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403051403051B005BPVB84A3BZUQXA2QHDI2Beccaboney "beccaboney"0151330041600Yum, Yum...Like My Oatmeal Cookies!So I got these thinking they would be an ideal meal replacement bar. At 200 calories, and made from whole grains, I was hopeful that this would be delicious AND nutritious. It does not disappoint. And this bar is SOFT, which is rare in bars these days. What makes it so soft is the brown sugar. For me, I don't mind at all. Personally, I am totally over all the fake sugar stuff, so I am happy to have the real stuff in there. So first ingredient a blend of whole wheat and corn flour, then brown sugar, then oats. Then about 8 other things, including eggs and walnuts and cherries. I like that it's 6 grams of fiber, regular amount of carbs (34) and I'm not really concerned about the fat (7). The only minor issue is the protein. It only has 4, so for a meal replacement it doesn't really cut it. But it's scrumpcious like a soft oatmeal cookie so I will overlook it. The cocoa is not very apparent, but I don't really care. I really like this bar!
403052403052B005BPVB84A34GM17T6WTJDKD. MCKICHAN0141329955200A bit dry but not bad tasting overall. Nice as a quick snackLike a few others have remarked these are a bit on the dry side. Nothing where I needed water to wash them down or anything, just a bit more noticeable then most energy/fitness bars. After the first fews bites I didn't really notice any more and found the taste appealing although not something that bowled me over. I generally eat z-bars or some of the zone perfect fare and would work these bars into the rotation.

The ingredient list is typical outside of the cocoa claims. This is not a gluten free product. It also does list brown rice syrup as an ingredient, although it is the second one from the end indicating a fairly low presence.(Compared to my z-bars where it is the 2nd ingredient listed). Pricewise they are bit on the high side, in my opinion, when compared to the aforementioned z-bars, zone perfect, luna, or labrada bars. Bring the price in-line with those offering and this would be a great alternative.
403053403053B005BPVB84AR3EVUQF0AC7RJ. Ung0141329955200great taste, perfect snack. love it!I have eaten many "healthy" bars, some have been great and some terrible.
Before I purchase health-claiming-filled bars, I evaluate the following
contents: calories, fat, carbohydrates, and sugar. I also aim for whole
grain and avoid high fructose corn syrup at all costs. If anyone is into
healthy eating, I am sure everything I have mentioned sounds familiar.
Taking all my inspections into consideration, this bar exceeded my
expectations. The ingredients are healthful, and I was certainly left
thinking and smiling.

Considering content, even if one bar is 200 calories, it's a perfect
snack-choice for a post "intense cardio" workout (zumba!). If you compare a
Fiber One bar to this one, some of their bars are smaller and have 240+
calories, including more sugar and carbohydrates. I prefer more protein in
my bars, but with all else included in this bar, 4g is good enough for me.

Also, I just don't see how flavor can go wrong with the combination this bar
offers: dark cherry and cocoa. As for the texture of the bar, however,
that's where some consumers might be picky; the bar is, after all, slightly
dry, but not so dry as to make chewing unpleasant. Consider a semi-moist
cookie for texture. There's a level of texture one desires in a chewy
chocolate chip cookie. Comparing to a cookie, this bar's texture is below
that craving; it is still tasty nonetheless. My five year old enjoyed the
bar so much, he begged me not to take all of the bars to work (for my
snack), because he wanted to keep a few bars at home for when he craved
eating one.

Overall, I (and my family) loved this bar. I do wish the price per bar were
cheaper. However, I do believe the taste trumps price, especially because
it's healthful!
403054403054B005BPVB84AAPPWNP9FWVWSKathlyn Storey "Kathlyn A Storey"0141329955200Better than expectedAt age 64, my nutrition bar requirements are totally driven by taste and calories. I'm not usually a fan of baked bars because they tend to be dry, if not crumbly, and fairly bland. This puts me immediately in mind of Clif bars. At 200 calories, ETS bar's dark cherry flavor was a pleasant surprise because I could actually taste both the dark cherry and cocoa flavors without being over or underwhelmed by the sugar content. The bar is not as moist as I'd like, but it holds together.

The ingredient list is special to me because most everything is recognizable and just as specified on the Amazon page. The allergy information disclosure, that this product is manufactured on equipment that processes peanuts, other tree nuts and soy, is also printed on the box.

