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403111403111B002ANABN6A29IY4WMZ48QCJKElliott1151319500800Great ProductI've recently switched my cats to all grain free food. (if you still feed your cats (or dogs!) with grain filled food, especially if you have had a problem with bladder or kidney stones, I implore you to look at the reviews and research of grain free food.) That being said, my ragdoll usually only eats dry food and my shorthair usually eats the wet food. Amazon delivered this to my doorstep today and I opened a can and fed it right away to see if they liked it. After taking a shower I came back out and it was ALL gone, and my ragdoll was finishing up what little was left. The cat food box says on the front that it was made in a human food facility, but I don't know much about cat food that isn't made in a human food facility. I still appreciate the fact that they are trying to say it is higher quality. I will probably be buying this brand from now on, I just wish Amazon Prime members got it in two days like usual, but it is shipped from pet food direct so :(.
403112403112B002ANABN6A2UUB6MIBEBPH5Patricia Summers "manitou girl"1151318118400High quality cat food!My cat loves this! You are able to see the pieces of chicken & tuna! It is very fresh and I was tempted to take a bite, though I didn't of course. :)
403113403113B002ANABN6A1EC9FOXZLQM4Candy Y. Kelly "senior student"1151313107200Cats LOVE Weruva BFFMy four discriminating cats rejected every other brand of cat food that was placed in their bowls, but still love BFF. Amazon's very low price is GREAT and the food is delivered to my door. Who could ask for more? All five of us are happy.
403114403114B002ANABN6A2502DHS7L1UDXJ. Brynda1131298419200Pretty Goodbut not as good a weruva -- much more chunky and the cats do not seem to like as much. All and all a solid back up for the back of the cupboard.
403115403115B002ANABN6A25R6GV3ZTC0O5M. Stover1141296518400Energetic Cat!I recently adopted a kitten just under a year old. At first we thought there was something wrong with her, she wouldn't do normal crazy kitten things. After reading about cat nutrition, I discovered what I had fed to my cats as a kid was completely backwards, as is most 'cat food' even today. I read about BFF and decided to let her try some. Now my cat doesn't rest all day, but is playful and as crazy as a kitten should be. Also of note, there is much more urine in her litter box each day, which is a good sign of how much water is in the food. She's also volunteering her presence more now, not just when she is hungry. I had to take a star off, not because of the product, but since Amazon doesn't let me order more than 2 packs per flavor. I'd give it 6 stars if I could 'subscribe' as you can with other types of food on Amazon.

Also, I would recommend the 3oz cans if you have only one cat. You will have to feed him/her more throughout the day, but it can dry out if they don't finish it, which defeats some of the purpose besides being unappetizing to the cat.
403116403116B002ANABN6A15YKVAGIPBI7Fkostanca "Konnie"1151260057600Really Good !!!Awwww another winner from Weruva, i really like the brand and they made the BFF line with us in mind. It's a little cheaper than the actual Weruva brand cause its seafood based. Their seafood has the lowest mercury levels but still this isnt recomended for everyday use on your kitties, you're supposed to switch it around. I only give it to my babies 1 or 2-ice a week that's it. You should hear them begging when the can is popped open ha ha ha.
403117403117B002ANABN6A30QVPEKVC1787S-key6911309651200Carrageenan ingredient NOT good !If your cat has GI or stomach problems, be SURE to read the ingredients on the label as several of the BFF flavors contain Carrageenan which is not at all healthy for your cat (or people for that matter). It causes GI problems and heartburn -- the very last thing a kitty needs. It does NOT appear that Carrageenan is listed in the Amazon description, but if one checks the BFF website, you can find complete product ingredients.

In particular, this BFF has the Carrageenan listed towards the top of the ingredient list, so more highly concentrated.

My cat needs grain-free food for her IBD and I purchased a few cans of this BFF locally. The "Carrageenan" on the label got me to sleuthing and discovered some food makers (pet and human) use this as a filler.


