Amazon Fine Food Reviews

403201403201B000FIP7X2A1LMDL4R7EP87PMaryEllen Melchiorre0051335484800Delicious!We used to be able to buy these cookies locally but haven't found them in a long while. Finally saw they were available through Amazon and bought a whole case of them. We like to have two cookies with coffee each morning to get the day off to a good start. Will order again and again.
403202403202B000FIP7X2A1WSFYGLRZI51Dmargie4130041334534400Love These cookiesThese light and airy cookies are fantastic. The anise flavor is just right, not overbearing. You will be very satisfied with this product without a doubt.Give them a try & you'll have a new favorite cookie like me. Amazon was fantastic with my order. They were fast and I had no problems with the order. I will use amazon again for my online purchases.
403203403203B000FIP7X2A2FB8XUHEMO2JYjf0031306108800Delivery was fastReceived my anise treats quickly. The first batch was so smash into tiny pieces I returned them. Another case was sent quickly. They arrived promptly but also 4-5 of the cookies in each batch were broken into several pieces. They tasted great so I ate them anyways!
403204403204B000FIP7X2A1MTFZYO9E5G6HT. Leefeldt "DocTam"0051296086400Pizzelle'sAs an Italian woman who couldn't find the time to make these "cookies" for Christmas, I ordered a case and gave them to colleagues. They were better than any I've ever made and equally as good as the ones my mother made with me for years. I am getting married in April and plan on ordering more for that event as well. They are fabulous.
403205403205B000FIP7X2AU3E2TOI9T9Q9Jodi R. Friedman0051262995200Light wonferful Low Cal Italian CookiesReally enjoy these cookies, Light Low Cal and great with a Cup of Coffee, for breakfast...
403206403206B000FIP7X2A38Q32Q8BZU8NLD. L. Canfield0051256688000Very yummyI have tried all 3 flavors of the pizzelles and the anise is my favorite. A great treat for anyone especially those who are trying to watch their weight.
403207403207B000FIP7X2AJMSLM3MUR0WYRobyn Restel "Robyn's Life Images"0051179705600YUMMY!!Don't know if they are fattening or not, but they are so yummy. Even though they have reduced the size of their package for the same amount of money (the old one less olive), they are still worth every dime.
403208403208B000FIP7X2A3V2EGANESIYEJMaria T. Fontaine "Maria Fontaine"0051179705600very addictiveOnly one problem, they arrived, packaging wasn't the best, and they were stale. Still love them, but wish I could get a reliable souce of this product on a regular basis and have them fresh.
403209403209B0025UCDL2A1J04H7FWJM9P5Maria0041280707200Tasty, convenient, hugeI love the flavor of this dressing, and the individual packets are so convenient. My husband and I both pack salads to eat at work and having single serving dressings to take is handy. However, these are pretty big. I always throw at least half of it away (no refrigerator to store leftovers at work) and really wish they would make a smaller size than 1.5 ounces. .5 ounces would be plenty for me!
403210403210B0025UCDL2A1GOT071JJNQDJ. Bailey "jbgordfan"0051263859200Great taste!I discovered Heinz's version of ranch dressing at a Harvest Festival site, at a hamburger stand, from a pump jar. I dipped my fries into it, and discovered it was a great ranch taste. I am picky about my ranch dressing and was impressed with the flavor. So in looking for ways to purchase Heinz Ranch, I of course first turned to Amazon, the source of everything! Apparently the Heinz Ranch is only available as a concession stand item, or individual servings. No problem - I ordered a case of 60 packets, and shared some with relatives and friends. Thanks again, Amazon, for providing a product I wanted! It arrived promptly and in great shape. Now I can bring it to work and keep some in my purse in case a restaurant doesn't carry ranch dressing or I don't like their version.
403211403211B001D4F8HWA10Y6DKBE3MFOASlippers1151263168000These are delicious.Purchased these to use a part of a gift backet item. Of course, tried a can before gifting to make sure what we were giving was good. It was. Item was well received in gift basket with recipients asking "where" they could purchase the delicious nuts. I told them.......""!
403212403212B0058AMY5GA2NO1TXXS9T0EEBruteNStones0041335398400HardGreat if you are cutting back on fat, they do resemble regular chips but are nothing like them. Extremely dry and hard.
403213403213B0058AMY5GA1IRN1M05TPOVTSharon M. Helfand "Scrapper"0051334620800Kettle potato chips: Fully loaded baked potatoI have never met a Kettle brand chip I did not like. These chips have a great loaded potato flavor, which are flavorful. I like the sweet onion chips better, but these are also at the top of the list for great-tasting potato chips. Kettle chips are great chips f/the money!
403214403214B0058AMY5GARONI7W0W677HPeter N0051334275200Fresh, Lightly-Spiced, Crunchy Kettle Chips. Good Value, Good Product.After buying bags one at a time (at a hefty markup) at nearby stores, I decided to try bulk ordering some snack foods on Amazon. I was very pleased with the price and the products.

