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403471403471B0054S0YTKA1G6563GKNEXPAM. Lucas2251346889600a real bargainShipment was fast! I ordered on Sunday of a holiday weekend and got them on Thursday. The bag is huge! There were 132 beans in my bag and even though they are described as 6-7", mine are more like 8". Just to do the math; 132 beans @ 31.95 comes out to less than 25cents per bean! It's crazy that vanilla beans cost like $5 each at the grocery store. Now I just need lots of ideas to use vanilla beans, as I have many, many more than I anticipated.
403472403472B0054S0YTKA1PMQJ5MG6F5Z7coot2251346889600Great beans - great priceI ordered these beans to make vanilla extract for holiday gifts. At the grocery store I literally paid $16 for a single vanilla bean, so this price was amazing. Additionally, it came with an extra 1/8 lb of vanilla beans as a bonus. I was able to make over a gallon of extract (using over 150 beans) and I still have 1/5 lb of beans left plus the additional bag. They were moist and sealed well - in better condition than what I bought at the grocery store. Shipping was quick and this is a GREAT product for the money.
403473403473B0054S0YTKA347FSHPG2OSZ6BillB2251328054400Awesome vanillaThese beans are so awesome. Excellent quality and very aromatic! I have made several bottles of vanilla extract from them already and everyone is excited to receive them. I will buy from this source again. Thank you!
403474403474B0054S0YTKA379H9SRD8X4BFskark_burmer1141347321600Just like mom used to makeI used to buy a much more expensive vanilla bean sold here on Amazon, feel free to search for my username and see how much i used to over-spend.
I decided to try this option because i would not be in a bind if they were of poor quality or i did not like them.

Ordered them up and they arrived in a few days. The smell was wonderful and i am quite pleased with the quality.
I will definitely purchase again.
403475403475B0054S0YTKA19GJD46DA49WISteph S.0051350432000Awesome BeansI ordered my beans on Saturday and got them on Wednesday. I opened them and found the free beans on top and they smelled amazing. I smelled the 1 lb bag and they also were amazing. I look forward to the homemade vanilla extract. I will write again once I am able to have some extract. I am sure it will be just as good as I hope maybe even better.
403476403476B0054S0YTKA2VOHICKA5JGQZAaron Martin0051350432000Consistently ExcellentI have been ordering grade B beans for making extract for several years from Vanilla Products USA. I used to order from their ebay storefront; this time I had some Amazon giftcards to burn. In both cases, I received my beans very quickly. Although these are grade B beans, I've always been very impressed with the quality. I've had to look hard to find the imperfections that cause the beans to be down-graded. I will defiantly order this product from this company in the future, and I recommend them to all my friends.
403477403477B0054S0YTKA3PDYXXED8MMRGJimmbo0041350000000Directions leave much to be desired!If I buy vanilla extract it is either McCormick or Watkins Double Strength. If you follow the directions sent with the beans your extract will most likely not be as good as those.

I made about 20 different batches, all in 50ml bottles, aged 2 months. You need a smooth vodka like, Monopolowa Potato Vodka, to make an excellent basic vanilla extract. Smirnoff Whipped Vodka, Jim Beam Black, and surprisingly, Jim Beam Red Stag, were also among my favorites. Even though I like some of the harsh bourbons in cola they made terrible vanilla extract, as did they very cheap harsh vodkas that seem to be recommended. I only tried 2 types of rum & neither were among my favorites.

Also, I let some other batches set for 3 months and they were better than the 2 months ones.

Good beans for the price, lousy directions.
403478403478B0054S0YTKAAU8PTCEGH8XQJoy0051349740800Smells wonderful, Super fast shippingI ordered this product late Wednesday night, it was shipped the following day and I received it today, Tuesday. I would have received it Saturday though, if I had had it shipped to my home address. It looks exactly as pictured, smells amazing and I got the extra 1/8th a lb as a free gift (which equals to about 20 extra beans). I'm making vanilla extract, so I won't know for a couple months how good the beans are, but for right now, I am very happy with this company and their product!
403479403479B0054S0YTKA3VDZMLAXJXYBMCraig Tampa0021349481600Smokey Offnote cannot recommend for baking extractHad ordered 1 LB Extract Grade Madagascar Vanilla Beans ... they had a very smoky off flavoring , I use to make my own vanilla extract and vanilla rum.. thankfully did not use in my 2 yr old master batch of vanilla extract.. I initially used to put up a bottle of vanilla rum.. while very good sippping cold is not good for baking. Not sure if were smoke dried or how it picked up the smoke off note but was way too overwhelming for baking purposes.. in all fairness have not contacted the supplier, will email today, will follow-up on that. But at this time cannot recommend... best I can use them for is drinking spirits, savory dishes (yes do put vanilla bean in various rubs) and simmering liquid to freshen house. Was too expensive for that use.
403480403480B0054S0YTKA27FREQMVHI4A3M. Trowbridge0051348963200FANTASTIC!!!Never have I used vanilla beans until in the last two weeks. I found a recipe for Vanilla Pear Jam and wanted to try it out. After going to the grocery store and having sticker shock at the $15.00 for two beans price I did some research. I learned that the main difference between grade A and grade B beans is the color of the husk of the bean and that the interior quality isn't really affected by the outer color. The length of the bean can also be a determinant for grade B vs gourmet or grade A beans.

