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402871402871B0006VSXBGAY1FDSR4VQ8LTS. Langton1421340323200My dogs got sick off a bag,and cost me 300$ in vet billsI have been feeding this brand to my bulldogs for 2 years. Petco stop carring it, so I have been buying from Amazon. I buy two 30lb bags at a time.. I never thougth it would make by bulldogs sick. I stop feeding them from that bag, and opened the new one after I had taken them to the vet and they eventually got better. I ran out of the 2nd bag so I put them back on original bag, and they started vomiting again..It's hard to see my pupps so sick, and don't know if I should keep buying this brand.
402872402872B0006VSXBGA1GCNWD2PA81EDDs Rizzi "Suzy Riz"64921283385600Content means less than namesI want to be clear, I am not speaking of nor picking on just this one product, but like most dog foods out there that have these lovely names, "Holistic",'Natural','Healthy',etc,there is usually nothing to back up claims of being healthier nor of better quality than the less expensive brands. The ingredients often are the same as most other dog foods, comprised of substances of the poorest quality, including ingredients that are not even considered food.'Made with chicken' can mean as low as 3% chicken legally. Generally, only meats totally unable to be used for any other purpose at all are added to dog foods, and often includes feces, talons, feathers, hide, teeth, tumors and worse. Many of these poor grade and disgusting 'meats' are also then soaked in chemicals before being added to dog foods, the FDA's great idea to keep the meat from actually being used in 'people' food--but I doubt you want your dog's food soaked in chemicals. People truly love their pets, and for some of us, it's all the family we have or certainly the ones that seem to understand us best. I'm working on a recipe that will work well for my dogs, human-grade. In days gone by, we raised our 'mutts' often on just left over table scraps and they flourished... because they were getting 'people grade' food. If you use canned dog food, smell the opened, refrigerated can on day 2,3 or 4--if it smells good, you will know. If not it's rancid--bad, spoiled, musty. We feed organic dog food now, not much more $$ but I don't 'trust' any of them,& try to make sure it's not from China or anywhere but the USA, and I keep an eye on ingredients and smell regularly, and I rotate. Even those with added supplements and vitamins may use those that are useless, poor quality that are not absorbed.
Manufacturers preserve with either synthetic or "natural" preservatives. Synthetic preservatives include butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), propyl gallate, propylene glycol (also used as a less-toxic version of automotive antifreeze), and ethoxyquin. There is little information documenting their toxicity, safety, interactions, or chronic use in pet foods that may be eaten every day for the life of the animal. Propylene glycol was banned in cat food because it causes anemia in cats, but it is still allowed in dog food.
Potentially cancer-causing agents such as BHT or BHA, and ethoxyquin is permitted at some levels. The use of these chemicals in pet foods has not been thoroughly studied, and long term build-up of these agents may ultimately be very harmful. July 1997 the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine requested that manufacturers voluntarily reduce in half the maximum level of ethoxyquin by half. Some pet food critics and veterinarians believe that ethoxyquin is a major cause of disease, skin problems, and infertility in dogs. Hey, who loves my pets more, me or these companies? Hmmm?
402873402873B002GJI3TSA2HHUOYQL39PK5Maria Weir0011340064000Does not taste like almondI have ordered this a long time ago and forgot this brand is one to avoid. It tastes more like rosewater than almond flavoring.
402874402874B0049Z7RBWA21LLKBEOT7ZNYwordsmith0051348099200good product..crazy priceI like this product. It makes a lazy man's margarita with full flavor and readily available in the freezer should the mood strike. However, and this is a big 'however'.... you can purchase this exact product in the 96 oz. size at Target for $6.59 a piece!! I can only hope the price listed here is a typo.
