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403021403021B000LKVHYCA1X9O7AIPKK9ARVirginia Stringer0051298160000Just like the real thing.This cake is heavenly. I couldn't believe it was gluten free. It is moist and tastes like a high profile bakery product. This is going to be my go to cake mix. [
403022403022B000LKVHYCA1RLGV027DS8J6A. Thomas2451246060800cake wonderful / cheaper to buy at our local storeI have purchased through here before when the mixes were $3.50 - $4.00 if you purchased 6 or more. It was a nice savings for me and I was able to try some items which I was reluctant to do to the price. Now they raised the prices and say you are saving $6.17 on a purchase of 6 - but with shipping going to cost me over $12.00 I am losing, I can purchase them here at the local store for $5.99 each. I am very dissappointed in some greed of people who pray on others with any disability.
403023403023B000LKVHYCA3Q3EZZAJD98KWA. Pendleton3611234915200Gritty & has an aftertaste...I was so excited to try this cake after reading the reviews and was greatly disappointed. I followed the directions, mixing well, and the cake took longer to bake than the instructions indicated. The cake has a gritty texture and sort of a stale aftertaste. It definitely lacks rich chocolate flavor. ** A suggestion for anyone looking for an excellent gluten free chocolate cake... Pamela's Products is one to rave about, no one else would know it's gluten free.
403024403024B000LKVHYCA1XROEGTNO4K0Mct "newly gluten free"2511247702400Disappointed to say the leastDon't want to discouraged anyone here but my friends & family know me as a cake expert. This cake was absolutely awful. I made it for my birthday & cried. I have made Pamela's & it was ok. But this was so grainy, the after taste was UGH! It weighed a ton & I had to throw it all away. For 8 dollars I was not happy. But I will try the Kinnikinnick next because that got such great reviews.
403025403025B001EPQ1IUA2P8I7JBEUH919James D. Orestad "Icebear"0051320364800If you like MarjoramThis is Marjoram. If you like it, you probably like it a lot and want to cook stews and such with it. My local grocery store sells it at the price of $5 for 5 grams. (That is less than a quarter oz.)
Since I love to cook with it, and that price is insane, I looked here on Amazon, and look what I found!

Now this is a LOT of Marjoram, but I use it and love it. I could throw most of it away and still be money ahead, so it is a fantastic deal and it is of very high quality! It tastes great, so happy cooking.
403026403026B005BPVB84AEC90GPFKLAAWLisa Kearns111231331683200Chewy yet dry, high carb and fatI received my Eat.Think.Smile bars free from the Amazon Vine program, in exchange for writing a review of the product.

I pack lunches every day for five people, so I'm always looking for something nutritious and tasty to keep lunches and snacks interesting. I eat a low carb diet, so the first thing I do is read the labels on foods.

My verdict on these bars (my kids also tried one) is that they aren't that healthy, and the texture and flavor of them is just average. They're dense and gummy, and while the chocolate flavor is nice, the cherry flavor is so subtle that it's hardly noticeable. There aren't any recognizable chunks of walnut, either. I thought they tasted too sweet, but the kids disagreed.

Wheat, corn flour and brown sugar are the first ingredients. They contain 4 grams protein, 200 calories, 7 grams of fat, 12 grams of sugar, and 34 carbs. And at $1.52 apiece they're rather expensive for a snack bar.

We eventually finished the box, but won't be looking for these again.
403027403027B005BPVB84A2X06FP2PQ6EK0S. A. ROBBINS "shirley_rw"91111330646400Gritty texture and mostly tasteless, certainly not a health food.These Dark Cherry bars are purported to be healthy nutrition bars. There is really nothing healthy or nutritious about these "Eat Think Smile" bars. They are high in calories (200), fat (7g) and carbs (34g), they have essentially no vitamin content either. The claim is that because they contain cocoa (chocolate) they are good for you because chocolate is supposed to be an antioxidant. That is a very tenuous assumption that has not been fully proven. The only ingredients that might be healthy are the cherries and the oats. I eat Zone nutrition bars and Kellog's Fiber Plus bars. Both taste much better and contain far more healthy ingredients.

I read the hype on the side of the box and whoever wrote it could not have been writing about these "Eat Think Smile" bars. The claim is that these bars are a smart choice! If you are starving and only alternative is eating dirt, the dirt might be a healthier choice actually. I really dislike companies that create this kind of ridiculous untrue hype about any product.