These jalapeno kettle chips are not overly spicy; they have a slow-building spice that starts very subtly a grows if you eat the whole bag, which I'm embarrassed to say I did quite a few times.

The chips arrived well-packed and fresh. They had nearly a year of time before they expired, which is pretty impressive for chips.

Most importantly, the price-per-bag was much, MUCH better than any local store could do, although I live near an expensive city, so that may play a role in the price difference.

I wouldn't hesitate to order another box of these once I run out.
403215403215B0058AMY5GA1Y3XPZK9ZADFWalbinocrow0041334016000glad to find them in 1 oz sizeI buy mostly for vending, so the size of the bag is important. Kettle's 1 oz bag is a good size although it seems a bit less than full. Salt & Vinegar flavor is satisfying, about an 8 out of 10.
403216403216B0058AMY5GA1Y3XPZK9ZADFWalbinocrow0041334016000pretty good, could be betterGlad to find these in a one ounce size but the bag seems a bit less than full. It's hard to find single serving chip bags that vend well. Sometimes they are too wide. or too plump with air. Bag size is good. BBQ flavor is about an 8 out of 10.
403217403217B0058AMY5GA1ELZC3WXWILX2B. Carter0051333670400a slight taste of jalapenoone of the best chips that you can buy...and i've tried all the kettle varieties, and many others. There's only a slight taste of jalapeno, and they are delicious. Perfect with a sandwich or alone.
If you like being addicted, these are the chip for you. ...See you at addicts anonymous...
403218403218B0058AMY5GA1X5RAIMX4ZSLJBadPotato0051331856000Best chips everThe title says it all. Great flavor, hint of spice, excellent crunch. We eat Kettle chips by the truck load at my house, we like all the flavors but this one far and away is our favorite, never enough bags to get us to our next shipment. I just wish Amazon could get the larger bags on subscribe and save! If you buy these make sure you have enough for everyone otherwise you may not get enough for yourself!!!
403219403219B0058AMY5GA1IRN1M05TPOVTSharon M. Helfand "Scrapper"0051331078400Kettle potato chips: Sweet onionWOW! I have eaten quite a few potato chips in my day. Kettle chips are the BEST non-baked chips I have eaten. I decided to try the sweet onion chips, since I've never had them. I now have a FAVORITE!! If you like onions, this is a MUST buy! I will definitely reorder these, as I mentioned above, they are the BEST I have ever eaten! The flavor is GREAT.
403220403220B0058AMY5GA1S8ELUE383P8EJohn F. Peters "John Peters"0051330905600Ridiculously GoodI cannot say how much I love Kettle brand potato chips. Kettle brand has a large variety of unique flavors, and the quality of the chips themselves blows all other potato chips out of the water. The ingredients list is printed on each bag and the only thing really bad for it is the oil they are frying the chips in. I love that these aren't filled with nasty chemicals. I ordered the cheddar and sour cream krinkle cut ones which are great but I was torn between the Kettle Brand Potato Chips Fully Loaded Baked Potato, 2-Ounce (Pack of 24) and the Jalapeno flavor. While I know the jalapeno flavor is good but this is way better. They include liquid smoke instead of actual bacon which I'm fine with since I've a vegetarian. I ordered this to give to guests coming from out of town for my wedding this spring and I can't guarantee how many I will have left. My fiance and I love these. The packaging is perfect for anyone who is giving these to kids to take for school lunches, or handing out in gift bags, even just for portion control.
403221403221B0058AMY5GA2OEUROGZDTXUJJ. Graves0051327881600Delicious!Now, I haven't done a side-by-side comparison, but these chips still taste like the real deal. These snack sized bags do as well as the regular brand at the grocery store I work for. Portion control AND reduced fat? Yes, please! With the Subscribe & Save these are much cheaper than at the grocery store.
403222403222B0058AMY5GA17V3UVYMI69TEPatrick Tran0041327363200PUCKER UPI love Kettle Brand Chips!
I've been in love with the Honey Dijon for years and decided to try out their other flavors.

Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips are TANGY, SOUR, and make my lips pucker when I eat too many at a time. I got 12 big bags for a steal from amazon ($11 WHAT?!?).

Personally, the flavor is too much for me, but my mom & aunt LOVE them and they hate potato chips.
403223403223B0058AMY5GA22PUBSSNP54LG. Little "value seeker"0051326672000I love these chips. They are thick and crunchy!These chips are thick and crunchy. I absolutely love them. The taste is perfect. I like to buy these smaller bags because I cant trust myself with a large bag of these because they taste no good.
403224403224B0058AMY5GA15USNEAJUXOSHL. Schrank0041326067200Quite goodI enjoy these chips. I got these instead of my usual jalapeno ones from the same company for a bit of flavor change. I think those are better but only slightly, like the jalapenos there is a great amount of flavor without being too overpowering. The small bag size prevents you from overeating as with a larger bag.
403225403225B0058AMY5GA15USNEAJUXOSHL. Schrank0051326067200DeliciousI love these chips, I buy the 24 pack once a month. The bags are just the right size for snacking and prevent me from eating way too much with the larger bags. The jalapeno spice is subtle enough not to be overpowering but still gives you a great amount of flavor.
403226403226B0058AMY5GA2BLJGGWN8GTXQSean0051325721600Salty and vinegary!!!These are the strongest tasting salt and vinegar chips I've had. I could still do with more vinegar flavor, but I think this is as close as I'm going to get without dousing them with vinegar powder myself.

I did a side by side with the Cape Cod salt and vinegar and these are about twice as flavorful. Additionally, as other reviewers have said, they have quite a good bit of potassium in them (somewhere in the neighbor of 15% RDA per serving).
403227403227B0058AMY5GA1FXCNUVQ6FOMCsuzieg20051322784000WOW!!!!I have been ordering the sea salt chips for about a year.I love them,but my daughter picked some of these up at our local grocery store and now they are my new favorite.Will be ordering them.
403228403228B0058AMY5GA926YP1BSD72YShopper110051321747200Best gluten-free dairy-free chipsThese are my favorite gluten-free dairy-free flavored chips. Many other salt and vinegar chips contain dairy so it's nice to find ones that I can eat. The vinegar flavor is really intense and good.
403229403229B0058AMY5GA33PLZ7SD5MCG0Patty Kaye0041315699200A unique flavor for fans of Thai foodThese Kettle Brand potato chips in the Spicy Thai flavor really do taste like food I have eaten at a Thai restaurant. The ingredients listed include garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, jalapeno, and "spices." I'm not sure what other spices there are, but it sure tastes like lemongrass to me...yum. These chips are thick cut and very crunch. They come in a seriously heavy-duty bag. I tried to open it like I do regular chip bags by pulling the two sides apart; no way! The bag is so thick I wondered if it was plastic. I started looking for the scissors and decided that any company that put their chips in a bag this nice must have provided a way to open it. Sure enough, there is a small slit on the top and the simple directions "tear here." So easy. Why didn't I think of that.
403230403230B0058AMY5GA3EEBE82C3HYRDDavid0031304726400Honey Dijon leaves bad aftertaste, NY Cheddar are pretty goodHoney Dijon flavor: okay flavor, but both my girlfriend and I thought they left a bad aftertaste. The aftertaste is sort of like old cheese (presumably some folks like this... I'm not a fancy cheese eater), and it lingers for at least an hour. I'd give this flavor a rating of 2 stars out of 5.

We have also tried the NY Cheddar flavor (4 stars), which we both liked better, and they didn't leave any long-lingering or bad aftertaste.

I'd give the consistency of the chips 4 stars. The chips are crunchy, but also greasy enough that I keep a napkin near or wash my hands after eating Kettle Chips.

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