402875402875B001EO5ZZ6A3RAXI98HLM6S2Tim2211305244800A Good Black tea, but not what I was expectingI have enjoyed Lapsang Souchong tea for years. I was expecting a tea that smells like smoke when you open the package. However, when compared side by side with the little bit of old Lapsang I had left, the difference is quite clear; this tea has no smoke smell and a very different flavor profile. It is not a bad tea in and of itself, it just isn't Lapsang Souchong. Thus, I felt I had to give it a 1-star to warn others.
402876402876B001EO5ZZ6A126UI8QCEF5GGBruce Rader1151283040000This is a Wonderful TeaThis tea has a wonderful contrast between the smoke, the tea, and the acacia honey I added to it. I can see where, if you don't like smoke, this wouldn't be your cup of tea (pun intended). I know it's a weird comparison but if you like smokey BBQ sauce you should like this. I will definitely be purchasing this again.
402877402877B001EO5ZZ6A1WTI1H1W1IX34Hit by a bear0041344988800Good dealSerendipiTea Lapsang Souchong, China, Organic Black Tea,, 4-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 2)
Lapsang Souchong has always been my favorite tea. it's got a robust flavor and a delicious smoky aroma, and it's organic. I make a pot in the morning and sip it throughout the day. This is at an excellent price, it's typically $20 for four ounces at my local tea shop.
402878402878B001EO5ZZ6A31LEVBRCI0BQXgamerette860051333584000My campfire in a cup!Ode to Nostalgia! When I first opened this I was like hmm bacon?! smoke? But oh my it is amazing, reminds me of a campfire :D I adore it! great tea with alot of flavor, the smell i think is better than the tea I love it either way lol
402879402879B001EO5ZZ6A1E6XHOV4QIG5QRonald R Howington0041315872000Lapsang ReviewThe product is excellent and reasonably priced. It arrived in a timely manner. I will buy from them again. Easy to buy from.
402880402880B001EO5ZZ6A3SEAB8720W8SYL. Pike0051291507200I drink a cup every morningWhen I wanted to switch from coffee to tea first thing in the morning, I tried several different brands of Lapsang Souchong. I love this tea. I add a teaspoon of local honey - it's perfect.
402881402881B001EO5ZZ6A3TG3FPAFO0SWTRM0231279497600Not my cup of teaWanted to try new kinds of teas. This tea is strong, seemed bitter to me, and I didn't appreciate the odor of it to start with. It reminds me of, a long time ago, odd odor in an old Chinese shop in SanFrancisco's Chinatown. This is fairly subjective, but overall, I like the SerendipiTeas.
402882402882B003PFUN04A1PGX0TMQM2G2DJ. Bradford "Amazon junkie"1251297468800Can't do coffeeRed Bull is an acquired taste. But when you get used to it it works better than coffee to keep your alert and energetic. I get a 16 oz can and nurse it all day - drinking water in between - and I feel great at the end of the day, I'm not tired, not ready to drop and don't need a nap at 3 pm (or another cup of stomach destroying coffee).
402883402883B001EPQYB4A3NINQ3TTG08SOGrace Johnson0051332633600The best Rosemary and Garlic Seasoning ever!The best Rosemary and Garlic Seasoning ever! Paula Deen 3.05-oz. Lizzie's Kitchen Rosemary & Garlic Seasoning, 5-Ounce Plastic Jars (Pack of 4). Our family loves to use it on everything.
402884402884B001EPQYB4A2D0M1YEMUYKVZDEBORAH H DRUM0051318809600rosemary garlic by lizzies kitchenthis seasoning is really delicious..i use it on meats and veggies..really really good..i gave a jar to my daughter and she really loves it also...good on about anything..
402885402885B0046EQ3VQA3BH49ZKESHDIDFred Camfield0051317081600A good Halloween treatThis is a new product. The 6.5 pound box contains about 250 or the small jelly bean pyramids, and it makes a good trick or treat item. The price listed is a bit high as I found an alternate source that has a price of $38.16 with free shipping. Jelly Belly always has some good products available that can be added to treat bags, but the quantity is a bit high and you need to have a lot of trick or treaters (or another large group) to use this quantity - or maybe you just need to really like jelly beans.

