Amazon Fine Food Reviews

402901402901B002831C4KA31FZ4PMHCZRG0R. F. W "veiko"0041326758400Very good productI use this in my baking to help lower my cholesterol. It gives a big nutrition boost to anything you add it to and I highly recommend it.
402902402902B002831C4KA24B4CP03WMU8QRavenwings0051325894400Pantry stapleI mix it into bread, use it in meatloaf, toss a handful into cookies, stir into yogurt, this stuff is awesome.
402903402903B002831C4KA2N5SEPUYGUQUOJ. Moore "JM"0051313712000Good for you FlaxseedI love the Bob's Red Mill products and the flaxseed Meal is great! I use it on my cereal and in baking recipes. It is really nutritious and has a slight nutty delicious taste.

I highly recommend Bob's Red Mill Golden Flaxseed Meal!!
402904402904B002831C4KAUXO26H0TKWYLGlenn E. Thomas0051313366400GREAT product.More refined than the brown. Taste is about the same.
Less here than the store with the Subscribe And Save.
402905402905B002831C4KA3PFP9SOGZXV2Tmelrosesal0051306713600PleasedThe product came in good condition and Is exactly what I wanted.
I use it making muffins and on other foods I eat. Being on a low carb diet it has been very useful, I don't have to grind the seeds.
402906402906B002831C4KA2K6W02GYPOCRTD. D. E Middleton "Professor M"0051297814400good for your health and waistlineI have been reading that flaxseed is a healthy addition to our dietary needs. I purchased this product to explore possibilities. I have added it to hot breakfast cereals, cold breakfast cereals, soups and stews, and used it as a means to bind turkey meatloaf when I wanted a gluten free meal.

It can also be blended with a fruit smoothie without alternating the taste.

Every good decision helps.
402907402907B002831C4KA28X7NZ02016FOeCognition0151311552000The quality is awesome and price is even more awesome.My rating is solely for the product itself, and not the pricing, would could also change; but then again, so could the quality. Probably won't happen though. Bob's Red Mill was recommended to me over 5 years ago and has always provided top-quality products at reasonable prices. I used to order from them through their own online store before finding out they sold their products through Amazon. You won't find everything here, but whatever you do find will have the best prices on here. I haven't received a bad product from these guys/gals. Highly recommended.
402908402908B002831C4KA3QMQB1U0I560Pleah0611341360000Golden Flaxseed mealThis ground golden flaxseed is great!!! I use it every morning to make a flaxseed muffin. Also use it to make several things I bake.
402909402909B003SW444KA1B1M56A4OXYNAStay at Home Mom "J.K."1151313884800Love themBought these in individual packs first to make sure my family enjoyed them... One of my kids doesn't, but the other loves them. It's an easy not to mention creative, crunchy, and crispy way to get fruit into my kiddos on the go and perfect for school lunch boxes....
402910402910B003SW444KA2JL8XIEN9CJR6Jen0051348358400Wonderful SnacksI really enjoy having this product every month. It is a great "grab and go" snack. Mickey just makes it more fun!
402911402911B003SW444KA1H342G9GOF5QTJessee0111309910400So dissapointedI have bought other freeze dried fruit from this company that I and my family LOVED. The pineapple however was so gross that I ended up throwing it away because NO one would eat it!
402912402912B005HQSQCQA222QDLD443UW6Elizabeth L. Hoskins "electronics junkie"0051338163200Sweet nectar of the godsI first experienced this in Rome, Italy and it was love at first sip. Don't even think about mixing it with anything. Keep it in your freezer and sip it cold and slow, then let the warmth flow all over your body. Yeah, it's that good.
402913402913B005HQSQCQA1E8PWW106DRBEVasya0311325462400Alcohol smell and taste too much......Alcohol content feels just too much. I understand that spirits are present there in quite a large quantity. But I repeat, it shouldn't be that pronounced. It reeks of alcohol like it is vodka or something.
402914402914B006LXIJ58A27GOVAWV1MLSXaj0041349654400adult summer slurpythis sangria mix is delicious. great for the summer time, (or anytime,for me). one thing stopped me from a five star review, and that is the number of bottles of wine that i added to the mix, before adding the water. the directions call for one bottle of wine, and i added three. that was because years earlier, i bought a similar mix and that mix called for three bottles. i dont know what this mix would taste like if you add just one bottle of wine.
402915402915B001CX3Q4GA2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"131351259452800High Quality My Dog Enjoys and My Budget Does Too!My doggie really likes Newman's Organic better than some other dog foods pet and big-box stores sell. My budget doesn't like Newman's Organic as much as Harmony Farms. It's the compromise that keeps the doggie AND my budget happy. Because he eats it heartily, I don't worry that he's getting enough high quality food. Otherwise he won't eat his food and he'll graze in the trash seeking egg shells and bones to fill the void.