For me, these bars are somewhat pricey at $1.52 each. As a rule, I pay that much only for KIND bars, my absolute favorite. However, ETS dark cherry bars are tasty, filling, have no aftertaste, and are not nearly as sticky to eat in the car (when on the go) as KIND bars.
403055403055B005BPVB84A79RVOOH3DED4jpr0141329868800Enough to stand out among a sea of nutrition bars?It seems like another new type of nutrition bar, energy bar, or diet bar pops up every week. I can't even count the number of brands, let alone varieties. A lot of them are loaded with sugar, and in many cases you might be better off just eating an apple or a banana and a handful of nuts, but they are really convenient to have around. They keep for a long time, have interesting and varied flavors, and are certainly much better for you than most any candy bar.

To compete in such a crowded market, these products need some sort of differentiator to set them apart from the crowd. In the case of "Eat. Think. Smile." from Apure foods (a Colorado subsidiary of Hershey's) it's the Cocoa Lavado, which they claim has much higher levels of antioxidants in comparison to common Dutch processed cocoa. Such flavonoids might be good for your heart and circulatory system and could potentially even lower cancer risk a tiny bit.

There have been at least a couple of studies indicating there may well be health benefits to lavado "washed" cocoa, including one last year from Pennsylvania State University that showed the higher levels of polyphenols in this type of cocoa appear to help block carbohydrates and fats, potentially helping manage weight.

I was curious how much of this cocoa is in each bar, in comparison to how much would be needed for any health benefits to be fully realized. A Hershey study cited by Eat. Think. Smile. seemed to indicate that consuming 22g of natural cocoa was found to cause a measureable improvement in blood vessel health, but I couldn't easily find how many grams of cocoa these bars actually contain. I'll have to assume for now that they contain at least enough to provide some potential benefit.

So, is it enough? I had to also evaluate the taste, price, and other factors to help find out.
At over a dollar per bar, these certainly aren't cheap, but also not out of line with other nutrition bars on the market. I don't know how much it costs to make one of these or a PowerBar or Cliff Bar, etc, but I suspect they must be rather profitable, as evidenced by the crowded market, and yet still fairly steady prices. I must be in the wrong line of work.

As for ingredients and nutrition, these certainly aren't for the allergy-prone, as they contain nuts, milk, wheat, corn, and eggs. As long as that's not a problem, they seem reasonably balanced from a nutritional perspective with mostly natural ingredients, including the cocoa, and without a bunch of extra vitamins artificially crammed in for show. They have 200 calories, 4g protein, and 6g of fiber, much of it from chicory root extract (for comparison Fiber One bars, which are a little smaller, have about 140 calories, 2g protein, and 9g of fiber).

I found the Dark Cherry flavor nutrition bars to have a nice flavor, fairly sweet, but not overpoweringly so, with a somewhat light and vaguely cakelike texture (at least in comparison to heavy protein and sports nutrition bars). The cherry bits, nuts, and oats seemed well balanced without overpowering the cocoa flavor, and as nutrition bars go, these tasted pretty good.

Would I buy more? Probably, if they go on sale. I do like them better than some other bars, and I also like the idea of the natural, minimally processed cocoa, but I still think the whole product category is overpriced so I tend to either look for good deals, or I find alternate snacks (for example the aforementioned fresh fruit and nuts). It's hard to beat the convenience of bars you can just drop in a backpack or desk or locker for when you need them though, and these seem as good as most and better than many.
403056403056B005BPVB84AM18CU72YEWH5A. J Terry0141329868800Good nutrition plus good tasteThis cherry-chocolate nutrition bar is a perfect example of a snack that tastes bad for you, but is really good for you. The ingredients include whole wheat flour, rolled oats, walnuts, and canola oil. At 200 calories each, one or two bars makes a great quick breakfast-at-your-desk or afternoon pick-me-up.
403057403057B005BPVB84AS6SH2JM2YY3HR Schmidt0141329696000Nice, but I'm not substituting these for my Clif bars...I've tried a number of "nutrition bars" over the years. There are certain characteristics that make them acceptable and desirable:

1. Taste - they have to taste halfway decent. I realize these bars in general aren't supposed to be candy bars, but in the heat of competition or need, a bit of taste isn't bad.

2. Calories - one of the reasons for having a bar is to supplement your diet. For example, I ran 10 miles this morning, costing me about 1000 calories. Most bars are in the 200-300 calorie range.

