Amazon Fine Food Reviews

402633402633B000MANI4SA17CNNZ8K832ZTMelissa Rowland "mnkymj620"0051344470400My favorite popcornI was so sad when they stopped selling this popcorn in stores. I've started ordering on a regular basis since I eat it all the time. It is a great, healthy popcorn that has just a slight caramel apple flavor, not overpowering. If you're expecting a heavy caramel covered popcorn, this isn't it. This is my favorite popcorn hands down!
402634402634B000MANI4SA1VYM47ZEUNTEZBLUEJAY0051337644800popcornthis popcorn was better than i expected and it is really good and i don't have to feel like i am eating air again with just the 94% popcorn i was eating it had no flavor cause it was healthy but this is healthy to and i am enjoying this carmel popcorn very much and its only 3 pts.
402635402635B000MANI4SA3IGB5V4PYTOCWSandy0021310342400too much salt!!!There is the taste of salt, caramel and apple in this. The salt taste ruins the apple and caramel flavor. It is overpowering!
402636402636B000MANI4SARSNEE6TU62JZJnicol0031300147200so soi was looking forward to this popcorn. it was so so... it smells delicious when it's cooking. and some pieces (the ones with more flavor on them) are good but in general not sure if i would buy this again. but it is a nice change from the regular butter flavor and it's nice that it is a healthy pop flavor.
402637402637B000MANI4SA21WGVG9E3ZTLQESis0041298160000Yummy PopcornThe carmel apple flavor of Jolly Time is so yummy and most supermarkets don't carry it. It is a great low-calorie, high-fiber snack.
402638402638B000MANI4SA1T6C1X1CG9BEAC. Wright0011296086400Gross!This flavor is terrible. I was expecting a sweet-salty combo similar to kettle corn. With a name like Caramel Apple, I would think there would be a sweet flavor in there somewhere, but their isn't. It smells great while popping and the house smells like carmel apple afterwards, but you don't get that flavor while eating the stuff. It was like eating an off version of buttery popcorn. I won't be buying this flavor again and now have to figure out what to do with the rest of the huge box I ordered!
402639402639B000MANI4SA3LXFUB02JG82IMecca Girl0051257292800Diet Friendly and Delicious Mix of Sweet and SaltyThis is the best kept secret out there! Delicious whether your watching your weight or just looking for a tasty snack. You would never know it's a healthy treat if you didn't read the label. Yum!
402640402640B000MANI4SAQ10TQINTO0JLHazelEyes830041249084800Yummy Treat!I have been looking for this product everywhere but could not find it so finally ordered it off of Amazon. I actually really like this popcorn! I definitely taste the caramel apple flavor! I am on Weight Watchers so its a yummy sweet/salty treat! My only complaint is that I wish it came in the mini bag instead of the regular size bag because when it comes to counting points I have to measure out my serving size and save the rest. Great product I think! Yummy flavor!
402641402641B000MANI4SA1WR6M4Z2G36O1B. Dougherty0051242000000Jolly Time Healthy Pop Caramel Apple PopcornI took a chance on this flavor, because I had contacted you to order the Healthy Pop kettle corn flavor.

I ordered a case of each . I tried the caramel apple first. I LOVED IT!!!! I'm on the last two boxes now.

When I finish the last 2 boxes, I will start eating the kettle corn case. But when I finish them, I want to set it up that I receive a case of the Caramel Apple every month.

It has small bits of apple and caramel that adhere to the popcorn that add flavor and a little extra crunch. I can taste both the apple and the caramel.

Whoever came up with this flavor - BRAVO TO YOU! Why isn't it in the stores yet?
402642402642B000MANI4SA28EKH9CI8WJ5NM. Pandjaris0051234224000A great healthy snackThis popcorn is a great snack for those of you trying to eat healthy. It provides a solution for that crunchy graving you can get. It has a hint of sweet flavor in it too. I would definetly recommed it for anyone.
402643402643B000MANI4SA2PHY596EINIKPSuki "online food shopper"1251220659200delicious low calorie snack!I will definetly be ordering another shipment of this sweet and tasty (yet low calorie) popcorn. Yum!
402644402644B000F4BCQWART6IV50G99VRPat A1141308873600Tasty and healthyIf this were a better value, it would be my favorite snack. Full of flavor and crunch with nothing added, no oil, no salt, no sugar.
402645402645B001FA1DSMA17KI7JCY99ARZKevin0051334188800Great ValueFound these for Easter. Boys loved them. I loved the price! Came well packed and preserved. They were quite a bit cheaper than I found them in our local stores.
402646402646B001FA1DSMA3OKBHCCN0YITLJacqueline J. Maxfield "Jacqui"0021323993600Stale...I bought these for Valentine's presents. We opened one of them right away and it was stale - as were the others.

I love the actual product from the grocery store. They are VERY cute and yummy.

