch to mini bags). Also, like another review said, it does put out a noxious puff of fumes when I open the bag.
402629402629B000MANI4SA68S290P1DFCFrachel "rachel"1151233792000DeliciousTastes great and is only 1 WW point!! I have to share with everyone in my office when I make it!
402630402630B000MANI4SA21Z6UND5J53O4D. Steele1141212537600Very FlavorfulI was expecting something a little more tart, but it was still very tasty. A little on the lines of kettle corn, but with a different flavor.

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