Amazon Fine Food Reviews

403261403261B0058AMY5GA31N6KB160O508Fran W.0041219795200Pretty good tasting chipIt took a while to get used to these chips but they are pretty good and more healthy for you. They sure were eaten all up by my family and friends.
403262403262B0058AMY5GA339FKUBFG0VLXthe Poodle0041217376000Yummy chipsThese are delicious. The 2 oz bags are a bit big for school lunches, definitely more than a serving.
403263403263B0058AMY5GA3MLESXA2VGWJCCV0041217376000Best sour cream & onion chip I've hadI recently tried this flavor/brand and was surprised at how delicious these chips are. The best thing was that there were a lot of "brown" chips in the bsg (my favorite), so I bought some more through amazon and shared with family and friends. I am a little disappointed that there are not, so far, very many brown chips in these bags, but the flavor is still very good. I like them better than the yogurt and green onion flavor because they do not seem to be as salty, and the onion flavor is better. If you haven't eaten Kettle chips before, I recommend that you try a bag before buying bulk. They are thicker and crunchier than Lays but just as fresh out of the bag.
403264403264B0058AMY5GA3UCO7B9HP42BGDenise Graner0051217203200Great chipsWe are always pleased with Amazon's packaging. Chips are never crushed or broken, always fresh. We really liked this brand/flavor of chips. Very tasty!
403265403265B0058AMY5GA1DOBB5XZ1KMZ5A. M. L. Hentz "AnneMarie"0051217030400Fabulous!These chips are some of the best I've tasted. They are not filled with chemicals. You taste the tangy vinegar as well as the potato. Not greasy. Perfectly crispy. If you don't like salt and vinegar tanginess, don't even bother to try. These definitely have zip. I love them. My children and their friends love them. Even my 4 year old loves them!
403266403266B0058AMY5GA3I96LKK3S15D0R. Wheeler "Pryd"0051215993600Box-o-ChipsThese chips were a great deal. Kettle was having a special deal for the case of chips. They are hard to find in Vegas and are my favorite flavor. Shipping was very fast, sooner than expected.
403267403267B0058AMY5GA2LS9RBSI8SDZFAshish Shah0051215475200fantastic!you can not beat this taste and you can not resist to it only one if you are spice loverfantastic!you can not beat this taste and you can not resist to it only one if you are spice lover
403268403268B0058AMY5GA324FVIOYCWNSBEric BVD "Eric"0041215302400An addictive potato chipEat at your own risk. Once I would open a bag I could not stop. Good and salty.
403269403269B0058AMY5GA1RRHET1QIP1YKDaniel Hill0051215302400Great Chip!I don't eat many chips, but these I love. Great buy and arrived quick and packed great. Expiration date is a ways away, so I have awhile to enjoy them Great natural potato flavor. I love brown russet, hardy flavor and these fit that description to a tee.
403270403270B0058AMY5GA12OF4IM7A8YSNorman Tang "Amazon Norman"0051215216000Excellent balance of taste, crunchiness, and moistureI simply fell in love with these chips and refused to share them with my friends. :)) My experience with a lot of cheese-favored chips has been too salty and a little over the greasy side. But these NY Cheddar from Kettle really changed my mind. Thanks to Amazon for great discounts and I don't have to buy them from the store anymore.
403271403271B0058AMY5GAUHS7PQNAHNDIC. Graube "pup friend"0051215216000YumBought this box of chips as a Father's Day gift because Dad loves them. They are very yummy and more substantial than regular chips.
403272403272B0058AMY5GA26ONAQEIUEMV4Dolores Swan "Swannie"0051215129600Very good chips at a great price.These chips are quite tasty and the price is right. Packaged very well, would buy again.
403273403273B0058AMY5GAOHRHPJP38LLTS. Samoranos "Inspired cook"002121478400070% of the chips in the bag are over cookedI like Kettle chips but was really disappointed with this order because they were over cooked. I bought a bigger sized bag from Costco and the chips were all cooked perfectly. So I don't know why these were different.
Will never buy these chips from here again.
403274403274B0058AMY5GA1AXXMJQ3NDIFKBarbara A. Puckett0051214697600Great chips!For some reason Amazon would not ship these to Alaska! I sent them to my grandchildren who got to enjoy them. They are very good chips! Amazon should rethink the shipping to Alaska thing. I would order groceries online.
403275403275B0058AMY5GA31N6KB160O508Fran W.0041214006400Not bad but a little hard to get used toMy husband likes these a lot. They are a bit different to get used to as they are less greasy and salty in taste than the usual chips you buy. They are more browner than I would like to see and the chips are pretty sturdy in texture. Not bad, though. Just takes getting used to eating chips better for your health. They do have about 1/2 the calories in fat, however.
403276403276B0058AMY5GA31N6KB160O508Fran W.0041214006400Firm quality chipJust got this order and it is ok. A bit light on the cheddar flavoring and herb taste eludes me, if it is there.
403277403277B0058AMY5GA1WQ3UGXPT15VIJavaJewel "It's all water under the bridge..."0021213920000Not Very Creamy or Chivey...I really love Kettle brand chips, but these are rather disappointing. There is very little sour cream or onion flavor.
403278403278B0058AMY5GA1B05INWIDZ74OM. A. Ramos0031213142400Prefer other flavorsI took one and said good Russet potato chip but I found that the flavoring was subtle for my taste, a bit oily and overcooked. It may be because I am use to eating their great tasting Kettle Chips Spicy Thai, 2-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24). Or perhaps because all the chips in the bags I received were overcooked and that overpowered the seasoning. It is obvious the chips are flavored, but if I did not read the bag I would never have thought it had Cheddar flavor. And I love New York Cheddar. The flavoring included Parmesan, Cheddar, Blue Cheese, garlic and other spices. A good chip even when overcooked, but I do not plan to buy them again.
403279403279B0058AMY5GA1B05INWIDZ74OM. A. Ramos0051212451200These will be habit forming!I took one and said good Russet potato chip but where is the flavoring? Then all of a sudden, within seconds, it spread to my senses and my taste buds were happy. As close to Thai food as a potato chip can get. These chips are spicy enough to satisfy that craving for spice and a hint of sweetness that makes them habit forming. The flavoring included garlic, ginger, jalapeno, cilantro and other spices, and it just felt great to eat these. I will buy these again. These were a treat.
403280403280B0058AMY5GA3TEMXOLE1APPZA. Nichols "upteeajn2"0021210809600Good and tangyI agree with the other review, these chips are not for a sore mouth or tender gums. The chips are very hard and the taste is delightful if you enjoy the salt/vinegar combo. Unfortunately, every bag I received in that case was over cooked! They were very dark and only a few golden brown chips in each bag. They definitely need to improve that!
403281403281B0058AMY5GA2OAYIM13WIXCHMary D. Haper "Gramma to 3 boys"0051206662400the best chips everWe love Kettle Chips Lightly Salted and don't feel guilty eating them! We used to buy them at Whole Foods but buying from Amazon has saved us money. We have purchased at least 3 times and have been happy with the chips and the delivery.
403282403282B0058AMY5GA2BFFXK7TEINBEPaul D. Ossman0051203638400I do not even like kettle chips and I love theseA friend of mine brought these into work with the claim , "these will change your life!" While my life is fairly unchanged, I cannot get enough of these chips . . . . and I do not even like kettle chips. For the most part, I find Kettle Chips to be too thick and greasy, but the flavor of these chips is amazing! The are the type of hot that is refreshing. If you do not enjoy spicy or hot things . . . try these anyway, they may convert you.
403283403283B0058AMY5GA3N9DN0V2YXAXAmusicalcharge0051203638400You have to love sea salt and vinegar alreadyBut if you happen to, like me, there is no better sea salt and vinegar chip I've found in this country.
403284403284B0058AMY5GA2C5BWOM7329UDJason T. Stevens0051203465600AddictiveThese are the best potato chips I've ever tasted. It's easy to go through half of a bag without stopping. The texture/crunchiness is just perfect, as is the salt and vinegar combination. I don't know how they taste so much better than all of the other chips I've ever had, but they do. And, judging from the nutrition facts, they seem to be healthier, too. They're somewhat fibrous and have a good bit of potassium and vitamin c, which could be because they don't skin the potatoes and the chips are a bit thicker than normal.

