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402751402751B000EQX6HOAHP9G21X25OHCPanthalassa1141295568000Possibly the best chips I've ever hadThese are indeed some of the best chips I've ever had, but there's a caveat. One of the types of chip in the bag is much harder than the rest, sometimes almost painfully hard if your teeth or gums catch it just right. It's the light, semi-translucent chip, the yuca I think. Anyway, this would be a 5-star product without a doubt if that chip was removed or replaced. The others though are worlds above any name-brand chips or potato chips out there. Another good thing is what it lacks; no artificial preservatives, no cholesterol, very little sodium and very little carbohydrates. They are certainly a welcome break from all the garbage sitting on store shelves, in taste and in health.
402752402752B000EQX6HOA1OL6OBZGR6RGBallierw261151283472000Fabulous chips!I have always been a reluctant vegetable eater...until I discovered Terra chips! I never knew veggies in chip form could be so tasty. The plain is good but the Mediterranean flavor is my favorite. Spicy, flavorful, crunchy but not too hard. Not greasy, either. The price on Amazon is substantially cheaper than grocery stores as well. These aren't leaner than your typical potato chip but they are higher in fiber and overall nutritional value. Try them...I am sure you will be hooked!
402753402753B000EQX6HOA18RLYWVESZUE8Rose P. Pokorny1151283385600Love these chips!I get these in the big bags all the time and end up eating the whole bag between my daughter and me. These are 1 oz servings so they are small but it's enough for a snack or with a sandwich. These chips are very crunchy and made of weird veggies, not potatoes so if you don't like sweet potatoes, beets, and other weird root veggies you probably won't like them, but...everybody I know who has tried them like them!
402754402754B000EQX6HOA1Q4EJK0EMB88USherriann M. Pederson "Seasoned Cook"1151276732800Another wonderful natural snackI have always enjoyed 'Terra' exotic vegetable chips. I have tried their other chip products, however I prefer these because of the variety. If you enjoy this product, I recommend that you purchase it through Amazon so that you can purchase the 1 ounce packages at a reasonable price.
402755402755B000EQX6HOA20WEEYX2YQXW1swans62501151275782400Yummy!These chips, which are made from different vegetables besides potatoes are great if you want a different type of potato chip. However, don't be fooled like me into thinking they are a healthy snack-they are made the way regular potato chips are-fried in oil. So, if you are not loooking for health food-you ought to try them.
402756402756B000EQX6HOA3EJRBPUFFECQPJen Y.1141269216000Good price for these yummy chipsGreat size and the price is decent compared to buying at my local grocery stores (they don't offer this small size, just the big bags). My only complaint is there seems to be a lot of broken crumbs at the bottom of these compared to a big sized bag. But they are yummy!
402757402757B000EQX6HOA57Z1P30AXT99V. Nguyen1121261353600Crunchy but too hard to eatThe only thing good about this product is the packaging. The chips themselves are okay, not great. Very crunchy, but about 50% of the chips in the bags are very hard to chew on. They are as hard as rocks. I bought 12 bags a few months ago and still have about 5 left. For each bag, I can eat about 1/3 (those red and orange chips and taro are not too bad). The rest of the bag is thrown away because those translucent chips are as hard as rock. Maybe some people like this kind of chips. Do yourselves a favor and try some at the grocery first before buying in bulk.
402758402758B000EQX6HOA27JF0EZEAXVVJM. Nguyen1151252368000Tasty and delicious. Oh yeah, there's fiber too!These chips taste great, and they're extra crunchy. I ordered mine on 9/2/09, and they arrived today with an expiration of 11/03/09, so I guess ya never know what you're gonna get. Personally, I love the ruby root and taro--they're so delicious and crunchy!
402759402759B000EQX6HOAPP8XWYYV4PAADebra Chong "ECommerceMaven"1151248480000Great chipsThese chips are a favorite as an alternative to potato chips. A bit pricier but tasty. Surprisingly, not as healthy as one think, has quite a bit of fat content vis a vis potato chips. However, a great way to jazz up a party offering.
402760402760B000EQX6HOA2NZFIC1P2ID51S.W.1151247184000addictiveworse than all illegal substances - completely addictive... proof that God loves us! Ha! Seriously - best chip I ever had! yum yum yum...
402761402761B000EQX6HOA33Y17OY90KW0OK. Spencer "Angelica's mom"1151238457600Heaven in a bag...............We got hooked on these when we visited the Smithsonian museum in Washington Dc. They were serving them at a small cafe we ate at. Comparing these to potato chips is like comparing diamonds to river rocks.
402762402762B000EQX6HOA3RYMO6S22FMM5Vanessa Strange "porph princess"1151225584000Great alternative chips, these are a winner!The last couple of months I've been buying the Terra Blue chips, in the small bags, Which is such a good idea, I like the fact I know how many calories i am eating, Well, Amazon was out of the Terra Blue so I thought I would give these a try and I am glad I did, They're very good, I like the variety of different chips in the bag, all which are yummy. Very yummy, And a super alternative to potato for those of us who are encouraged to rotate our foods, I'll definitely be reordering these, They're my favorite now,
