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402961402961B000FVW4OYA1U1AM81NT3F3LBeverly Kingsley2351167868800Delicious and decadentBest biscotti I have ever had, and I have tried a lot.
402962402962B000FVW4OYA23YY2CL142XCFDonald N. Bonacci0041349654400biscotti from AmazonGood flavor and texture. Individual wrapped, stays fresh for 3 or more months. Flavor chocolate with pecan over cookie base. Wonderful with cookie or tea.
402963402963B000FVW4OYARBDAF7RL723EJeanette R. Thompson0051348963200too expensiveThere is nothing wrong with the product itself and that is the 5 star rating.
The prouct is very good.
My complaint is with the price!!!
I paid $35.99 for 6 boxes which comes to $5.99 a box.
I found the same thing at Wal-mart for $2.99 a box.
I could have bought 2 boxes at Wal-Mart for what I paid one box for through Amazon.
Not Good!!!
402964402964B000FVW4OYA202OWUWWR40WVDebbie Reaney Perkins0051346889600These are the bestLove these!!!!!! I have been trying for months to get more but can't find any where!!!!!!!!!! i would definently order multiple boxs if I could find them
402965402965B000FVW4OYA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0051315353600Really Good - Highly RecommendedThese Nonni's Biscotti "Originali" are truly great tasting and, surprisingly, only have 90 calories each! My wife found these at local specialty store and they have quickly become a favorite when we sit down for coffee or tea.

The almond flavor is perfect and the individual wrapped "cookies" keeps them fresh even after the box is opened.

Highly Recommended!

402966402966B000FVW4OYA3MNF5ZVO6A4D7K. Weyhrich0051292630400YummmmmmThis biscotti is graced with a thin layer of limon (lemon) frosting sweetness. Not the tough biscotti that has to soak for 10 min. before it can be eaten, these are easy to eat like a cookie, or quickly absorb your hot beverage. My Japanese exchange student loved these, and when she returned with some to her home in Nagano, her mother wanted more! So I purchased a case of my own and have sent her a couple of 8-count boxes as a present. I have been unable to find them in the local grocery stores like I used to. Other flavors are still available in stores, but not my beloved limon! But they can be ordered!
402967402967B000FVW4OYAEM5U7R1QBGI0RUserious_8 "RUserious_8"0051286236800DEEEEElicious.Little did I know that this product was that special. Well, it IS.
I'm so glad I ordered more than one package. Patting myself on the back.
402968402968B000FVW4OYA20E5WO2UJ97O3L. A. Powell "lapales"0041267574400Nonni's is my favoriteI am a real biscotti fan. I have ordered several Nonnie's flavors. While I still give the plain my hightest mark, this turtle flavor was very good too. The chocolate on the biscotti is very good. Definitely four stars!
402969402969B000FVW4OYA2TTHNVQVSXEM5Nancy L. Anderson "Nance"0051266364800Love these!My husband and I love these! We have them every day with our coffee and so much more economical to buy a case at a time from Amazon rather than individually at the grocery store. Not only are they "delish" but at 100 calories per cookie, it's a guilty pleasure!
402970402970B000FVW4OYA6MKPA7DXUUGOJulia Tanner0051265932800Quick and Fresh!My biscotti was sent in a very timely manner. I believe it took about two days to get to me. It was nicely packed and extremely fresh. Thanks Amazon!!
402971402971B000FVW4OYA193NC95TBAN6JToni0051265760000biscottiI love caramel latte, and have trouble finding it in my area. This is why I ordered it from Amazon. It costs a little more, but worth it, and will continue to order through Amazon if necessary.
402972402972B000FVW4OYA2VM6C57UDC1JDGladys M. Castleberry "Tootiedoglady"0051265760000Nonn's Biscotti, LimoneNonni's Biscotti, Limone, 8-Count Boxes (Pack of 12)

In my opinion, ths is the best biscotti on the market today. I usually eat at least two each morning with coffee - delicious!! I also really like the original biscuit without the lemon flavoring.
402973402973B000FVW4OYA2WM8SLAXD7MHKMartin Matza "silvercloud"0051264291200Superb manner to begin new day !While quite crunchy @ room temp. ,have found frozen approach verry '"crunchy"' ~ great product ,using anti_oxidant properties of 'dark chocolate' ~ that is all
402974402974B000FVW4OYA3THJWYP3QZKKNJill E. Rankin "jrmom"0051263686400Great for Gift BasketsI bought these with Torani Syrup and some Dunkin Donuts Coffee. Perfect Coffee Basket. These Biscotti are Delish!!!! They are indiviudally wrapped. I will buy them again!!!
402975402975B000FVW4OYA2AP8A9F5D4XRBLinda K. Harris "Rudy's Mom"0051261612800Wonderful Chocolate TreatI was delighted to find this product on Amazon because I can no longer buy it locally. It has a wonderful deep chocolate flavor and a friend and I enjoy one every morning with our coffee at work. I also like the fact that it's only 100 calories.
402976402976B000FVW4OYA2YIO225BTKVPUAngel_Boy "Treat the people around you the wa...0041258243200YUMMYGood cookies
402977402977B000FVW4OYAEHZEE0NVL48CJanet I. Thomas "bookworm"0051254787200Lemon flavored cookies - YUM!I found the lemon flavored Nonni's Biscotti at my local grocery store,in the deli section.
The other flavored cookies did not appeal to me. They were too heavy and hard. These
lemon flavored ones are great dunked in my hot tea. I usually have 2 a day and greatly
savor them as I work at my computer. I try and enjoy these treats five times a week.
By the way, they quit handling my Limone Biscotti at my store and I went looking for
a new source and found it thru Many thanks for your service and prompt
filling of my orders.
402978402978B000FVW4OYA3UUTDX2WNVUS3S. Whitworth "Hannah's Mommy"0051253232000Nonni's Biscotti - CioccolatiThese are high quality biscotti that you come to expect from a brand like Nonni's. There are no disappointments to be found with this product. The tastes is fresh and the bittersweet chocolate is to die for. I even love the anise seeds. This pairs well with P&G tips tea or any of your favorite Keurig coffees. None of my biscotti have been broken and I am on my second box.
402979402979B000FVW4OYAFMDCHZ7BYO58Martha T. Wilson0051252713600Best Biscotti flavorLimone is hard to find in our area. I think this is the best flavor available so we ordered a case.....
402980402980B000FVW4OYA14Q5D3QYA8FPVShopper0051245283200Not a fan of biscotti in general, but Nonni's get two thumbs up!I am not normally a fan of biscotti. Typically, they involve a stale cookie with too much crumble, too much poor quality dark chocolate, and not enough taste...This one however, is different! Let me start with the price: on Amazon I paid 40% less (!!!) with free delivery, then in my grocery store! Hurray! Other then that, why Nonni's?