There's no barfing, digestion problems or accidents. High Quality food means good digestion, a shiny coat, high energy, bright eyes and a good attitude WITHOUT tons of additional elixers, treats or vet bills. A definite cost effective WIN:WIN for doggie AND me.

I've had great results with Newman's Dog Food that I orderd through Amazon BUT there's 5 pounds LESS for about the same price.

Psst I'm not an organic fanatic, it's the nutritional value that counts for my fur baby and human kids!

Update 3/26/2011: Noticed this has jumped to almost THIRTY BUCKS, will opt for Newman's Organic when the costs per pound are the dog likes BOTH Harmony and Newman, my budget likes the one most cost effective at the time of purchase :)

Update 5/17/2012: Last batch Of Harmony Farms I ordered had a rancid oil smell when I opened the bag and the pooch wouldn't eat it as readily as he has in the past. He wouldn't eat for a day and started checking out the trash. I subsequently purchased some canned and pouch foods, cooked brown rice etc as mix-ins to "encourage" him to make it through this pricey bag. Not sure how this is stored before it arrives to my home, BUT the Texas heat can make anything stale/rancid/yucky quickly. I probably should have called Customer Service but felt the replacement would have the same issue due to the HOT weather here. Definitely exploring hot weather alternatives.
402916402916B001CX3Q4GA1UKN7G4AM275RBill Hamilton "DaBaldGuy"121251248998400This is great dog food!A few years back, prompted by the death of one of our dogs due to an inoperable brain tumor, I switched my dogs to foods without corn. I was convinced, right or wrong, that my animal died needlessly because of an over usage of steriods prescribed to cure her constant ear infections. I believe, again right or wrong, that the recurring ear infections were caused by an allergy to corn...which turned out to be the main ingredient in her food! Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox and address the issue at hand...I found this food by accident. The only type the store had was the weight loss formula. Turns out my dogs love it! I haven't seen them so spunky and full of energy. I've got a coon hound and two jack russells (mine are not the "bounce off the wall kind", mine are mellow, laid back kinda dudes!) They gobble this stuff up and seem to stay more begging in the kitchen than normal! Everyone's skin seems smoother, eyes are brighter, heck, I think I'll go have a bowl! All I can say, is if you are looking for a good quality dog food, this is the one for you. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!
402917402917B001CX3Q4GA2V10DEH7G5AY2C. Bostock111151271376000I would give Harmony Farms extra stars if I could!I have a 2 year old Portuguese Water Dog who always seemed to have a sensitive stomach, and a 15 year old Shepherd X dog who was beginning to lose weight, she slept almost all the time, and she was getting very fussy about what she'd eat. (I believe that with a dogs sense of smell they KNOW exactly what is in their food; however they have no choice but to eat what we feed them...just Google what is in most commercial dog foods, and you'll see why your dog may not be thrilled to eat it up...if a dog can detect cancer in a person, they can detect all sorts of other things that aren't supposed to be eaten.) Anyway...I used to feed Purina lamb and rice to my dogs, but I was finding my young Porty was having trouble with it, and my 15 yr old would eat a few bits and then leave her dish. So, I started making their food, and came up with a wonderfully nutritious and tasty recipe. The dogs loved my homemade dog food, and my 15 yr old began putting on weight again, but I didn't always have time to make their food. And, homemade dog food is kind of hard on the wallet. So, I started to research all the natural dog foods out there, compare costs etc. I arrived on Harmony Farms, and guess dogs LOVE it just as much as they love my home made dog food. My young Porty no longer has stomach troubles and she looks great; my 15 yr old finishes her meals and looks for more. Both have shiny coats and energy. No one can believe my old girl is 15 years old. I have told my friends about Harmony Farms dog food, and when they've switched over, they've reported similar positive results. My brother-in-law's dog had always been a very fussy eater, and had skin problems with a thinning coat. When they started to feed her Harmony Farms, she became an eager eater, more happy and outgoing, and her skin and coat condition has completely cleared up (...I'm thinking she had an allergy to whatever was in her other food, which I think was Iams). Other friends have commented on how happy their dogs are at meal time now...and they had all been feeding their dogs premium, top of the line dogs foods AND paying top of the line prices. Harmony Farms products are very reasonably priced. Not the cheapest dog food on the shelf, but, in my opinion, you are buying the best quality food on the market, so it's an incredibly GOOD DEAL! It may also mean you make fewer trips to the veterinarian's office. I and my friends are so happy we have found this food for our dogs. :)
402918402918B001CX3Q4GA11UZ02KXZ6K98Erica Christine "Erica Christine"5551270512000Awesome!My co-worker that does animal rescue brought in a 'Whole Dog Journal' recently and I was astounded at the feature article for that month which covered dog foods, I had been feeding my dog Beneful which is basically just junk food. I switched her off immediately, hunted around on Amazon to find an all natural food and this fit the bill, shipping was free which was awesome and my dog LOVES the food, I worried about that b/c I've switched her before and she's been uninterested and I've had to top with gravy, etc.