402763402763B000EQX6HOA20EUD4SHOXPN1D. Katowitz1151216684800Great Chips!Love these chips. You're eating more of a variety, not just another potato chip. My son has allergies to potatoes so these worked out great. We both love them!! No dyes or preservatives either.
402764402764B000EQX6HOABGH6P1RC1UDSShady1151167091200Terra-ific!We love Terra chips and these are one of our fave flavors. A good alteranative to regular chips, they are also healthier for you. You also can't eat just one!
402765402765B000EQX6HOA3KVV8JFC2G6WARichard C. Wedemeyer2321311120000Greasy, BrokenI thought I'd really found a great treat to eat, but all the bags in the case contained a lot of finely broken pieces, and the product is very greasy. Would not buy this again.
402766402766B000EQX6HOA2B7BUH8834Y6MShelley Gammon "Geek"2351194739200Super crispy, light on the waistlineThese chips are truly unique. Naturally colored with beet juice, they are festive and great for entertaining. They are super crisp and thin - and not greasy at all. When you first bite into them, it's almost chocking - they're totally chewable, but stronger than typical chips - so when you first bite into one, it's like you're biting into thin glass - it's almost shocking - but good nonetheless. Tasty and light.
402767402767B000EQX6HOASYVOZ7GO4RISA Cat and a Book0041349740800Good potato chip alternativeI had some of these Terra chips for the first time a few weeks ago and was honestly surprised by how good they were! I have since tried the Original, Mediterranean, and Sweets and Beets flavors. I liked them all, so I'm looking forward to trying even more of the flavors in the future. There are a variety of root vegetable chips in each bag (varies based on what flavor you buy). I like all the veggie chips I've had, though some are harder than others. Terra chips have a great texture--crunchy like regular potato chips rather than soft and chewy like most dried fruits/veggies. This makes them a great alternative to chips with more nutritional value. I really like them and enjoy having them for a snack now and then. I like the Mediterranean flavor best out of the ones I've tried so far, but they are all really good.
402768402768B000EQX6HOA27FK03HW49XK3Niks Nana0051347321600Excellent ProductTerra Exotic Vegetable Chips are the very best chips on the market. They have a good taste and are not greasy like so many similar products.
402769402769B000EQX6HOAJHKHSL59FLTAEric0051346371200The BEST!These are the BEST of the line from Terra, but why are the zesty tomato missing from all stores? Why can't we find them anywhere? What is up?
402770402770B000EQX6HOA3HNCGMJANCQTHTiffany B0041344902400Love these Chips - Beware of SodiumI love these chips a whole lot! This is also a great deal for them on subscribe and save when I compared it to the normal price I pay per bag in the store. The chips are yummy and taste natural. Some are very crunchy and a little hard to bite so I would not recommend these for elderly individuals or people who need or prefer softer food. My only issue with these chips is that they seem a little salty. Most people I let try them kept commenting on the sodium level as well. I kinda love salt, and don't plan on giving it up too much right now, so they are great to me! The sodium is just a warning for those who are watching their intake to do their research.
402771402771B000EQX6HOAR3FQVK5RJGNQJim W.0051340236800Awesome Veggie ChipWe buy a ton of the Terra brand veggie chips. We absolutely love the Zesty Tomato flavor. It is great. It is super nice to have a whole pack of 12 lying around to munch on. They came fresh and as described. I think the pricing is similar to what you can get in the grocery stores, if you can find the flavor you like.
402772402772B000EQX6HOA3UF4K552BJ1VCHappy Rafters0051337904000Nice healthy snackThese are the best! Nice crunch and nice flavors a little sweet, salty and crunchy. One bag equals one serving of vegies, not a bad way to get your vegies. I will continue to order these for sure. Price is good here on Amazon.
402773402773B000EQX6HOA1CA61GIU2UVFDAnonymous0051337644800Great Chips! I Love ThemThese chips are wonderful, and come in cute little servings. I'm on a diet and find it a lot easier to moderate my consumption with smaller bags of chips. On top of that, they stay fresher, longer. The flavor is fantastic, especially if you are looking for something like potato chips but with a little more flair and flavor. Highly recommend.
402774402774B000EQX6HOA3CC16MPH9V9NGdress lady0051337385600terra exoticWe do not to go to grocery stores to purchase chips for lunch. The chips are always on time. My family loves the fresh and nutritious snacks.
402775402775B000EQX6HOA2RL1RS6PWUHWIJennifer Ackerman0041336953600Buy in smaller batchesThese chips are very, very good. They are flavorful and crispy and some have a great texture. Some, not all. Unfortunately, about half of the chips are extremely hard to the point where no one in my house will eat them. They are so hard, it's almost impossible to crunch through them! It may have been a looming expiration date (I bought 12 of the large bags about three months ago) but as I noticed each new bag having more and more hard chips, I quickly gave them all away thinking that at least someone should enjoy them before they completely go bad because there was no way I would get around to eating that many by myself. So I can't check to see if that was the problem or not but after seeing how many reviews talk about this issue, I'm thinking it's pretty prevalent.

