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403351403351B0058AMY5GA3UFRBCC1CSCSJmel7911298764800The bags were damaged with holes and stains.The chips were great...for the first few bags. However, after the first bag or two, I noticed that the remaining bags were damaged. There were holes in each bag and black, sticky stains on the outside. Other reviewers who bought around the same time that I did are now claiming that they found rodent holes in their bags of chips.

The chips came in a sealed Kettle box, so it's hard to say who screwed up. But someone somewhere screwed up. These chips were a health hazard before the holes in the bag. Now? It's like a game of roulette.
403352403352B0058AMY5GAR7TAEEUDHMUBKathryn S. Leon7911294272000Kettle Chips Make Great Mouse FoodAfter waiting a ridiculous amount of time for my case of 15 5oz bags to arrive, upon opening the box noticed that every bag had been chewed open by a mouse. Don't know if it is still in the box, but it is outside on the porch. When my son gets home, I'm going to have pictures taken and email to Amazon. The outside Amazon box was intact, so it had to be either from the Kettle Chips people or the Amazon warehouse, don't know which. I will never buy these again from Amazon. I cannot tell you how disgusted I am with this purchase. It makes me sick to think about it!

I included pictures at the top of the page. Poor little mousie must have high cholesterol now.

Update: I forgot to mention that I offered to email the above pictures of the mouse damage to Amazon but was told they didn't want them.
403353403353B0058AMY5GA320QA9HJFUOZOZach Morris7951203984000orgasmicKettle Chips are the best potato chip God has ever invented. I give the Lord thanks every day for delivering unto me such an incredulously delicious blend of ginger and spice, a veritable cornucopia of flavor. I have actually changed my diet to a strict regiment of the Spicy Thai & Sea Salt and Vinegar flavors, alternating days. I have already lost 5 lbs, not to mention the myriad of other health benefits I have been experiencing. Get your life back - with Kettle Chips.
403354403354B0058AMY5GA1GBZCL326K4GNGFCFmom "GFCFmom"7951192406400A tang that packs a punch!My daughter that has autism craves hot, spice and pungent foods. These are her absolute favorite chips! She calls them her sour chips and wants them in her lunch all the time. I love the crispy kettle way they're cooked.
403355403355B0058AMY5GADS5APY1NKTL4D. Pawl "Dani"7951175040000great (hot) new flavor....I am a great fan of potato chips and of Thai food. I was so happy when Kettle Chips decided to meld two of my great loves together! (What a concept.....) These chips are spicy enough, without burning a hole in your tongue. Also, they have a nice hint of sweetness that makes them habit forming (careful!). Once in a while, this is a treat definitely worth indulging in.
403356403356B0058AMY5GA3ARZW7S96SESCLillie Walker2211333670400HORRIBLE I CANT BELIEVE THIS!Terrible! I cannot believe this, I received this item and EVERY SINGLE BAG WAS OPENED BUT 4!!!! I'm stationed in Afghanistan and this was gonna be a snack for my team while going out on missions. I was so embarrassed when the bags were opened and spilt out all in the box, gross! And the box is filled with grease stains. Idk if it was from the airplane ride all the way here, but the box should have been more insulated and bubble wrap should have been used instead of paper. I'm very unhappy with stale crusty chips out the bag and us soldiers cannot enjoy now.
403357403357B0058AMY5GA2JFHMA59G55MJMisterJym2251329091200Favorite Kettle flavor and a great value!After reading some of the reviews, I got nervous and opened a bag from my recent order expecting the worst! No worries here. All bags are in great shape and expiration dates aren't until June. Chips, at least from the first bag, taste like they are supposed to and all is good in the world! By the way, fifteen bags for under thirty dollars is a ton less expensive than the going price around here at the local grocery store so, yay team!
403358403358B0058AMY5GAJWLSDYCSQNBLImelda'sFetish2211325894400Kettle Brand Potato Chips - New York CheddarKettle Branch Potato Chips New York Cheddar: These are good if you like kettle fried potato chips that are waaaay salty, on the burnt side, and taste rancid, either because the cheese flavoring or the oil it was fried in was already old. I want to like this brand of chips and try their new and other flavors every now and then. But, after having tried all sorts of other brands of kettle cooked chips, these just don't hit the spot for me.
403359403359B0058AMY5GAG7EF0SVBQOUXWriterGirl "WriterGirl"2251323388800My favorite flavorI am glad I was able to find these on this site. I love this flavor and they are so crunchy. The box is packed inside another box but still some bags end up as crumbs. Most of the bags survived in tact.
403360403360B0058AMY5GA1FAHUMEJO9S1Ksuperjoe2251317772800So much flavor your farts will smell like sweet onionsThese chips taste awesome. And unlike most other flavored chips, they actually make sure that plenty of the flavory salty goodness gets on each individual chip. Just don't pass gas near any pretty ladies after consumption. They'll totally know it was you.
403361403361B0058AMY5GA3RMGIKUWGPZOKJean Visnefski2251252108800Great Chip!With Kettle Chips, you really have to be careful. Some of their flavors are nauseating. With that said, they DO make fantastic plain chips. Thick cuts of potato, fried to a dark golden brown. They are crunchy and lightly salted with sea salt. I can't recommend these chips enough. You won't regret it.