Just a heads up for folks ..!
403118403118B002ANABN6A1SGX5VMNU516TConnie0051350864000my cat loves it!This is not very expensive compare to other brands, grain-free, my 3-year old cat goes crazy over it! It looks like canned tuna with chicken gravy. Just started feeding him his second car, let's see if it'll improve my cat's health
403119403119B002ANABN6A1IJ65LMBL71FPAllyson O0041343952000Finicky Cat Eats ItMy cat is somewhat choosy about her food, and she likes this. There are little meat-ball like pieces in here that she leaves behind if I don't smash them a bit with a fork before serving, but that's not a big deal. Satisfied.
403120403120B002ANABN6A22S2SUMTF3ZBXTerri M. Pendleton "gidgetgoes"0051342569600Absolute Life Saver!My 14 year old kitty's mouth does not work so well anymore, and she has trouble eating most of the grain free wet foods, which tend to be too chunky or solid. This awesome wet food is full of jelly and broth as well as meat, and it's PERFECT for an old kitty's mouth. She has not eaten a full helping of cat food in YEARS, but the very first can of this stuff I set out for her was GONE almost instantly. She is usually constantly screaming for treats, but after having a full 3 ounce can of this, she is happy and scream free. I have never seen her take to a wet food so instantly and so completely. Yes, it smells like tuna...because it's made from tuna? It's pungent but she frickin' LOVES it. How nice to see my poor old girl eat every last bit of something. I am just so grateful I found this food! Will be ordering it on a regular basis. Thanks, BFF!
403121403121B002ANABN6A1VIXNWFFLOKUQViolet Zephyr0051331596800What a great treat!I don't feed fish to Hanx too often, but this has become a go to occasional treat for him! He loves this stuff and devours it in a flash! I trust Weruva as a brand and so far like b.f.f. a lot, so does Hanx.
403122403122B002ANABN6A273R71NB411LXS.L.0051330732800Excellent product!Wow... ALL the cats scarfed it down! Even the ones that don't eat canned food! A couple of the ferals that rarely comes out for me willing came out and was talking and that's just from what they scented!
403123403123B002ANABN6A2FW8AXHIXCP92vick0051325289600This stuff is kitty crackThe BFF line is great; my cats adore it (to the point of occasionally going on food strike when I try to get them to eat other things), its fairly reasonably priced and aside from the mercury issues, it's a really healthy catfood lacking all the crud that's usually in commercially prepared foods (bad additives, grains, corn etc).

This particular flavor (tuna and shrimp) is their favorite, but I also feed the tuna and pumpkin flavor which is a close second. The only reason that I don't feed this 100% of the time, is because just like with humans, you have to be a little concerned about the amount of mercury in fish. Nothing to do specifically with this brand - they do everything right. It's just not the healthiest thing in the world to feed nothing but tuna - the mercury levels can build up and that isn't good. So I alternate this with a chicken product.

Otherwise - this is top notch catfood.
403124403124B002ANABN6A21O3NIG8WX0X4Tink0051312848000best feline cat foodMy cats love this food. They pick at other brands or won't eat it at all so I decided to try this brand. I can't find it locally and when I was ordering the Weruva decided to try a case. I mix half a can in with the dry Blue Select and they inhale it and want more.
403125403125B002ANABN6A3OW4DVJ23FTVVjanie0051312848000My cats love it!!!My fussy cats love this food and from what I've read, it's good for them, too. Finally, we both win. Also, the food looks like real food. You can actually see the chicken and tuna. Very happy with this purchase!
403126403126B002ANABN6A2XH9TRSO0283KMelody Owens "Melody O, CPDT-KA "Pro Dog ...0041311206400Good priceMy cat is used to eating Weruva and Tiki Cat, so I wasn't sure how he would take to this brand. This doesn't look at all like the previous two brands (which actually look like people food) whereas BFF brand looks like typical cat food. Lou isn't normally picky, but he doesn't eat this food quite as quickly as Tiki or Weruva. I bought two cases of 10 (Tuna & Bonito and Tuna & Shrimp) and while it's a good price, I think next time we'll stick to Weruva for big cans of food and Tiki for small cans (he gets one big can in the am and one small can in the pm!) I'd buy this stuff again in the future if I was in a pinch, as it's not a bad food...I just like my cats food to look more like real fish or chicken vs over processed "stuff". But good ingredients and grain free at a good price!
403127403127B002ANABN6A1VZNYJIK4YWSKTuesday "Is it just me... or did S/E maybe do...0051310601600My cat loves this, and even I think it smells good!I've bought several flavors of the b.f.f. line for my cat, and she chows down on every one of them! Even my roommate's cat, who is extremely picky with wet food (to the point that there is literally only one brand he would eat at all) has been caught sneaking tastes out of her bowl now! This stuff is very high grade - if you check out the b.f.f. site, they make all of their items in a human food processing facility, and there is no grain filler in the food. When opening the cans, it really smells like something you'd open up to eat yourself! I love this product and I will continue to buy it for my baby.
403128403128B002ANABN6A1QUZADCQO84ICS. Evans0051309046400Kitty Cayenne loves her BFF Canned Cat Food...and I am happy to know that it is a product manufactured with cat health in mind - it's all good. Purchased through Amazon I save big bucks and buy three different 8 packs at once. I use BFF to supplement her dry food in the a.m. and p.m. My kitty (a former under-weight pound cat) always licks her plate clean! I will never buy grocery store cat food again.
403129403129B002ANABN6A5BCR3PFH9C06Yahpee0031308700800Mixed feelings on thisGreat price, easy ship and I love this brand. Just not a fan of this flavor. My cats just don't want to eat this. Maybe it's the pumpkin?
403130403130B002ANABN6A253N5LJL94DLFKevin Selkowitz "the selkowitz"0051307836800My picky eater loves it!I've got a picky eater who loves this stuff, especially the tuna and salmon flavor. Food appears very high quality and its a great value.
403131403131B002ANABN6A1X337YHN37MY8Kathy L. Ferguson ""0051306800000Pleased picky eater with this foodI have 2 picky eaters at home and have bought many of the other very expensive popular brands of cat food without luck. I was thrilled to find these, and thrilled to know that my cats love all the different flavors that they offer. Yes it is on the spendy side, but at least I'm no longer giving away the other expensive brands that they wouldn't eat (because I misplaced the receipt or didn't return them on time). I love bff! And very cool that there is a veggie option to throw into the mix.
403132403132B002ANABN6A2Z5BD8WIU21UQ03tripleb0051306454400Very Pleased.My spoiled kitty loves this food. I like that this is grain free and the price is better than other brands. The food is chunky but not to chunky and it looks better than most cat foods. I would definitely recommend this food to other cat owners.
403133403133B002ANABN6A1PPKVJ0Y4DLFEV. Haines "Aryel Nyght"0051305504000My cats best friendI was looking for a cat food without grains, and read the reviews on this line of cat food. So I took a chance and ordered it hoping my cats would like it. YES they do. I have 2 male cats one 12 yrs and one 7 yrs. The 7 year old has IBS and vomits most cat food up. He has not vomited this up once. (YEAH!) My older cat eats this and leaves most of the Fancy Feast I put in their bowls. I am so glad I found this as I believe that the grains and fruits they put in cat food is not good for them.
403134403134B002ANABN6A1L91NLNUQSOEWC. Rapha0051304640000Smells like real foodMy two cat enoy this canned food. They come running as I get it out of the cabinet. I recommend this canned cat food.
403135403135B002ANABN6A2O8XS3QNT0QN4K. Wessel "Deep Search"0051304640000A winning combinationTwo of my cats are very picky eaters most of the time and will only eat kibble or straight up canned tuna. They even turn their noses up at canned salmon and sardines. Even though this food is all fish, I was afraid they might snub it, too, and they normally don't like canned cat foods at all. But they love this. The food has a lot of tuna, but you can tell it has the chunks of tilapia in it. My cats didn't hesitate to eat all of it. I intend to try the other flavors to get some variety in their diet.

