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402950402950B000FVW4OYA2AGOJ4PF4TOE7NP2241167868800Nonni's Toffee Almond & Lemon Biscottisgreat product; unfortunately shipping took a toll on the biscotti's (majority arrived in crumbs & broken pieces). Have since ordered an additional 8 boxes. The lemon ones were shipped in a second Amazon box which seemed to provide some additional protective, as only a few were broken in some of the boxes. Would recommend seller in the future ship all 12 pack boxes in a second box and add extra cushioning protection. It would allow folks to dunk their biscotti's rather than have to eat direct from the wrapper and get crumbs everywhere.
402951402951B000FVW4OYA35HMLOGI89BGAvgMom21151281571200Happiness wrapped in plastic!This is a wonderful snack to have whenever you have a craving for something to munch. Each box contains 8 individually wrapped biscotti. I normally don't like biscotti, finding it too hard on my teeth and too boring for my taste. This brand's biscotti, however, has the perfect combination of sweetness, crunchiness, and chocolaty goodness! It's made from Kosher ingredients and 100% trans fat free. I bought a case (pack of 12) so I can share them with my family and friends. Highly recommended!
402952402952B000FVW4OYA2R71LQL6J3OVIBarbara Segal1151262822400Delicious!!!!Until recently, I was able to purchase Nonni brand Chocolate Decadence Biscotti at some of my local markets. Then suddenly they disappeared from the shelves. When I went on-line to the Nonni web page I was told I could order from Amazon...and I did. The package arrived on time, was packed carefully and not one of the biscotti was broken. All are fresh, delicious and enjoyed each day. They are individually wrapped, have 100 calories each, do not have strange ingredients...and they are perfect when they are dunked into iced coffee!!!!
402953402953B000FVW4OYA1XPQBGLP4D9R3PC "Happy Golfer"1151168819200We Love Nonni's!We just love Nonni's Biscotti products -- especially the limone! It's always refreshing -- not too sweet/not too tart. Finding them on Amazon was exciting because we haven't found them locally since coming to Florida. The product offered by Amazon was also a great bargain!
402954402954B000FVW4OYA2VOZDJSB4VT3JDeborah Blackwell "Celeste"1151167868800Quality Biscotti by Nonni'sNonni's uses real butter in this product as well as most if not all of their products.

Premium ingredients for the flavorful Biscotti you want to enjoy and share with your friends.

rich chocolate, to be savor with coffee or milk, for the entire family.

Nonni's is top of the line in premium Biscotti.