Some people say they are burnt but they aren't. From their website: "Take a quick look and you'll see an immediate difference: Kettle Brand® Potato Chips are a beautiful tawny gold. During cooking, the natural sugars of our select potatoes caramelize, creating chips from light gold to a deep amber. The results are flavors as deep and rich as the colors, and an artisanal display in every bag"

Some have also said that these chips are oily, which is true. But they explain that on their website: "At Kettle Foods we exclusively use expeller pressed high monounsaturated sunflower and/or safflower oil to make Kettle Brand® products. Both of these oils are naturally free of trans fatty acids and are not hydrogenated in any way. We have taken the extra step of sending our products to independent third party labs to test for the presence of trans fats and results indicate we are "trans fat free" meaning none were detected. You will see zero trans fats listed on our packaging." That oiliness is natural and happens when quality oil is being used.

You will not find chips with such a natural potato flavor. I'm also a fan of their unsalted potato chips. For those of us watching our salt intake, the unsalted chips is the best you can get. Period.
403362403362B0058AMY5GAWM1SL1PYY3A3Joseph Orellano2251240272000Awesome and delicious!These are among the best chips I have ever eaten! I first came upon them when I visited a CostPlus World Market store in Opelika, AL, in the Tiger Town Mall, in 2007. I wasn't a big fan of dijon-flavored anything, but I decided to give these chips a try. I was hooked. I probably ended up buying over a dozen bags within just a few months' time. I searched all over my part of Alabama (the northwestern part of the state) and could not find them. I later tried to find them at the World Market in Hoover, at the Patton Creek Shopping Center, and they did not carry this flavor. However, when I learned that they were available on, and also available for PRIME Shipping - I bought them as soon as I read "Kettle Chips Honey Dijon, 9-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)!"

You get a pretty big box, filled with 12 bags of these delicious morsels. They last quite a while, but I will re-order, very, very soon! I suggest you buy them, in this bulk form, and enjoy them - you won't be disappointed! They go great with hamburgers and hot dogs - so they're perfect for spring and this coming summer's outdoor activities and cook-outs!

Take my word for it, these chips are a hidden gem lost in the world of snack foods! Buy some today, and fall in love like me!
403363403363B0058AMY5GAW11YEHZRZ4D1The Swatster2251238284800The only thing I have ever been addicted too...these chips!I have never been addicted to anything in my life...until I tasted these chips. I have tried other brands of the sea salt and vinegar flavor and they are just not the same. You've got to stick with this blue bag of chips!
403364403364B0058AMY5GA3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle2251231718400One bite and you'll become a "chippoisseur"I'm addicted to salty and tangy flavors, so when I opened my first bag of Sea Salt & Vinegar Kettle Brand chips I knew I had a perfect complement to my vegetable trays of cucumber, carrot, celery and cherry tomatoes. Skip the dip; balance the tangy chips by alternating bites of raw vegetable.

As an Oregonian, I'm proud to share these delectable snacks with friends, especially those living outside our state and who haven't experienced gourmet chips. I tell them Kettle Brand does for potato chips what microbrews did for beer.

Kettle Brand potato chips are unmistakable--a light gold color, rich flavor and amazing crunch. Kettle Brand chips are also a healthier snacking option than the major chip brands. Kettle Brand chips don't have trans fats, MSG or artificial flavors and colorings. The company also has a line of organic potato chips and all of their products are certified Kosher.

I also recommend Kettle Chips Honey Dijon and Kettle Chips Spicy Thai.

Annette Solomon, a reporter for the Salem Statesman Journal recently noted that a glass of wine goes nicely with these chips. Solomon wrote, " could be missing out on a wonderful pairing. These chips are spicy, so you would want to select a semi-sweet white wine. Also, a moderate amount of acid will subdue the strong flavors of ginger, lime, garlic and cilantro without over-powering them. Classically, a German-style Riesling fits these parameters perfectly."
403365403365B0058AMY5GAX7K82LNPVATTMarc29122251222992000Good chipsI bought these when on sale through Amazon. Nice crispy thick chips. Definitely a great buy if you can catch them on sale.
403366403366B0058AMY5GA2VQWV1HMW99ASWhat's4dinner?4511317686400what happened? the recipe has changedFor those of you who, like me, had to order the Kettle Spicy Thai chips from Amazon because they are so hard to find locally, you will probably be aggrieved to know that the recipe has changed. They are just like regular potatoe chips. I paid for them but now my husband gets to eat them because he didn't like the spicy thai, but these are fine for him.