I ordered these for Halloween and a friend immediately claimed dibs on any I had left. Small packages of jelly beans are a very popular item.

They can also be used as a treat for promotional gifts, party favors, or other happies.
402886402886B008FW8RLYA3QPWLKMXMU1CT-------0011350259200So salty they're inedible.After reading journal articles about how squash seeds work for depression almost better than medication, I purchased two bags of these squash seeds. Big mistake. It's super salty, and I'm a person who loves their salt and sugar. If I'm calling them super salty, then it's really, really salty. Am not sure how to remedy the salty seeds, cause I hate throwing food away. But in this case, I don't see any way of fixing this.

I will not buy again.
402887402887B005CV7W6MAEGYIU4XJTYFNTim Lookingbill "Digital Dude"0051338768000A huge improvement on the BBQ flavor snack category. Bravo Nabisco!As an avid snacker throughout my 52 years, I've come to despise BBQ flavored anything especially in snacks. I even hate the taste of BBQ sauce and never put it on smoked or barbecued meats. Sugar on steak is an abomination on the flavor of meat except for some oriental dishes.

But Nabisco has come up with one of the most unique tasting BBQ flavors I've ever come across. It's truly SMOKY tasting which is the one flavor that's missing in all BBQ flavored variety of snacks and even most BBQ sauces. It's also very fresh tasting with no stale or fake overtones in the aftertaste as is the case I've found with most BBQ flavored snacks which usually left me with a kind of slight reflux like heartburn. Wheat Thins Smoky BBQ doesn't do this.

Please, Nabisco, don't discontinue this line of Wheat Thins and that goes for Zesty Salsa and Spicy Buffalo or else you'll lose me as a customer. I'm not a fan of plain Wheat Thins.
402888402888B002831C4KA3I5YPJZMTG1QOD. P. Taylor141451276300800Great product--very fine grind, delicious taste, good price.I regularly make flax muffins and also mix ground flaxmeal in my Greek yogurt or use it in my meatball recipe, etc. Bob's Red Mill Golden Flaxseed Meal is a very consistently fine meal, with a delicate taste, and an extended expiration date. And there is no better price out there than on definitely continue to buy it here.
402889402889B002831C4KALSAOZ1V546VTA Research It Maven "Just the facts please"252851253750400Golden Flax Seed is sweet and nutty tasting, NOT bitter!GOLDEN flax seed meal is never bitter or gritty, and Bobs Red Mill is the finest quality! We add it to ALL baking and everyone loves it. Example: We use this meal INSTEAD OF FAT in muffins and they are moist and delicious! For instance, if the recipe calls for 1/2 cup of oil, we substitute 1/2 cup of golden flax seed meal. Its that simple. The muffins (regardless of the type) turn out tasty and stay fresh for days! This is a MUCH better fatty fiber than any other you could add to baking. Plus, golden flax seed meal SATISFIES! You will require less food when you eat it. PLEASE NOTE - something seldom mentioned about FLAX - it is a laxative! - so add it to your diet slowly, or you may regret it. Flax calms your appetite, aids digestion, fills you up, regulates your bowels, gives STAMINA, and is a great source of Omega III fatty acids, among other things. It adds more value to your diet, naturally, than anything else you've ever tried! Your health will improve SO much after a few weeks of using this meal, you will never stop using it! For Bob's Organic see: Bob's Red Mill Organic Golden Flaxseed Meal, 16-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4), Recommended!
402890402890B002831C4KASBP34X7294HJMSpaeth "M Spaeth"9951273795200Excellent Product and So Healthy!This product is really great. It has a good texture, light color and flavor and very high in fiber and nutrition. I use this for muffins, pancakes, breads, etc. and find it helpful for a low carb diet as well as to boost the total nutrition of my diet. I even make a flat bread style bread and even my own version of tortilla! It's been wonderful and very tasty! I love the price too - I haven't been able to beat it anywhere.
402891402891B002831C4KA1WX42M589VAMQMir5551321056000Pleasant taste, nice great in my smoothies!I ordered these for my protein shakes to add omega-3 and fiber. I'd never used flaxseed meal before, so I was worried, but the reviews here were go good, I risked the 4-pack with the S&S savings offer.