My suggestion would be to find a single bag to purchase because while buying in bulk tends to be cheaper, you're just wasting money if you end up throwing a bunch away because it's gone stale.

But other than the staleness, I LOVE these chips!
402776402776B000EQX6HOA3CHY14975C8DJSquat_Recovery0051334275200Best Chips AroundI have ordered about 6 boxes (each with 12 6.8 ounce bags) from Amazon. These are by far the best chips ever! Just a little pricey though.
402777402777B000EQX6HOA3S96B2GBP04N2Rena0041311033600Love the Original and Mediterranean FlavorI've been a fan of these chips for years. They have a unique combination of sweet potatoes, beets, yucca , taro, parsnips and batata which provide a different combination of crunch compared to plain old potato chips. I notice the bags are now advertising that there is a full serving of vegetables in every ounce (I never noticed this claim before) but I wouldn't consider them that much healthier than other types of potato chips.

What the unique combination of root vegetables do provide is a variation of color, crunch and flavor. I'm not a fan of the hard red beets, after biting into one I've actually chipped a tooth but I do enjoy the rest.

Mediterranean is my favorite, the flavor is outstanding as it's tangy, salty and slightly sweet.

The Terra chips maybe junk food but they are up scale junk food with the variation of colors and "exotic" root vegetables and would fit in as perfectly as an appetizer at a social event as they do just straight out of the bag.
402778402778B000EQX6HOA1CK6UN0MQBZRCC. Smith0051309910400Yucca's YUMM!I think these chips are wonderful. I read that some people don't like the hard crunchy chips inside. (Yucca's) I'm just the opposite I guess. I couldn't love the hard crunchy bit's more. Their wonderful. I could do without the really soft stuff. I guess it's totally up to you to get them and try. I definitely would recommend these. I'd also buy these yucca chips in a bag all there own. That's how much I like them:)
402779402779B000EQX6HOA30ESEDL8HT8BUC. Harris0041307923200Tasty!I like these! They are crispy and flavorful. Also, they are very colorful which any cook knows is important when preparing food for others. Place a bowl of these on the table at your next BBQ and just wait for the compliments. Read the nutrition information and compare it to your favorite potato chips and ask yourself why you would want to ingest all that junk when these chips taste just as good.
402780402780B000EQX6HOA1BPCAYEK3T1V7shannon fox0041307318400Delicious, deal is olayThese chips are delicious. I wish I paid more attention to the size - 1 oz bags, not quite as good a deal as I thought. I was looking for the big bags. This is my fault, and it is still a good deal, but I would be happier if they were the big bags. The snack size bags are convenient and neat though. It would also help if they did not expire so soon.

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