Enjoy, you'll be glad you did.
402955402955B000FVW4OYA28464LEXC2XC8John L. Ferring1141166227200Nonni's Biscotti ProductsNonni's Biscotti is a good quality and tasty Biscotti. It is also available in most stores and supermarkets. Occasionally supermarkets have sales on Nonni's Biscotti, and when they do, It is much more cost effective then buying their product online which is higher priced. Overall, It is a good buy when Amazon can compete with those sales prices.
402956402956B000FVW4OYAEO6QAIYMNOH8Marlene1151162684800Just rightThis is a delicately flavored, not too sweet treat. Just the right thing for that mid morning coffe break and indivdully packaged for convenient transportation to work.
402957402957B000FVW4OYA8IMWE5BZ2HDVGerre S. Deibert "writer-to-be"5721190592000Could be better.The nuts are too hard for my teeth. Also, delivery was made by UPS, which must have put the items on their truck in the morning but didn't deliver until 7 o'clock that evening. By then, in the Florida heat, the chocolate coating had melted and stuck to the wrappers. Would not order by mail again.
402959402959B000FVW4OYALHLA8UE7JFQTMichele "shivanslayer"2351176854400OUTSTANDING BISCOTTII ordered this for my mom - and my mom raved about it. Because of the way it is packaged, she has even been able to share some biscotti with her friends! This biscotti is addictive - bet you can't just eat 'one'...
402960402960B000FVW4OYA1E5XEKL37OFHRBee Dalton2351175472000Better than expectedI looked all over for the Limone Biscotti after receiving a few at Christmas. Unfortunately you can only get them in a combination package or in limited quantities. So this opportunity to purchase a case was perfect. My entire office enjoys having these biscotti with their morning tea or coffee. You can't beat Nonni's.
402931402931B001CX3Q4GA3GTP0TT03LVKXLois C. Ayotte0051341014400Hard to find locallyMy dog loves this food, and she has maintained her healthy weight for many years. The vet is very happy with her general health, coat, and teeth. Having the 16lb bag sent directly to my home without any shipping charges is terrific! The 16 lb. size is not available in my area.
402932402932B001CX3Q4GA13NNW7JKQDXX2R. Kovell0051329436800Good product:While on a family camping trip with Josh our 8yr old Golden, we ran out of dog food. Stopped at a Wegman's market in Erie PA to shop for a quality food. Settled on the Harmony Farm's chicken. Josh liked it right away.
We've been mixing it with his normal food (Canidae).
He's very healthy and playful, his coat is shiny. He's a happy pup.
402933402933B001CX3Q4GA2TPNALNIKN96PVanessa0051329091200My dog loves this dog food.My dog loves, loves this dog food.I had to say love twice, because this dog food is one of his dog's favorite.
402934402934B001CX3Q4GAV6Z54VGTC4PZAunt JoJo0051323129600Harmony Farms ReviewI have purchased this product once before from Amazon. It was delivered promptly and in tact. This is the only food our dog will eat and we used to purchase it at PetSmart in New York but in Arizona, it is no where to be found. This food is holistic and has no unnatural products at all. We try to give our dog good quality dog food and this was it. So now we go through Amazon and our dog is quite happy. Bought a double amount to receive free shipping. It was a very good deal.
402935402935B001CX3Q4GA76CBKP9PQXJ3Emily Gordon0051320624000Both formulas are excellent for my dogs!I have a nearly 1 year old golden retriever/standard poodle mix, and a 6 year old german shepherd. The doodle gets the chicken and brown rice (just switched her a few weeks ago from Nutro Max) and the shepherd gets the healthy weight. I have tried several different foods for the doodle, and many of them caused problems like diarrhea and stinky, stinky farts. With this, while switching from the Nutro Max, she had none of those problems. In fact, I only took 5 days to switch her instead of 2 or so weeks, and she didn't have any digestive problems. Both dogs seem to like it and it is definitely cost effective... several dollars cheaper at my local Wegman's and there are always coupons in the paper. This is a very high quality food for the price, and I like that it's available at the grocery store as I live in a small town. I highly recommend this food and hope to feed it exclusively for as long as my doggies shall live!
402936402936B001CX3Q4GA2R43MI0JDCVC1Cindy Vitale "Selective shopper"0051318982400Fabulous food!My dogs have been eating this brand for a few years now and having found it available through Amazon I am able to save money per pound and trips to the store. It arrives promptly and is the same quality as always. Harmony Farms is much easier to digest and healthier than most commercial foods. LOVE IT!
402937402937B001CX3Q4GA1H957XU1S5WGVAki "oki"0041310083200Great Dog FoodI purchased this because of the good reviews and the great ingredients. No doubt about the quality of the food and my 5 month old dachuhund puppy loves it. But I realized this doesn't have DHA that helps to develop cognitive brain function. Also the kibble might be little big for a puppy. So I believe it's a great food for an adult dog, but I wouldn't recommend it for a puppy.
402938402938B001CX3Q4GA3P8ZCD5O9VWYFElissa Charbonneau0051304294400Great dog food!This dog food satisfies both of my dogs and they have had no digestion problems or skin issues , as they have had with other brands. They both have maintained healthy weights and glossy coats on this food. I have been very pleased with the automated delivery service.
402939402939B001CX3Q4GA1SUY67AC08D8QBeth Soles0051301875200Dog Likes It, Great ValueSince I live in a rural area sometimes I'd drive to town just for dog food...needless to say that was expensive. For $26 w/free-shipping the Harmony Farms is cheaper than the purchasing the lower quality "name-brands" - my dog likes the food and his skin is not as dry & flaky. I love getting it shipped directly and that my dog is eating something healthy. Very thankful it's something I can afford as well. Only wish Amazon offered a 'subscription service' for this item like they do on others.
402940402940B001CX3Q4GA1SBLULT4UUJZIJacqueline Meadows "Miss Jackie"0051299542400Delighted with Amazon.comI am always pleased with the variety of shopping items, that I find on
I have never been disatified with my purchases through
When searchomg for things, even dog food, I automatically go to
before any other site. Rarely do I chose another site.
really rocks. Thanks for being there!
J.Meadows, Syracuse, NY
402941402941B001CX3Q4GAX4O74TEOCT04Melissa0051296259200Great Dog Food :O)I just switched my 11 and a half year old Boxer to this food and it is awesome! She switched over no problems with no weaning off her old food. It has cut her gas down and has been so easy on her stomach. It also tastes so good to her that she will eat it without wet food mixed in. I wish I had found this food 11 years ago. It is great and we will switch our Boxer puppy to it when it is time. Also...very affordable:)
402942402942B001CX3Q4GAGJW7XVB1OAKQMission "Impossible"0051290556800The best food for dogs!In my opinion, this is the best food for dogs. My boyfriend is an avid researcher, and he concluded this is the bet food for dogs on all accounts - taste (the dogs love it), health-wise (it has healthy fats, and the first and main ingredient is meat as opposed to ingredients such as corn) and digestion-wise (the dogs get diarrhea when they eat human food or any other dog food). We have two dogs we adopted from a shelter, and while at first, one of our dogs would not eat the food (he had worms though, so who knows what junk he was eating before), he soon began to understand that is what we were going to feed him and very soon, he came to love it. Now they jump when it's dinner time! Our dogs are happy, very healthy, have shiny coats, and a large part of this is due to this fantastic dog food. We get it on Subscribe and Save and we usually go through 1 bag p/ month - for reference, we have one 15lb Bichon and one Alaskan husky.
402943402943B001CX3Q4GA2U51T1TK6CYX9J. K. Gillingham "Book Nerd"0151323820800Solved 2 different digestive issues for 2 different dogs!I have 2 husky/shepherd mixes. The first is 13 months and has a finicky stomach - if he eats too fast, drinks too fast, or eats anything out of his routine, he would bring it back up. He also wouldn't eat more than a few nibbles at a time. The 2nd is 7 months old and came to us with severe diarrhea (vet's food didn't fix it either). He would eat anything and everything if we let him. Within a day of both dogs being on Harmony Farms (No fasting, just a quick switch), both dogs digestive issues are gone. My oldest (the finicky eater) is healthily eating his meals without pause or hesitation. My youngest has solid, regular bathroom breaks and has been able to relax his water intake as a result. They're both more relaxed.
We purchase at our local grocery store (Hannaford here in NY) for about $1.31/lb. For the price, ingredients, and results - you can't beat it.
402944402944B001CX3Q4GA1QHEKVEXOR0AHrobfo01811284854400No good . . .I read the reviews on this and thought id get some for my dog and pup.
They will not touch it. Even if I mix it with home cooked food.