Lovely. Been using it 2 to 3 times a day for my between meal whey/almond milk/flax shakes. The flax has a mild flavor that makes my smoothies lightly reminniscent of malted and wheat shakes my dad made me as a kid.

I avoid gluten/malt nowadays, so this is a nice addition to my supplementary nutrients.

I need to see how else to work it into my diet, as I cannot eat seafood or take krill or fish oils (allergic), and this is an easy way to add the good omega to my intake.

Thanks to all who reviewed it previously. Made it easier for me to take the plunge. :D
402892402892B002831C4KAD2EQ09WNTIDLG. Fawkes3351335484800Mother of GodThis stuff is truly amazing. I've been making flax buns with the other brown flaxseed meal from Bob's for a while and they are very good. This stuff, however, makes them the correct color which makes them taste eleventy billion times better to me. I truly do think there is a taste improvement, but the color is the main difference. I'll never bake with brown flaxseed meal again.

Flax bun recipe you say? Way simple:

3/4 cup flaxseed meal
4 Tbsp butter (could use olive oil here instead)
1.5 tsp baking powder
2 drops EZ-Sweets (or 1.5 tsp splenda)
0.5 tsp salt
2 large eggs
1/5 cup of water

1. mix dry ingredients while melting butter
2. Add in wet ingredients and whisk into dry.
3. Put in Muffin Top pan (crucial), bake at 350 for 15 minutes.

Makes 6 pieces.
=151 calories and 0.3 Net Carbs per piece.

They are unbelievably good as either sandwich / burger bread or with cream cheese and sugar free strawberry jelly on top.
402893402893B002831C4KAOEN3BT2ELQK7Sam3351316736000love Bob's Red Mill ProductsI love this product. As a prediabetic, I know for sure from testing with my glucose meter that this helps stabilize my blood sugar because of the added fiber.
402894402894B002831C4KAOFPYZMFH1I8NI'm not perfect3351310947200Excellent flaxseed mealI have favored Bob's Red Mill for golden flaxseed meal for several years. I like it better than others because the golden flax seed has a milder flavor than regular flax seed, and the texture of the grind used by Bob's is to my liking - not too fine.
402895402895B002831C4KA1JLIB8XX3QJP7CAB2251317945600Great product!I'm a big fan of this brand, time and time again they deliver a quality product. This product in no exception, great quality.
402896402896B002831C4KA2D1LVEV6WWZMCKatie1151310342400Great PriceI add a tbsp of this flaxseed to our morning smoothies for health benefits. Amazon sells the product for almost half the price I have found at local grocery stores. Keep the open bag in the freezer to preserve freshness.
402897402897B002831C4KA3C7E6YC85TSOEROYCE N. "2351262822400
402898402898B002831C4KA20NK0D7JBYQQDreliablebuy0051348876800Awesome!!This is a great product! It makes wonderful flax bread. I will definitely buy again!It was just as described and good quality.
402899402899B002831C4KA3BPX91TA3EKG5Kevin Trainor0051347494400Outstanding supplement to a low-carb dietI am diabetic, and as part of an ongoing effort to avoid insulin I have adopted a low-carbohydrate diet. Bob's Red Mill Flaxseed Meal has been an excellent part of that diet: as the major component in "one-minute muffins" it has allowed me to enjoy a hot, filling and quick breakfast at times when I don't want to go to the trouble of frying up some eggs and bacon. High in protein, fat and fiber, it's become an essential staple in my kitchen.
402900402900B002831C4KA3V1A3C9DTLPMEPeter Faden0051334707200Oh so fine!Seriously, this is the most consistently fine flaxseed meal i have found. Never anything gritty or hard. That is kind of a big deal for me personally, as i use it variously in baking, to top my waffles, and daily in green smoothies. The packaging is just the right size, and the s&s prices are, at least in the area i live, pretty unbeatable. For a product i use daily, i consider this to be tops and am glad to have found it here.


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