Do your research, it will blow your mind what your pets are eating in regular grocery store dog food, it's typically a high ratio of corn which is a filler. If you want your pet to live a long and healthy life what they're ingesting should be high up on your list. I'm glad to have the knowledge now and I really wish I'd looked more into this with my two other dogs years and years ago.
402919402919B001CX3Q4GA37VANHHWZ4MV8C. Hayman5551270425600Quality dog food delivered to your door!No more heavy grocery bags for me -- I've just ordered my first bag of Harmony Farms dog food -- and it was delivered to my door by UPS. The food is excellent quality -- I bought this product based on its healthy ingredients; the dogs love it and I love Amazon for making it so easy to buy!

July 2010 - one of my dogs has had bouts of inflammatory bowel disease: previously she had to have special food from my vet (Royal Canaan Duck & Potato for the past 4+years) -- She has tolerated, even thrived on, the Harmony Farms food w/o any problems. Each bag of Harmony Farms is about $20 cheaper than the Royal Canaan. Hard to fight. I am a believer.

The canned food is great, too.

September 2011 -- my dog who has had inflammatory bowel disease in the past (verified by surgery) has never felt better -- she is a wire and has the energy of a 2 yr old dog (she is 7); she is not on any daily medication. This HEALTHY WEIGHT FORMULA has helped her to thrive. Enough protein, not too much fat seem to do the trick. I highly recommend it.
402920402920B001CX3Q4GA7C7QG6O3ZHXDA. C. Smith "A.C.Smith"3321310860800Didn't do well for my dogI was giving my shihtzu the Fromm Adult Gold dog food. She didn't seem to want to eat it though so I thought I would try something different. I found the Harmony Farms and thought I'd give it a try. She actually liked it. It's cheaper then the other food and it seemed to contain really healthy ingredients. I couldn't believe how she gobbled this up. BUT after having her on this for a week she developed a rash on her stomach. Took her off and the rash went away completely in 2 days. Her hair also wasn't as soft. This kibble did not do well for her.
402921402921B001CX3Q4GA2844FUDCBLUMZR. B. Briggs3351264896000The Cat likes it, too!I was using Castor and Pollux from Amazon for my dog and I decided to try something different. My dog dug into this dog food right away! It has helped to maintain her rough coat so that it is softer and smoother. And this food really helps keep her weight at a healthy level.

I catch my cat sneaking over to my dog's food bowl and eating this food, too. I have to look into getting her some Harmony Farms! I can do this because Harmony Farms is really good quality food that is affordable.
402922402922B001CX3Q4GA1Z820SN3VBU0SK. White "K. Whit"3351262563200My fussy Min. Dachshund loves the taste!I just ordered this, came today and thought I would just try it, well to my amazement,My little Daisy ate it and wanted more.My little Dog is just 8 yrs but has trouble with Flare-ups with her pancreas, I have to avoid fats and corn with her and she needs more fiber. I have been making her dog food ,but she missed eating the dry,I wondered if it was small enough for her to chew , but it was.
402923402923B001CX3Q4GAG6QH4P56CRIOGlen M. Couvillion "Katrina Survivor"3351257292800My dogs love it!!!Had been feeding my 3 hounds Purina One (which they liked) and thought I'd try this since it's not much more and I liked the ingredients. They LOVE it and I plan to order more in the future!
402924402924B001CX3Q4GA11AT9PG4CZ09PBlake Neumeister2251326153600Passed the taste test!Everyone should know this is a healthier dog food than walmart brands, like purina, iams, or god forbid moist & meaty. Ingredients like ground flax seed, peas, whole carrots, whole sweet potatoes, apples, blueberries and probiotics and the lack of sweeteners, by-products, and low-quality corn show this to be true.