They like the dollar store dog food better than this.

Amazon let me down on even allowing this dog food to be sold under their name.
402945402945B0000DK8Q2A26RN5BSME5W6SJeremy Gary0051326067200EliquidThis oil is great for creating your own eliquid. With this and just a touch of menthol, you get a flavor that is a perfect match to that of a clove cigarette. Flavor is great, so I guess it would be good for food to even though I didn't use it for that.
402946402946B000FVW4OYA2TF8GCSY1R348John Schaffer9951261699200Great biscotti, sources harder to findLike other reviewers, these are most enjoyable to me. Until fairly recently, the 1-lb 14-oz container was available at a great price from our local warehouse club. Today however, only the chocolate flavor and in some stores for the holidays the gingerbread flavor is available. I do enjoy these but the "Originali" is my runaway favorite. The sources for the 1-lb 14-oz container show prices 40% higher than the warehouse club, and then you have to add unreasonable shipping amounts. So the deal now is the 12-pack of boxes of 8 for a total of 96 biscotti at a price rivaling the warehouse club.
402947402947B000FVW4OYA3KT85K6QPMGSVtrp "serencymru"8951164844800Nonni's biscotti at a bargainI usually buy Nonni's at the supermarket when it is on sale and I have a coupon because they are an expensive luxury. This is a great price, especially if you can take advantage of the $10 off $49 in the grocery department offer. They are great with coffee or hot cocoa.
402948402948B000FVW4OYA1RHTMY2TW9XDLCalvin L. Meek6731188604800Nonni's Biscotti, Toffee AlmondI had these Biscotti on vacation and really enjoyed them. So when I saw them on Amazon, I jumped at the chance to buy them again at a good price. While the Biscotti were very tasty, they were somewhat stale and not as crunchy as I remember from vacation. Also, I noticed the expiration date was two months away from when I purchased them. I don't know what the expiration dates are on those in the local grocery store but I wondered if these were excess Biscotti and that is why they were inexpensive.
402949402949B000FVW4OYA3262S1NGMJBYLEva3351239926400Great biscotti, but had better price...I've just bought this biscotti at Walmart for $2.88 an 8-pack. Wonderful flavor! Chocolate flavor, with more chocolate on the bottom, deliciously crisp, and has a nice almond flavor, too.
However, if you buy 12 pack at Walmart it comes to $34.56, so the price here is not that great. I just don't like when they put a price here, then cross it and make you believe there's a deal you are getting.

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