403367403367B0058AMY5GA1Q7A78VSQ5GQ4Nice Lady "a reasonable person"4551249344000YUM! If you want a snack, have something REALLY good!I've found a new taste treat. I'm not a big one for potato chips, so I am sure I've come late to discover these. I think they are really good. The processing & ingredients list is actually pretty good-no trans fats, etc. So, if you want an indulgence, these are A+ ! They are thicker & more tasty than the mass produced potato chips we've all come to know. They are much more flavorful. Never had a honey-dijon potato chip before. Incredibly good & a flavorful combination of sweet, tangy, salty. Also not overly hot or spicy. Excellent!

If you want a snack, have something REALLY good. It's got to be worth the calories-and these are!
403368403368B0058AMY5GAV51MFS5XJXFPcandy lady1151349740800a good buyThis is a real good product.I love these chips and so does my customers can't go wrong wit these the best
403369403369B0058AMY5GA20K6K9TZGX7RQYoli1151349222400YoliI love these chips and now the whole family is hooked on them. These are the only chips I eat
403370403370B0058AMY5GA2A8KWCE8RKB9TDavid Glazer1141348704000Good chipsI don't know what to say that others have not covered. If you like potato chips you will like these. Get em on sale when you can and limit your intake...if you can...
403371403371B0058AMY5GA27GRVH9ZJGXLTpatent_lawyer1151348185600AwesomeIf you're looking at this you probably already know you like these chips.
This is a great deal and I have not had any problems with them going stale.
The 1oz bags are a great size for a snack and help avoid over-eating.
403372403372B0058AMY5GA2E74M662DXAARRandy Hardwick "randyontheglobe"1111344038400burns the skin off your lipsWhile I admit that the oversalted chip is addictive, I really think this one has gone too far. Skin literally peeled off my lips and inside my mouth after eating these. I am surprised that they are still on the market.
403373403373B0058AMY5GA3JJI4J8XAMK5YMark H. Klemme1151338681600Great chips with very low sodiumOnly 5mg sodium per serving, chips are crisp. I sometimes will dip in a low salt ketchup and that adds a bit to the flavor.
403374403374B0058AMY5GA1CMTRQCJFV8L3GLO1151334016000Kettle ChipsI have found this product, Kettle Chips Unsalted to be fabulous. I found them by accident on Amazon after hunting all over my local stores. They are crisp and tasty without all of the salt.
403375403375B0058AMY5GA2R9GBWL1CDBN1Rae K.1141333670400Spicy ThaiWhen I saw the Spicy Thai chips, I knew i had to try them. I love spicy and I love Thai food, so why not? First off, these chips are not super spicy. They actually taste sort of sweet at first, with many degrees of flavor. The spiciness is more of a lingering taste that bites afterwards. I'd say these are definitely a good, unique chip. But if you absolutely hate sweet chips, I'd try a different flavor since these are a little sweet.
403376403376B0058AMY5GA3PSJEB2O37G8UAmazon Fan1151328140800smilesSmiles... Thank you Lord, for I have found another healthy snack food that is unsalted, and tastes great. I almost gave up on finding a potato chip like this. The only thing i would ask Kettle to change is the texture. It's slightly hard/crunchy, but not a problem at all. I would just prefer it to be softer. Kettle if you do make that happen, please keep everything else the same. Thank you.
403377403377B0058AMY5GA2OEUROGZDTXUJJ. Graves1151327968000My favorite Kettle ChipThese are my favorite, but they aren't for everybody. In a way, they sort of taste like Oriental flavor ramen, but with a kick. For me, how can one go wrong with the combination of jalapeno and ginger? They are a bit rich, so they aren't for EveryDayForAMonth snacking. Because this is a case purchase, I recommend trying out a single bag before buying an entire case. The 2oz size seems to be no longer available, which is a shame; I can eat the entire 5oz bag.
403378403378B0058AMY5GA2933AO5D7O1T6C. Blackwell1151327622400Best salt & vinegar chips out there!Salt & vinegar chips are my favorite flavor so I think I've tried every brand out there. These are by far the best. I also like them because the sodium content is not very high like some of the others and they are not excessively greasy. They seem to have the right balance of the salt and vinegar taste.
403379403379B0058AMY5GA2NO1TXXS9T0EEBruteNStones1151327536000Amazing ServicePackage arrived DOUBLE boxed, wrapped, and the inside box(that holds the goods) perfect not a single dent or rough mark, outstanding packaging.

The Product?

These are the best chips on the planet, Salt 'N Vinegar flavor is beyond among the best chips I've ever had. You might, actually I'm sure you probably won't like it AT FIRST BITE 'IF' you have never had these before. But try it again.

Not to mention, this particular flavor has held up in numerous surveys and comparisons against other manufactures.
403380403380B0058AMY5GA2II09GQGWOMTQBrian Nallick "METALMANMN"1151309478400Crunchy and spicy.If you love jalapeno chips then Kettle is a must try.
Nice and cruncy with the kick of jalapeno.

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