1) They are not as dry and crumbly as other biscotti I have tried over the years. The toffee adds a bit of moisture without being gooey. They are gentler on my teeth, but still with enough cruch to make one biscotti a satisfying snack (at 110 calories), and allow for dunking.

2) Individually wrapped, they keep fresh and moist (as moist as a bicotti can possibly be...) for quite a long while. It is good to have an extra box or two for unexpected guests.

3) MILK chocolate!!! (I HATE dark chocolate...I'd rather eat spinach...but that is what most biscotti are covered in). There is just enough of it to give you a taste without making you feel you are eating a chocolate bar!

402981402981B000FVW4OYAAEG3G2AI2NTPEspresso Uomo0051237507200THE BestHands down. The BEST flavored Nonni's. I had to buy them on the web because ALL of our local grocery stores never seam to have them in stock or for some reason, not even an empty space on the shelf. MMMMMMmmmmmm good!
402982402982B000FVW4OYA3BH49ZKESHDIDFred Camfield0051213056000A good coffeebreak snackThis product is a superior light biscotti, crunchy without being hard, and with a light coating of chocolate. The texture is good, and the flavor is good. Each piece is 110 calories. It makes a good snack for a mid-afternoon break, or can be added into a brown bag lunch. The chocolate coating is heat sensitive, and I would recommend against shipping it in hot weather.
402983402983B000FVW4OYA4OK57PA4KIYWbellamar0051206489600grreat biscottiMy husband is the ultimate food snob and I would find him crunching on these biscotti all the time. Also my daughter would pack these in her lunch, they are not too hard, so you don't have to dip them into coffee, they are perfect.
402984402984B000FVW4OYA3F7I86VRUCFYXC. Giddens0051204502400My FavoriteI found my first Limone Biscotti in a wine store! I loved them and looked everywhere but could never find them. So happy day when I found that I could order a case of them! They are awesome and will be ordering another case soon!
402985402985B000FVW4OYA2B98WZX2YX23DPatsy Gifford "Afghan Maker"0051197331200Toffee Biscottti cookiesI love these cookies with hot tea. They are delicious.
Nonni's are coming out with two new flavors,turtle pecan and
strawberry yogurt. I am anxious to try them, too.
402986402986B000FVW4OYA1RPC9W4V4C8WWM. Morris0031185840000DisappointedFirst, I love Nonni's..I buy the chocolate and plain ones all the time, but never saw the Limone. The order arrived and I noticed a somewhat musty smell on opening and then noticed the expiration date on the boxes is just 8 weeks off. The biscotti in the store are much fresher. Also found one box with a wierd mound of dried glue on the box with dirt and hair imbedded in the glue. I managed to forget the above and enjoy the biscotti...I tossed the box with glue mound. At least I hope it was glue.
402987402987B000FVW4OYA1EKNHDGIPX8QST. Palmer "Tamika"0051182384000Excellent ProductI love this product. I did not order it from Amazon (actually got it a Publix Supermarket, for those who live in the South). But it is well worth it. Each biscotti is individually wrapped in plastic, so they maintain their freshness even after opening the package.
402988402988B000FVW4OYA1R9I5R1I67ECXJ. Williams0051168473600Great product!Great price, great flavor! This brand of biscotti is wonderful. Buying by the case was the way to go. I love knowing I will not run out for quite awhile. Thanks.
402989402989B000FVW4OYAEO6QAIYMNOH8Marlene0051162684800Great biscottiI was looking for a crispy crunchy, not too sweet, flavorful biscotti. This prduct certainlyn fills the bill.
402990402990B000FVW4OYA1ECTN83HVTCR2M. Eaton1251258848000My Morning BiscotiMy Nonni'sNonni's Biscotti, Originali, 8-Count Boxes (Pack of 12) Biscotti order, arrived as promised, with not even one biscotti injured from it's travels. They are fresh and delicious. I drink about one cup of coffeee, each morning, which helps me to ward off a migraine and I considerer it such a pleasure to have my Nonni's Biscoti's so available in my biscotti jar. I have had trouble lately, finding the original, my favorite, in the grocery or warehouse stores, so ordering by the case, was especially a convenience.

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