I just did a taste test with this harmonic farms and my dogs old iams ProActive Health and decided to make the results known. I let him smell both thoroughly without letting him eat at first, and placed the two piles a bit apart. He immediately went for the harmonic farms, finished it and didn't even look at the iams before coming back to me wagging his tail hoping for more. made me aware of my past mistakes in dog food choices and I was hoping to god he would not shy away from the healthy organic stuff like I do. To my great welcome surprise, he didn't! I guess he's a hippie at heart. I on the other hand, will take my nachos bell grande.
402925402925B001CX3Q4GA169B9KA8V4R1JAnniegirl2251293148800Our ten year old doxieOur ten year old doxie...Annie NEVER, that's right, NEVER would eat ANY dry food UNTIL....Harmony Farms Healthy & Holistic Chicken & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food that we bought from you! Every day we are in shock when she finishes each and every nugget of this dry dog food! are truly amazing and we are so grateful that we bought this 17.5 pound bag of Harmony Farms Dog food from you...we'll be ordering again and again from you as soon as we head towards the end of the current bag. Wow! So happy about this...
402926402926B001CX3Q4GA31TVIUNETW21GCindy B.2251278633600Excellent for Wheaten Terrier's Sensitive Tummies!Harmony Farms produces EXCELLENT dog food products! Our 8 month soft-coated wheaten terrier is sensitive to gluten, corn meal and other products generally found in the popular brands. We were preparing to take him to the vet at about 4 months old b/c he had great difficulty eliminating -- to the point of whining as he would attempt to go. After more research on the breed we purchased Harmony Farms at a local store -- it was expensive but quickly resolved our puppy's digestive issues. After 5-8 days on only Harmony Farms products our puppy was happy and healthy!

I was so happy to find Harmony Farms on Amazon! It is more economical AND delivered right to our door. Our puppy, Connor, eats only Harmony Farms dog food and treats and is a much happier puppy now. Definitely recommend it for soft-coated wheaten terriers and other breeds that have difficulty digesting the popular brands.
402927402927B001CX3Q4GA35RLDFXR890JCA. Morrow1151329264000My dog now sheds less!Wish I would have known a long time ago what a difference this dog food makes. My 6 year old Jack Russell has always had the worst shedding problem and I recently read that excessive is a sign of poor nutrition (was feeding her P*urina dog chow). She's only been on this dog food for two weeks and I can noticeably tell a difference in the shedding! She loves the taste and I love the price for such a good quality dog food.
402928402928B001CX3Q4GA2K3QMFDYBKFYSSusan K. Henderson1151273104000My Dogs Love ItWhen I purchased the Harmony Farms Healthy Weight Formula, I had a Mini Dachshund and Jack Russel Terrier. Both of them love it. I have added a Shih Tzu to my pack and she loves it, also. I would highly recommend it to others. The kibble is just the right size for small dogs.
402929402929B001CX3Q4GAGNN7H5MJ6SBQK. Lum1151245369600Very GoodThe main ingredients in this dog food are so much better than the ingredients in the common grocery store brands, and it tends to be less expensive than specialty brands. My dog's coat looks shiny and he seems much healthier since we switched to this food about a year ago. The other nice thing is that Target sells this brand, so if you ever find yourself at the end of the bag and you haven't ordered more in time, you can stop by Target.
402930402930B001CX3Q4GA39JF4NO5TYNNIwinner13220051341014400Good Dog FoodI am very pleased with this dog food. My sheltie has a good coat and good movements with Harmony Farms. Does much better with this food than others. He is a very picky eater, so I do add chicken and he will eat. We will stick with Harmony Farms. I also like the bag, it helps keep the food fresh.

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