But I thought buying them cheaper here and having Prime shipping would be great but it was a bad idea. Stale and gross!
402647402647B001FA1DSMA14A877NH76S0DRokkstar0041323907200Better to GiftI bought this as a gift for a friend. She loved it especially because she loves the original Hershey's kisses. It just looks like a nice small gift and can combines well with anything. Personally, I would rather not receive this gift as it's pretty hard to eat. Either you have to saw at it (which makes a mess) or you just gnaw on it (not attractive). If there's a practical way to consume this piece of chocolate I have not found it.
402648402648B001FA1DSMAA62DG6DBBB5Hwilldeng0051307923200GIANT KISSI bought these as gifts for my friends for Christmas. They are quite large and probably inadvisable to finish eating in one sitting, though you could do it. My friends were quite amazed. Anyways, a great buy if you get them at a good price and works very well as gifts.
402649402649B001FA1DSMAUSZG7I1VFGUJL. Campbell0041296777600Great, but get your hammer readyI got a bunch of these as gifts for the cast of a play I was directing (Kiss was in the title). They all loved them. But when it says solid milk chocolate, you'd better believe it. If you want to be able to actually eat your giant kiss, you'll need a hammer to break it apart, or maybe a heated knife. But they're great fun.
402650402650B001FA1DSMA37IM0K123T3YHmom of 30051293580800solid chocolate...yummy!My six year old nephew was excited to get these for his birthday....and said he was especially happy because they were SOLID chocolate. Yummy! Just wish we could buy a single pack instead of a four pack.
402651402651B0006DOO2QA3RJ1E1VEF7IZFAndreas Schneider111131297468800Much Smaller than it looksThis came in a smaller than expected box. The image looks bigger than what you get. I will see what the response is on Valentines day and update my review. Make sure this is not the only gift you have ready or she will be disappointed!! I will check back by 2/19/2011.

OK- Valentines was here and she did like the little bear in the basket. I upped my rating a star. Everything was smaller than it looked... it was nicely packed... the soap was in the shape of a honey comb, all items had a bear theme with honey and almonds. Was OK, and she said she liked it, but she loved her other items more... It was ok as part of a barrage of gifts... Remember...If your "honey" aint happy, aint nobody happy:)
402652402652B0006DOO2QA3DGPUAH2LCPTEjz0051336867200HOney Bear Spa and Bath SetI received the Honey Bear Spa Bath and Body Set and the packaging was wrapped up like a present, not just in a box.
A gift card was attached making mom feel like Christmas.
The honey lotion was soft and creamy, not watery like cheap brands. The scent was wonderful and truly
smelled like almonds.
402653402653B0006DOO2QA1M2CRSZAXQD98Coty0051329177600Cute!I got this for my mother and she loves it. All of it smelled great & the Teddy bear is very soft. Also, the product came really fast! :) I have no complaints.
402654402654B001EPPYDSAEQ30F935FQAEjanane1111312502400fakeI am used to drinking Alpine spiced apple cider. I decided to try this out b/c it comes in a can and I thought it would be less time consuming than opening up little packages all the time. Although this was much more convenient, it tastes wretched. I could tell once I opened the can that this was going to taste very artificial and it sure did. It also doesn't have vitamin C like other cider mixes do. I don't recommend this product, especially if you are used to drinking the Alpine brand.
402655402655B001EPPYDSAE5BAQHTZXXPNE. Crowley "EMC"0051318723200wonderful productI love this product, and I love that it comes in a can, you can only buy them in packets in the store.
402656402656B001EPPYDSA3M4QZCQV0GOUYBarbara L. Lutnick "Bonnie"0051255219200Spiced Apple CiderI received a round shape tin instead of what shows in the picture. EXCELLENT PRODUCT.
402657402657B001EPPYDSAOCRM769ZHYECThomas "wolf_walker"0051239148800Instant Apple CiderI love cider year 'round. This is a great way to have it available when I want/need some.
402658402658B001EPPYDSAYBCQ12Z5ZPQGLoveThatRonWhite "avidreader"0051232064000Nice For GiftsPleasant taste, and the pretty canister will make nice gifts. Good cold weather treat!
402659402659B000BIFY7KA31OESX3HDY3GFD. J. O'brien0151228262400wine country galDelicious! A great item in a gift basket! Or just to order for oneself!
402660402660B007NIAR1YA311KZN5SZ5IFZHealthy Mom1151346112000My son's favorite flavor!It seems every baby company has these pouches these days but no one has them that include SALBA, which is a super-grain that is so nutritious and good for brain development. I know I'm not alone in having a picky toddler (2 1/2) and struggles to get fruits and esp. veggies in him. This is a perfect way and the there is never any forcing! He goes crazy for this flavor with the strawberry, kiwi, beet (how else would a 2 year old eat beets??) and pear.
I love to freeze them at night and use as a "slushy" the next day as a pool snack!
402631402631B000MANI4SA1H7CKOA2DQJU0Effie5711241481600Nasty chemical fumes make my eyes water . . .I really hate leaving a negative review for this product, especially in light of so many positive ones. I really had high hopes for this product, especially since I had to buy a whole case of it in order to try it, because it is not sold in individual boxes in any store near me. But, upon popping this popcorn at work, the first thing I noticed was that the smell is extremely strong, and it permeated the whole office (which is quite large) and many people objected to the "chemically" smell of this popcorn. When I open the bag, there are fumes that come out at first that actually make my eyes water, they are that chemically and so strong. However, I personally felt that the taste of this popcorn was okay -- not good or great, just okay. I much prefer the Jolly Time Kettle Corn flavor. The smell of this popcorn bothered my coworkers so much that someone actually put an anonymous sign on the microwave asking people (me) NOT to pop popcorn in it anymore. And the smell permeated the microwave literally for DAYS, coming back just as strong when anyone cooked ANYTHING in the microwave! I am on Weight Watchers and since I bought a whole case of this, I tried bringing a bag to an office party one day to snack on myself instead of the cakes and cookies everyone else was having, and they actually made me LEAVE the party!

So, if you don't mind being a social outcast, or having people criticize you for putting all those "nasty chemicals" in your body, or if you plan to eat this in the privacy of your own home -- then by all means, enjoy! Otherwise, I'd recommend you think twice about buying it. The price here is great -- but it's just not worth it . . .
402632402632B000MANI4SA3ATK7M5ZB5DAGBabyann0041346371200delicious!the popcorn has a true caramel apple flavor and it has less fat and calories than regular popcorn.My family and I are glad that we purchased the Jolly Time Healthy Pop.

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