3. Fat - I'd like the calories from fat to be less than 30%.

4. Ingredients - when push comes to shove, organic, whole grains, and few additives is my goal.

5. Fiber - at least 6 grams of fiber per serving helps the world go round.

6. High fructose corn syrup - avoid, avoid, avoid.

7. Consistency - they shouldn't fall apart as you are eating them.

So this particular bar, Eat. Think. Smile. Baked Nutrition Bar (Dark Cherry) has a nice taste (and cherries in the ingredients!), is 200 calories with 60 calories from fat, has 6 grams of fiber, is a bit crumbly (don't eat it on a treadmill), and is mostly whole wheat, corn, and oats (nice). It's not vegan. There is no HFCS (yay).

I like the dark cherry taste. Better than some, but I'm not giving up my Clif Bars.
403058403058B005BPVB84A3SLC8F6VIWXIRJohn T. Horner "jthorner"0251335052800YummyI tried two different flavors of this product, and the Dark Cherry stood out taste wise. It is great that they didn't over-sweeten the thing, but left some cherry zing to it. Perfect for those times when there simply isn't the time to eat proper food. Much better for you then stopping at a fast food joint usually is!
403059403059B005BPVB84ANRD6B90QL0FFTruth Seeker0251329868800I'm Smiling! I'm Smiling!It is such a pleasure to give a health bar a good review. I have tried many and found them wanting. Some were really bland. Some tasted like moldy hay,(I could write a book about products that taste and smell like moldy hay, especially baby formula and cereals sold for the comsumption of children)one of the biggest disgraces in this country, in my opinion. I think if it smells like moldy hay, and it tastes like moldy hay, it's probably made of moldy hay. And people wonder why their children are sick and have allergies. I wonder why they wonder. If you don't know what moldy hay smells like, you need to find out so you can protect your children.) Some tasted like somebody ground up a multivitamin and made it into a bar. My least favorites are the ones that taste like iron. Uggh! But my biggest complaint is that no matter how much protein they have and how many calories they have, they are not satisfying.

I found these bars to be both delicious and satisfying. They came on a day when I came home from a trip and was tired and hungry and didn't want to cook anything and didn't want to go out. I ate one, thought it was really good, but I wasn't quite satisfied. So I ate another one. I was completely satisfied and wasn't hungry for the rest of the evening. That's never happened before with any bar. And, I don't think 400 calories is bad for a meal. I love the subtle but rich chocolate taste complimented by cherry flavoring which is not overdone. Some products have so much cherry flavoring they are sickening, but this bar is just right. I would definitely buy these bars.

Frankly, I'm a little suspicious of the lukewarm reviews written by other reviewers because it sounds like they haven't had much experience with health bars. I wonder if they are working for other companies that sell this particular type of product. But that couldn't possibly be. No company would think of hiring someone to give a rival company's product a lukewarm or poor review. Would they?
403060403060B000RNH2NIA3VJZ9LPU4SF3QGr33n4blu3 "La leche se arde."5621273363200Do not be tempted! (Attempt Number 2)After the disaster that was the Rescue WHYTR-BB8 W-H-Y Trap for Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets, I decided to try the Victor Poison-Free M370 Yellow Jacket Magnet Disposable Bag Trap. The swelling had receded from all of my newly acquired stings and I was ready for revenge. This had trap had to work - I mean, how could it not? There are pictures of yellow jackets trapped in the bag on the box!

Oh how wrong I was. I filled the bag with apple juice and bait and hung it on a tree next to my garage. I sat in wait, watching the bag and waiting for the buzzing vermin circle the bag. One even landed on top of the plastic rim. It left, but not before it mocked me by doing a jig.

I left the bag up for four weeks with no results. When I went out to get it I noticed a wasp nest FIVE FEET AWAY! Yup, this whole queen catcher line is complete garbage. The nest was approximately 1/3 of the way built and not one stupid worker bee was floating in the bag! Granted these were paper wasps and not a member of the subfamily Vespinae - yellow jackets, but the nest was already about the size of a softball!

I was suddenly inspired and decided to use the bag to take care of the wasp problem. I ripped the yellow plastic off and dumped the fluid. I inverted the bag and wrapped it around my hand, like you do when you're picking up dog poop. I grabbed the nest and quickly folded the bag around the top. Perfect fit! I shook the bag up and held it to my face to taunt the now enraged wasps. How satisfying. Then I tossed it in my trashcan and wandered off.