These "Eat Think Smile" bars are basically cookies and that would be ok if they tasted good but they don't. They have a gritty texture and taste overly sweet and did not taste cherry like to me. If you are looking for a great tasting real nutrition bar, then check out the Zone nutrition bars or the Kellog's Fiber Plus bars or any of the other real nutrition bars. And when you do, compare fat, calories, carbs, vitamins and such before you ever consider buying these fake health bars.

If you like gritty cookies with mostly no taste, very sweet and really nothing nutritious in them, then you might like these bars.
If on the other hand you are serious about health and nutrition, then there are a lot of better choices that taste much better.
403028403028B005BPVB84A2ECTCPBTOGW4HA.C.2231329868800Mediocre "Nutrition Bars" with too much sugarI thought these bars were just ok. To me the flavor is mediocre, but I do appreciate the whole grains and natural ingredients. I hesitate to call it a "nutrition bar" with 12 grams of sugar, including brown sugar. Here is the run down.

-made with whole grains (whole wheat, corn, and oats)
-contains cherries and walnuts
-6 grams of fiber
-4 grams of protein
-iron, magnesium, thiamin
-natural ingredients
-they claim the cocoa has more antioxidant power than green tea.
-no HFCs

-12 grams of sugar (I was a little disappointed to see the second ingredient listed is brown sugar. It also contains brown rice syrup).
-The taste is simply ok. Nothing to get excited about.
-The bars are slightly crumbly, but really not too bad.
403029403029B005BPVB84A2RNNW0JC1H790Skigazzi "Hero. Psycho. Insomniac."1121349049600All carbs...some fats...little proteinNot seeing what is so special here. People need (in general) low carbohydrate, high protein snack-supplements to counter the typical diets flaws.

For kicks compare to natures valley chewy granola bars, same protein, less carbohydrates, 2 grams more fat (30 fewer calories than these "health bars ")
403030403030B005BPVB84A28I19Q54MYXGVBuffy1131332892800Eat. Think. Smile. Baked Nutrition Bar, Dark CherryMoist, soft, with a mild cherry flavor. Sweet but not overly sweet. You taste more of the cherry flavor over the oates. If you need a quick fix while you're on the go this will do the trick.
403031403031B005BPVB84A23GS4UGLQBG2VC. Boudreau1131332288000Dry snack barThese dark cherry baked nutrition bars are best summed up as dry. They remind me of those brownie-wannabe snacks called hermits that we had as kids.

The taste is half decent. There is no sign of cherry flavor. Picture someone adding a little sweetener to unsweetened cocoa and just enough moisture to turn it into a dry bar. Did I mention that it is dry? I wouldn't go out of my way to ever have one again, but it is ok with a big glass of milk. It didn't go well with coffee or tea.

When they call it a nutrition bar, they must be referring to the anti-oxidants, because they don't seem particularly nutritious otherwise.
403032403032B005BPVB84A2H2I5FY1PUHP1Boilermate1131331683200Stupid Name, Decent TasteMrs. Boilermate calls these the "Eat, Pray, Love Bars." Despite the silly name, there are a tasty bar. They are very much like as chewy brownie. They have a good chocolate and cherry taste. While I'm not a fan of walnuts, these weren't overpowering. The bars are a bit dry, so an accompanying beverage is recommended.

The ingredients are decent, but the box has a lot of hype, which I take with a grain of salt.

Bottom Line: The name is stupid and I would be embarrassed to bring these to the cashier. The bars taste o.k., but I wouldn't buy them.
403033403033B005BPVB84A3U5HKDHPYBAK3Thomas P. Troyer1121330214400Nutition barThe ingredients look good, there is no MSG or other nasty things. I had high hopes for this bar. It has a very strong cherry flavor which was just a bit strong for me. The real problem was the texture, it has the feeling of eating some very fine clay. It is not really a gritty texture but one which I did not find pleasant. Since I had a pack of 12, I offered one to my wife, my kids, daughter in law and a friend. The friend without any coaching from me came up with the same texture description. Of the others; two said it was "okay", one said "I liked it but I wouldn't buy it" and the other said "I don't like it". No recommendation here.
403034403034B005BPVB84AOEDWQLH2WKKWE. J Tastad "ejt"1131329955200Meh, mostly filler.Flavor is so-so, sort of dry and dusty tasting with bits of crunchiness from the nuts. Sort of sweet brown sugar and cherry extract flavor as well. Tastes don't mix that well. The bar is mostly filler, wheat and corn flour followed by brown sugar. I would rather eat a candy bar and probably just as healthy. I actually prefer eating 85% cocoa dark chocolate bars.
403035403035B005BPVB84A1W415JP5WEAJKRoberta Karchner1131329955200Somewhere between a brownie and a fig newtonAs a diabetic, I enjoy keeping different bars around, carrying them in my purse, onboard planes and trains, and in the car. So I've tried a lot of nutrition bars.