And I liked that this canned food is very densely packed, not soupy. I just add a little water if the cats need it wetter.
403136403136B002ANABN6AICRJL9ZEU173Gerri LeCrone0051303603200Great Cat FoodMy cat's favorite food is this company's chicken licking, but for variety, this one is great! I like the fact that it's "human grade" and doesn't have a lot of unnecessary additives. My cat doesn't "burp" when he eat's this product!
403137403137B002ANABN6AFWMKXCYDP9UTAshley L "LAshleyC07"0041302220800Cat liked it for a short time...I thought I found a new cat food my cat would love forever. However, after 2 weeks my cat would not touch the stuff...I guess it's back to the drawing board...
403138403138B002ANABN6A2ULF3CXTV4R1PTexas Rose "Texas Rose"0051301616000Smells so good and the cat loves it!My cat went into mourning when our dog died and wouldn't eat, so my friend gave me a tin of this to try and that got her back on track. So, I ordered more and boy, did she love it. It even smells good, almost like human tin food!
403139403139B002ANABN6A2ETDX2PIFTCQDAmethyst Marzipan0051300924800Extremely high quality cat food at affordable priceI love BFF by Weruva because it's incredibly healthy, with only quality meats and supplements and no grains or by-products, but is so much cheaper than any other "premium" brand of comparable quality out there. I don't even know how they manage to keep the price so reasonable. The difference in quality is obvious when you open the can, as the food hasn't been ground into unrecognizable oblivion but still has identifiably shredded meat and looks a healthy flesh color, not some unsatisfying 'blah' brown. I'm a student, so I'm on a very tight budget, but it's worth it to me to purchase BFF for my cats because I believe in preventative care. Feed my cats well from the beginning and they'll live long, healthy, happy lives with less health problems that will leave me with expensive vet bills. As for now, my cats and kitten gobble it up in a second flat. It's obvious they love every flavor I've tried with them (and one is even quite picky). Their fur is like silk, too. This is clearly a great food.
403140403140B002ANABN6A3T0GISQQDOHIINicole0051300579200BFF Tuna and Bonito Be Mine, 5.5 oz. 8-packI recently upgraded to higher quality canned food, first trying the standard Weruva offerings and now the BFF (a Weruva sub-brand?) I like that BFF offers flavors with gravies and others with aspic, as it increases feeding time variety. BFF is certainly a good value compared to the other high-end natural and grain-free products, and even my pickiest senior guy enjoyed the tuna and bonito variety. I will continue purchasing the standard Weruva in Paw Lickin' Chicken since my boys love it, but we are happy to mix it up with BFF. The inclusion of the skin on some fish pieces is certainly a confidence-booster that my cats are getting real food, not mystery meat. I also appreciate the 5.5 ounce can size, as we can share a can each feeding and both cats get their fill.

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