Unfortunately wasps can actually live for more than an hour in a closed trashcan, as I discovered much to my horror when I tossed out the remains of the Rescue WHYTR-BB8 W-H-Y Trap for Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets. Oh boy were the wasps mad at me! Now I know that I have a high immunity to both yellow jacket AND paper wasp stings.
403061403061B000RNH2NIAKZ9D1XP1AFUXBenjamin W. Pearre2221280016000Feeble.I'm in Colorado. I placed the trap near frequent activity of the local yellow fauna, in the sun. I used it as directed. I used rainwater to dissolve their bait. It caught nothing. Three weeks later we had a windy day, and the top separated from the bag, which fell off. The end.
403062403062B000RNH2NIA11QE0UV68L3KJJim Browder2251185667200Best on the marketWe have developed a terrible yellowjacket problem this summer. We have purchase a couple of different brands of trap, but nothing has worked as well as this one. Mixing the attractant with apple juice or beer instead of water seems to improve its effectiveness. Buy as many as you can, because locally we have run out.
403063403063B005RF3FI2A2FHWQ3KUIF0KJ.A. Severson "J.A. Severson"2251328227200Great taste!This is a great BBQ sauce. I have tried a lot of sugar free products and this one is the best I have had.
403064403064B005RF3FI2A1RLA4JD522O0SLDG Nicole1151338508800Great tasting healthier BBQ sauceSo glad to see more sugar free foods using natural stevia sweetner instead of artificial chemical based sweetners. This BBQ sauce is fantastic!! It's a nice alternative to the many bland things out there that are natural, gluten free, sugar free etc.
403065403065B002DHL08OA358LYMJRR1IJWAngryMonkey "serg3480fg34f7g1231"0031350172800Use to think Kashi was goodThe product seem to vary quite a bit on quality, Sometime it taste funny, others it's a bit burnt, occasionally it's good
They are using GMO's in their products and side with Monsanto on GMO labeling. That by itself it enough for me to never buy from them again. There are healthier cookie choices out there.
403066403066B002DHL08OA36E68YOWHTIDNJessica0041348963200Nutritious alternative, one cookie is a serving, and really satiating.Okay, it's kashi, it's healthy, it's full of real food, in as much, these are more substantial (read thick and grainy) than a regular cookie...these are not going to taste like standard sugar and fat laden cookies...the cookies are rather dry (and i do have some concerns about the little packs in the boxes that keep the cookies ...umm fresh) I'm not sure how safe/healthy those are but i'm not a scientist so i'll leave it at that (I guess they are moisture control) anyhow, all in all these cookies are good for someone who wants a cookie but without the guilt factor. These are one at a time sized cookies, and I actually can't imagine wanting to eat more than one at a sitting anyhow because they are kind of hard to work through (See grainy/dry) but the flavor overall is good, I prefer oatmeal raisin over this or the dark chocolate variety but that's subjective. ..Also, something to note, if you are buying kashi items in bulk be prepared to eat a lot of them and quickly as the expiration dates are usually no more than 2 or 3 months past purchse (afterall these don't have all the chemicals/preservatives of your typical quick foods) All in all, this is a great healthy option for cookie lovers, or would work well in a kids lunch box!
403067403067B002DHL08OA2JG5LR4OU9VZ8Robert L. Stiles Jr.0051344470400organic cookiesAll Kashi products are healthy. The cookies are low in sugar and fat and made with ingredients that are recognizable! They're soft and taste good:)
403068403068B002DHL08OAH9NU69EYZOC9Zy and Incas Mom00213375584008.5 ounces is 8 cookies...Awesome cookies. 3 stars off for the packaging.