I found these to be about average. The chocolate tasted more like carob, and the fruit gave it a texture somewhere between a brownie and a fig newton. These aren't totally dry, but lean in that direction.

While I will eat them, I won't be trying to find them in the store. I suggest that you purchase an individual box before ordering multiples on Amazon.
403036403036B005BPVB84A5H8NA5CJ0FK4K. "daisy4given"1131329955200A nice snack.If you want a candy bar but want to be a little bit good, than this is the bar for you. With only 4g of protein it's not exactly going to keep you full the way a normal protein bar would, and it has a whopping 200 calories, so it's certainly not a light snack. However, with 7g of fiber and lots of other healthy ingredients, you could certainly do a lot worse. The cherry flavor is almost non-existent, which was disappointing, but it's not a bad-tasting bar at all.
403037403037B005BPVB84A7EK88GF8N40FNicole S. Urdang1121329955200Dry and boringBased on their wholesome ingredients, I wanted to like these. The flavor was ok, slightly chocolatey, and strongly infused with cherry. But, the texture was dry and they looked unappetizing.
403038403038B005BPVB84A3S15YGZ6W6EV2K. Varraso1131329955200After eating, I thought, but I didn't smile much.I have rarely been so perplexed when I have written a review of any product, and I have written more than a few reviews. But this nutrition bar confuses me - it's not one of those "candy bars with vitamins" like some other bars, nor is it as nutritious as say, an apple and a handful of nuts (my usual "meal replacement."). It tastes good, but not as good as a piece of fruit and handful of nuts or the candy bar type bar for that matter, but let's not go there. It tastes a whole lot better than those "Penance for eating a convenient snack" types of bars, of course.

Many of these nutritional bars are billed for meal replacement and as such, this bar fills you more than most because of its generous size (measures 2-1/2" x 4-1/4", larger than a competing bar we had in the pantry.) It is a lot more filling than its weight of 1.8 oz (51 grams) would imply. That's probably due to its generous 6 grams of fiber, which unfortunately is likely due to chicory root extract, am ingredient I personally avoid. I stayed full for hours after eating this, which is unusual for a little bar.

The taste also confused me, and your mileage definitely may vary in this area. I was unable to discern any cocoa flavor at all, but my recent finishing of a box of Valentine's Day chocolate may have something to do with that - the flavor just wasn't strong enough to register with me. I did taste some cherry flavor, which I really thought was artificial flavor instead of real cherries. The first impression I got was more like Robitussin instead of fresh cherries. I didn't taste walnuts at all, and was surprised to see them in the ingredient listing. Walnuts, eggs, wheat and chicory may be allergic triggers for some, and some label reading is in order before buying.

Would I buy these? Probably not, because lately I choose an apple (100 cal) and a packet of 100 calorie cocoa coated almonds when I want a meal in a moment. A check of the label reveals that it has 200 calories, which seems about average for a bar like this, but it also contains 7 grams of fat, which puts this bar into the "once in a while treat" section in our home. Sadly, my husband and child rejected this bar out of hand. That makes it a difficult choice because although these would rate higher than many competing bars, they don't rate as high as peanut butter crackers (190 cal, and very little nutrition), a favorite because of taste alone.
403039403039B005BPVB84AKJHHD5VEH7VGDominique W1131329868800Not very nutritional but they do taste good.The good:
-The taste is fantastic. The cherry is perfectly balanced with the rest of the ingredients. Not like a chocolate covered cherry (which is what I expected) but still tasted good.