Being skeptical and not wanting to spend money on a ton of beans before I found out if I even liked using vanilla beans I sucked up the $15.00 per two bean price and bought the two beans at the grocery store. The jam was delicious! The two store beans were a little dry but still pliable. But they were not much longer than the six inches advertised for the B grade beans sold by Vanilla Products USA. I wanted to be able to make more jam and give it to friends but not at the price the grocery store was charging.

Placed my order on a Wednesday night and had the beans arrive that Saturday. Impressive shipping time.

I then took one of the B grade beans and one of the near gourmet beans (included free as a bonus), slit both and removed the "caviar" from the center of each of the two beans. The quantity of seeds between the two grades was basically equal. The only reall aesthetic difference I saw was that the near gourmet beans were darker in color and seemed a little more pliable than the grade B beans which were distinctly more brown.

I found a website (VanillaReview dot com) which seems to have some great information about vanilla beans to see just why, if the interior of the bean is basically the same, would you pay more for grade A or gourmet beans. The only thing I found was that they look better in your cooking if your using the whole bean. I can see and agree with that, if your someone familiar with vanilla beans. But in the small town I live in, I'm not going to be going to a fancy restaurant and my friends that come over thought it was great I was cooking with vanilla beans.

We made a small ice cream freezer of vanilla bean ice cream tonight, using the two beans, one gourmet and one B grade that I had split earlier this morning. The vanilla flavor was incredible. We compared it to store brand vanilla bean ice cream we had in the freezer and there was no comparison, we like the home made vanilla bean version hands down. The one thing we all noticed in using the newly delivered vanilla beans for the ice cream was that the vanilla seeds could be felt in your mouth when you let the ice cream melt there. They gave the ice cream a different textural feeling but if you brushed them against your teeth they popped very much like I have heard that real caviar should. Delicious.