Our family loves these cookies, we have been buying them since kashi released the product. The box these arrived in looks exactly like the box we usually buy, I guess I did not pay attention to the actual ounces. Before this order, there where always 3 pockets containing 4 cookies each, for a total of 12 cookies per box. This box is mainly dead air space with 2 pockets containing 4 cookies each. 8.5 ounces is 8 cookies.
403069403069B002DHL08OA38MR3T7M1CK0Ajudy mcnamara0051327449600great deal great productWe love these breakfast cookies. At least that is what we eat them for and it is hard to find this particular flavoring in the stores. We have no trouble purchasing the other two flavors but can never find these. Thank you for supplying them to us.
403070403070B002DHL08OA2J1NC721YS9UCR. Kaur "Sheena"0051318550400Love itOne cookie is enough to fill you up for a while and is filled with the goodness of oatmeal and trailmix, you won't feel guilty indulding in this treat. A great alternative to the fatty pepperidge farm cookies.
403071403071B002DHL08OA1UL74OE5A2ZYIJ. Higgs "bahama shopper"0051313798400little bit of everythingI love these cookies. They have a little bit of everything and are so good. Soft baked and they make you feel good about eating them. Shared with a couple friends and they enjoyed them as well.
403072403072B002DHL08OA3SRW65NLAXQCGHenry Friedman "mathist"0151290211200My Favorite Cookie!!I love these Kashi "Happy Trail Mix" Cookies. My local supermarkets carry only the other two kinds of Kashi Cookies -- the "Flax" and the "Chocolate" -- but to me there's no comparison. So I was delighted to discover them at And "subscribe and save" keeps them coming.
403073403073B002DHL08OA2Z54XT0DZ0H12Julie11011257379200NOT GRANOLA BARS AS PICTURED!!This product is the Kashi Happy Trail Mix COOKIES not Trail Mix Granola Bars as pictured!
403074403074B003UN4HWQA280FJ8O6AX6DQRM1151309219200Best Oyster knifeNot sure how he did this, but this is the best oyster knife I have ever used. From the grip to the tip, it is a fantastic tool for opening oysters from the hinge. The grip takes a little getting used to, but, once you do, oyster beware. The slight bend on the tip is perfect for prying open the hinge on medium and large oysters. For 90% plus of these oysters, the effort required to open them will be minimal. And, no more slipping and stabbing yourself with a sharp tip! For the money, you absolutely can not beat this product, and it still would be a bargain at twice the price. He also offers a slightly thinner/smaller blade with a white handle to use in opening scallops or smaller oysters from the non-hinge (bill) end. Get both styles--you will not regret it! But, don't use the white handled one to open from the hinge or you will end up with a broken blade. Should you break the tip on a white handled knife, use a file to smooth out the tip and you can keep using it. It actually may work a bit better on smaller oysters after it is sharpened, as it will have a thinner edge to work into the shell. Many "professional" shuckers sharpen the blades on their knives. But, you obviously need to be very careful if you do this as it really is a knife then. I can attest to this as I opened up the side of a finger next to the nail at a friend's oysterfest using my sharpened white knife. That was my only slip all day with that knife, but that was all it took--painful!

Pair this with

Ironclad Mach 5 Gloves (I wear on both hands) and

G & F 1670XL Cut Resistant 100-Percent Kevlar gloves (for your oyster hand, so you end up with two gloves)

and you should be ready to shuck a box.

I recently noticed that Lamson sells a knife with a similar, if not identical, blade design. But, it has a round wooden handle. While I have not used the Lamson product, I find that the handle on the Casson product really works better than the traditional handle designs. Plus, the Casson was cheaper than the Lamson at my local retailer.
403075403075B003UN4HWQA15RCY2VCHE4W3B. W. Hall "Food Enthusiast"1151304380800Great!I received this knife as a gift a year ago, and have since put it through much abuse. I work in a French restaurant in New York, and we sell a fair amount of oysters, so a good knife is a great tool. Everyone in the kitchen asks to borrow my knife when it's their turn to shuck, which is testament enough for me.

I really love this oyster knife, and am about to order a second...
403076403076B003UN4HWQAZJY5PX95G6SENancy Brungard1151285372800Best oyster knife ever!This oyster knife is the best I have ever used for shucking oysters. It is uber strong and secure in the hand, and the perfect shape and thickness for getting into the hinge. Even if you only need to shuck oyster once a year, this knife is worth it.
403078403078B001B7PPK6A3MSO8U4KASNXHK. Holt1151235779200Very SatisfiedThis product has disappeared from the stores so when I found it on line, I was elated. The product came as advertised and I am enjoying it today.
403079403079B001B7PPK6A3MF91KJMGMLF9Dr. Cockroach0051345075200cloretsThe product is one I have been using for years, but it is difficult to find in any store now so I bought it through the mail. I worked well!
403080403080B001B7PPK6A3NIVB6MZW5TPWDarrell A. Gutermuth/Michele Guterm0051317081600good deal on gumThe gum was exactly as we had requested. It was of good quality, and was not stale. We would reccomend this to anyone who would like this kind of gum.

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