-I did a "purse" test and threw one in my bag in the morning to see what it would look like after being carted around all day. Although the bar did break apart, it wasn't crumbly and was still easy to eat. So I give it 5-stars for being able to be a plan-ahead snack to grab on the go.

The bad:
-The bar is dry. Not crumbly but dry tasting. A bit hard to get used to.

-This bar isn't very nutritional at all. For the amount of calories in the bar, there are much better options, even if you are forced to grab a snack from a convenience store. The protein or vitamin/nutrient content hardly even warrants calling this a nutritional bar at all.

I'm giving this a the non-committal, on-the-fence, 3-star ranking. The bar clearly fails a nutritional bar but offers some satisfaction as far as taste and only if you can get past the dryness.

Would I buy this? Probably not. I can't think of any situations where this would be the better option in a store.
403040403040B005BPVB84A3MHGA6BJJ7P27W. T. Hoffman "artist and musician"1141329868800More like a Chocolate Cherry Cookie BarThese Eat/Think/Smile baked nutrition bars, are more like a cookie, than a protein bar. Why? Because they have the same nutritional value of a cookie. Each cookie has 200 calories, with 7 grams of FAT, 34 grams of carbs, and 4 grams of Protein. There's a bit of a problem with the saltiness too, with 240mg of Salt. So, if you need a meal replacement, this isnt it. It simply doesnt have enough protein. On the plus side, these taste really good. They're sweetened with brown sugar, and dextrose and brown rice syrup. As for the chocolate, they are using some South American chocolate, so if you have issue with the child slaves working in the Ivory Coast chocolate farms, your conscious will be relieved. The taste overall is rich, chewy, and complex, mixing the chocolate, cherry and walnut flavors, in a whole wheat-corn-oat flour. Also, the bars have a lot of naturally occuring minerals and vitamins, including magnesium 10% and Iron 6%. Still, if I were thinking of buying a nutrician bar, I'd recommend a protein bar, that's vitamin fortafied. If you are supplimenting a meal, or need a lunch box snack, etc, then these nutrition bars arent a bad choice.
403041403041B005BPVB84A2TO2BN3P4C00LMusic Fan Jeff1121329868800not particularly interesting...don't like the added chicory rootGiven that I liked this brand's granola so much, I anticipated finding this bars delicious as well. Quite honestly I was underwhelmed by their flavor. They don't taste bad -- and there is a nice, subtle cherry flavor -- but overall it just tasted like a slightly sweet flour-based bar.

When I eat a bar like this, I'm generally looking for a decent protein content. Unfortunately these bars (like this brand's granola) get almost all of their calories from fat and carbohydrates. Each bar has only 4 grams of protein. If I'm going to eat a low protein snack, I want it to be something more delicious than this.

My biggest issue with this bar, however, is the addition of chicory root to bring up the fiber content. Each bar contains 6 grams of fiber -- nearly 25% of the recommended daily fiber intake. This could be a great thing for people who ordinarily don't eat whole foods, but if your diet regularly contains whole wheat, brown rice, and fruits and vegetables that contain fiber, then getting 25% of your daily fiber in a bar like this is only going to cause intestinal discomfort.
403042403042B005BPVB84A3CG6YLYZJXQG4Tracy Rowan "dargelos"1141329868800Tasty if a bit dry.Nutrition/energy bars are an iffy proposition. Even if it sounds like you might like it, you could easily find yourself biting into something that's a bit like a mixture of sawdust and rubber cement. Fortunately the Eat, Think, Smile (Odd name, that.) Dark Cherry bar is pretty tasty, though it does suffer from a little bit of dryness. Nevertheless, it's got a brownie-like quality that I enjoy, and if the cherry flavor isn't as cherry-like as you might hope, it's a small thing, really. What you've got is a nice, nutty, chewy, cakey bar that has 6 grams of fiber per 200 calorie bar, and 4 grams of protein. That's not bad, really.

What ETS is promoting here is the antioxidant quality of cocoa. I'm as thrilled as the next chocoholic to think that my favorite indulgence might be good for me, but I really don't know how to evaluate the claim that one sort of cocoa is better than another, or that it's all better than green tea, and honestly if you're eating chocolate because you think it'll improve your health, it might be time to reevaluate the rest of your lifestyle.