Would I make this purchase again. ABSOLUTELY!!! I am completely thrilled with the product that I recieved, the amount of time it took to recieve it in, and the quality of what was delivered. I'm now looking to see just what other items I can use vanilla beans in.
403481403481B0054S0YTKALGLHJGR0ZD5LCarla Joy0051346544000Best way to buy vanilla beansAfter a local store (where I used to buy five beans for around $10) closed, I thought "why not check online" since I am buying more and more things that way. I found this place through Amazon and took a chance at getting a pound of beans. They arrived quickly and are absolutely beautiful! I may have underestimated how many vanilla beans are in a "pound," as this is more than I need for now. So I've repackaged and sealed them to save for later. (You can separate them into smaller amounts and double-bag them in those Ziploc vacuum bags. They'll last forever. Even when they are no longer at their peak, you can still use them for flavoring.) I'm very happy with the purchase and the quality of the beans and will probably only buy from this place from now on. Good job, Vanilla Products USA!
403482403482B0054S0YTKA27PYPIBF5RLMBSueWayne0051346457600Madagascar Vanilla BeansAfter research online and speaking to friends, I decided to order vanilla beans on Amazon from Vanilla Products USA. The beans arrived shortly therafter and I immediately began preparing the beans for my extract. Although it will be a few more months before I can bottle up my special brew, I look forward to using it in my own kitchen and giving samples to our family this Christmas. These beans were just perfect for my extract. I'm using the bonus 1/8 pound gourmet planifolia vanilla beans in my desserts. I will be reordering. Karen F
403483403483B0054S0YTKA1OJX1LMEB51YHkdmoore00513457664001lb Bourbon Vanilla BeansThis comapny is the best for vanilla beans. They shipped my order within an hour of me placing it, and they arrived in the mail three days later. The beans look and smell wonderful, plus you get free beans when you order! I love this company!!
403484403484B0054S0YTKA1V3CLEE8KHTE2Faith0051345593600Smell thisI LOVE vanilla. I seriously could open the bag and just smell the beans over and over every day. These were purchased so I could make homemade vanilla and I LOVE them. Have barely made a dent in the bag and have made about 1k ml's of vanilla or more. Such rich flavor/scent hands smelled like vanilla after splitting the beans open and washing hands with soap and water repeatedly. Received a nice sample size free with my order too. Have shared with my sister and she also loves them. Will order these again.
403485403485B0054S0YTKA1Y4SL3S0RA2HLPatricia Alfrey0051344384000Thank You!I was looking for vanilla beans to make homemade vanilla extract to give as gifts. I did not know much about purchasing the beans, such as what type vanilla bean I would need. After reviewing information I ordered these beans. Within just a few days I had my order. It was well packaged with clear instructions on how to store the beans and how to make vanilla extract. I also received 1/8 pound of vanilla beans free!!! I was very very pleased with my order and would definitely recommend this company.
403486403486B0054S0YTKA2XYDBSGQVU1BRPhill Orphan0051344211200Great beans, great price!I found these vanilla beans after searching for a better price than I'd been paying. This seemed like the best deal. That was an understatement! The package arrived very quickly, and the fragrance of the beans filled the room before I even opened the vacuum seal. They're currently soaking in vodka, and I'm looking forward to a fresh batch of extract. The 1/8 lb. bonus beans were a great addition, and I'm looking for recipes to try them in.
403487403487B0054S0YTKA2VRATY4OAIT7DTritia Weitzel0051341446400Exactly what I wantedExactly as described. I'm storing them as directed and every time I use them the food turns out exquisite. I even put the empty pods in sugar and syrup containers. I will be buying these again from you guys. Thanks!
403488403488B0054S0YTKAZKDX7I05QBC3R. Willmore0051341446400Awesome, great for vanilla extract!I ordered a variety of beans because I wasn't sure what would work better for vanilla extract. I used these for the bulk of what I made after doing research and am so happy that I did! I also got some tahitian ones (not as much "caviar" inside, skin was too tough to work with)and some grade A Madagascar Bourbon (just to see the difference, made one small jar of that). These grade B Madagascar Bourbon ones were the easiest to work with by far, and had the most amount of "caviar" and smelled amazing. The packaging was as described, vacuum sealed, and was delivered sooner than expected. Very happy with this purchase, will be ordering more soon.
403489403489B0054S0YTKAFBNG5W4XIH04erbe0051340755200vanilla beansWonderful aroma plump and moist these beans are great and I will buy again! That are nice for baking, making infusions, custards and extracts
403490403490B0054S0YTKA3NFYJY46JM3NDOlivia0051337212800Best vanilla beans for the best price!I thought that getting "cheap" beans was going to be a bad idea... boy, was I wrong! These are awesome! I use them in everything. :)
403491403491B0054S0YTKA1LWT6EA58DWHIW. Van Loo0051334275200Lovely vanilla beansThese vanilla beans have a beautiful aroma, and they have a wonderful flavor. Plus it was nice to get the little surprise of a small extra bag of splits. Now I feel like I will have vanilla FOREVER! Great bargain!!
403492403492B0054S0YTKA1FLSPERU8HLTGPeg0051332806400Madagascar bourbon vanilla beansThis was an excellent product. It was vacuum sealed. The beans were very good quality. They shipped immediately. I would definately order them again!!!
403493403493B0054S0YTKABPONBP1P8TXPjesky0051330992000Very nice!I ordered these beans on a Thursday night, and they arrived on Tuesday. Very well packaged, and fragrant through the vacuum seal. I haven't taken them out of their plastic, but I can certainly smell them through the plastic, and can tell that they are supple. The 1/8 bonus pack beans has approximately 16 - 18 beans in the package (I'd wondered about the count when I was ordering).
403494403494B0054S0YTKA104YB2A1KR3GZcclampet0051327881600Great productThese arrived promptly, were exactly as advertised, and they even sent extras. I was more than pleased with this transaction, and the product.
403495403495B0054S0YTKA6VFNBTKXWRS5R. Hertzog0051325289600Great vanilla beans, great priceI was a little hesitant ordering these since they were so much cheaper than other sites, but like the other reviewers said, they did not disappoint. I just started 8 bottles of vanilla extract and that hardly put a dent in the bag of beans. I estimate there are over 100 beans in the 1lb. bag. They were vacuumed sealed, beans are moist, and they smell great. I am now looking on the internet for more uses for them since I have so many now! And they threw in an extra bag of another kind to try as well. Very happy with this purchase.
403496403496B0054S0YTKA39GRSH4IDB0H5Hammered by Hamer0051324944000EXCELLENT!Fast, Furious, and Wonderful. They believe in giving the customer more and doing the unexpected! It was great. They included directions and they worked like a charm. This was a big deal in my household. I recommend purchase from Vanilla Products anytime. EXCELLENT!
403497403497B0054S0YTKA1QDNOA401UWC6JeriBeri0051322870400Good productMaking our own vanilla for the first time. Beans are good quality, smell great, and our vanilla will be ready by New Years Day
403498403498B0054S0YTKA1P186Q24R5X8HT. Robison0051319500800Really fresh, great beansThese beans came fresh, and soft and poignant. They were easy to cut because they were so soft. I'm brewing them right now to make homemade vanilla for Christmas. Already, the vanilla is turning dark and beautiful. I will buy beans from this buyer again next year.
403499403499B0054S0YTKA26B43YKWQ3C1WFOUAD A ASKAR3711326931200Poor QualityThe 1 Pound LB Madagascar Bourbon Planifolia Extract was not received vacuum sealed as shown and described. This has considerably undermined the quality of the product and its freshness. After contacting the supplier, he gave inadequate and irrelevant reasons as why the item was not vacuum sealed! I guess the supplier since he knew the item has been shipped outside the US, he did not care much about quality and customer rights and satisfaction.
403500403500B0054S0YTKAWVMXDAMWJUUcwebster0221349740800Unhappy with this product.I received the Vanilla beans on time and was so happy for them to arrive, so I could make vanilla extract. They added a small package with them, and those beans were very nice and moist, but the 1lb of vanilla beans are very dry. I did what they had told me to do, by triple bagging them as soon as I opened them. Just very disappointed. I am not sure if the vanilla extract is going to turn out.

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