And if you like these, all of the Kettle chips are great.
403285403285B0058AMY5GAPGAA43E3WPN7Darren0051201392000amazing chipsi rarely eat chips but i saw these and tried them. they are really amazing. i love cheddar too, but the chips are really thin and crunch and delicious flavor. i recommend them.
403286403286B0058AMY5GABR7HU5H1KNEKeith0051196726400Best Chip EverThis is easily the best potato chip that I have ever had. Look at the ingredients: Ginger and 3 types of hot pepper. How can you go wrong?

Obviously, not for you if you don't like spicy food. But, if you DO like spicy food, you'll probably love these. They have that hot-with-a-hint-of-sweetness flavor combo that is prevalent in a lot of Thai food.
403287403287B0058AMY5GAJQD2WWJYOYFQbubbles0041186617600Tangy, spicy, and sweet- oh my!Kettle Chips Spicy Thai potato chips have the perfect amount of sweet, savory and spicy-- everything you'd want in a good meal or better yet...a potato chip. Since these are kettle-cooked, the chips are uniquely shaped and are sometimes a bit over-browned. They are, however, sliced just perfectly, not too thick, not too thin, so you can actually get a great crunch with each bite without breaking a tooth off. The flavor is tremendous, although I wouldn't describe it as Thai. It's more of a vague, sweet and tangy flavor with a kick, and every now and then you get a great big hit of ginger. If you like any spice at all, these really are not overly spicy, so most people can handle them. The fact that these chips have absolutely no artificial ingredients or trans fat makes them a fabulous addition to any muncher's snack cupboard.
403288403288B0058AMY5GA16YH487W9ZYO0Bruce G. Lindsay0041184198400An indulgence with a biteOkay, I should not eat potato chips, nor should anyone.
But these are so spicy, I would find it hard to eat
very many. That makes them an indulgence that
rescues some people from overindulgence.
403289403289B0058AMY5GA83YQC1XOU4CSJ. Baker0051183420800The best I've hadI don't write very many reviews but I have to say that Kettle Brand chips are the best I have ever tasted. Every flavor is dynamite. If you are feeling iffy about honey dijon, I would recommend cheddar beer, absolutely amazing. And they're healthy! (besides a lil fat) I have eaten a lot of chips in my day and Kettle takes the cake. Enjoy, and don't eat them too fast.
403290403290B0058AMY5GA2LGWBIT9WCTVAD. Gesswein0051173312000Excellent chip!I bought these for the office and no one can put them down. I'm ordering more today and it has only been 2 weeks. Didn't have to shop for them either, Amazon brought it to my door!

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