Nevertheless, these bars might be just the thing if you want a fast snack. They're small; they'll fit easily in a purse or pocket. What more could you want from something that didn't come out of a bakery?
403043403043B005BPVB84A2YR0TP4FOB316retired consumer 9990011350259200AwfulThe texture and flavor were awful. Little wonder they were sold so cheaply. I would not purchase this company's products again!
403044403044B005BPVB84A2B0ZT6CQL0EM6Woody10031350172800It's cheaper than a candy bar, but not as tastyOn sale for just over $.50 a bar, and low expectations of a baked product, they really are not that bad. They are almost dry and taste a little like saw-dust paste but I was not expecting milk chocolate, melt in your mouth, gooey either. They are in between a traditional granola bar with honey binding the ingredients and dry oatmeal pressed together. The flavors are so subtle that I had to read the wrapper a few times to remind me what flavor they were supposed to be. I checked the date of the bars which were 8 months out so they were not close to expiration and will be gone in a few weeks. Are they worth a buck a bar? Absolutely not. Will you want to eat two at once? Probably not. Will I buy them again? No. They were worth a try though.
403045403045B005BPVB84A25NXQYNKMGBEKB0011349308800taste badThis item is such a rip off. It taste nasty and does not taste like cherry. For something this expensive i imagine it would taste good but its nasty.
403046403046B005BPVB84ALDAF4VVLFRHPPatricia L. Brouillette0041329868800It has a nice taste to it.My mom got these and I tried them. It has a good taste to it, and it is also healthy. The dark cherry and chocolate flavoring do well together. It is a nice afternoon snack, to get rid of the hunger pains till dinner.
403047403047B005BPVB84A3F2VVIQIY6U64Armando N. Roman3541329955200Eat, think, smile, then eat a few more.When it comes to healthy snack bars, I usually go with Odwalla. There's a good variety of flavors and types, they're cheap, and they're pretty nutritious. I'd heard about this 'Eat. Think. Smile.' (I'll just call it ETS) kind from a friend who said nothing but good things about it, and after having a couple, I can see why. These bars are delicious, and aren't bad for you either. The calories are in the usual range for something like this- 200, each bar packs 6g of fiber, and you get 8% of your daily protein as well. Upon the first bite, the ETS bar had a chalky texture to it, almost like an old granola bar. But as I started to chew, everything got better. The chocolate taste is strong but not overpowering, and there's a slight cherry flavor too. Somehow, there's a bit of a banana flavoring too, though bananas are nowhere on the ingredients list. People with allergies to walnuts should beware though, as the ETS Dark Cherry bar here does contain them.

There's only so much you can say about a snack since you need to try it for yourself in order to really get it, but anyone who likes chocolate will probably love this. The bars are filling and just one kept me full for a couple of hours, whereas one Odwalla bar lasts about an hour most of the time for me. The one thing keeping it back from 5 stars is the high sodium count (10% per bar), but it's not too big of a deal. The current price for the ETS bars is good, and they're very much worth your money if you're looking for a good healthy snack.
403048403048B005BPVB84A30UIZJMFL9PLTJish M.1251332374400Yummy Nutrition BarsI'm not going to comment on the nutritional value of these bars, but more on the taste.

These Dark Cherry baked "nutrition bars" are quite yummy and don't have a cardboard-like taste that some have come to expect from these sorts of snacks. It's not too dry (I guess my opinion differs from other reviews), and not too moist. My only major gripe is that it's a bit too crumbly (but not dry!) to hold its shape when you have the bar coming out of the foil wrapper, like the way you might eat a chocolate bar.
403049403049B005BPVB84A19FRW264WZTGPBunson Honeydew0141332115200Not chaulkyVery good because it's not hard and it's not chaulky. But of course, it's not as rich as a bakery item. Then again, this is actually better than some fat heavy dessert from a bake shop.

I would buy this again if I were spending a lot of times outdoors and needed a quick nutrional snack. It's far better than some of the nasty ones out there.
403050403050B005BPVB84AN4HRAGRHHX1HHeather Harris "ATitus2Woman"0141330646400nutrition barThis bar is made with what I would consider healthy ingredients, so that made me wary of the texture. Normally, the "real food" bars are kinda gross and dried out. But, these bars were not that at all to me. They had a nice texture, and flavor. One of them kept me full all morning while I was busy running errands, and that was awesome. They held up nice in my purse, with all the banging around that can happen with that, and my kids liked them as well.

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